Day 54

The Bible In A Year 54

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Exodus 21-22, Matthew 12

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  4. Christine Bensley says:

    What does it mean in the exodus when God says everyone must give their firstborn son to him like their oxen and sheep? Surely he doesn’t mean a sacrifice, right? Can someone help me understand?

    1. Shannon Eldredge says:

      Basically God is asking for them to give their very best. So for example, in today’s terms, when tithing, God wants us to give our very best FIRST, not our leftovers or the amount we just didn’t use.

    2. Shara Chong says:

      I believe this refers to the dedication of the firstborn to God not a physical sacrifice.

    3. April Berryman says:

      I think He just wants you to be willing to give up what you love to serve Him. Just like Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac. You have to love Jesus more than anything and be willing to put HIs will ahead of yours and be willing to give it all away even your child.

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    Woooow, some interesting and convicting content today.

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