Day 45

The Bible In A Year 45

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Exodus 4-6, Matthew 6:1-18

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  1. Sydney Daniels says:


  2. Britt Clark says:

    Moses felt he was not equip to do as the Lord had said; yet, Moses was still willing to do what was needed in order to save the Lords people from pharaoh. Many times we feel we are not equipped and give up, but God knows and provides us with all we need

  3. Leigh Walls says:

    Focus on The Lord; all else is a distraction. Trust in his plan and his timing. A good reminder as I watch the news every day.

  4. Sara Braganza says:

    Completely agree, the Exodus readings have really resonated with me the past few days for this very reason ☺️

  5. Rebecca Rascol says:


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