Day 40

The Bible In A Year 40

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Job 34-35, Matthew 2

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  1. Katie Walters says:


  2. Christine Cesa says:


  3. Ashley Martin says:

    Reading the Bible everyday gets better and better. Thankful for the Magi who saw how important Jesus was for the world.

  4. Jenette McEntire says:

    Hey! Irony, let me introduce you to Job’s friends.
    They have to know, even if it’s buried deep down, their own sin. Yet they berate Job relentlessly. If, by their math, sin=calamity, why aren’t they in the ashes with Job?

  5. Rebecca Rascol says:


  6. Britt Clark says:

    iniquity not equity

  7. Britt Clark says:

    Teach me what I do not see; if I have done an equity, I will do it no more. This beautiful verse in Job really stuck out to me. Many of us wonder why you cannot feel God’s presence. When we do not take time to be taught to see what we do not see and hear and recognize the voice of God, we will not be able to hear him or see the beautiful signs and blessings he is giving to us daily

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