Day 355

The Bible In A Year 355

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Esther 1-2, Revelation 13

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12 thoughts on "The Bible In A Year 355"

  1. Sarah Johnson says:

    The end times, and trying times now, require patient endurance, faithfulness, and wisdom

  2. E Hong says:

    10If anyone is to be taken captive,
    to captivity he goes;
    if anyone is to be slain with the sword,
    with the sword must he be slain.

    Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.

  3. JoAnn Foley-DeFiore says:

    9And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day the Lord will be one and his name one.

  4. Jordan Jones says:

    So amazing!!!

  5. ed sheeran first album says:

    Absolutely written content material , Really enjoyed studying.

  6. Justine Fern says:

    love love LOVE that we’re reading Esther! I love the detail that the author took to tell this story – I’ve never seen One Night With The King, so I think after we finish this book I’ll have to watch it!

    1. Kristen says:

      One Night With The King is a great picture of what it may have looked like. Definitely recommend that one! The book of Esther has always been one of my favorites. I love the women of the Word!

  7. Gabrielle says:

    Revelation is such a complex book. Has anyone ever read any scholarly books on it?

    1. Bella says:

      I have not, but I plan on digging deeper into this book after reading it through this first time!!

    2. Heidi L says:

      I’ve done a Precept bible study (Kay Arthur) on Revelation twice…. So good. There is so much to learn and God reveals a little more each time but still so much to understand. I’m guessing more will be understood as we get closer to those last of the last days. We’re getting closer though bc even 15-20 years ago I don’t think we could imagine technology to “mark” someone’s right hand or forehead in order a to buy or sell. But now we have locator/Health information chips inserted into animals — and just maybe that same technology will move to people bc of identity theft?!?

    3. Euree says:

      I’ve read Triumph of the Lamb: commentary on revelation by Dennis Johnson while auditing a class on revelation at Westminster seminary. It’s a great read!

  8. Tessa says:

    The word of God is truly poetry as the feast is described in such elaboration you can almost taste the king’s wine

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