Day 12

The Bible In A Year 12

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 25-26, John 10

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  1. Larkin Elizabeth says:

    Lamb of God, and shepherd of man!

  2. Darlene Blandin says:


  3. Jordan Gray says:

    I love growing in my relationship with Christ but sometimes the scriptures are hard to understand. Does anyone else feel this way?

    1. Grace Cox says:

      Hi Jordan. I feel this way a lot. Something that my church encourages us is that even if we are confused or feel like we don’t understand is to 1- pray and ask god to make things clear to you and help you understand and 2-don’t give up! The Bible is the word of God, so like an infant learning to speak you need to consume, and read and even be confused by the word because you’re learning what It sounds like when God speaks. They make a point that we ask him to speak and then ignore it because scripture is confusing and at times doesn’t make sense and then say he never answers. Just keep reading, we’re in it together

    2. Rebecca H says:

      Yes yes yes

  4. Tinette Mella says:

    I was also wondering about my own response to a man that claims that he is the Son of God…

  5. Virginia Vitale says:

    As I rebuild my faith I do find it hard to understand the readings sometimes, but am thankful for comments to help me.

  6. Krista Bohmann says:


  7. Sarah Paris says:


  8. Mika Maxwell says:

    John 10:17 ♥️

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