Day 22

The Bible In A Year 22

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 46-48, John 19

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  1. Lindsey Bradley says:

    I love how Pilate responded, “I have written what I have written.” His final act for Jesus definitely emphasized the lack of guilt Pilate said he found in Jesus. It’s hard to read what Jesus endured for us but it’s so beautiful and astonishing at the same time. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe it!

  2. abby grace stevens says:

    he did that for me. wow

  3. Heather Burtis says:


  4. Katie Walters says:


  5. Jaycie Edwards says:

    great connection!!!❤️

  6. Rebecca Rascol says:

    His love is indescribable ❤️

  7. Trudy Munro says:

  8. Ashley Martin says:

    Both of these passages are so powerful! The Genesis passage is the beginning of the Israelite bondage, and John explains how Jesus was crucified to take away our bondage. I put all my faith and trust in you, Lord. Guide me where you want me to go.

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