Day 199

The Bible In A Year 199

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

1 Kings 21-22, Colossians 3

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  1. Chrystal Johnson says:

  2. Laura Andersen says:

    15And let the peace of the Messiah, to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful.

    Let our hearts be controlled by the peace of the Messiah, not the fear, worry, shame, etc. of the world.

  3. Liz Kuster says:

    Struggling with parts of Colossians today; the statement that there is no slave or master, but then later on instructing slaves how to act? And then the passage about wives submitting to husbands is difficult to grapple with because, again, it implies that there is a hierarchy. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Rachel Valladolid says:

      When he says there is no slave or master, it’s a reference to the kingdom of God, where Christ forgives all and loves all equally. However, the unfortunate reality of the day was that there were slaves and bond servants. Paul is reminding them to act as though their service is for God and not for their master, which presents a good testimony of the power of Christ to change lives. As far as wives submitting to husbands, in a sense there is a hierarchy. Ephesians 5:23 says that “husbands are the head of their wives, just as Christ is the head of the church, His body.” Wives are one body with their husbands but we are not the head/leader. Submission to our husbands does not make us inferior to them. Submission from the Greek means to have a voluntary attitude of cooperation. So instead of constantly fighting our husbands leadership in our home, we should assume an attitude of cooperation with them. If there is an issue we disagree on, we should be respectful towards them and work with them to reach a solution rather than arguing and fighting to be right. It is not a superior/inferior situation, it is allowing our husbands to lead us in righteousness just as Christ leads the church in righteousness.

      1. Samantha Foreman says:

        This was really helpful. Thank you!

      2. Wendy Martin says:

        Good words and very well put!!!

    2. Rachel Valladolid says:

      Here’s a helpful commentary on the husband/wife roles:

  4. Mary BethBenson says:

    I needed the words of Colossians 3 today to remind me of what I am to seek: what are the things that are above? They’re not covetousness, sexual immorality, impurity, anger, wrath, greed, etc. The things above are compassion, kindness, forgiveness, humility, and LOVE. The life above looks like singing psalms and hymns with thankfulness in our hearts to God. It looks like submission and serving. It’s a life where Jesus reigns and lives His life through us, His people. Jesus, make me a person in whom YOU have absolute authority and headship. You are worthy. ❤️

  5. Sarah Johnson says:

    God transcends all barriers making them no longer important.
    Let’s put on LOVE and remember that!!

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