Day 107

The Bible In A Year 107

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Deuteronomy 22-24, Mark 12:1-27

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  1. Briana Fulton says:

    Rob Bell also believes there is no hell which is completely anti the Bible. He is a false teacher. Be discerning!

  2. Chrystal Johnson says:

  3. Nicole Cunningham says:

    Let’s talk about R a p e and what the Bible says about it.

    25“But if in the open country a man meets a young woman who is betrothed, and the man seizes her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. 26But you shall do nothing to the young woman; she has committed no offense punishable by death. For this case is like that of a man attacking and murdering his neighbor, 27because he met her in the open country, and though the betrothed young woman cried for help there was no one to rescue her.

    God says that rape is in the likeness of MURDER. That the rapist should be put to death, but the victim should have nothing done to her. Why? Because the worst thing that can happen to her has happened. The scripture shows that rape is the same as murder for the victim. Your life is no longer the same. A part of you us died. And God knows. This is one of the topics where people just assume that because the scripture says that adulterous couples should be put to death, that God feels the same way about all types. But he very clearly makes a distinction.

    Sweet sister who has gone through unbelievable sexual trauma at the hands of a evil evil man. I want you to know. God NEVER wanted you to go through that. You are not responsible for what happened to you. God is your healer, and your comfort, your peace, and he will supply all your needs. I am so sorry that someone would do such a horrible thing to you. This is one law I wish was still in place to day. Just so that your trauma never would have happened. I love you girl. I am here for you!

    1. Haley AnnHoover says:

      Nicole! I loved this note! Any thoughts on the passage prior to those verses? Why does the girl in the city get put to death as well? I’m confused!

  4. Julie Stein says:


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