Day 1

The Bible In A Year 1

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 1-3, John 1

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1,984 thoughts on "The Bible In A Year 1"

  1. Natalie Gouge says:

    I am getting it!

  2. Tandalyn Szczurek says:

    From the creation of the world to John announcing him as the son of God…. AWESOME!

    1. Natasha Gouge says:

      So true!

  3. Brittany Ondo says:

    Day 1. Powerful ❤️

  4. suzi roberts says:

    i love that one of the tasks originally given to man by God is to “subdue” the Earth. To overcome. We were literally built by God to be resilient and overcome the obstacles of the world. That feels so powerful!

  5. Rachel Prochnow says:


  6. Vinelle Richmond says:

    Day 1!!!!!

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