Day 15

Belong to God

from the Romans reading plan

Romans 6:15-23, Isaiah 61:1-11, Galatians 5:1, Galatians 5:13-14

BY Kasey Moffett

I want to try something: in case you skimmed through today’s reading quickly, I’d like to prompt you to go back to read Isaiah 61 again. It’s okay; we all rush through at times. Maybe you’re tired and zoned out or your sweet kid asked you a question, and you didn’t quite finish it. But take a moment to see how beautiful and poetic this prophecy is. Jesus applied these very words to Himself, so we don’t want to miss them.

“He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives
and freedom to the prisoners.” 
—Isaiah 61:1

Freedom. The whole story of the Bible reaches its climax in Jesus’s rescue mission to image bearers. Our souls were dead—imprisoned to sin, darkness, and deceit. My soul was dead. Yours, too, was dead. Our bondage to sin is broken the moment He opens our eyes and frees us. He requires nothing of us; we know that it is pure grace.

How often are we tempted to fall back into habits of self-righteousness? How often do we pile on guilt and shame that is not ours to bear? How often do we judge other sisters without seeing them as God sees them? 

The apostle Paul keeps beating the drum of who Jesus Christ is. Whether to the Roman or Galatian Christians, he was adamant: Don’t forget. Don’t forget what He traded you for. His blood paid the bondage price to trade us from slaves of sin to slaves of righteousness, and He is the better Master. 

Isaiah speaks of a crown of beauty instead of ashes, festive oil instead of mourning, and splendid clothes instead of despair (Isaiah 61:3). What does he trade in your life? Maybe you resonate with some of these blessings: Unshakeable peace instead of circumstantial anxiety, sanctifying victory over persistent sins, and worshipful thankfulness instead of guilt.

It’s interesting to me that Paul keeps using the enslavement metaphor. He explains that we are under bondage only to a new master (Romans 6:18). We are not our own. God made us, built us, and sees everything about us. Our bondage to God is freedom. He knows what makes for human flourishing and most importantly, how we can attain eternal life with Him. 

I’m glad you savored Isaiah 61 again. It’s verses like this that prompts me afresh to long for our Lord’s second coming and revel in the freedom He has given us on this broken earth. 

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  1. Portia Strange says:

    I am not equal to God. I am not above God. God is not under me. Today’s reading was a beautiful reminder that God is my Master. He’s Lord of my life. He’s the authority in my life. He’s sovereign over my life. He’s in charge. He’s above me. I am His servant. I am under His reign & rule. Point. Blank. Period.

  2. Mandee Hubert says:

    I love that God loves me so much that he held me accountable to soak in his message before I even read it. My son walked in and asked me a question in the middle of reading Isaiah and when I went to read the message I laughed as I went back to re read it because it definitely called me out.

  3. Ashley White says:

    Love todays reading. We are no longer slaves to sin when we trust Jesus. We have been set free.

  4. AG says:

    Isiah 61:3 & Kasey’s words really resonate with me tonight. “What does he trade in your life? Maybe you resonate with some of these blessings: Unshakeable peace instead of circumstantial anxiety…” I have been struggling with anxiety the past year/two years and I have really been trying to turn to my faith when I am feeling anxious. I am so hopeful for the day I have unshakeable peace, but until then I will keep turning to God in my moments of anxiousness.

  5. Mercy says:

    Hello she’s, I hope you are all doing well. Happy Monday and wishing you all a strong start to your week. Isaiah 61 is one of my all time favourites, and I was glad to see it today. And the author asked us to savor as we read, again! I smiled real big. The goodness of God are just incredible.

    A few phrases that I collected from Isaiah 61:

    – WHO we are in Him: oaks of righteousness, builders of ancient ruins, repairer of ruined cities/devastations of many generations, priests of the Lord, ministers of our God.

    – WHAT we have through the promised inheritance here in Isaiah 61: oil of gladness, beautiful headdress, garment of praise, wealth of nations to eat and boast about, having hired workers for vineyards/cattles, double portion in land possession (real estate), everlasting joy, having well-known children among nations, well acknowledged as the blessed of the Lord, clothed with garments of salvation, robe of righteousness, adorning of jewels and beautiful headdress, sprouted with righteousness and praise.

    – WORK we are called to do in the Lord: preach the good news to the meek, bind up the brokenhearted, release those who are bound in prisons, proclaim the year of favor & vengeance, comfort those who mourn, grant to those who mourn what they need (beauty for ashes, oil of gladness, garment of praise…yes, WE are the ones who grant, not GOD!). Praise the Lord for such privileged job descriptions and a bougie inheritance.

    Lifting up our sisters’ request to the One Living God who masters at solving the impossible situations (KRISTEN, SHARON JERSEY GIRL & ARIAN, SEARCHING, TRICIA C, LYNN & JACK FROM AL, KRISTINE LOUGHMAN, LAURA, SHANNON and other she’s). Glory to Him in the highest!!
    @TINA: hugs.

    May we lift up prayers also for the nation of Israel (our big brother- the first born from our Heavenly Father) who is going through threatening massive turmoil at the moment, and their leader Benjamin was rushed to hospital for his heart condition and is recovering.

    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you. May peace be within your walls, And prosperity within your palaces” (Psalm 122-6-7).

    Be blessed dear BEAUTIFUL & FAITHFUL sisters!!!

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