Atonement on Others’ Behalf

Open Your Bible

Leviticus 4:1-35, Leviticus 5:1-19, Leviticus 6:1-7, Romans 8:1-4

I drove in black darkness through small country towns in central Texas on my way to a retreat. A sign read 40 mph. I glanced down and adjusted my speed. A few moments later, red and blue headlights swirled in my rearview mirror. I pulled over.

“Hello, ma’am,” the police officer said as I rolled down my window. “Did you know the speed limit here is twenty-five, and you were going forty?” I told him I just saw the sign for forty, and he said, “When you drive through these small towns, the speed limit changes. A few blocks back, the sign for twenty-five is posted.” 

A few blocks back in the pitch, black night. I didn’t know I broke the law, but the police officer still issued me a $200 ticket. Ouch. 

When we break the law, even in ignorance, we are still accountable to the law. The same was true for the Israelites during the time of the sacrificial system. Breaking God’s law, even unintentionally, still required payment for atonement—they still were held guilty until the completion of the sacrifice (Leviticus 5:17–19). 

God could have created the law only to perform sin offerings once a year on the Day of Atonement when the special sacrifices symbolized a “clean slate” for the nation of Israel (Leviticus 16). But God included the regulation of offering sacrifices for unintentional sin throughout the year to continually provide a way for reconciliation. 

I think this is a picture of His extravagant grace. Carrying guilt for months on end once convicted of sin would feel excruciating. If God only provided the atonement of sin on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16), hearts would weigh down with guilt. By making a way to provide sin offerings throughout the year, God showed the Israelites grace. 

Similarly, the opportunity to confess and repent of unintentional sin in the moment of our conviction today is also a gift. We don’t even need to prepare a spotless goat, for Jesus is our perpetual sin offering (Romans 8:1-4).    

Recently the Holy Spirit convicted me after-the-fact that I spoke poorly in public about one of my children. My child did something wrong, and I “vented” about them to others—I judged them publicly (Luke 6:37). Once I felt the sting of conviction, I confessed and asked the Lord for forgiveness. Done. No walking out to the fields to select a spotless goat. No preparing to take the time to go to the temple to offer the sacrifice. Conviction. Confession. Repentance. Forgiveness. All thanks to the blood of Jesus Christ (1John 1:9). 

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71 thoughts on "Atonement on Others’ Behalf"

  1. Michelle Avins says:

    I have never made the connection of all these offerings being an extension of grace so that the Israelites didn’t have to carry around the weight of sin all year long. And how Jesus is our constant sin offering. Praise God!

  2. Brandy Deruso says:

    Thank you for grace and mercy and forgiveness!

  3. Chloe Andreanna says:

    God loves you and does not want you to suffer. Repent. Praise God!

  4. lwandle mthimunye says:

    Thank you Lord for the gift of Love and grace

  5. Gwendolyn Gregory says:


  6. Morgan Teague says:


  7. Timeka Gilliam says:

    I’m participating as well. Thanks for the web link.

  8. Timeka Gilliam says:

    Wow! This is beautiful! Conviction, repentance, forgiveness, done! Thank you all for beautifully weaving/ connecting the Old and New Testaments together, so could see what was required and what we gained through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful that we do not have to hold on to and remember our sins in order to make atonement for them. I’m thankful for the example of the speeding ticket. I’m thankful for all of this

  9. Timeka Gilliam says:

    Wow! This is beautiful! Conviction, repentance, forgiveness, done! Thank you all for beautifully weaving/ connecting the Old and New Testaments together, so could see what was required and what we gained through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful that we do not have to hold on to and remember our sins in order to make atonement for them.

  10. Portia Strange says:

    ‘When they broke the law, even in ignorance, they were still accountable to the law. Breaking God’s law, even unintentionally, still required payment for atonement—they still were held guilty until the completion of the sacrifice.’ Today’s reading in Leviticus reminds me of how serious sin is. I never realized that even unintentional sin required atonement.

    I also love Leviticus 4:3 ‘…if it is the anointed priest who sins, thus bringing guilt on the people…’ because it makes me so thankful for Jesus being without sin. If Jesus (our High Priest) had sinned, he would’ve brought guilt on us, on top of the guilt we have from our own sin. Praise God that Jesus was & is without sin, the perfect Son of God, & that we get to experience a guilt-free life because of Him living a sin-free life!

    Lastly, I have a few questions about today’s reading in Leviticus.
    1. Would their be a long line of every morning or throughout the day as everyone was bringing sacrifices probably continually?
    2. Would the whole family take the sacrifice to the Tabernacle Tent or just the man?
    3. Could you take a sacrifice to the Tent several times a day or was once a day the maximum?
    4. Would one animal be killed at a time OR would the priests kill a few or several animals at a time?
    5. Who had the responsibility of cleaning the Tabernacle Tent & how often would they clean it?

  11. Krystal Schett says:

    This was a good read and we are so
    Blessed to have Jesus that all we have to do is confess, repent and we are forgiven just like that.

  12. Krystal Schett says:

    This was a good read and we are so

  13. Ella Thomas says:

    I love that ! Conviction, confession, repentance and forgiveness ❤️

  14. Danelle Singhanart says:

    How much sun cost the Israelites of the Old Testament! Financially, cost them time, cost them income or providing for their family, and probably heartache at watching the animal killed and blood splattered everywhere. Praise be to God for His wonderful plan and shame on me for what I do often take for granted.

  15. Kristina Stump says:

    Wow I just did this today. I unintentionally said something about my husband that wasn’t mean to another person I told the truth but after the explanation why would I leave him out there to be judged by others. Yucks. I have to be more careful.

  16. Twila Myers says:

    Can you imagine finding livestock without a spot or blemish EVERY SINGLE TIME we sin

  17. jennifer scott says:

    Since drawing closer to the Lord over the past year, I’ve become aware more and more of my sin, especially that is unintentional. Which maybe earlier in my Christin life I wouldn’t have seen as sin. Isn’t it wonderful that God provides us forgiveness for everything through Jesus and that we can come to him for forgiveness anytime.

  18. jennifer scott says:

    Thank you for this. When reading it can all seem so confusing about offering but seeing the difference between individual and community offerings makes more sense.

  19. Kimberly Z says:

    @Rhonda J praying for everybody’s safety! @Jenni Mejia I loved your post tonight. I too continue to sin knowing I shouldn’t do it. Often times I get consumed in the thought of is this a sin? Well what about this? It consumes me with anxiety and I need to remember that I don’t need to be afraid everything I do might be a sin because I’m already forgiven.

  20. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sarah D praying for you! I too struggle with anxiety. Please know you’re not alone in that and it’s okay to need medication.

    @Rhonda J praying for everybody’s safety!

  21. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sarah D praying for you! I too struggle with anxiety. Please know you’re not alone in that and it’s okay to need medication.

    @Rhonda J praying for everybody’s safety!

  22. Kimberly Z says:

    @Sarah D praying for you! I too struggle with anxiety. Please know you’re not alone in that and it’s okay to need medication.

  23. Margaret W says:

    Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, but what happens if a person INTENTIONALLY sins. Because I know sometimes I do. And I can’t be the only one. Maybe that is coming up in a future reading?

  24. Shelbi Jentz says:

    This passage bothered me a lot today. The fact that animals regularly bore the sin of humans felt unjust as I was reading today. Upon further reflection, it feels like animals are still made to be sacrifices for much of the sin the Bible speaks on. As an agriculture teacher, part of my job (in addition to showing teens the miracle of growing food) is to show them the devastation that happens to our earth when we are greedy for a lifestyle above what is meant for us. The deforestation, animal abuse in agriculture, and extinction on our planet is appalling, and it is because many of us have yet to give up on many of the sins the Bible warns us about. We are to not be greedy, care for our neighbor, care for the poor. Instead we eat so much meat, rely on fossil fuels, and abuse animals and do not provide for workers who bring us our food behind the scenes. I hate that Jesus had to bear this. Thousands of years ago we forced animals to bear our sins and we are still doing it now. Forgive my rant. It is just heartbreaking to read about what feels like our modern world in a book as old as Leviticus.

  25. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    My flesh wants to follow my feelings. My soul knows better. Walking in the Spirit brings progress and wisdom. Walking in the Spirit brings peace. And this peace only comes from Jesus. His blood covered the warring parts of me with mercy and grace. There is no condemnation for my intentional or unintentional sins. The overwhelming fact that I am in Christ, through my faith and surrender to Him, means that I am declared innocent. No condemnation. Not less, none. I am freed from the guilt of sin. I am freed from its power and pull. The constant need for blood and sacrifice under the law was a lot. Reading Leviticus this week has brought a deeper grasp of God’s nature as well as His love. Oh how He loves us! Look at the story and how it has led to today. I am a child of God with clean hands and a clean heart because Jesus walked the hard and bloody path for me. For us. Once and for all. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Jesus. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  26. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Thank You Jesus

  27. Katie W says:

    What great grace that he provides a way even when we did not deserve it

  28. Jennifer Hoffer says:


  29. Victoria E says:

    Sarah D praying for you.

  30. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I’m so glad that God has atoned to our sins.

  31. Jenn Mejia says:

    As I sit here I am reminded of the sin that I’ve struggled with and how sometimes it seems like it’s intentional, because even though I know I’m sinning it seems to feel like I can’t say no (even though I know it’s a lie from the enemy). I am thankful for Jesus though, because even if I have to repent 50,000 times, He is faithful, and my prayer is that I may never grow hardened towards my sin, but that the Lord may lead me to repentance. I am thankful for His grace and His son, Jesus!

  32. Rhonda J. says:

    I am in south Fort Meyers, so we could use prayer for our safety, hence the storm turning a little more toward our area as the day has gone on!
    Thank you She’s!

  33. lauren burton says:

    “When we break the law, even in ignorance, we are still held accountable to the law.” This hit for me. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but we are held accountable for things regardless and what matters most is our response. For me it’s about giving these things over to God and this was a great reminder to be doing that!

  34. Mercy says:

    Reading today’s another three chapters, the repeated phrase that stood out for me was “sin through ignorance”. Ignorance seems to be the main reason for sinning, not knowing that action/deeds/words are a violation of God’s commandments. And the Lord also says, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (ignorance) – because you have rejected knowledge (Hosea 4:6). This makes me take a long look to examine what area I have lacked knowledge that have caused me to sin. And sin usually hurts people, even if they say it or not, some people suffer in silence, and eventually sin brings death, death to relationships (the wage of sin is death). May we never stop to grow in grace AND in knowledge of our Lord as the verse of 2 Peter 3:18 instructs us. Yes the Lord Jesus’ sacrifice is grace of atonement, simple and easy, we are forgiven, but if we are ignorant, sin is still abounding around us. The verse says not just to grow in grace, but in both grace and knowledge together, so we don’t go out there sinning by ignorance, for which the accumulating wage can bring death, the time could be cut short. No one should die a fool’s death (2 Samuel 3:33). I just feel so strong to stress the importance of knowledge, which is our part to develop and cultivate, and not just simply to lean on God’s grace alone. May we continue to grow in both grace & knowledge by studying God’s Word to equip ourselves, and diligently seek Him through prayers to know His will, counsel, guidance, conviction and correction. Be blessed dear sisters.

  35. Lauren Anhalt says:

    Playing in my head as I read this: What can wash away my sin
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus
    What can make me whole again
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus”

  36. Dorothy says:

    That was a lot to do to be forgiven by my ALMIGHTY FATHER. I am sooo GRATEFUL Christ came and died for my/our sins. Because of CHRIST’S DEATH AND RESURRECTION I no longer have to make sacrifices like mentioned in Leviticus. THANK YOU GOD!!! THANK YOU CHRIST!!!

    Father God, I give to You all my sins and burdens and worries, I NO LONGER want to carry them ALONE!! Amen.

    Sisters, be blessed and turn ALL your worries, burdens and concerns over to God and Christ and be free.

  37. Beverly Watley says:

    I was thinking the same thing, after reading the verses over and over again made my head spin a little. I thank our heavenly father for giving us his son as a sacrifice to the Lord to atone for our sins and we can come near to our heavenly father

  38. Lexi B says:

    The thought of having to kill another animal to atone for my sins( I can barely kill bugs; thank you vacumn!) really just puts in perspective the cost of sin. I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for Jesus. He is our ultimate sacrafice, allowing us to be in the father’s presence. Thankful for his forgiveness.

  39. Tara says:

    I pray for the Jewish people who do not know Jesus as their Messiah. They are observing the 10 days of Awe this week that leads up to the Day of Atonement ( Yom Kippur ) on October 5. I pray that they will not be burdened down by their guilt of their sins but will see what Jesus has done for them. That they will find freedom in Jesus. That Jesus loves them.

    Thank you SRT for this study. And thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for us!

    Michael Rydelnik has a blog post of the Jewish festivals that was good.

  40. Amber Trimble says:

    I hope you also confessed and ask your child for forgiveness

  41. Amber Trimble says:

    So many things that I needed to hear today.

  42. Ruth Amos says:

    As I read todays selections I am awestruck by the numerous times the scriptures say …”if people unintentionally sin”….” Or not fully aware”…. That is all of us , so often;
    I am so overjoyed to think God put into effect a New Plan to save us, forgive us, and destroyed sins control over us. Praise God for his sacrifice. He really turned the equation around.

  43. Traci Gendron says:

    This is from another Bible study I do with a friend. It is from “The Power of a Women’s Words” It is very good.

    God doesn’t convict us of our sin to condemn us. He reveals our sin to clean us.

  44. Traci Gendron says:

    Like BRENDA I also pictured this sight. A bloody scene. We excuse a simple sin and move on. But that one sin is still sin in God’s eyes. I’m thankful that we have forgiveness through Jesus sacrifice. I need to stop and think about my behavior and realize that HE gave up His life. To not take sin lightly. To not brush it off as not that big of a deal. To repent. And to be so thankful that we do not have to make these sacrifices as they did before Jesus.

  45. Allison Bentley says:

    If we place ourselves in this time period we have to remind ourselves these animals meant feeding your family. The Israelites could not just run to the market and get dinner or go through the drive thru at Chick-fil-A. They had to feed and care for these animals so the weight of the sacrifice was huge and a good deterrent for sin. I know I would probably try harder if I knew it meant feeding my family vs starving. Thank you God for Your grace and mercy! Thank you for Your Son!!! Lord forgive me of my sins and help me to try harder and use this study to actively meditate on my actions!!!!

  46. Michelle Patire says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, ladies! @Molly R & Madeleine :)
    @Nads– touched by your comment and that my words impacted you in this way. Praise the Lord, He knows what we need! May He continue to lead us in wisdom and grace.

    I was thinking, it’s funny that modern day Jews don’t sacrifice and make atonement according to the law. I pray their eyes are open to know Jesus was the end of this sacrificial system. That the tradition is no more as Jesus has fulfilled the law.

    “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Matthew 5:17
    This Scripture has been in my mind as I read Leviticus.

    Thank you God for your grace and mercy. We are Your special possession. You thought this all out before Earth was ever formed. You are intentional and everything has purpose that You set in place. Help us to trust You, when we don’t understand the “why” behind what You do.

  47. Donna Wolcott says:

    As I read these verses, I think if I lived during that time how many animals I would need. Not easy to say! There are not enough words to thank my Savior Jesus Christ! Very sobering! Sisters requests lifted in prayer, spoken and on hearts.

  48. Cindy Hanna says:

    Tameshia William’s devotional yesterday put all these rules into proper perspective for me. “ Leviticus is about God preparing his people for his presence.” The atoning sacrifices allowed his people to come near him without compromising his holiness. Today Jesus’s atoning sacrifice is accomplishing the same work. Thank you Lord Jesus. I can come near to God through you! I am so grateful!

  49. Aloni Smith says:

    I’m really enjoying this study!! It’s so amazing to me how so much preparation went into just ONE sacrifice! And then I think about how Jesus made the ULTIMATE sacrifice!! So amazing!!

  50. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning sisters, unfortunately my doctor’s appointment was cancelled yesterday, which was pretty disappointing. I rescheduled it for next Friday, it just means I have to take an additional vacation day at work to take off. Please pray for this, also as I look for other jobs. I am ready to get out of this one as soon as possible, because my anxiety has been so hard to deal with. At the doctor’s appointment I am going to ask my doctor about medication and just get her opinion on this anxiety, because it is to the point where it is a lot to deal with. Thank you all for your prayers. Trying to stay strong.

  51. Ann Johnson says:

    As I read about the doves or pigeons being a substitute for the lamb in offf

  52. Taylor says:

    I’ve had the song “Oh the Blood” by Gateway Worship stuck in my head while reading this devotion. What a sacrifice, that saved my life! Oh the blood, it is my victory <3 I hope everyone has a blessed day!

  53. Elaine Morgan says:

    I’m so grateful today for God’s grace and mercy! We have to atone for unintentional sin. This can be a hard lesson to learn. But I’m glad the Holy Spirit won’t let us get away with it.

  54. Amber Myers says:

    I loved reading verses in Romans after the passages in Leviticus! What outstanding grace we have because of Jesus ♥️

  55. Amber Myers says:

    I love the para

  56. Nancy Singleton says:

    I love your word picture of sin’s stains, Arina.

  57. Nads says:

    @RENEE K, I am praying for your son…I had a tumour removed from my brain (years ago) through my nose…with the love and care of my family, by the Grace of Jesus, I recovered well. I pray even better outcome for him ❤️

    Your comment yesterday was so poignant to me, culminating in: “I know Holy Spirit was saying “no”– but my flesh was so strong.
    I say this to remind myself of how easily I have been deceived — so I can have grace for others. Let no thorn of pride prevail. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. May we have grace and wisdom as we walk this Earth and try to love…” THANK you for this!!….I could feel your mind processing. I’m praying for ALL of us but, particularly the youth and children who are indeed ‘saved but SO confused’ and being lured…

    Lord Jesus, give us Your armor and send a heavenly army to fight alongside us in this battle to draw us away from You. May we always recognize Your voice, our Shepherd…let nothing snatch us!!

  58. Erica Christian says:

    I find it amazing that God knew He was going to send His Son one day, even when He was creating an atonement system. I thank God every day for His mercy and grace.

  59. Cee Gee says:

    Zach Williams’ new release – HEART OF GOD goes perfectly with this devo!
    Beautifully written, SEANA SCOTT!

  60. Angie Mills says:

    SIN OFFERING: A mandatory offering for unintentional sins. Various offerings & methods for position & wealth of offender
    OFFERING? Young, unblemished bull
    BLOOD? Sprinkled 7x on curtain in Tabernacle, some applied to horns on Altar of Incense, rest poured out at base of Altar of Burnt Offering
    FAT? All removed & burnt up on Altar of Burnt Offering
    REST OF OFFERING? Brought outside of camp & burnt up at ceremonially clean place

    OFFERING? Young, unblemished bull
    WHO LAYS HANDS ON IT? Elders of community
    BLOOD? Sprinkled 7x on curtain in Tabernacle, some applied to horns on Altar of Incense, rest poured out at base of Altar of Burnt Offering
    FAT? All removed & burnt up on Altar of Burnt Offering
    REST OF OFFERING? Brought outside of camp & burnt up at ceremonially clean place

    OFFERING? Unblemished male goat
    BLOOD? Some applied to horns on Altar of Burnt Offering, rest poured out at base of Altar of Burnt Offering
    FAT? All removed & burnt up on Altar of Burnt Offering

    OFFERING? Unblemished female goat or lamb OR 2 turtledoves or pigeons OR 2 quarts of fine flour (according to what offender could afford)
    GOAT OR LAMB: Person lays hands on it & slaughters it; priest applies some blood on horns of the Altar of Burnt Offering & rest of blood is poured out at base of the altar; fat is removed & burnt up on the altar
    TURTLEDOVES OR PIGEONS: One was a sin offering (priest twists head at base of neck without severing it; sprinkles some blood on altar & drains the rest at base of altar) & the other was a burnt offering
    FINE FLOUR: No olive oil or frankincense was put on it; priest took a portion & burned it on the altar; the rest belonged to the priest

    GUILT OFFERING: A mandatory offering that was given when someone violated a holy thing, certain commands of the Lord, or certain offenses against another person. When giving the offering, the offender had to add a fifth of the value to it and give all of the money to the priest.

    1. We all sin. We sin intentionally & unintentionally. Because of our sin & because God is holy, our fellowship with Him is broken until atonement is made & He is able to forgive our sin.

    2. Since we all sin, Jesus’ death was a sin sacrifice that was given on behalf of the whole community. Both the elders & the priests were involved in condemning Jesus to death. He died outside the city of Jerusalem, just like the sin offering was taken outside the camp & burned up there. The veil of the Temple was torn in two. This symbolized that we have access to God, just as the sprinkled blood on the veil during the sacrifices symbolized a cleansing of our relationship to God. Jesus’ sacrifice gives us total access to God.

    3. When the priest or an entire community sins, they needed to make sure to consecrate their relationship with God and their prayers to Him as well as ask for atonement & forgiveness. When a religious leader & entire community sins, there are more consequences involved than if another person sinned, because of the influence of those involved, especially in spiritual matters.

    4. God made provision for anyone & everyone to make atonement & be forgiven of their sins. Jesus’ death is enough for anyone & everyone to have atonement & be forgiven of their sins.

    Jesus, thank You that Your atonement for our sins is total & complete. Thank You that I am forgiven of my sins & the guilt that accompanied it. Thank You that I now have total access to You, Father God, & I can have fellowship with You.

  61. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    Forgiveness! That’s what Jesus offers. No more do we have to prepare an animal for sacrifice as Jesus paid it all! Amen!

  62. JoAnn Ward says:

    Thank you for this perspective abou

  63. Aimee D-R says:

    So thankful for the Blood of Jesus and the gift of grace!

  64. Searching says:

    Reading these early chapters in Leviticus is getting my attention, especially the details of what was required for forgiveness of unintentional sin, every sin, every time. We are surrounded these days by reports of so many totally intentional sins and those committing the sins are seemingly proud – although some will express a bit of remorse when their sin is exposed while “explaining” how it wasn’t their fault. My prayer is that I will be more aware of what I say and what I do, be honest with myself in identifying what is God pleasing and what is not, to repent when I fail and to remember that I am responsible for the choices I make in my speech and actions. And most of all, to remember that God is loving, merciful, gracious and forgiving – so thankful!

    ELIN ALMKVIST – praying for your son’s healing and for your marriage

    RENEE K – praying for a successful surgery for your son today, and for restoration of his sight. Also praying for your daughter!

    CHURCHMOUSE – thank you for the praise report on your granddaughter’s surgery. Praying she has a speedy recovery.

  65. Mary Ann Graves says:


  66. Brenda says:

    I have to say that I am really enjoying this study so far. I have been taking a lot of notes and really enjoying everyone else’s comments as well as the insight on the podcast. A few of my observations from today is that there are always options for the offering. If someone was not as wealthy with flocks of animals, they could offer birds or even grain. The other observation I had is that I had always pictured the tabernacle through the lens of Exodus with all the gold plated items. Now seeing it through this context, I am more picturing a crime scene.

  67. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Yesterday we learned about voluntary sacrifices. Today’s are REQUIRED to atone for unintentional sin and be forgiven. The priest’s and leader’s sacrifices were more costly than the “common” Israelite’s, but thr Lord provided a way for all to have forgiveness and restored relationship with God.

    Jesus as our sin offering said “Forgive them, for they know not what they do”

  68. Erin Hudgins says:

    I am so guilty of reading passages like today as just directions, without any emotion. Thank you for bringing to our attention the love and grace that is shown in these directions. God wants to be with his people and has provided a way throughout the years for his people to return. We just have to listen and obey.

  69. Karen Roper says:

    Wow – so much grace given to us by God. I don’t think we fully grasp the gift of repentance so that our hearts remain soft towards God. It is truly a magnificent gift so that guilt is not carried. Thank you for the reminder.

  70. Arina says:

    Even for unintentional sin atonement had to be made. Breaking God’s law, even when I didn’t mean to do it, is still sin. Ouch. How often do I think that what I did wasn’t that bad because I didn’t realise it was sin or my intentions were good? I had to think of an example a pastor recently shared. If I have one stain on my shirt, I say it’s dirty. Even though most of the shirt is still clean, the one stain makes the whole shirt unclean and I will wash it. In the same way, one sin makes us unclean towards God despite all the other good things we may have done. Thank God for the atonement of Christ, because who can keep his life without any stains?

  71. Tina says:

    I think because of the relationship I had with my earthly daddy, the relationship I have with the Lord is of the same. Loving, playful, trusting, hopeful, protective, but with one extra special ingredient.. There is total and absolute reverence for the Lord. Absolute! God is my friend.. my heavenly father, my Abba..

    BUT GOD.. is also GOD to me..

    I also know in my heart, and my whole being, what Jesus has done for me, no questions asked..

    Jesus said “..It is finished” I believe Him!Thank you Jesus.

    The Bible tells me, If GOD is for me, who can be against me..

    Leviticus 4:20 tells me (they) I will be forgiven.

    So YES, @Seanna Scott, your words,



    All thanks to the blood of Jesus Christ (1John 1:9),
    Have my heart singing, because the Loving, Playful, Trusting, Hope-filled relationship I have with the Almighty Father, affords me this knowledge that, I will be forgiven, when these words form the posture of my heart, mind and soul.

    BUT GOD..


    A sunny morning here. Praying, wrapped in love, Our Father in heaven, bless you and keep you, may He be gracious and kind to you. Praying, He look upon you with favour, and give you peace. ❤