A Prayer for Rescue

Open Your Bible

Psalm 142:1-7

God’s word unites people throughout space and time. Take today’s psalm, for example. Written by David as he hid in an ancient Near East cave about 3000 years ago, this psalm is just as relevant and applicable to us today.

Our family lived in the Middle East, sharing life with people from all over the world. We’ve witnessed brothers and sisters follow Jesus even as it leads them into persecution. Some have had to flee from their own families and countries to obey Jesus Christ. The loss was so profound, and the wounds were deep. Yet their resolve resembled David’s: our God is bigger than the threats that chase us.

I haven’t suffered persecution like these friends, but I’ve experienced the loneliness that accompanies doing hard things for the Lord. A friend and I recently looked at Psalm 142 to process the harm we’ve experienced at the hands of others for doing what was right in the Lord’s sight. It’s true, the Lord does deal generously. He hears our cries and rescues us.

David’s only option was to trust and wait on the Lord. Truthfully, I want more options. I want to “control” what happens. Can you relate? It feels easier to run to work, relationships, doom scrolling, entertainment, shopping, and checking accounts to gain a sense of comfort and stability in uncertain times.

David lost his home, reputation, and possessions, but his reflex was to cry out loud to the Lord. He cried out complaints and pleas for mercy. He confessed his own weakness and ran to the only refuge He had. (Hint hint: it’s not the cave he’s hiding in.)

Do we shelter in the Lord as David did? If God is our portion and greatest treasure, our prayer life will reflect this. Prosperity can sometimes numb our need for God. Pastor Charles Spurgeon said about Psalm 142, “Had David prayed as much in his palace as he did in his cave, he might never have fallen into the act which brought such misery upon his later days.” 

True faith confesses sorrows and troubles to the Father. True faith pleads with Him first for help. True faith despises self-reliance and hopes in the Lord who saves. Sisters, let’s take time today to shelter in the Lord, our portion and shield. Let us pray.

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    I needed this. I remember growing up, I was taught that you don’t dare complain about anything let alone complain to God. It’s reassuring to know that I can confess my troubles and sorrows and I can ask for His help. And I don’t have to feel shame or guilt when I do it. He is my refuge. When everything and everyone leaves me to fend for myself, I am reminded that He never left. And will never leave me. I love you Lord.❤️