Day 10

A Prayer for Comfort

from the Psalms for Prayer reading plan

Psalm 23:1-6

BY Guest Writer

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23:1-6

Have you ever had everything you’ve ever wanted, yet still felt unhappy? I have. At the time, I was fully aware that most people would take one look at my life and suggest that I had everything I needed, but somehow it didn’t feel like enough. It wasn’t that I was ungrateful for what I had, I just wanted—longed for—something more, something else.

I will never forget that morning when I woke up, looked around my bedroom and burst into tears. I was married to a wonderful man. I was the mom of four healthy, happy daughters. I had friends and family that loved me, and although our lifestyle was not lavish with shopping sprees and shiny things, we were able to live on a single income—just one of the many answered prayers that had filled that season of my life. And in that moment, right outside my closed bedroom door, I could hear my husband of six years, giggling and enjoying an easy morning with our girls—more answered prayers.

So why was I crying? I felt empty and alone, and I felt guilty about both. Although my tears were streaming from a place of discontent, they were also layered with the guilt from the reality of those feelings. I was ashamed to acknowledge that answered prayers had landed me in one of the most uncomfortable seasons of my life. It seemed as if all I had prayed for was still not enough to fill me up and grant me what I thought it might deliver. It was in this very moment that God reminded me of what I was desperately seeking. It was a void His presence alone could fill.

I wasn’t looking, but He found me. I wasn’t asking, but He gave me more in a moment than I would have ever asked. I was reminded of these words:

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing (Psalm 23:1).

As simple as they are, these words penetrated my soul and began to take up new real estate in my heart. God had answered many of my prayers, yet I’d failed to realize that His promises do not always arrive on smooth paths. But regardless of circumstances, He does promise to provide His comfort the way a good shepherd does—with a little pulling, prodding, and nudging in the direction He knows is best. The shepherd’s presence is everything to his sheep.

In the same way, in God’s presence, we need nothing more, nothing but Him. He provides and protects, and His love fills us up to overflowing. When we look to anyone or anything else but Him, we will always be left unsatisfied and wanting. Our Good Shepherd knows exactly what we need—when to get up and when to lie down and rest. He calls us to turn our focus toward Him, to be reminded that His presence is enough. He alone supplies all the guidance, provision, and comfort we will ever need.


Wynter Pitts is the founder of For Girls Like You, a resource ministry for both tween girls and their parents. The mother of four girls herself, Wynter’s mission is to empower and equip women of all ages in becoming who God created them to be, and to support parents in raising strong Christ followers. She is the author of several books, including You’re God’s Girl Devotional and She Is Yours: Trusting God As You Raise the Girl He Gave You.  Wynter, her husband Jonathan, and their daughters (ages 7-13) live in Dallas, Texas. Follow her on Instagram @forgirlslikeyou.

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  1. Amanda Riedel says:

    Great devotional today… brought back some very happy care free memories of memorizing theses verses in AWANA. The comfort and peace I needed to be reminded of.

  2. Melody Litchfield says:

    Such beautiful words and a wonderful reminder that Christ is all we need and He is the One who fulfills our deepest longing. Words spoken well from a beautiful soul that is still impacting others even after leaving this earth. Thank you, Wynter Pitts. May your legacy continue.

  3. Stephanie Perryman says:

    I have definitely felt this discontent in times where I literally had everything I could have wanted. I continue to struggle with it but find that when I’m spending time in the Word and intentionally seeking God’s will and focusing on others, it’s not near as prevalent in my mind. The times I feel lacking in my soul are times I’m distant from God and not abiding in Him. And I don’t mean that I’m “living in sin” doing anything particularly horrible, I’m just trudging along through life, going through the motions and disengaging from my reliance on Him for my joy and happiness. What a great reminder!

  4. Grace Dawson Beatty says:

    My soul could connect with today’s message. Being so blessed; Having abundantly more you could ever ask or imagine, yet feeling empty. Joy and blessings are not one in the same. You can have blessings, but no joy; joy, without a single blessing. This is part of our Lord’s pruning and teaching process too: “will you still seek me when I give you the world?”, “will you see, you can have it all, but without my presence, you have no joy.” Poetic and beautiful, he uses all things for our good.

    1. Meredith Dial says:

      Love this!!!! When I went to Mozambique I saw true joy for the first time. They had nothing so to speak, but they had joy! Pure, Christ giving joy. So beautiful. I was there and in their eyes had EVERYTHING, but I had no joy. I was there to mission to them, but they were my missionaries. The found my heart in a remote and desolate place and restored my faith. I had no clue how lost I was till I met them.

  5. Molly Gilbane says:

    The Lord is my shepherd— I shall not want. Lord, thank you for filling the void deep within my heart: this deep ache and desire for something more. You alone can relieve that ache. You alone supply all of the guidance, provision, and comfort that I will ever need. May You always be what I turn to first.

  6. E Hong says:

    Verse 4 reminds me that He is in contro

  7. E Hong says:

    the presence of the Lord is all that is needed to have comfort and peace amen! -ellie

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