A Prayer for Comfort

Open Your Bible

Psalm 23:1-6

Where do you need comfort today? Perhaps there’s something weighing on your heart and you just want a close friend to sit next to you. Maybe you’re stretched too thin. Maybe your physical body aches or is causing you anxiety that takes your breath away. 

We all have dark days. Life can feel overwhelming, overshadowing God’s goodness, and we slip into valleys that steal our trust, peace, and sense of security. “Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear no danger, for you are with me; your rod and your staff—they comfort me,” writes the author of Psalm 23:4. 

I think the reason why Psalm 23 is such a popular passage is because the imagery puts us at ease. The psalmist depicts a God who walks alongside us, who relieves our burdens, and who knows what we need and freely gives it. We aren’t without guidance or support. Our Good Shepherd has made a path for us. 

This week, I found myself at a local retreat center. Surrounded by pine and cypress trees, I took two days to step away from work and Instagram (mostly) so I could more intentionally pray and listen for God’s voice. 

The reason why I desired this time away is because my significant other and I are preparing for engagement. More than anything, I long for this to be a time of joy and excitement—unmarred by worry. But alongside this excitement, are some very real, dark fears for me. As a thirty-five year old woman with chronic health issues, there are many hard realities we have to consider in this shared decision. I find myself lying awake at night, ruminating over questions I can’t fully answer this side of marriage. 

Can I be a fully-present partner? Will I have enough energy to care for a child? Will I have time to keep the restorative practices in place that help my body function well? What will it feel like to give up the solitude I’ve had for so long?

This is real life, friends. Darkness and anxiety dominate my thoughts when I stop trusting that God is guiding our relationship (which I do believe He is!). But stepping away from the noise helped focus my mind on God’s Word again. 

The next time you find yourself with a really dark day, take comfort. You are not alone. When trouble comes, Psalm 23:4 is a beautiful prayer to remind ourselves that God is with us and offers His guiding presence.

I fear no danger, for you are with me. 
Your rod and your staff—they comfort me.
—Psalm 23:4

We can breathe more deeply, trusting that Christ holds all things together, including us. Our valleys will look different for each of us. But they are bound together by this shared hope: Christ is with us in the midst of every sad, chaotic, sick, or lonely hour. Ultimately, we don’t have to fear danger or trouble. His comfort is near and freely given. 

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83 thoughts on "A Prayer for Comfort"

  1. Katherine Herrington says:

    I like the idea of taking a step away from the noise and dedicating time to intentionally listen to God – I need to try this!

  2. Kiara Hardimon says:

    Amen Gods guidance is most certainly needed during this time in my life

  3. Lisa Ferguson says:

    Such a comforting thought in this chaotic world!!!

  4. Jennifer Fees says:

    I needed this today. As I apply for teaching jobs and wonder if the day will come that I find the right job, at just the right moment one of my teacher friends gives me the encouragement I needed most. God is with us and hears our fears and offers us comfort when we need it most.

  5. Natallye Meza says:

    Gos is true to his word and present at all times. He is committed to us and guides us in our daily walk. Let’s stay committed to him too and grow our relationship with Him Every day!

  6. Paula Bilder says:


  7. Cindy Matute says:


  8. Lily Hunter says:


  9. Jessica Goen says:


  10. faith thompkins says:


  11. Carolyn Langley says:


  12. Keli Miles says:


  13. Bee Miller says:

    Needed this

  14. melanie eldred says:

    This was a well timed devo for me. My boyfriend and I just got engaged and it is encouraging to know that others are also experiencing a combination of joy and a little fear surrounding it.

  15. Andrea P says:


  16. Mandi D says:

    Oh Tina, thank you for always sharing your heart. And this beautiful picture of the love your son has for you, what a wonderful testimony that the seeds we plant in our children’s lives will produce fruit at the right time. I am writing down your words of psalm 23

  17. Michelle Evans says:

    It’s hard to remember it can be easy to just receive what you need from God by just opening your heart. I read this and was just so struck by what opening your heart and request to God can lead to. The weight that seems unbearable from our sin is so easily lifted when reminded that we were chosen to be forgiven. There is light in the darkness and once finding it in Him there is no better comfort and sense of security that being pulled out of the mud and into to the comfort of the Holy Spirt. For anything that seems impossible once researching and looking for Gods answer to our problem it is given clear and no demons can change the message God wants us to hear. This is a note to myself that no matter how lacking in faith or weak I feel Gods love is always going to preserve because He is constantly chasing and validating the love I sometimes deny.

  18. meg alba says:

    This was perfect for me. My son is struggling with severe anxiety at 8 yrs old and being a therapist myself I feel so inadequate that I can’t help my boy. Please pray for him she’s ❤️

  19. sophie marie says:

    really needed this. will focus on the imagery and look at this passage in a way i never have before.

  20. Heather Hickey says:

    Many good verses in one passage! I love “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
    all the days of my life,
    and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
    forever.” As long as I have Jesus and follow Him, Goodness and Mercy follows Me wherever I go and I will always have a place with Jesus in His Kingdom!

  21. Laura R Mayer says:

    This psalm had become so familiar it had lost it’s touch on me. But slowing down and studying it was like an oasis in the desert. One new thing I learned is about “your rod”. I read that this is a club that a shepherd uses to count the sheep. What a wonderful reminder that not one of us will be lost.

  22. Minnie Lee says:

    As a fellow chronic health fighter, YOU are enough – you will be present when you can, you will have help when you need, and you will be a loving parent if you choose to have children. I ask God for his creativity in your heart and mind to honor the limits God has graciously given you.

  23. Kimberly Z says:

    Nothing with the Lord. How amazing no matter my darkest days he’s with me. @Taylor you’re right his loss! Dating has taught me so much about myself even if it’s the most annoying thing I’ve ever done haha. You’re always one day closer to finding somebody who fits you. I struggle with the anxieties of dating and what comes ons you find your person. What if I wouldn’t even make a good wife or enjoy it. I’ve lived alone for almost 10 years and honestly… I’m good at it haha. Praying for all you ladies tonight!

  24. Kimberly Z says:

    Today has been soo busy I wish I would have gotten on here early to read this. Such a great message for us gals trying to navigate dating and singleness. It is soo comforting to know we lack

  25. Mercy says:

    The Lord is my Shepherd. I used to cite this verse as I drove home from work after a long hard day, then stuck in traffic, and I started with “the Lord is my Shepherd” and I could not get pass that. Just like that, tears were flowing down, I started sobbing like crazy… like a floodgate was lifted, and I was so light by the end of it. There was a song that says something down that line, what if tears come in the form of our healing (“Blessings” by Laura Story). It truly was for me on the day. My Shepherd was enough. He was more than enough. It took me years to realize this. But I am glad that now I know He is my Shepherd, who is willing to leave the 99 to pursue the 1. He is the Shepherd that is willing to go after the wolf risking his life for his lamb, while the hired servant would not bother. He is the One that would make me lie down in green pastures and besides the still water. Glory be to our True Shepherd. Lifting up prayers alongside you dear she’s. May we rest assured that He cares when we cast our burdens to Him. Be blessed dear sisters.

  26. Sandy Gastineau says:

    I really needed this today. Psalms 23:4!

  27. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love this psalm. It just gives me instant peace while reading all of the imagery that goes along with it. I pray that i would walk through this life with the awareness and peace that God is with me every step of the way.

  28. AZ Walker says:

    Just listened to “Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table” Louie Giglio on UTube. Thank you so much Tami C. for recommending. What a great teaching! Really hit home because lately I’ve been complaining about others and even spiteful and I want to do better. I have the authority in Jesus to not let the enemy have a seat and take back my table. So good! Praying for you all today, those in pain, Cheryl Blow (and you teach Sunday School!) Sharon, Lacy Bankhead, Catherine McVey, Rhonda J. and for our loved ones Lynne’s Jack, ERB’s childhood friend, Heidi’s Kit, Heather O’Malley’s sons, Carolyn’s grandson, Aleida’s Victor, Heather Hickey’s sister, Sharon Jersey Girl’s sister, Laura’s daughter, Sharon Jones’s daughter, Jenny Somer’s daughter. Jennifer Anapol, I pray you will have rest. Praying that our loved ones will know Jesus and that we can be a shining light to others.

  29. Alayna P. says:

    Psalm 23 is one of my favourite Psalms. It brings me so much comfort.

  30. Catherine Hewitt says:

    This could’ve been written by me. I got married last year at the age of 36 and have a lot of health issues.
    My physical health has improved because my husband helps push me to do the exercises to improve. I could barely stand up at our wedding and now I can walk for about a mile. Same with my mental health, I’m not cured but I’m in a better headspace.
    Marriage doesn’t fix things, but God and a good supportive husband do.

  31. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  32. Teresa Donley says:

    Just hearing or reading Psalm 23 feels like a deep cleansing breath. I can feel by blood pressure drop as I rest in my Savior, my Shepherd. It’s definitely used in a lot of funerals, but what better time to hear that the Shepherd is with us, guiding us. Thank you to everyone who shared testimonies and requests today. I have prayed for each request as I read it, and love seeing the way God answers and works in each STT sister’s life. May we each find the peace that comes from knowing the Shepherd is always with us.

  33. Teresa Donley says:

    CARA P – I can’t imagine the pain of your heart at such a loss. I’m thrilled that this psalm gave you such a beautiful vision of Taylor sitting at the table with Jesus. Thank you for sharing it.

  34. Teresa Donley says:

    MARIA BAER – thank you for sharing that link. It’s a wonderful commentary.
    TINA – what a beautiful testimony of the power of this one simple psalm – and of the love your son has for you and showing that he is watching how you live your life. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Tami C says:

    This is a must listen. Such a great visual for this Psalm. “Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table” by Louie Giglio on YouTube

  36. ashley [email protected] says:

    He is my shepherd and I lack nothing. He brings me comfort when I need it the most.

  37. Claire B says:

    My mother, gone 8 years now, prayed this over everyone. Even as dementia’s horrible grip took her mind she clung to this. I feel safe in saying as she prayed for God to take her home she was thinking of this passage. It is a mantra to keep.

  38. Lehua K. says:

    HEIDI: Get Out of Your Head is a great read and devotional! Highly recommended. I discovered it through my church and read along in a study group. In fact, I should probably revisit this. My thoughts have not been the greatest lately.

    Ladies, THANK YOU for the prayers for my surgery yesterday ❤️ it went well and I didn’t remember a thing (had the best nap of my life like they said lol). My ob/gyn sent the polyps to get a biopsy so I am praying they are benign. Please continue to pray, I have a follow up visit with her on 9/7, if something is serious though she will be calling me. So no news is good news.

    It seems my parents have internet at their house again, yay! All of their trip has been cancelled and refunded too, praise God. I’m hoping they can come up here soon. The president came to visit on Monday and saw the damage in Lahaina. I’m hoping and praying that he keeps his word and promises, and that with the resources he has that he will be able to… the people of Maui (and Hawai’i) won’t forget that. Also praying for California right now and many other disasters that have been occurring all over.

    I’m looking forward to yesterday’s surgery being a turning point, a new chapter… a lot of my daily routines had fallen away recently and I just gave up on a lot, including consistent morning prayer and devotional time with God. That really sucked and my mind was a terrible mess. One thing I had kept up with (mostly) is listening to Abide sleep meditations on the app. Some recent ones included this Psalm. So grateful for the One who comforts, protects, and heals. That He is so patient with me, yet in this season He has been strengthening me for a new chapter ahead. ❤️

    ❤️ Praying for your requests, ladies. Have a beautiful day ❤️

  39. Claire B says:


  40. Heidi says:

    I. LACK. NOTHING. ♥️

    That’s a mouthful. And going through a season (too long of a season!) of feeling overwhelmingly “lacking” in all things, I really am convicted of how much I am not crediting to my God that He has given me, equipped me capable of, and will continue to show up in. Coming out of a life and career where I was “crushing it” and into a life and degree program where I have to be “dependent” – daily! – has me completely upsidedown. While He fully graced and provided for my “previous” life, the fact is, I didn’t have to moment by moment, patient by patient “depend” on Him. I had the knowledge, experience, and gifting in place to do what I did and do it well. My life was in order and I was “successful” (defined by my own definition of course). Now, I’m entering year 2 of following His lead with no prep or understanding as to what each next step will be or how I will succeed in doing it and the stark contrast in reality has thrown me so far. I didn’t realize the degree to which I slipped into self-doubt and negative self-talk/thoughts. It started slow and, having gone without checking it, has a life of its own, telling me what I am NOT capable of. Telling me aaaallllllllllllllll the things I am lacking. It has been creeping in to a point it has actually gotten debilitating and I’m crying “enough”. I’m so grateful to have my eyes opened to really SEE it and I am proactively doing what I can to claim these thoughts captive, hand them over to my Savior in trade for the truth He has stated over me and about me. And keeping my mind remembering that anything I do not feel equipped to do is something that clearly He is planning to do the equipping when the time is right – and I will continue to LACK. NOTHING.

    When this study is over I will try to stay up with the podcasts and “check in” here a couple mornings a week, but I am going to skip the daily of Ezra and engage in a study on my own. I have chosen “Get out of your head” by Jennie Allen. It goes through Philippians and targets the topic of our destructive thoughts holding us captive. It came out a couple of years ago and there is a corresponding book as well, though I have not read it. Following that I will be doing “You are the girl for the job” by Jess Connolly (both authors have been on SRT podcasts :)) which uses the story of Moses to speak to practical ways to find the God-given confidence to step into the calling He has for you and believe through Him that you are actually capable of what He’s calling you to. I just cannot keep up like this – I can’t keep falling for the enemy’s grand theme of “You are not enough and never will be so stop posing”. So. done. I mean, what is it the enemy is trying so stinkin’ hard to stop me from? To keep me from doing? It must be something great or I can’t imagine he’d care that much to put so much energy into getting me tangled in his nonsense.

    That first verse: YAHWEH is my Shepherd – I HAVE WHAT I NEED. That’s it. I’m complete, I’m whole, I’m enough – as-is.

  41. Lynne from Alabama says:

    Good morning, sweet SRT sisters! Thank you so much for your prayers for Jack’s doctor appointment yesterday (especially for the shout out from SEARCHING and CEE GEE)! It went well and although the news about his dementia wasn’t good, it wasn’t a surprise. Please keep praying for his surgery on the 31st to reverse his ileostomy.

    RHONDA J, ALLISON BENTLEY, LAURA, RACHEL M. MOORMAN, TRICIA C, ALLISON M, MICHELLE PATIRE, TRACI GENDRON, COLLEEN DEVEAU, SHARON, VICTORIA HILTON, REBECCA, LACEY BANKHEAD, ERB and all others with requests (both spoken and unspoken)— your needs are being raised to our gracious Heavenly Father! May you all have a blessed day! ❤️

  42. Kathy says:

    This psalm came at the perfect time. In the last 3 weeks, we have had two funerals, cancer has come back in a precious 28-year-old wife and mother, the brother of one my current students who was a former student passed away Sunday night from cancer, the four-month-old baby of another of my former students passed away this week from cancer, our lead pastor’s SIL is pregnant with twins. She is 27 weeks along and her water broke yesterday. She is stabilized and they’re hoping they can get the babies to 34 weeks. On top of all that school has started back, so I am trying to get back into the swing of teaching art to high school students. They are precious, but they can be a lot.
    Y’all it has been a week…BUT GOD…
    This psalm…just reading it makes my heart rate go down, my breathing calm, and brings such a sense of God’s peace and nearness. He is MY shepherd. He knows what I need when I need it. I am so thankful David wrote these words. Everything in this psalm points to Jesus. “I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me.” John 10:14. He is mine and I am His.
    One more thing. I play the piano for our church choir. The song we’re working on for this Sunday is “Psalm 23”! God is so good.

  43. Allison Bentley says:

    The more I read Psalms the more I want to know about David. The relationship he and God had is beautiful and I pray my relationship with God is this way too. The devotional today said this “darkness and anxiety dominate my thoughts when I stop trusting that God is guiding our relationship “ I’m pretty sure the “our”was meant for her relationship with her fiancé but I’m going to take it as mine and Gods. The TRUTHS I know is – He is chasing after me, God is leading me along the right path, He renews me every day and for that I am so grateful! Praying my hear dwells in the house of the Lord as long as I live!!! Amen!! Happy Wednesday sisters!

  44. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.” That about sums it all!! When we know the LORD as our shepherd – we have EVERYTHING we will ever need or want! Funny how often I forget that, and I’m always wanting more. This Psalm is so well known and mostly recited at funerals. It’s such a beautiful Psalm for our every day living – thank you Bailey for reminding us, “We can breathe more deeply, trusting that Christ holds all things together, including us.” I will meditate on this Psalm throughout the day.

    There is a site called The Psalms Project – all of the psalms are put to song, here is Psalm 23 – https://youtu.be/jUkB6d-KKxw if you’d like to listen.

    @Tina – thank you for sharing that beautiful testimony of how God used your unbelieving son to minister to you in your time of need!
    @Allison M -praying that your step-daughter will accept your reconciliation, and that she will soon receive Christ!
    @Charlie and @Rachel M. Moorman – praying for you both as you wait for your biopsy results.
    @Danielle B. – praying that God would give you rest and peace at night and that you will be able to sleep.
    @Tami C. – praying for your daughter that is not walking with the Lord.
    @Traci Gendron – thank you for sharing your testimony of Tanner, may those memories always live on in your heart.
    @Taylor – sorry to hear that this date didn’t work out. Continuing to pray that God will bring that special someone into your life.
    @Michelle Patire – so sorry to hear of all your car troubles! Praying it is something simple that can be fixed easily & inexpensively…My sister is also having so many problems with her car, it seems weekly something goes wrong – battery, brakes, now alternator! This is the same sister that had such a time finding a place to live!
    @Michelle Blish – thank you for sharing “Psalm 23 Covenant Promises” – I read it, so beautifully explained!
    @Maria Barer – thank you for sharing “The Pearl of the Psalms” – I’m going to check it out!

    Have a wonderful day sisters, may you feel the ever-presence of our Shepherd with you today!

  45. Terri Baldwin says:

    “ He restores my soul; He guides me in paths of righteousness “ under His care my spiritual condition is constantly refreshed by following His instructions for His glory and consistent with His plan. He will supply what is needed for our spiritual well-being

  46. Mandi T says:

    Maria Baer, thank you for the Spurgeon recommendation. It was wonderful!

  47. HL says:

    As Tina said this is one of my go to Psalms when feeling anxious or just that simple, loving reminder of who God is. I have used this as a prayer often when words fail me.
    Thank you Bailey for sharing your truth and your struggles. Beautiful words.
    @CHARLIE-praying for your biopsy report

    Thank you Lord for being our loving Shepherd ❤️

  48. Traci Gendron says:

    I used to go in my closet to cry. Tanner’s illness was a huge diagnosis that a young mother had to learn how to handle. Tanner would write me little notes. One particular one said “I will always love you mom, so don’t worry. From Tanner” There were several. How precious is that? He was very young when he wrote these notes. I will cherish them forever.

    Oh but God..He has walked along side me through it all.

    The pain in my tooth was only the night before last. It has been barely noticeable and only once in awhile. The endo gave me a script in case I need it to get me through the trip. Thank you for praying!

  49. Terri Baldwin says:

    3 He restores my soul.
    He leads me in paths of righteousness
    for his name’s sake. – Psalms 23:3

  50. Linnea Hart says:

    Blessings on your engagement! I was 38 when I married and I appreciate your honesty about your concerns. It is beautiful journey full of adjustments, lessons and love ❤️

  51. Cheryl Blow says:

    This Psalm says it all in the first verse, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” God is in control and will take care of whatever comes my way. He gives us strength. If God brings you to it, He will get you through it. He equips who He calls. I have fibromyalgia but God has showed me that He will give me strength for whatever He calls me to do. I teach 2-3 year olds every Sunday, He has never failed to give me the energy and strength to do it. I’m 67 and I’m not going to sit on the side lines. God promised. “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green,”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭92‬:‭14‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  52. Michelle Blish says:

    Our Shepherd is our provider, our peace, our righteousness, He is ever present, our strength, our healer, our protector. Jehovah has 7 covenant names ~ one for each of His attributes. The Bible app has a study called “Psalm 23 covenant promises” that I highly recommend if you’re interested in digging deeper. ❤️

  53. Michelle Blish says:

    Our Shepherd is our provider, our peace, our righteousness, He is ever present, our strength, our healer and protector! The Bible app has a study on Psalm 23 called “Psalm 23 covenant promises” Jehovah has 7 covenant names ! I highly recommend this if you’re interested in digging deeper.

  54. Molly R says:

    I love how your wrote this: “I need that piece and I trust that Jesus believe me exactly where I need to be.”
    I’m not sure if you meant to put PIECE instead of PEACE, but I smiled instantly when I saw PIECE because Jesus is the missing PIECE in everyone’s life that keeps them from true PEACE.
    Anyway, just got a kick out of that!

  55. Molly R says:

    A quintessential psalm.

    It never gets old. It brings instant peace the second I start reading it, despite having heard it countless times. It’s a vivid reminder about the life-giving, aliveness of the Word of God: no matter how many times it is read, heard, or muttered in the darkness, it instantly comes to life in my spirit, and brings the comfort of green pastures beside still waters. My soul restored. My cup overflowing.
    Thank you God for the life and peace and comfort in 6 simple verses. Restoration from the brokenness all around us, and in us, is a gift we don’t deserve, but whole-heartedly need and accept.

  56. Taylor says:

    I knew I had to come on here this morning. My FAVORITE psalm where verse 1 has been my lifeline in my season of singleness. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” So thankful for this encouragement that my heart needed after I had a FaceTime date last night that ended with the guy telling me he didn’t feel a romantic connection. His loss haha.

    Lifting up all the prayer requests and praying everyone feels the Lord’s comfort today <3

  57. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning She’s! Happy Wednesday! I love that Psalms like this are a go-to in God’s word that even those that don’t live for God, they know these words. They are familiar and eerie sometimes, like at a funeral, even for non-believers. They kinda taunt in that way. You may not know it friend, but I am the author of your life and fate they seem to say. God is in control. We can believe it, or we can be blind to it, but when someone hits their end- what do they do? We have seen destruction come when they numb their pain with other band-aids and methods. They don’t work. But God…He provides the path for us, beside green pastures and still waters. He is our retreat, our meadow, our balm, our protector.

    @Tina- such a sweet story. I have a son like that, he would always so tenderly show he cares for me when I would cry after divorce even though he was only a wee little guy. I get to see him this Sunday, I am so excited because this is the longest we have been apart! It’s been before Christmas last year!! We get to spend two weeks up north to see family and the grandkids and him! I am so excited.

    I am beyond so grateful that we have a God that we can have a relationship with without all the rules and regulations, that He is with us, even in us!! What a joy. And what a joy to have this community to keep us in connection with others daily. Nothing replaces an in-person church family in my opinion, we need that- but this is also a truly special place that I have come to every morning year after year.

    @Traci- hope you got in to see a dentist. Don’t wait too long or they can get infected and cause way more pain!

  58. Elizabeth Litwiller says:

    Amen! Thank you God for being our shepherd. Thank you for always being with us.

  59. Tami C says:

    TINA what a beautiful moment with your son! I am sure you treasure it in you heart! You sure can see the seeds you planted and I pray for him to someday SOON know the Lord! I had a similar experience with my daughter who was also 15 at the time (now 19). She’s not a believer (not that she would admit anyway). When my younger brother was diagnosed w stage 4 stomach cancer, it was up to me to help him navigate treatment plans etc. i was so upset and nervous the day before meeting with his doctors and she saw it. She asked me if she could pray for me (out loud!) and she did right then and there!!! I hold onto that because even though I don’t see her following the Lord now, I know there are seeds. I try to remind myself that it’s my job to plant the seeds, the rest is up to the Lord. I’m praying for all the requests and especially for our children who aren’t following the Lord. I pray God would raise up a generation of believers like never before!

  60. Rachel M Moorman says:

    Wow what timing!! I’m still waiting on my biopsy results & I don’t think I was avtually anxious last week going into the procedure – but the past 2 nights I have woken up and been wide awake fretting for 2 hours in the middle of the night… we are also kicking off fall ministry & with that our community group is adding new people possibly when we are already about to burst at the seems. I’m stressed about the dynamics and if we will get too worn down.

    God may you restore my soul for you are WITH me.

  61. Cee Gee says:

    “The psalmist depicts a God who walks alongside us, who relieves our burdens, and who knows what we need and freely gives it. We aren’t without guidance or support. Our Good Shepherd has made a path for us.”

    What a comfort to know that we are not blindly stumbling along if we are holding to our Good Shepherd. I am reminded of The Footprints poem as I read today.

    Keeping your prayer requests close to my heart!
    CHARLIE – praying for peace as you wait and for a good outcome.
    KRISTINE LOUGHMAN – praises for your feet getting better and upswing in mood!
    TINA – What love!!!! Thanks so much for sharing that!

    BAILEY GILLESPIE – Thank you for sharing your current battle. God bless you with the decisions you are facing and may He richly bless your union.

    Love you sisters!

  62. Tricia C says:

    I love the KJV. I remember of memorizing this when I was a kid. I love verse two where it says, “He makes me lie down in green pastures.”
    Haven’t we all as Christian women been there? When we just can’t take another minute or just need a break, the Lord knows. We might start to feel ill, and have to take the day off from work, and just rest. I truly believe that the Lord causes us to actually take a break when we are in too deep. He makes us to rest in Him. It’s been almost 5 years since I had cancer, osteosarcoma, and I know that the Lord brought me to that, and through that because I was burning my candle at both ends, and I was not stopping. I was working constantly and not spending time with Him that I needed to and not spending time with my family. I was eating all the wrong things and not taking care of my body. I got that much-needed rest and returned my focus to God.
    Now I am back in full force and overdoing it again. And I hear the Lord telling me that I need to settle down and I need to focus on Him, my family and my health. So here I am today, after plans I had for this week fell through, and I had already taken vacation from work. I am going to spend this week in the Word, with my family, and taking care of myself.

    Tina and Maria Baer, thank you for sharing.

    Blessings to each of you today. Please take the rest that the Lord offers before He makes you take the rest.

  63. Vanita Glenn-Adams says:

    Tina, this right here! Tears are streaming down my face. It’s amazing how God works. Thank you for sharing your story.

  64. Nancy T says:


  65. Jennifer Nenadov says:

    If there are classics among classics, this Psalm is one of them. Bailey, your current testimony resonates with me as a single, mid 40s heading down the journey of foster parent certification. Similar questions come up but I KNOW and TRUST the One leading the way. Thanks for sharing.

  66. Allison M says:

    @Tina, your story was so wonderful and heartfelt……..it had me crying immediately. Such a wonderful testimony of our Father’s love for us and your son’s love for you……..touched my heart especially with the situation as it is with my stepdaughter. My ex-husband and I remarried on August 5 after almost a year of divorce. Such an amazing celebration of what God has done in each of our hearts and in our relationship to bring about the full restoration of our marriage. But my stepdaughter doesn’t support our reconciliation and didn’t attend the wedding. But I know that in His time, either while we are living or on the other side of eternity, there will be reconciliation and restoration. In the meantime, I will continue to pray for her, pray blessings over her, and pray she returns to her faith. Even when it’s hard to do it.

    I am too blessed not to. More blessed than I deserve. Yet, ABBA Father loves me and comforts me. I have this psalm in a small framed print in a hallway here in the house. I find comfort in it regularly.

    Have a wonderful day, everyone. I’m praying for you all. Love from south Georgia.


  67. Amanda Braswell says:


  68. Katie Isaac says:

    I am definitely looking at this through the lens of a newly married woman who also is finishing up college and has a full-time job. I need that piece and I trust that Jesus believe me exactly where I need to be.

  69. Heather O'Malley says:

    @Tina, such a beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing ❤️

  70. Michelle Patire says:

    @Tina – the stories you are sharing lately are hitting deep… so moving today <3 makes me want to cry. How precious God uses whom He wants to bless us- all are His servants, unbelieving or believing.

    This is also my go-to psalm because it is locked in my memory. I've been praying it a lot lately, especially with my car situation. I even bought a little sticker recently for my bumper that says "He restores my soul- Psalm 23" :)
    I am going to bring my car to the guy who did my transmission today, actually… we will see what happens.

    God bless you all!

  71. Searching says:

    Yes and amen, agreeing that THIS psalm is such a comfort (another one that KJV version is my fav). Such a testimony of the Lord’s love, faithfulness and steadfastness – The Lord IS my shepherd.

    KRISTIN – ❤️ in remembrance
    TINA – so moved by your memories, thank you for sharing ❤️
    COLLEEN DEVEAU – thank you for the insight shared on David calling out
    MOLLY R- thank you for your testimony

    Praying for:
    HEIDI – Kin
    CHARLIE – favorable biopsy results
    KRISTINE LOUGHMAN – continued healing of your feet, praising the progress!
    JENNIFER ANAPOL – rest for you
    TRACI GENDRON – healing of toothache
    COLLEEN DEVEAU- your daddy, and others that are hurting in some way
    SHARON – your health
    VICTORIA HILTON – you in your grief, so sorry to hear about your mom
    REBECCA – peace in your heart, wisdom and guidance, financial provision
    LACEY BANKHEAD – healing
    ERB – your childhood friend and his family. Crying out to the Lord for their salvation, and his healing ❤️

  72. Theresa says:

    This is my go to Psalm when I feel overwhelmed by anxiety. It’s especially comforting to reflect on God’s provision for me in just the right way at just the right time. He knows my needs better than I do.

  73. Danielle B says:

    Oh what a Psalm of comfort 23 has been to me in my battle with insomnia and sleep. The words of this Psalm has been such a comfort during those hard nights. Lord thank you for being my good shepherd.

    Kristine Loughman joining you in praise that your feet are improving and your mood is shifting.

  74. Maria Baer says:

    Amen! ❤️

  75. Maria Baer says:

    If you have time, Goggle this title “The Pearl of the Psalms: Spurgeon on Psalm 23.” It is a beautiful commentary on this psalm that I just love. Have a blessed day, She’s!

  76. Charlie says:

    I needed this one today as I await the results of a breast biopsy. So comforting, so familiar. This is the weighted blanket of Psalms.

  77. Aimee D-R says:

    Amen. I cling regularly to this prayer.

  78. Erica Christian says:

    I am so thankful for this psalm. Sometimes I just need reminded that my Shepherd cares for me.

  79. Kim Green says:

    I pray for hope and comfort. It is with God.

  80. Kristine Loughman says:

    Good morning ladies. May you be filled with peace today. May God give us a moment of stillness today to feel his presence. Whether you’re in the green pasture or walking through the valley, I pray that we all feel the tangible presence of our shepherd, even just for a moment in the chaos. I find myself trending upwards out of my valley- my feet are starting to feel much better! I no longer notice them every hour of the day and thus my spirit has been much improved. God is faithful!

  81. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Oh, Tina, how beautiful❤️

    “God is with us and offers His guiding presence.” If only I would seek it more and more!

    CAROLYN – prayers for your grandson’s healing

    VICTORIA HILTON – so sorry for your loss. May the Lord comfort you with His presence.

    REBECCA – don’t let the enemy’s whispers steal the joy of this stage of your life. Praying for peace to settle deep in your soul.

    VICTORIA E – praying for your work situation

    ERB – praying for your friend. May the Lord soften his heart in this trial and use you to bring him to Jesus

    CATHERINE MCVEY – praying your doctor appt was profitable

  82. Mary Ann Graves says:

    Thank you Lord for your peace

  83. Tina says:

    I know I won’t be the only one to say this, but let me be the first.. THIS IS ONE OF MY GO-TO PSALMS WHEN WORDS FAIL ME! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!❤️

    I remember a time long ago, when my heart was so so broken and I was sobbing in the quietness of my room, because I did not want my children to know I was sad..
    My youngest son aged around 15, I think, at the time, knocked on the door and asked if I was okay. To which I responded.. ” Not really, I’m angry at God, and I am done..” my son says it will be okay.. and leaves my room. Seconds later I can hear worship music playing, and five minutes later another knock on the door and a cup of tea..
    He sits next to me on my bed, picks up my bible and says ..” let’s read your favorite psalm..”
    Tears roll down my face as I recall this. You see, my son was not a believer, but, he knew I had something going on with God. I had read this Psalm over my children at bedtime, when they were younger and he obviously recalled the page often open by my bed..

    BUT GOD…

    Ya’ll, he guided that young man to my door, he could have gone to his room to play on his play station, instead, he comes to his brokenhearted mama, with words that she had over the years read over him..

    The Lord truly is my shepherd..

    He is everything I need (though I may lie to myself sometimes).

    He gives me rest..

    He gives me strength..

    He for sure, guides me in the right path, as He promises..

    No matter how dark the season, I should not be afraid, for He is with me, whether I see it or not..

    He protects me..

    His goodness and love are mine for always..

    And His house my home, for as long as I live..

    Thank you Lord God, Thank you..


    Happy Wednesday my dears wrapped in love, hugs and prayers..❤️