A Prayer for Celebrating God’s Provision

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Psalm 104:1-35

I think there’s something commendable about a child’s curiosity, how they can attune their hearts and minds to what surrounds them. Psalm 104 gives me the impression that this is a God-inspired curiosity. Here, the psalmist wills the soul to consider God’s beauty and goodness; in doing so, his soul is moved to worship our Creator and admire His creation. 

How countless are your works, LORD!
In wisdom you have made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.
—Psalm 104:24

God’s glory is revealed in what He has made: in the intricate and majestic beauty of His creation surrounding us. His artistic display is also wrapped up in His very essence, His radiant splendor, and His steadfast character. He wears His creation like a garment and commands it masterfully, setting up the edges between water and land, day and night. His boundaries are loving and lavish. Every green leaf and delicate creek seems full to the brim, right up to the edge of wherever He has ordered it to stop.  

God Himself takes pleasure in His own creation because it is an expression of His glory, and as His image-bearers, we, too, ought to delight in what He has created (vv.31,33). And just as He is everlasting, His works will never cease to praise Him. “He established the earth on its foundations; it will never be shaken” (Isaiah 40:28; Psalm 104:5).

He wraps Himself in the beauty of creation because He is the holy, nourishing, life-giving presence inside the beautiful cup of creation. His Son Jesus was poured out for us so that we may be filled with the finest provision of all—our salvation. When we take communion, we remember with all our senses that He is our nourishment, that He alone gives abundant life. He alone sustains us, forgives us, and makes us new. 

In this mystery, we are planted on this earth, given an address, and we also find ourselves wrapped in the beauty of His creation—from the moment we walk out our front door in the morning to feel the fresh air on our faces and hear the birds singing their morning song. Even this is His provision for us, just as we are nourished daily by His Holy Spirit, feed on His Word, and walk in His presence. 

Our God makes Himself known to us in the song of creation and has demonstrated His splendor in every wild beast, in the sound of thunder, in the messages of the wind, and in the blue sky canopy above us. In all this and more, from start to finish, my heart sings out in celebration with the psalmist to say, “My soul, bless the LORDl! Hallelujah!” (v.35).

Written by Sandra McCracken

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118 thoughts on "A Prayer for Celebrating God’s Provision"

  1. Tammi Casey-Tippett says:

    Thank you Father for Your provision ❤️

  2. Natallye Meza says:

    Even when we step foot out the house and feel the breeze the sun or the rain that’s also Gods provision! He is good let’s try to build our relationship with God everyday!

  3. Marysol Ortiz says:

    Amen , bless the Lord oh my soul

  4. Erin Thompson says:

    May I see you God in the mundane and in your creation. May I be reminded of your provisions

  5. Jenny Hovland says:


  6. Sarah Marshall says:

    I’ve been loving the walks I take on the weekends. I am immersed in nature and it’s just me and God, walking along. I have so appreciated His creation and how He made the changing of the seasons.

  7. Mia Dominguez says:


  8. Jessica Goen says:

    Wow. Z
    As I learn and you teach. I’m amazed by his creation

  9. Cindy Matute says:


  10. Dawn Muhlbauer says:


  11. Lily Hunter says:


  12. Marissa Jaeger says:


  13. Julianna Tabian says:


  14. Carolynn Dishong says:


  15. Kaity Badowski says:

    Such a beautiful reminder that God orders creation, He gives us what we need when we need it, because we are His and He knows us intimately.

  16. faith thompkins says:


  17. Stacy J says:

    I will praise my God while I have life and breath. May my meditation be pleasing to him

  18. Lauren Pennington says:


  19. reigan schanz says:

    I’m loving that each day I’m being reminded and shown what a loving and awe inspiring God we serve. His love has no limits and his beauty radiates in everything around us. Amen!

  20. Jane Rafael says:

    This was such an enlightening read! How amazing that something as simple as the nature around us can remind us of how great and wonderful our God is

  21. Lana Walden says:

    Thanks for the song, Brandi!

  22. Sky Herndon says:

    Amen ❤️

  23. Char Hight says:

    I’m constantly amazed at God’s creations here on earth. We see it everyday, every phenomenon (as we humans like to call it), nature. Such a beautiful reminder of His magnificence.

  24. Char Hight says:

    I’m constantly amazed at God’s creations here

  25. Brandi Schilhab says:

    If you’re looking for an amazing worship song to thank Jesus for all of his creation, “Creator” by Phil Wickham is unbelievable!

  26. Oluwatoyin Omotoso says:

    My soul bless the Lord.

  27. chiquieta Russell says:


  28. Annie Simms says:

    I need to print this and read it daily. So humbling and touching!

  29. Amber Bentley says:

    Love love love love today’s reading and thoughts!!!!

  30. emily santos says:

    This was so touching

  31. rina senjobi says:

    Reading this psalm made me feel very peaceful

  32. Linda Fenwick says:


  33. Alex Brosco says:

    What a wonderful reminder of God glory each and every day. He refreshes us DAILY with his songbirds and fresh morning air! (Even on hot days like today)

  34. Jennifer Matsui says:

    A reminder to slow down and be with God. He is in all things because he created all things.

  35. Rae Ann Elvin says:

    Me too! ❤️

  36. Tina P says:

    Beautiful ❤️ a reminder that’s Gods beauty surround us. I sometimes need to be reminded to appreciate and acknowledge it.

  37. Amanda Schreiner says:


  38. Vanessa Lynch says:


  39. Lynn says:

    Your words are so beautifully said to describe God’s creation. Words that I think each time I am in the mountains, fishing, hunting or by the ocean but can never put into writing.

  40. Brigett Hibner says:


  41. Michelle Wix says:


  42. Andrea P says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I resonate with your words and reminders. Thank you!

  43. Andrea P says:


  44. Ann Scott says:

    I don’t understand why you have chosen (beautiful )Psalm 104 with specific questions that don’t apply to this Psalm!

  45. Haley Lopez says:


  46. Carissa Strum says:

    Praise God for His forgiveness and kindness to keep us focused on Him and not us (reminds me of Col. 3:1)!

  47. Carissa Strum says:


  48. Shawna Williams says:


  49. Annmarie Rozelle says:

    Lord help me see your beauty and majesty and splendor in everything today. Help me to give over my stress and anxieties and revel in your greatness. Give me peace, Lord, and faith that whatever is handed to me is part of your good and acceptable plan. Lord, give us grace to press on with our eyes fixed on Jesus. In Jesus holy name. Amen

    1. Danique Stip says:

      Thanks for sharing your prayer! ❤️

  50. Amy EB says:

    A few years ago, I read Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons and she talks about how good being out in nature is for our mental health. It’s amazing that God has provided the world around us not just for our physical sustenance but for our enjoyment and our mental health too.

  51. Whitney Francis says:


  52. Whitney Francis says:


  53. Eileen Dowd says:


  54. Laurie Kane says:

    This was amazing and reminded me of a favorite song by Nicole C. Muller

    Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?
    And who told the ocean, you can only come this far?
    And who showed the moon where to hide ’til evening?
    Whose words alone can catch a falling star?

    It is called my redeemer lives

  55. Sherry Beals says:

    Brandy Tausch I don’t know if you will see this comment but my husband and I ride too. I know exactly what you mean about the beauty from the back of a motorcycle. It is just different or maybe I just get a better view. I do so much praising and thanking God for the beauty He has given us from the back of a bike

  56. June Pimpo says:

    The psalm is so amazing and that devo was written so beautifully – we stand in awe of YOU today LORD. may we have childlike wonder of your design and provision today. Jesus help me to get my eyes off myself and my eyes on YOU.

  57. Mandy Ferrugia says:

    Such a beautiful message, and strong reminder to get out in nature and take time to enjoy God’s beauty and creation. Thank you for this devotional, Sarah!

  58. Claire B says:


  59. Alexis Padilla says:

    Before I began my readings, I prayed for the lord to open my soul, heart, mind, eyes, and ears to what he had to teach and speak to me. I have been preoccupied so much so that I have not set away time for god, in all reality I have time. In my prayer, I asked god to fill up my cup with water, as I feel like I am in a drought. God spoke to me In such a gentle way, I was so joyful tears flowed down my face. God is so good, he never fails us even when we fail him like I have with my preoccupied self lately.

  60. Wesley Dedman says:

    God is the creator of all things, He holds dominion over all things, He provides us with all that we need because of his great love for us. So how fickle, how useless is my worry for the future, when he’s already mapped out my path.

    I easily see God in the mountains when I’m hiking, then His majesty and glory and power stand so clearly on display. I also see him clearly in sunbeams shining through the clouds (a friend of mine used to call this “Jesus light” when we were kids haha), but it’s harder for me to see Him working in my own life in the day to day. I think a goal of mine this week will be to find Him even in the mundane moments, because He is there too.

  61. Lacey Bankhead says:

    How awe inspiring to see the revelation of God every morning new and fresh. I’m thankful for this earth He gave us to know Him ever more.

  62. Jane Q says:

    Today’s reading was such a good reminder to slow down, look around us, and see God’s beauty. His artwork is everywhere and I’m truly in awe when I think about this!

  63. AG says:

    Recently moving to a coastal NC town I have definitely been appreciating the beauty that come from God. I need to keep this in mind as late fall & winter come. Thankful for the prayers and sending prayers to all the requests today. A celebration – I met with a family to start babysitting one night a week after teaching and it seems that it is going to work out!

  64. Jennifer Anapol says:

    This is such a fitting devotional for me to read today as my beautiful little family and I are taking our summer vacation this week. The first stop of our vacation we are in a resort in the canyon and visited wild animal park today. It’s so amazing to see the beautiful nature and wildlife God has created. He is so creative in all he has made. I also love seeing the beautiful daughters he has given me. It is so a awesome to see them grow up, and I pray one day they would become who God has created them to be.

  65. Mercy says:

    Happy Tuesday she’s,
    The Lord diligently and faithfully provides for all, from the lions in the forests, goats on the high mountains, the trees and grass that need rain, to us who are in the city or in the field. How manifold are His works, and the complex wisdom is revealed through manifold creations with such blended harmony. I love hearing your descriptions of the nature scenes. I live very close to Banff, Alberta with the famous snow-capped Rocky mountains, and several gems of beautiful turquoise green lakes- which makes it a big tourism attraction. The Lord’s creations are truly breathtaking. When I look at the intricate design of a snow flake, which is an intricate molecule of symmetry and beauty, yet no snow flake is the same. So when we have a big snow dump, that’s an infinite amount of designs. That is just incredible how many things God has done that are out of our noticing. The Lord renews the face of the Earth, the Lord rejoices in His works (Psalm 104:30-31). I am nothing but dust, and by His hands, and His breath, I become the work that He rejoices in. What a humbling thought for me. My meditation about Him shall be sweet. Indeed very sweet. Thank you Lord for everything.

    @LAURA: thank you for sharing your drive & lovely reflection time. I love driving out to the suburbs as well to see the rolling fields and the horses on the distance while talking to God (a different direction from Banff lol). Continued prayers for you and daughter.
    @TIA WATKINS: amen to your amazing revelation. I am with you in discovering my tendency to revert to self-centeredness in prayers.
    @HEIDI: praise God for daddies. So proud of Kin. My dad also took me to school during the first couple of weeks of kindergarten as I cried so much. If it had been my mom, that would have been crushing.
    @CEE GEE: thank you for the hyrax metaphor explanation. How subtle and wise. May we learn realizing how small we truly are.
    @GRAMSIESUE: more energy and grace as you homeschool your grandchildren. You are so amazing.
    Be blessed dear sisters. Blessings and love to you all.

  66. Suz Bathurst says:

    Here in New Zealand we are currently in Winter. As I look out my window I see the freshness of the morning frost and hear birds chirping, I look forward to walking out my front door this morning to see the beauty this winter brings. God is good and I thank him for his creation we get to see each day.

  67. Mari V says:

    Churchmouse…….. I was just today thinking of you and praying for you.

  68. Miriam says:

    Psalms 104:27-30 is a beautiful and humbling reminder that we are all at the mercy of God-whether small or great, we all rely on Him for our next meal, next breath and necessities of life. Thankfully, he is a merciful and gracious God who is compassionate and faithful to us! So thankful for the many gifts and blessings he gives us and for the gifts of common grace he gives to all, whether they look to him or not.
    My family watched a bit of a show called The Riot and the Dance: Earth. It’s like planet earth or one of those shows but done from a Christian perspective with scripture and applications to the Christian woven throughout. I highly recommend it! It’s very well done and leaves you with wonder at the beauty, order and details of God’s wonderful creation.

  69. LindaK says:

    I have finally caught up on all the readings. I was so happy to “see” Tina and Churchmouse! Still missing Angie and others. God created everything for His delight and His glory is revealed in what He has made. Prayers are lifted for those who are grieving, caregivers, those undergoing health issues, family issues, and work issues.

  70. Nora Lowrey says:

    Thank you & Amen Laura

  71. Donna Wolcott says:

    Praising God for the beauty of creation, sitting by the beach, walking through the woods, sitting on a mountain side, fills me with awe and peace! Thank you Father! Lifting all with prayers.

  72. Teresa Donley says:

    I am so blessed each day to read all of the beautiful, thoughtful, and thought-provoking reflections from each of you. I’m thrilled we’re doing this study on prayer. I welcome the opportunity to pray in a different format and in praise rather than always petition. There’s room for both, but Psalm 104 today showed me that a prayer for the sole purpose of praising God is quite uplifting and changes my mood. I’m feeling so relaxed and happy after reading this Psalm and all of your comments.
    I am praying for each of the prayer requests, including,
    HEATHER HICKEY – for guidance on the right treatment plan for your sister’s glioblastoma
    ALEIDA – for Victor, and for peace and comfort for you and your husband
    SHARON JONES – for good news from your daughter’s MRI, and for Christian friends
    MICHELLE PATIRE – continuing to pray for you
    HEIDI – lifting praise to God for answered prayer that your daughter had a great drop off at school today, and asking for continued relief from her anxiety
    GRAMSIE SUE – praying your husband’s glioblastoma does not begin producing new tumors and praising God they are currently gone
    EMILY SHAEFER – for guidance from God on how to handle your job situation
    NORA LOWREY – continuing to life Dawson to the Lord for healing
    LEHUA – continuing to pray for you and your parents – so happy you were able to speak with them. Praying for all the people in Lahaina and the rest of Mauii
    CEE GEE – that all five kittens survive and thrive, and THANK YOU for the description you found of hyraxes. I had also looked it up, but your description was much more inspiring – isn’t God wonderful? Even a small, little known creature can teach us the importance of seeking shelter.
    God bless each of our days, ladies.

  73. Kris says:

    Years ago I took a class at a local college about nature. There is no mistake there is a God when you see and learn all the intricate details of how it all works together; the seasons of growth and dormancy, how all of nature is used for something. I also live on Lake Michigan and have the privilege of seeing the sunset almost every day. There are no two alike. God is so creative, I am often in awe of each sunset, even though I’ve seen quite a few in my years. But there is more in this chapter. The feeding, the care He gives all He has created, giving every animal a home appropriate for them, placing them beside streams of water for nourishment. He does that for us, too. He is intentional in His care for each of us. He gives us each a home, nourishment for our bodies and souls. He wants us to live where He’s placed us, be content with the provision He hands out to us. What a compassionate Creator and Father we get to commune with.

  74. Churchmouse says:

    We have a 2 year old granddaughter, Hannah. Her dad sent us a video of her first encounter with a salamander. She looked at it from several vantage points and wanted to pet it. She marveled as it scampered (slithered) away. Hannah’s reaction “Wow!” How wonderful it would be if we all could have that childlike wonder and appreciation when we see God’s creation. It surrounds us and yet we so often barely notice. God is calling out “Here I am in all my majesty and power. See me! I am here! Every day. Hello?!” Let us daily take a brief pause and praise a “Wow” over our God.

  75. Teresa Donley says:

    HEIDI – thank you for a beautiful and inspiring reflection

  76. Brandy Tausch says:

    My husband and I do a lot of riding on a motorcycle. I love riding all different times of the day, thru different seasons. I get so much joy taking in all the magnificent wonders the LORD created! And seeing them move by like a movie from the back of a bike makes it even better!

  77. Teresa Donley says:

    TIA WATKINS – Amen!

  78. Laura says:

    I read this psalm this morning but then had to dash off to an exercise class and didn’t have time to really reflect on it. Usually as I drive to a place I pray. I started that habit many years ago as I drove to school each morning and it is a discipline that has stayed with me, thankfully. But usually my prayers are for my family members, my friends, all of you, my students, etc. Today, as I launched into my normal routine of praying, I stopped and instead just noticed God’s creation as I drove. I consciously thanked Him for everything that I saw, the beautiful clouds in the sky, all of the green everywhere, trees, grass, all of it. And I kept thinking, we humans are doing what Adam and Eve did way back in the Garden. We want to BE God instead of appreciating and honoring and thanking Him for the way that He IS God. Just looking at Creation, truly looking at it, humbled me. Only God could do this. Only God could create such a beautiful World. Why would I want to BE God when He can do all of this?? That realization kind of took a weight off of my shoulders. So often I try to control and make things happen and yes, even manipulate God with my prayers. But He is God and I am not. Whenever I think that He is not showing up, that He is not faithful, that He is not great enough to overcome the darkness around me, I just need to look around. A God who can create this World, can surely take care of me with my worries and struggles and hardships. He holds it all together. All of it. Amen and thank you Lord.

  79. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord you are mighty and good!

  80. HL says:

    “He wraps Himself in light as though it were a robe, spreading out the sky like a canopy…” vs 3
    What a beautiful and powerful way to describe the colors of a sunrise/ sunset. His majesty is on full display. What a loving way to remind of us of His daily provision.

    @BARI GOLD-yes the author is unspecified
    @CEEGEE-praying all 5 of those precious kittens make it.

    Praying for all the requests out there in regards to families, health and jobs. I pray that the Lord will remind you every day of His love, joy and peace.

  81. Tia Watkins says:

    I am utterly amazed. It is quite unexpected, but I must admit that I did not anticipate much from the Book of Psalms. As I delved into the work book on the first day, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of futility. Nevertheless, I persevered. Today, as I read, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat irritated by my inability to comprehend the profound revelations experienced by many of you. However, in a sudden moment of realization, I discovered that my prayer life has been consumed by selfishness, self-will, and self-centeredness. Both yesterday and today have been a journey of recognizing the importance of admiration, honor, respect, perspective, and a revelation of a power that surpasses creation itself. Simultaneously, I noticed that the psalmist never had to request anything, for their needs, wants, and fulfillment were already provided before they even recognized any lack. I am learning that I have constructed a complex existence filled with insatiable desires, always yearning for more. It is essential to acknowledge that while it is not wrong to desire a good life, we must not forget to express gratitude for the simplest provisions that we often take for granted. These provisions are vital for our survival, as well as the intricate beauty of our surroundings and the meticulous care and attention to detail required to create an environment in which we can thrive. It is truly a remarkable greatness that is beyond comprehension (Psalm 145:3).

  82. Cindy Hanna says:

    A beautiful and rich description of God’s glory and so much more! Abundant provision, creation, sovereignty and purposeful design . Reading it out loud brought deep enjoyment. What a satisfying and delightful psalm to start the day. @Laurie Sanders, I did too! Haha

  83. Heidi says:

    Thank you all for the prayers for my Lady… Yesterday we tried a new approach with dad taking her to school and not me. We thought maybe saying goodbye to me while still in the safety of “home”, it may be easier to say bye to dad and go in. She wanted to avoid carpool so they drove way back of the parking lot, parked and just waited til she felt comfortable to get out. Then they waited outside a bit and she said she could start walking towards the school. Eventually she made it to the doors and they went in together. She hesitated outside her class room a bit but he said she must have caught someone’s eye through the window bc she started smiling then went in. Last night Ryan went through explaining the stages of grieving with her. She is hurting for her “elementary school life” and doesn’t understand this new life transition. The explanation helped. She was a little stressed that I wasn’t taking her again today, but Ryan said when they got there, she asked to just do the carpool line and when they got in front, she just hopped out, said bye and went in. The teacher sent me a text saying she just walked in, smiling and talking :) :) Huge win… I know nothing is linear and there will always be room for setbacks, but I’m so grateful she at least has this ONE GOOD MORNING to have in her tool-kit to help her when needed :) :)
    Thank you all so much for your love and prayers over my girl… ❤️

  84. GramsieSue says:

    Good morning, sweet shes!
    It’s so fun to see new names when we start a new study. And even more fun to see some who have been missing and have now returned! We have such a sisterhood here.
    This is going to be such a sweet time of prayer with our Father.

    @Heather Hickey – I’m sorry to hear that your sister has new tumor growth. My husband was diagnosed 19 months ago with glioblastoma and has remained tumor free since surgery and we are so thankful. But every time we have to go for an MRI, we get anxious. I will definitely be praying that she finds a good treatment plan. There is a great page on FB for survivors and thrivors. Lots of good information.
    Prayers for all of you this morning…especially those teachers and students starting a new school year. My local grands start tomorrow at a Christian school where they attend two days a week and I “homeschool” them two/three days so I am gearing up for that. I’m not as young as I was when I homeschooled my own children so it does wear me out.
    Hugs and blessings to all ❤️

  85. Elaine Morgan says:

    Praising the Lord is so good for my soul. I love to read the Psalms and imagine myself at my savior’s feet in awe of Him. My spirit is always lifted when I read them or hear them. God has always provided for me and I never have to worry about what I will eat or wear. This was a good reminder of that today. ❤️❤️❤️

  86. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  87. Olda Phillips says:

    Praising the Lord Who is worthy of all praise! Bless the Lord, O my soul! ❤️

  88. Cheryl Blow says:

    Thankful for our Creator’s provision and blessings on our lives!

  89. Mari V says:

    I know there is no right or wrong way to have “quiet time“ with Jesus as long as we take the time to spend with our Creator, God, that’s all that matters. But there’s something about the early morning hours when it’s still very quiet whether inside or outside(during warmer weather my quiet times outside) and having that “quiet time“ when everything is very “still” and there are no interruptions. Plus, Jesus set that example for all of us HE would pray at the wee hours of the morning, yet it really doesn’t matter what time as long as we spend time with HIM. I am forever grateful for this amazing community of She Reads Truth. I can’t wait to meet you all someday.

  90. Daniela Casado says:

    Beautiful! Amen

  91. Erica Chiarelli says:

    Praise the Lord O my soul! Hallelujah ,.praise His glorious, wonderful, Holy Name!!!

  92. Heidi says:

    Living in a high-rise dead in the middle of the city I read these words this morning with such a visual of them! We have a corner unit with floor-ceiling windows that face both south and west. In the buildings I see the reflection of the sun rising in the east and at night we get quite a show from Him as he sets the sun in the west. It’s beautiful as it reaches down, widening the further from the source it gets, resembling just what it says, “He wraps Himself in light as if it were a robe, spreading out the sky like a canopy…” In storms it is particularly incredible – in the midst of the dark sky, to see light poking through the clouds and beaming down in single rays, overcoming the darkness. The “beams of His palace…” This beginning section of the passage is such a reflection of Genesis 1 and something I do not spend enough time meditating on – HIS planned and perfect creation. His systematic rule and the rhythms He intentionally set within all He created, all of it reflecting Him – bringing disorder and chaos into order and peace. If there is food it is because He provided it, if there is joy it is because He sourced it, if there is life it is because He breathed it. Everything in our possession and everything we desire belongs to Him. If my heart can stay fixed on knowing Him, and recognizing how KNOWN I am BY Him, everything else that begs for my attention and focus can take its rightful, deprioritized space. God, I pray that glorifying You is the ultimate desire of my heart…

  93. Cee Gee says:

    I love taking pictures in nature! There is always a new discovery! I am blessed to live with nature all around me. Deer, turkey, an occasional bear, raccoons, squirrels, etc., roam our yard. We feed the birds and marvel in them and thank God for His creativity. I love the verse in Isaiah 55:12- “You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!” There are tree in our yard that literally look like they are clapping when the wind blows just right. Amazing!!!
    Our cat gave birth to 5 kittens last night. I have never witnessed that before and it, too, was amazing! Please pray they all make it. The last one had trouble at first, made it through the night, and we pray he will make it!

    Praying for all!!

    I read this on one site:
    “The hyrax, also known as the rock badger or coney, is a small mammal mentioned several times in the Bible. Though not very well known today, understanding what the hyrax is can provide insight into various biblical passages. …The hyrax is a small furry mammal that lives in rocks and mountains.
    It is mentioned in several places in the Old Testament as an animal that illustrates wise living despite vulnerability.
    God uses the hyrax, which lacks certain defenses, to teach dependence on Him for protection.
    References to the hyrax show God’s care for all His creation, even small weak animals.
    The hyrax’s wisdom in finding refuge illustrates how we should depend on God as our rock and refuge…. easy to overlook, the small hyrax carries big spiritual significance in Scripture. Though not a mighty animal, it illustrates relying on God for refuge and shelter amid life’s dangers. This shows how God cares for the vulnerable and calls us to find security in Him alone.”

  94. Kimberly Z says:

    33 I will sing to the Lord as long as I live;
    I will sing praise to my God while I have being. – Psalms 104:33. Enough said : ). Happy Tuesday! @Searching you’re always so intentional with every person you pray for on here. What a wonderful thing. Praying for all you ladies today.

  95. Michelle Patire says:

    Thank you for your continued prayers everyone <3 I have been meditating on Psalm 23 to keep my mind on Christ – that "I lack nothing" in Him.

    Keeping in prayer @Lehua and her family and friends in Hawaii. @Lynne's Jack and his upcoming surgery. God bring peace to you all.

    Nice to see @Churchmouse and @Molly R back :)

    God bless you, all!

  96. Annie says:

    All of God’s creation praises Him and looks to Him for provision! You, Lord, are our Provider, our Savior, our All.

  97. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Beautiful words Courtney, I noted them in my prayer journal.

  98. Heather Hickey says:

    I live near an island in NC and every time I walk the beach, or see a Carolina sunset or a Sunrise, all I can do is Thank God for his beautiful work. Feeling the wind in my face is one of my most favorite feelings. His work is so beautiful and everything in nature plays a part somehow. Isn’t it just Amazing? Hallelujah! I can’t imagine what Heaven will be like if We think nature here on earth is so beautiful! Heaven will be 1,000 times more beautiful! I love all the Psalms!

  99. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    “Our God makes Himself known to us in the song of creation…” “My heart sings out in celebration with the psalmist to say, “My soul, bless the LORD! Hallelujah!” (v.35). Oh that I might walk through life with eyes wide open to observe all of God’s creation – all of it’s splendor, all of it’s wonder. And as I observe, may it carry me straight into worship that I might say, Praise the Lord, O my soul. Praise the Lord.

    @Bari Gold, @Hannah Pierson, @Daniella Pallares @Olga Goldthrop @Wesley Dedman and To all who are new to SRT – Welcome sisters!

    @Alieda – continued prayers for Victor
    @Marhta Hix – continued prayers for wisdom on your future and also for restoration to your damaged house
    @Lynn from Alabama – prayer for your friend Gaynell, her surgery, recovery & healing
    @Carolyn Barron – prayers for your husband as he undergoes his treatments for cancer
    @Heidi – continued prayers for your daughter
    @Michelle Patire – continued prayers for your family, home life & that you will get your songs recorded
    @Colleen Deveau – prayers for physical daily strength, motivation, perseverance, rest and resilience
    @Sharon Jones – praying for your daughters Dr. visit today! And prayers for her as she leaves on Friday for school
    @Emily Sheaffer – praying for this unethical job situation that you find yourself in, may God give you the wisdom to know how to approach it
    @Rhonda J – continued prayer that God relieves your constant pain, & for wisdom and guidance as you lead your study groups

    Have a blessed day my sweet sisters!

  100. Libby K says:

    In this busy world we live in, I often forget to delight in my surroundings. Lord, give me a heart like a child. Remind me we be in awe and wonder by your creation.

  101. Searching says:

    LAURIE SANDERS – rock hyraxes, me too! One zoo site said these little critters are most closely related to elephants!?

  102. Searching says:

    Praise His Holy Name! There’s a song, maybe more of a chorus, from years ago that begins Look What The Lord Has Done. Reading through this psalm and thinking about what He has done – the complexity and vastness of all He created, continued provisions, the sacrifice for our salvation … the list is endless – how can I not praise Him?

    So good to see so many comments on Day 1 – new sisters, returning sisters, even some “long time, no see” sisters! ❤️

    PAM WILLIAMS – reading these psalms out loud too ❤️

    ALLISON BENTLEY – what a question! ❤️ what if God answers my prayers?


  103. Bari Gold says:

    Good morning I have had to read thoa spasm a few times. Who is the author. I a
    Going for unspecified but David wrote most didn’t he

  104. Allie M says:

    This is so beautiful! I am filled with hope and awe reading these Scriptures.

  105. Laurie Sanders says:

    who else had to look up what a “Hyraxe” was? LOL :) have a blessed day sisters!

  106. Taylor says:

    As a working adult, it can be so hard to get out in nature. I spend so much time inside now that I work at a retirement community, and I feel the sensory deprivation of being inside and wearing shoes all day. Two weekends ago I was able to go to West Virginia and it was so beautiful being outside and hiking in the mountains. This past Saturday I was able to spend the whole day on the beach with my feet in the sand. As the field hockey season starts up this Friday, I pray I would be able to get out in nature and enjoy God’s creation even in this busy season.

    Lifting up all the prayer requests <3

  107. Charlie says:

    I’m mired in Leviticus in my other Bible reading plan (read-through-in-a-year). The psalms are pure poetry — so beautiful. They awaken something in me — a reminder to be thankful, to immerse myself in the outside world, to notice beauty, to savor each day.

  108. Aimee D-R says:

    Father open my spiritual eyes to see and my spiritual ears to hear Your Creation as You see and hear it. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  109. Tracy Enos says:

    Amen :)

  110. Courtney Barnard says:

    Thank you Lord for creating this beautiful and wild Earth. May we protect it and steward your creation and all those living on it in the name of Jesus.

  111. Kristine Loughman says:

    One of the things that throws me off about the Psalms is when the author rapidly switches from talking TO God to talking ABOUT God…first it’s “you” set the water rushing, but next it’s “he” sets the foundations in their place. I’m wondering if this was a specific literary device? Sloppy editing? (The teacher in me needs to understand these choices!) But beyond that…

    Reading this Psalm reminded me of walking through the Rocky Mountain National Park this summer. Everywhere I looked, there was majesty! And after fixing my eyes on the mountains, just glancing down at the flowers and chipmunks at my feet cast them in a whole new light- so close! So much detail! Then I started thinking about the first pioneers who had to cross the mountains with their horses and wagons- were they marveling at the beauty? Or did the mountains present a harsh obstacle to be overcome? Nature is both beautiful and brutal, often at the same time. Life is like that too. But perhaps I can adjust my perspective to see the beauty and the majesty, even in the brutal times.

  112. Kathy says:

    Psalm 104 is a reminder to be intentional about looking at what God has done all around us. Today I will be intentional about looking for evidence of His goodness all around me. He is good. And He is good to me. And He is good at being God.
    “I will sing to the LORD all my life:
    I will sing praise to my God while
    I live.
    May my meditation be pleasing
    to him;
    I will rejoice in the LORD…
    My soul, bless the LORD!

  113. Kelly (NEO) says:

    SHARON LEE – verse 34 jumped out to me too!

    Father, Creater of all seen and unseen, fill my mind today with Your thoughts. Fill my mouth with Your words. Fill my heart with Your love, compassion, and mercy.

    AG – praying for your friend’s grandmother.

    SHARON JONES – agreeing with you for a clear MRI for your daughter and solid Christian friends.

    COLLEEN DEVEAU – God’s strength to you

    HEATHER HICKEY – prayers fir your sister’s healing

    BARI GOLD, WESLEY DEDMAN and all new Shes – welcome!

    CHURCHMOUSE – thankful to “see” you

  114. Mary Ann Graves says:


  115. Kristen says:

    So many wonderful things to really ponder in this Psalm! My study Bible says that is a creation hymn of matchless beauty. The Psalm opens with praise for majesty of God, who is the kingly Creator. Two sections follow with praise for the stability of the universe God has made (vv 2-9) and for Gods abundant provision in the world (vv 10-30). The psalm concludes with praise and prayer for the Creator’s glory (vv 31-35).

    Even just these verses are astounding! Psalm 104:10-13

    [10] You make springs gush forth in the valleys;
    they flow between the hills;
    [11] they give drink to every beast of the field;
    the wild donkeys quench their thirst.
    [12] Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell;
    they sing among the branches.
    [13] From your lofty abode you water the mountains;
    the earth is satisfied with the fruit of your work.

    God provides for His creation! What a beautiful picture. He is providing water for the wild donkeys. The birds have a place to dwell and sing! He is sustaining and holding everything together!

    I woke up with the song Christ be Magnified in my head even before I read this, but I feel some of these words go with our reading! Here are some the lyrics:

    Were creation suddenly articulate
    With a thousand tongues to lift one cry
    Then from North to South and East to West
    We’d hear Christ be magnified
    Were the whole Earth echoing His eminence
    His name would burst from sea and sky
    From rivers to the mountain tops
    We’d hear Christ be magnified
    Oh! Christ be magnified
    Let His praise arise
    Christ be magnified in me
    Oh! Christ be magnified
    From the altar of my life
    Christ be magnified in me
    When every creature finds its inmost melody
    And every human heart its native cry
    Oh then in one enraptured hymn of praise
    We’ll sing Christ be magnified
    Oh, be lifted high, Jesus
    Oh! Christ be magnified
    Let His praise arise
    Christ be magnified in me
    Oh! Christ be magnified
    From the altar of my life
    Christ be magnified in me

    **Welcome to all the new ladies!

  116. Aleida says:

    “I will sing to the Lord as long as I live. I will praise my God to my last breath! May the Lord be pleased by all these thoughts about Him, for I rejoice in the Lord.” vs 33-34
    Despite all my suffering and trials this year especially, I still praise and give thanks to my God forever! Because “He is God, He is a good God and He is good at being God” as Lysa TerKeurst would say. May my circumstances NEVER prevent me from praising my Abba Father. I know He loves me and loves my son more than I do and He is able and working behind the scenes. He gave me a little glimpse of that today❤️

  117. Sharon Lee says:

    I am touched by verse 34… May my meditation be pleasing to Him. Of all the things created by the Lord, my mind is one of them. May I steward this mind I’ve been given to meditate on the things of the Lord and His goodness. ♥️