A Lament Over the Fall of Jerusalem

Open Your Bible

Ezekiel 6:1-14, Ezekiel 7:1-27, Galatians 6:7-9, James 4:1-6

Sometimes words are so grim we find ourselves putting up a protective shield against them. How can we lessen the impact of “detestable practices”? Or “idolatry”? Or “judgment”? “Detestable practices,” or “abomination,” is the Lord’s indelicate word for evil words and actions, and He does not hesitate to use it  to label lying and idolatry (Ezekiel 6:9,7:3,4,8,9,20). Our response to this barrage is often to allow our senses to be dangerously dulled, dismissing the warnings as quaintly antiquated. Nevertheless, as we read Ezekiel 6 and 7, the determinative question is this: How will God’s word break through hardened religious hearts?

The curtain had rung down (temporarily) on Ezekiel’s street theater (Ezekiel 4–5). His audience may have noticed his actions, but they had a short attention span. Thus, Ezekiel next climbed to the bench to pronounce severe judgment; perhaps that would register more. 

For the record, Ezekiel’s audience presumed themselves spiritually attuned. They engaged with altars, incense offerings, and all the trappings of a religious culture. To be sure, Israelites were commanded to guard against idolatry. It was a tough requirement, because in that context, it was unthinkable not to have idols. Idolatry was central to a world view that was based on utter selfishness, manipulating the gods to gain favorable treatment. And it got worse. Their leadership was bankrupt, they terrorized innocent people, and arrogant violence was in the daily news. 

The processes of making and setting up idols have changed; the expectations have not. Self-advancement and entitlement to self-satisfaction are idols of choice. The apostle Paul declared that greed is idolatry (Colossians 3:5, James 4:1–6). Too often we sacrifice virtue for economic security, exchange the truths of God for lies, and call good evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20). Until we in the Church come to grips with the reality of our own twenty-first century idolatries, Ezekiel will remain in the prophetic dustbin.

Like Ezekiel’s audience, we are commanded to be counter-cultural, getting rid of everything that traps us and takes the place of the Lord God of the universe. We are admonished to “take every thought captive to Christ” (2Corinthians 10:5). 

Amidst the harsh words, however, there is a powerful declaration.  “Then your survivors will remember me…how I was crushed by their promiscuous hearts that turned away from me…” (Ezekiel 6:9). Yes, there is deserved judgment forthcoming; yes, idolatries are built into the fabric of everyday existence and are abominations to the Lord. But thanks be to God, the end of our own dreadful trajectory into the ravages of sin is at the cross. 

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108 thoughts on "A Lament Over the Fall of Jerusalem"

  1. Jessica Timperio says:


  2. Jessica Timperio says:

    Wow, this was huge. I’m definitely going to be doing some self-reflecting.

  3. Nannette Tagliavia says:


  4. Pamela Rodriguez says:

    “ You do not have because you do not ask. You ask and don’t receive because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.” Makes me think about my motives. What are my motives?

  5. Pamela Rodriguez says:

    “You do not have because you do not ask. You ask and don’t receive because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.” This makes my think about my motives. What are my motives?

  6. Christina Lill says:


  7. Janae Steward says:

    Lord, help me to recognize any idols in my life and to rid myself of them. To have a humble heart and take every thought captive to Christ. That I may show the world who your through my actions!

  8. Terri Baldwin says:

    “I will deal with them according to their own conduct, I will judge them by their own standards. Then they will know I am the Lord.
    God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.
    Heavenly Father,

  9. Terri Baldwin says:

    “I will deal with them according to their own conduct, I will judge them by their own standards. Then they will know I am the Lord.
    God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

  10. Terri Baldwin says:

    “I will deal with them according to their own conduct, I will judge them by their own standards. Then they will know I am the Lord.

  11. Madeline Kerr says:

    Wow. Very convicting. We’re commanded to be counter cultural and I can think of a few things in my life that are culture adjacent, like social media, consumerism, etc.

  12. Pam Stayer says:

    “Quaintly antiquated” !! How many people feel this way!! Oh Lord! Your word is SO relevant to this day, thank you for it! Help us to see…❤️

  13. Favour Nakyazze says:

    Same here. Like I need to reflect on some of the actions I allow the world to install in me

  14. Jessica Zantal says:

    This is a great point !

  15. Jessica Zantal says:

    This is definitely an ouch for me and very convicting. I can easily say that at times I can put things in front of God.
    This is just another reminder to put God first ❤️

  16. Jessica Zantal says:

    This is definitely an ouch for me and very convicting. I can easily say that at times I can put things in front of God.

  17. Erin H says:

    How do I give up my idol of control or self sufficiency???

  18. Bri Tieperman says:

    9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. – Galatians 6:9❤️❤️❤️

  19. Ally Watkins says:

    Yes! Exactly

  20. LaShandra Fluno says:

    Cleaning up the cobwebs, the words Ezekiel wrote are powerful, and invoke a holy fear. I am thankful for this word and the self reflection it brings. Father forgive me for creating idols and not worshiping only you!

  21. Susan Clifton says:


  22. Sarah Morrison says:

    You are what you give your mind to- mark comer – live no lies!

  23. Latrice Zebouchi says:

    It is tough reading through this. I’m sure all of us was like “ouch”!!! The word of God is living, it’s as much true today as it was all those years ago.

  24. Rachel Tippett says:

    I’ve heard a good question to prompt reflection on where idols may be is “where am I spending my time, talents, and treasures?” Looking at your habits (good or bad) may prompt some thinking too!

  25. Rachel Tippett says:

    I’ve heard a good question to prompt reflection on where idols may be is “where am I spending my time, talents, and treasures.l

  26. Marissa Wright says:

    Idolatry has so so many different faces. I pray I can truly analyze the things I really devote my heart and time to. I pray I can make that Jesus more often than not.

  27. Heather Jones says:

    Thank you for this!!!

  28. Tiffany Farrar says:

    In what ways am I living like I’ve forgotten who He is, and what He has done for me? Do I see my sin as God sees it? Am I grieved that I grieve Him? Are there any high places in my life? Are my eyes and heart being drawn toward God or away from God by what I allow into my life? The world, the flesh, and the devil never have my best interests in mind but only want to shred my heart to pieces. Like Ezekiel’s peers, we foolishly turn from God who loved us at our worst state (Ephesians 2:1-4) to gods who are incapable of loving us at all.

  29. Tiffany Farrar says:


  30. Sarah Greer says:

    We can try, try, try with all our might to “do better” but it starts at the cross, with a surrendered and repentant heart. Choosing Jesus over self every. single. day. ❤️ Help us, Holy Spirit.

  31. Kathy says:

    Marianne. I too miss the verses. “Day 5” is not very meaningful to me.

  32. Heather Travitz says:


  33. Jennifer Urena says:

    It is so easy to be blinded by all the things around us and not even realize that we have been idolizing STUFF. Everything around us is just stuff that will not remain. Thank God for this reading and I pray that the Lord helps me find what I have been idolizing and the God gives me the strength, faith and courage to lay it down

  34. Kathy Harkness says:

    Great suggestion! I struggle with defining what are idols in the modern world and my life. I can easily identify those things that take up my time and maybe keep me from time spent in the Word. But once you identify them, then what?? How should I do about “sowing to the Spirit “? Staying strong, and humble until Jesus comes!

  35. Aimee D-R says:

    Amen the cross

  36. Abigayle Williams says:

    I need to do better in turning away from the world and looking different than it. Every time I cater to the world, I break God’s heart.

  37. Kelly (NEO) says:

    Miranda Pomphrett – one way is to daily review your day before sleeping in prayer. Using Pss.69:5, 139:23 and 1 Jn 1:7,9 as guides prayerfully go through your day and if you are convicted about a thought, word or deed confess it and repent. Praise God for the times you obeyed Him. Then sleep soundly. No need to beat yourself up or lose sleep thinking you missed something. As it becomes a habit you will quickly learn to hear the prompt of the Spirit. It is an exercise that takes practice.

  38. Denise N says:

    Two things…..how I break Gods heart and He continually loves me.

  39. Ellie D says:

    Thank you for this reading today. I will have to wrestle with a lot of things in my life, I think, after this essay and for awhile after finishing Ezekiel. Thank you for the words of clarity.

  40. sydney dubreuiel says:

    My take away from this is that God is truly heartbroken when people seek satisfaction in worldly things, and not Him. He is heartbroken that His children, who he wants to save, would rather throw it all away on worldly things. Lord, let me acknowledge those things keeping me away from you so that I can do away with them, make changes, and give You my undivided attention and love. I am not worthy, but Your grace and mercy are more than enough. Thank you, Jesus. For dying on the cross for a sinner like me.

  41. Andrea Henry says:

    Truth! I think those are my main idols too. And turning yo Him when the thought creep in is what I would say to do as well.

  42. Andrea Henry says:

    To get rid of everything that takes the place of our Lord. I’ve really been focused on simplifying this year. Less is more. And I feel myself growing closer to our Father. And it feels so good.

  43. Sara Gendrue says:

    Turning away from the worldly ways. My big take away

  44. Ashlee Hickson says:

    When I think of idolatry before now, I of course say that no I don’t practice that because I believe and only worship God and his son Jesus but I now believe that idolatry is more than just that and yes I am practicing it unconsciously through self-advancement, greed, economic security, etc. wow! Great study today and a lot to reflect on

  45. Ashley Burk says:

    I honestly don’t know what the idols are in my life right now and that bothers me. I need to really take a close look at my heart and see what’s there that shouldn’t be. Praying for clarity and the courage to find out….

  46. Margaret W says:

    I keep noticing how often the words are repeated: “and they shall know that I am the Lord.” Which is all God really wants for us—to know him, and to be known by him. His justice is severe, but his love for us is just as great. It knows no bounds.

  47. Sky Hilton says:

    Dearest Sisters, Ezekiel has found a really special place in my heart over the last couple days. It might just become one of my favorites (although- the entirety of the word is my favorite as well). I find it inspiring cause it really forces us to not only be aware of our own actions .. but it forces us to put GOD ABOVE everything else that we love.. including the things we hold dear.

    “Let us do good without being discouraged” I also hope we can do good without there being a selfish reason to do it

  48. Mercy says:

    Amen to the harsh (but necessary) truth in today’s reading. We need to wake up to consequences of our sins. I too share the sentiment with many other ladies regarding living counter-culturally is very hard, like the fish swimming against the current (in the Chosen TV series image) -exerting more efforts, suffering more persecutions (whatever the form, eye rolling, criticism, harsh verbal attack). Especially when modern society calls good for evil and evil for good. In Canada recently they have passed a Federal law banning Conversion therapy (fancy word- which is to forbid converting LGBT person back to their assigned birth gender, and this is a FEDERAL law that punishes up to 2 years or 5 years in jail). This indirectly forbids using the God’s truth to set people free from homosexuality. God calls homosexuality an error that surely has a penalty. (Romans 1: 26-27, Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error). Truly what is legal is NOT always right in God’s eyes. This reminds me how the Babylonians passed a law back in Daniel’s days to forbid praying (what?) and to frame Daniel into the ruthless death penalty in the lion’s den. We too are in the same context here. Lord may you give us wisdom and strength to follow through.

    @Jenifer loves Jesus: I too agree with you on Yoga, another form of calling evil good (I did not know it was a practice of evil either, given the health benefit. My mom is still into it. I warned her but she did not listen. I once watched a ceremony of Yoga masters recently and it was like a ritual using the yoga poses dedicated to worship other gods (there was a moon god among these) which is against what God commands (2nd commandment).

  49. Miranda Pomphrett says:

    Wow. What a convicting message today in the best way possible. I am challenged to reflect on my selfishness in order to change my sinful practices! Praise the Lord that he forgives us, and I am learning the practice of repentance. Does anyone have any advice for daily rhythms of repentance?

  50. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I think I can become blind to the idols in my life; they can become almost part of my identity. After some self- reflection some of my idols are: perfection, others’ opinions of me, control, comfort….I think it’s hard to know how to stop worshipping these idols. J know that is where focusing on Jesus comes into play. When I feel my heart wanting to receive validation from those around me, I can look to Jesus instead.

  51. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    Victoria E – praying for your baby’s safe arrival!!

  52. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    I am so thankful that God does not give us what we deserve, but that we are cleansed, redeemed, forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ! Father God may you daily reveal to me the idols of my heart, that I might confess and be cleansed. May I be reminded every day, that You are LORD!!

    Have a blessed weekend my sisters! Praying for your requests!

  53. Jamie T says:

    I see so much greed in our world today. I think pride and greed are two of the greatest sins. Humility is the antidote and we find that in Jesus Christ.

  54. Victoria E says:

    Brooke P, Heidi V, and everyone who has been praying thank you so much! Appointment yesterday went well. Baby is still head up, all I pray for is a safe delivery no matter what kind. C section is scheduled in 12 days ( !!!). This reading continues to be difficult for me, I usually look forward to reading SRT every morning but I have to confesss I haven’t been over the past few days. I always feel guilt and shame and these passages amplify those feelings to the point where I want to hide like Adam and Eve! I need God’s help to renounce the lies that keep me from moving closer to Him. The additional passages, especially today and yesterday’s from the NT have been helping me with that. Heidi, praying for your niece. Brooke P, praise God for 15 weeks of healthy pregnancy! By His grace and mercy the rest of it will go smoothly.

  55. CLELIA de Luca says:

    We need to remember that these prophesies were written in a very different culture. But it helps us to understand Lord’s anger towards the Israelites.
    Now if we think about our current culture we can also see a lot of the flesh desires and all the idols we have surroundings us. So let’s us be sure we keep our eyes on Jesus and to God’s words not to fall into the same mistakes. God bless!

  56. Brooke P says:

    Jennifer loves Jesus I completely agree with you and no longer practice yoga either. Each move is a different worship position to a different god, and many more things to boot! I also no longer entertain the enneagram due to its creation & roots, do some digging on that topic too!! Wild. We can say we are “claiming and reclaiming things for God” but that’s not our place to do so. We are called to follow God & His commands & God does the redeeming & reclaiming. Not us. We are far too weak and easily lead astray by giving worldly things an inch. James 4 spoke to my heart BIG time. Also in Ezekiel 7:19-20a he talks about the silver and gold unable to save them but it is also “ for these were the stumbling blocks that brought about their iniquity. He appointed his beautiful ornaments for majesty but they made their detestable images FROM them, their abhorrent things.” What other things in culture are we giving space too because it seems like the right thing or not harmful thing to do? Or you do you saying? How about worldviews? What about Ezekiel being held accountable for the blood of those he did not warn about the Lord’s wrath? Things to think about and examine what we count as ok. VICTORIA E. I am praying for you!!!! Thank you for praying for me still ❤️ 15 weeks by God’s grace & kindness!!

  57. Lydia Long says:

    Being counter-cultural can be so, so difficult. For me, I think it has to come down to daily reflection and prayer, asking the Lord to reveal where I am blending into my surroundings.

  58. Mitzi White says:


  59. Lauren Violette Sherman says:


  60. Janet Konrad says:


  61. Allison Bierly says:

    Idol of self – I so struggle with this too! Committing to this study and spending time with God has really opened my eyes to this. Goes so against our culture right now of self importance. Thank you for sharing!

  62. Lori Lackey says:

    Donna, I found it hard with the happenings in Ukraine as well. They are a strong, proud people. We had an exchange student in 19-20. She isn’t quite 18 yet and is in the Donetsk region. Praying for her and her family. We offered to help get them out but because the men have to stay the girls did not want to come.

  63. Lori Lackey says:

    I am praying that the Holy Spirit shows me the idols in my comfortable life. Idols are based on selfishness, self advancement, entitlement, and self satisfaction. I have always had fears that if I do (whatever hard thing God is asking of me) that I won’t be able to stand up emotionally. So I struggle with whatever it is. If I would not be so stubborn, and just do as he says I would have more peace. If he says I need to do it, one way or another, I have to do it. So why don’t I do it?

  64. Rachel says:

    The book “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges is another that helps identify things that we often pass off as OK, but which God abhors. It isn’t exactly a *comfortable* book, but it’s a good one ;) It’s so hard to read about the depravity of Israel and to think about the same idolatry in my own heart….AND it’s so sweet to know that “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness.” (I John 1:9, emphasis mine). We confess and repent and we are free from the guilt and shame, since His wrath was poured out (done, finished, complete) at the cross. Wallowing in guilt and shame after confession and repentance is an affront to that gift – saying in effect that somehow His perfect sacrifice was not *quite* able to cover my particular sins. A whole different kind of pride. So today I choose to have a right view of my sins and idolatry AND a right view of the salvation I have been given.

  65. Meghan Fox says:

    I’m going to an IF:Local and am so excited! I attended the virtual event last year and it was amazing.

  66. Traci Gendron says:

    Wow! This is such a good lesson. Todays devotional was so good. It is hard not to get caught up in todays world. Full of things to lure us away from God. I need to take my sins seriously. To repent. And be thankful for the cross like never before.

  67. Teresa Donley says:

    It is so easy to see the punishment that would come to the Israelites because of their worship of idols and think that doesn’t apply to me because I don’t have any statues that I pray to. I know the Bible is the LIVING Word of God. That means he has something to say to me in what Ezekiel was saying to the Israelites at the time. My idols may be different than little gold statues, but they are idols nonetheless. When I take inventory of my life, I have to ask, does this or that come before God? The truth is I often read other things before I read the Bible. I’m making those other things an idol. I watch television in the evening rather than sitting and discussing God with my husband. The TV becomes an idol. There are so many other things that I can put before God that it’s nearly overwhelming. Sometimes sleep comes before God. Or rest. Or spending time with someone I love. God will punish us for having idols before him. May I open my eyes to all of the idols in my life and give them to Christ as he covers each one of my sins with his blood.

  68. Dorothy says:

    After reading what we have in Ezekiel and other parts of the Old Testament, I now see how my maternal grandmother would think that when bad things happened — such as the stroke she had — it was because of some terrible sin she committed. I’m so glad my parents didn’t continue this belief in me, yes my grandma was a Christian.
    Be blessed and know Christ died for our sins sisters.

  69. Donna Wolcott says:

    I found today’s reading hard amidst what is happening in Ukraine. I will look to the Lord and your comments for comfort.

  70. Laura Trussell says:

    Thank You JESUS!!!!

  71. Maria Baer says:

    Maggie Lanier— this stood out to me too. My Bible actually says his heart was crushed. That made me stop and felt heavy in my heart too.

  72. Tiffany C says:

    Like the Israelites, I downplay my sin and hindersnces and don’t pay attention to God or the prophets he sends as much as I should. I tend to serve myself with entertainment, rather than serve God through faithfully serving in my vocation.
    God, help me see with your eyes, see my sin so that I may repent, turn back to you and do your will.

  73. Morgan Latham says:

    So many things get in the way of time spent with You. Take away all the idols in my life. Help me to focus on the Word. I want to weaken the world’s hold on me, and I want to strengthen my relationship with You.

  74. Maggie Lanier says:

    The middle of 6:9 really stood out to me, “how I (God) have been broken over their whoring heart that has departed from me and over their eyes that go whoring after their idols.” God’s heart is BROKEN over our sin.

  75. Marnie Wittenbach says:

    “At the cross, at the cross
    I surrender my life
    I’m in awe of You,
    I’m in awe of You
    Where Your love ran red
    And my sin washed white
    I owe all to You
    I owe all to You
    Here my hope is found
    Here on holy ground
    Here I bow down
    Here I bow down
    Here arms open wide
    Here You save my life
    Here I bow down…
    (At The Cross by Chris Tomlin)

  76. Rachel Self says:

    “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and He will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.” James 4:7-10
    God doesn’t take our sin lightly so neither should we. But I am so thankful that He is full of grace and forgiveness for those who turn to Him in repentance. We are not doomed to His fierce wrath because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Praise His Name! ✝️

  77. Veronica Rohrer says:

    Just wow. It is so easy to dwell on God’s power associated with mercy and grace while avoiding dwelling on God’s power associated with wrath and jealousy. I am, like the Israelites, easily pulled by overt and covert idols in my daily life. May our hearts be tender to the idols that God reveals to us and may our feet be quick to turn from them. May we “know that [He] is the Lord.”

  78. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    A voice crying in the wilderness. This is how my heart feels sometimes. I lament over the sins we practice as Christians. Sins lead to exile and the result for the Israelites was suffering. Possession of the promised land was always linked to obedience. And truly, the obedience to God involves spiritual warfare. It is not personal failure, even the worst, like a David-level failure did not send the nation into exile, choosing other gods did. Our faith in the gospel on this side of the cross means we only worship the true God of Israel, who came to earth as a man, chose to die on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin, and rose again on the third day. He died for our sins! Our personal failures, sins, is not the same thing as trading Jesus for another god, and God knows this. He knows our hearts. What we need to be concerned about, and where my heart laments is one big idolatrous thing Christians are doing. Yoga. I too became fooled into thinking I could practice yoga with Jesus in my heart. This is a lie. About now, you are probably hacked at me because you disagree, and maybe you are a “holy yoga” teacher. Please hear my voice crying in the wilderness. I too thought yoga could be good, I even went on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica. It was a beautiful time. But… Yoga is rooted in evil and idolatry. Its history is clear and I pray that you would do the research. Sometimes truth cannot be sugar coated. I am on my knees for the women I know who still practice yoga. God’s warnings are clear and there are two of the ten commandments about worshiping other gods. These gods, and the idolatry spoken of in the Bible are not just pieces of wood. They were images used to invoke evil and other spiritual beings. Jesus cover us with you love and guide us to truth. May we be watchwomen for you Lord. May we be brave to speak up when You call us to speak. May we listen with humility, and lovingly guide others to Your truth.

  79. Leah Gunter says:

    Exceptional devotion and reading. I’m going read over it again. This one gave me chills. We can so easily make idols out of anything. Please God, keep my eyes on you!

  80. Benita Whittle says:

    “according to their ways I will do to them, and according to their judgments I will judge them, and they shall know that I am the Lord” (7:27). God is right in his judgments, and I am so thankful we didn’t get what we deserved because of Jesus. May we all walk in His ways and cast off any idols, and sow to the Spirit and not to the flesh now that we have been saved!

  81. Maria Baer says:

    Today’s devotional reminds me that everyday things can become idols. Yesterday was a day full of anxiety for me because of work— I love my job and felt that the control I have over it is slipping. That sent me into an anxiety filled last part of the day. So reading this today reminds me that I may be making my job into an idol, and my anxiety showing God I have little faith in Him.

  82. Terany Garnett says:

    Wow that was amazing. When the Lord speaks about how the value of jewelry and wealth will not save them but will only cause them to feed their idolatry’s. As I learn more about what God says clearly about putting anything before Him, and how He repays it with punishment to His cherish place with evil. God will allow His wrath to do evil to have action behind His words of warning!

  83. Maria Baer says:

    Am I the only one who felt the “You WILL know that I am God” really deeply? While I read the verses in silence, every time I came to these particular words, you can feel the power and emphasis on these words. God’s reminder to Israel they have forgotten and but he WILL remind you of my power and might.

  84. Ellie Allen says:

    I have been struggling with the idol of self importance and control. I have two little boys at home that need me to nurture and raise them but I am tempted by a good job, more money, a

  85. Taylor says:

    Thankful for a quiet morning to sit and soak in the Word. I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be counter-cultural in my life in this season and one thing the Lord has put on my heart is to no longer date men who aren’t Christians (obvious, but my dating history has proven otherwise). If I’m serious about wanting to have a God-honoring marriage and raising children to love and know Jesus then I need a partner who is actively practicing His faith. Also definitely convicted to look at my idols and lay them down at the foot of the cross. Lifting up the prayer requests and I pray everyone has a blessed weekend <3

  86. Shaena Elizabeth says:

    My head is spinning! I feel overwhelmed by this reading. It is easy for me to slip into pride, as some of you have mentioned, and distance myself from the idolatrous behavior of the Israelites but I can’t kid myself for too long. I have so many idols! This study is helping me to identify the idols in my life and it is a very raw and painful process. Comfort, people pleasing, full schedules, my kids/family, myself!!! There are so many things that I allow to stand between myself and God. Thank you for this devotional and for the many great comments that helped remind me that idols were part of the Israelites culture and, although they may seem more subtle, they are just as much a part of our culture today. I pray we can walk in obedience to God and embrace a life that is counter cultural! HEIDI praying for your niece and her father

  87. Alyssa Molina says:

    “Their silver and gold will be unable to save them in the day of the Lord’s wrath” We can’t take “things” with us, and how are they hindering us now? This really makes me look inward at my life to sift through what material things I may be putting before the Lord.

  88. Katie Megee says:

    Father, tear down the idols in my heart, especially the idol of self, that keeps me from loving my neighbor as myself, that keeps me from engaging in true community, that keeps me from taking all of my knowledge and putting it into action. For we are all responsible for the sins of the whole believing nation! Let us turn from our idols and lament our sinfulness, and turn back to Him!! Amen.

  89. Alyssa Molina says:

    “Their silver and gold will

  90. Ally M says:

    Wow. Hard to read, and easy to slip into a mindset of reassuring myself that “I’m not like the Israelites,” because I don’t bow to the sun and burn incense for false gods. But how often do I reach for my phone before my Bible? Prioritize my academic career more than it should be? Have a spiritually unhealthy view of the importance of fitness? Yes, I am like the Israelites.
    Dear God, I have turned from You. I have praised false idols instead of You, and I feel the shame of my iniquities. I mourn at my failure to hold steadfast to Your promises, and I weep at my sins. Please, have mercy on me. Forgive me for my iniquities, blot out my sins, and restore me to a right relationship with You. Please help me to not sin again; please help me to hold You rightfully above all things in the world. Help me to avoid temptations and lead me into a life that glorifies You, who deserves all the glory. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

  91. Stormi Messmer says:


  92. Diana Davis says:

    The purpose of God’s judgment was not to take revenge, but to impress upon the people the truth that the Lord is the only true and Living God.

  93. Ruth Harmon says:

    Jamie- God does not / can not do evil. Evil is used in the place of punishment or disaster. “They will know that I am the Lord, I did not threaten to bring this disaster on them without a reason”. Ezekiel 6:10 (HCSB)

  94. Melanie says:

    Today was heavy. Praying God helps me examine my heart ❤️ for idols and put Him above all else. The idiot of busyness is something I have been dealing with the last few weeks.

  95. Heidi says:

    As a side note- wondering if any other SHE’s are participating in IF:GATHERING this weekend?? :) Either on site in Dallas or in an IF:LOCAL? It’s not too late to register and participate in a Local Gathering, they will have some incredible speakers… Their mission is to gather, equip, and unleash a generation of women to carry the gospel into their world… it’s really amazing. You can go to IfGathering.com if you’re curious or interested!
    Happy weekend beautiful women of God- thank you for your inspiring comments and prayers…❤️

  96. Emilee Dickman says:

    Sorry I’m not sure why that posted so many times

  97. Emilee Dickman says:

    I appreciate the view of how unthinkable it would be to not have idols since that was the worldview at that time. I can catch myself being surprised that Israel will do things like that, that seem clear to just not do, but then, what about the idols of this world— the ones accepted in our world view that I choose to subscribe to? I may not be setting out food for figurines or visiting temples of gods but for sure there are idols in my life that I choose— some because it just seems unnatural to not choose them. This is a reminder that Gods has has always been counter cultural.

  98. Emilee Dickman says:

    I appreciate the view of how unthinkable it would be to not have idols since that was the worldview at that time. I can catch myself being surprised that Israel will do things like that, that seem clear to just not do, but then, what about the idols of this world— the ones accepted in our world view that I choose to subscribe to? I may not be setting out food for figurines or visiting temples of gods but for sure there are idols in my life that I choose— some because it just seems unnatural to not choose them because

  99. Church Mouse says:

    These are hard passages to read. Israel was to be a light among nations, reflecting the character of their God. Their lives were to be a testimony of the goodness and love of God. Instead the chosen people adopted the practices of the pagans and they rebelled against the very God who had set them apart. God’s wrath was justified. Their offenses were profound.
    This is God heartbroken over His people’s choices. Yet God wants them back.

    I wonder how God views the church today? Are we drifting from God’s purpose for us? Are we light or are we shading gray?

  100. Heidi says:

    An enormous THANK YOU for all of those who have been praying for my niece. I sent screenshots of your comments to my brother and it was encouraging that women across the globe were lifting up his daughter in prayer. No real change to report on her end, but I covet any consistent prayers you can spare for her. For those who don’t know- she’s newly 20, on her own (by choice), and has been making terrible choices for herself for the past 2 years. She finally put herself into rehab and was doing great, was accepted into an amazing sober living program, and basically chose to leave because she just changed her mind. She has struggled with bipolar disorder for a long time. She has these moments when she realizes this is NOT what she wants for herself- but doesn’t have the self-value or self worth to keep working towards sobriety and good choices. She grew up in the church and has that faith background… but the enemy most definitely has her full attention right now… Thank you for your prayers. I KNOW God can work a miracle in her heart and mind. And prayers for her dad/my bro for encouragement as he’s basically alone in all of this trying to help her.

  101. Angie says:

    I miss the daily verses also…Marianne.

    “Enough is enough.” God is. Loving, merciful, good, kind, gracious…He is also holy, righteous, pure, sovereign, almighty, I AM…
    He knows and knew, all the yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. Not just the “what happens” parts, but the deeper, heart-head-spirit-soul parts.
    His love is broader, deeper, wider, with a breadth we cannot comprehend fully.
    Whether He protects or disciplines, the source of His action is love.
    The attributes of God allow Him only perfection and confirm our ability to trust Him. When we take Him for granted.
    When self vies for first place.
    When idols of any kind creep in.
    Who He is, our Triune God, in the scope of all eternity steps in and does what is needed.
    He is involved with every person, throughout all time, in every moment, in every purpose.
    God’s will is always for good.
    God is not bound…period.
    There are no chains on Him.
    Only purity in every single aspect.
    Even when it involves wrath.
    Sometimes/often I think, “Come quickly Lord Jesus.”
    Sometimes/often/usually I just want Him to step in and make things “right,” to eradicate evil.
    And He will, one day. When the time is according to His will and His way.
    I’m thankful for the “redirects” through the Holy Spirit (although tough at the time). I’m thankful for lost souls found, and His sheep guided to green pastures.
    Laying down having to know it all (thank goodness), for trusting the One who does.

  102. Alicia Noble says:

    Thes I agree, lord give it to me raw! Sometimes we need to hear it like that to make ourselves vulnerable and more understanding how we are living! It’s so easy to fall for the evil things of this world knowing fully well it isn’t right!

  103. Jaime Hoctor says:

    10 And they shall know that I am the Lord. I have not said in vain that I would do this evil to them.” – Ezekiel 6:10. ,God can do evil?

  104. Melissa King says:

    No Other Gods by Kelly Minter is a great book to help identify our modern idols.

  105. Mary Ann Graves says:


  106. Kelly (NEO) says:

    THES well said.

    From HRT “God was making it known that the the people of Judah had forgotten who their God was. They had become so inundated with worshipping other physical idols that they lost sight of Him. They gave up the invisible, almighty God for something physical, that they could see and hold.”

    “arrogance has bloomed” (7:10) stuck out to me. Am I arrogant enough to put anything in my life above God-the Maker of all things seen and unseen? LORD forgive me. It is only by Your mercy and grace that I even have breath in my lungs. May it be used to give honor to You alone.

    VICTORIA E – so excited for you!

  107. Marianne Reuter says:

    What has happened to the daily verses?

  108. Thes says:

    Yes, I also love that God calls it how it is. He doesn’t talk around it or softeneds it. He is truth and speaks truth, and because of that we know that if He says He love us, it the unchangeable truth. But also that when He tells us the uncomfortable truth, that it is truly there and something that needs to change. We call them character flaws or bad habits, He calls them Sins and so a barier. We (try to) ignore them or smooth over them, He calls them out and gives us the means by which they can truly be dealt with, Jesus Chris and the Holy Spirit! Even in his anger he took time to warn the people and to set the credit to Himself, so that the people would know. He is a great amazing God, so let us hear Him, and listen too Him and his truth, his full truth, and take it to heart and to Jesus!