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I’m new to SheReadsTruth. What do I do first?
We’re so glad you found us! Visit our New Here page to get started.

I missed some days in the current plan. How do I get back on track?
Don’t be discouraged! Life happens. Just jump right back in! You can always check the home page to see what plan/day we are currently reading and join us there. We also tend to leave a few days’ buffer between plans so everyone can get caught up and ready to start the next plan together. Above all, don’t let a few missed days keep you from coming back and reading along with us.

I noticed some plans have Spotify playlists. What is this and how do I use those?
Spotify is a digital music streaming service. While paid memberships are available, you should be able to listen to the songs and playlists in our reading plans absolutely free from a desktop (with an internet connection and within the US). Simply click the song’s play button to listen. You can also follow SheReadsTruth on Spotify. For other questions, visit the Spotify site. 

I’d love to write/volunteer. Who should I contact?
Drop a line to And thank you in advance for offering! Our volunteer and writing opportunities may be limited, but we would love to hear your ideas and keep you in mind as the SRT community and its needs continue to grow.

I sent SRT an email a few days ago and haven’t heard back yet. What should I do?
We try to reply to each email we receive within a week! If you haven’t heard back, feel free to shoot us another email as a reminder; we don’t want to miss anyone.

I have a spiritual question I am struggling with – can you help?
While we can’t give legal advice or spiritual guidance in most matters, we are more than willing to pray for and with you.

How do I know what you’ve written is biblically accurate?
We have pastors and other mentors in place above us, and we turn to them as we write each plan. These wonderful people look over our work, give us feedback, and let us know if something is biblically off track. We spend time in prayer and research over each devotion so that it truly blesses us and our community.

What if I don’t agree with something you’ve written?
Just as in offline relationships with other believers, we will not always see eye to eye. That is ok! Our vision at SRT is not to teach all there is to know about the Bible (which is good, because we do not know all there is to know about the Bible!). Our vision is to invite women into God’s word daily and facilitate meditation, reflection, discussion and prayer based on the Word of God. If you are struggling with part of a particular day’s reading or devotion, feel free to discuss this in the comments of the day’s post. Or, enlist a trusted believer to read, discuss and pray through the passage with you. If you have a concern you’d like to bring to the attention of the SRT leadership, please email us at

How does the SRT community relate to the real life community I have (or don’t have)?
Our goal at SRT is to encourage women to read God’s word. While we are overjoyed to provide a place for women to gather to experience God’s word together online, our prayer is that this community is a supplement to the spiritual community you experience in your everyday lives. If you are not part of a faith family in your city, we encourage you to find one. As wonderful as online community is, it is no replacement for living life alongside other believers. If you are a part of a faith family, we welcome you to share SRT with your community.

When are journals going to be available again?!
The red leather SRT journals were special order and are no longer available. However! We hope to have a newly designed journal (and perhaps a few other goodies) available in the future. Stay tuned!

Is there a site for men with the same concept as SRT?
Not at the moment, but it is something our leaders are prayerfully considering for the future, especially as we see interest in it. 

How can I support the ministry of SRT?
The founders, writers and community leaders of SRT covet your prayers as we move with God in this wonderful community and ministry He has created. Pray for wisdom, patience, provision and prayerfulness for us as we walk with Him. Also, spread the word! Social media has been God’s megaphone of choice when it comes to SRT, and it has been a blast to watch! Share posts, lockscreens and more via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to invite others to join us. Looking for a practical way to serve SRT? Drop us a line at and let us know what gifts and resources you would like to see God use through SRT. We appreciate your encouragement and support more than we can say.