Day 9

The God Who Responds

from the Prayers in Scripture reading plan

Genesis 18:1-33, Isaiah 50:4-5, 1 Peter 3:8-17

BY She Reads Truth

Though Scripture contains many written prayers, like those found in the book of Psalms, and many teachings on how to pray, like the parables and sermons in Jesus’s ministry, this reading plan focuses on the prayers offered to God in the narratives of Scripture. Each day we’ll read a narrative that includes a prayer from an individual or group. Their prayers vary in length, type, posture, purpose, and God’s response. The secondary passages explore how the rest of Scripture speaks to the themes demonstrated in the main reading. 

While each account is different, every prayer recorded in Scripture teaches us about the unchanging God who invites us to speak to and hear from Him. These prayers model for us what it can look like to be in conversation with God. As you read, notice the posture and emotions present each day. 

Reading Scripture together is the centerpiece of what we do at She Reads Truth. As we spend time as a community reading Prayers in Scripture together, we encourage you to start by reading the daily Scripture on your own. Then join us here to engage and encourage one another as we respond to what we’ve read in the comments. 

What has it looked like for you to wait on God? 

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134 thoughts on "The God Who Responds"

  1. Kate Beacham says:

    Waiting in God, in my opinion is almost contradictory. God is waiting on me I think. God is constantly guiding the plan of my life. It’s my actions that derail and cause me to practice patience.

  2. Laura Warden says:

    I am not good at waiting. In fact I’m terrible. That often leaves to my own vices to make my wants come to fruition versus waiting in the Lord to see what good gifts He has in store. In retrospect, I can see in the times of honing and waiting what came out of that was far sweeter than I could ever imagine. It’s a matter of marrying my head and my heart, I know God works all things together in His time but in humanity and I want it now, I don’t want to wait. Lord help me to be patient in the waiting.

  3. Jasmine Duncan says:

    Waiting on a God requires at-least for me a lot of patience and peace. During the waiting season which helps me learn to trust God guiding my path and leaning on faith. Releasing all my worry’s on too him which leads to open doors.

  4. McKennah Gow says:

    For me waiting on God has looked different in many seasons, but I always remind myself of His faithfulness in my life in the past and that He will continue to provide for me as He has done in His perfect timing.

  5. Lilly Caldwell says:

    I don’t think I do a great job at waiting on God. It is hard to wrap my mind around the concept of “the best is yet to come”. I tend to want instant gratification, but when I do wait I find the reward is greater than I could have ever anticipated. In a way, he is preparing His kingdom and when I wait it’s like a small reward for waiting for his kingdom to come.

  6. Lin says:

    I have a hard time not knowing what’s going to happen so I often try to think of every possible outcome beforehand especially to avoid any negative ones. It’s hard for me to be patient and trust that God is working even when I know He’s been faithful in the past/is now. Lord, help me to trust that You always know better than me and I can rest in that as I wait.

  7. parker jones says:

    Waiting on God means trusting He has a plan greater than I can imagine for me. It also means understanding that his timing doesn’t always align with my timing.

  8. Manning Mercer says:

    Waiting for God is hard and feels messy at times. It’s a mental battle constantly. The unknown is scary and sometimes I even can find myself questioning his goodness when it feels to be that he is withholding something. But when I do chose to expectantly wait in hope and truth, I experience an unworldly place. I just have to choose to cling to that hope and truth, regardless of my feelings.

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