Day 23

The Dedication of the Temple

2 Chronicles 6:1-42, 2 Chronicles 7:1-22, John 1:14

BY Seana Scott

Sometimes my children ask me questions when my brain is in some other hemisphere—like deadlines, laundry piles, and remembering to order school lunches. “Can we go to the park later?” “Can we eat ice cream for dinner?” “Can we fly to the moon?” Okay, no moon-flying over here—but it doesn’t matter what they ask me; when I reply with a half-listening “Yes,” they expect whatever I promised. However, I often completely forget. 

But God never forgets His promises (2Chronicles 6:10,15–16). The writer of Chronicles reminded the returning-from-exile Judeans that even though they didn’t hold up their end of the covenant relationship with God, the Holy One of Israel never skipped town.

This account reveals the details of God’s continuation of the Davidic covenant by Solomon, David’s son, completing the building of the temple of the Lord. I imagine the people listening to this story could almost smell the twenty-two thousand cattle and a hundred thousand sheep and goats being offered to Yahweh (2Chronicles 7:5). They could almost hear the blowing trumpets and envision the glory of the Lord consuming the sacrifices with fire from heaven, and His glory filling the temple (v.1). 

I appreciate the details of this record of Israel’s history because they needed to remember their origin story as they started a new chapter back in the land. The returning, humbled people needed to recount who God was and who they were so they could move forward as God’s people. 

Sometimes we might need to re-enter the story of God too. We easily forget our faith origin in the gospel of Jesus Christ and start putting faith in other things. We put our faith in hustling for the promotion, curating a Pinterest-worthy home, or building our name as a brand on social media. But all these lesser faiths and stories start to lure us away from the one, big, eternal story of God—and of our Savior, who is full of grace and truth (John 1:14). 

Maybe this is one of the reasons the writer of Chronicles thought it necessary to include God’s promise to Solomon after the dedication: If Israel turns from God again (which they do), but then turns back to God, He would hear their prayer, forgive their sin, and bless the land (2Chronicles 7:14). 

This is the story I need to return to over and over again—especially when I mess up. This is the gospel of grace, right here in the pages of Chronicles. Is there something in your life distancing you from God? Are you feeling like you’re in a season of exile? If we turn from our sin, seek His face, and ask for forgiveness, we once again find our home in God’s story (1John 1:9)—because God keeps His promises.

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  1. Kelley Moen says:

    In 2 Chronicles 6:12-42 Solomon repeats the request that God “hear in heaven and act”….may you hear and forgive, may you hear and uphold the cause. Then in the Lord’s Response 2 Chronicles 7:12-22 God confirms he has heard Solomon’s prayer and will act. Isn’t that desire to be heard (by God or even by the people around us) so universal? Often that simple prayer “please hear me” is something I struggle with because I don’t really feel heard. Maybe I’m requesting the wrong thing? Does God want us to expect a response? And the lesson we could also take is this: it begins with a request. Both in prayer and in daily life with others around us. “Please hear me……” is how I’ll begin today.

  2. Ash H. says:

    I need prayers, friends.
    My husband and I drove down to SoCal with our 3 kids on Sunday for vacation. A few hours after arriving, I had to take my husband to the ER for severe pain. He had surgery for a very large kidney stone last night. He’s recovering and out of the hospital now, but must take it easy.
    No lifting of children or helping with packing/unpacking, etc.

    We had to cancel our theme park tickets, so now we’re working with very sad kids.

    As of tonight, my little guy with special needs appears to be getting sick. I’m praying it’s quick but I am just struggling.

    Please pray for healing over my people and safety as we travel home and wisdom for what to do next.

    I’m so weary.

  3. Victoria E says:

    Hello sisters! I’m back after a little break from SRT. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me. I had a small break in my routine that really helped me to reset and recover mentally and physically from everything that happened over the past 3 months. Great Scripture today. I really needed the devotional too

  4. Claire B says:


  5. Alayna P. says:

    I love this reminder that God never forgets His promises.

  6. Mercy says:

    @Michelle Patire: praying that the Lord lifts your spirit today and this week, that you will have peace and overwhelming joy that you would be surprised. May you walk out of that fire without even a smell of fire (Daniel 3:27).
    @Rhonda: I do agree with Michelle that the Lord might “force” you to lie down on green pasture to rest, instead of running. And may the “pain group” be the healed group.
    @Gramsiesue: praying for Steve’s wellness, and peace for you.
    @Allison Bentley: was thinking about you, and so glad to see your comment. Praying over your family.
    @Lehua: may God guard over you at work, and give you great favors in your boss’ eyes.
    @Foster Mama: may the burden that weighs so heavy on your heart be lifted, and relief, joy in abundance to come.
    @ALL SHE’S: praying over you and your families, may God preserve your lives (your families’ lives, your little ones), your faith, joy and peace, and may He (the man of War) fight over your battles and destroy ALL your enemies (sickness, illness, fear, lack, mental oppression, curses, addiction, strife, envy, insecurities… whatever it may be). May you live an abundant life full of joy and victories, to offer praise/worship for His Holy Name.❤️

  7. Mercy says:

    Today’s reading really sent chills down my spine. King Solomon was really really praying, I sat and analyzed his prayers, in the details Solomon really prayed and interceded, he even said “Have respect and hearken to our prayers God…” (2 Chronicles 6:19 KJV). And God answered by fire – a clear visible sign (2 Chronicles 7:1) just like He answered Isaiah. God gave His clear answers, conditional answers, if you do this…I will do this, if you fail to do this…I will pluck you out, AND THIS HOUSE (this luxurious extravagant structure of a temple inlaid with intricate gold, silver and gemstones that you just developed) will be an astonishment to everyone that passes by and they must wonder, why oh why the Lord has done this to this very house? What scares me is that was exactly happened to this temple in history. It was completely destroyed, allowed by the Lord using the hand of the Babylonians. God is to be greatly feared, even in His mercy and compassion. Let us serve the Lord with fear and trembling (Psalm 2:11). There is a very high cost for forsaking the Lord and His ways. Let us choose wisely this day whom we shall serve and obey. He will always forgive and receive us back, regardless of our prodigal ways. Glory be to our Father in Heavens. Be blessed dear sisters.

  8. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    I’m praying for each of you dear Sisters. May you have the peace that comes because you are saved by Grace. ❤️

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