The Bright and Morning Star

Open Your Bible

Revelation 22:16, Numbers 24:17, 2 Samuel 7:8-17, 2 Chronicles 21:7, Matthew 1:1-17, 2 Peter 1:19

Section 1: The Light of the World

Little did I know that my high school literature class called Modern Thought would be such a timely gift. As we read and analyzed Joseph Conrad’s novel, Heart of Darkness, I recognized that this writer was exposing the brokenness of the world. Conrad’s main character, the ivory trader Mr. Kurtz, epitomized human depravity. In his lust for wealth and power, he plunged himself into unspeakable depths of evil and violence. On his deathbed, as he faced his own twisted, dark heart, Kurtz cried, “The horror! The horror!” Conrad’s message was clear: the horror exists not only around us but also inside us. There is a darkness that creeps and sometimes rages in the heart of every human. 

How could such a grim message be a gift? First of all, it is honest. Even my 16-year-old self sensed the world’s pain and, at times, my own. From impoverished nations to fractured families, from global hunger to high school hurts…brokenness is everywhere. Second, the novel sounds an alarm: we are a people in desperate need of rescue. We need a light that can pierce and conquer the thick darkness of sin and death.

There is a hope that overcomes horror: “I am the Root and descendant of David, the bright morning star,” declared Jesus (Revelation 22:16). The bright morning star refers to light reflecting off of planet Venus. If you’re up early at certain times of the year, you’ll see this first bright light rise above the horizon, breaking through the darkness of night. How appropriate for Jesus to refer to Himself as the light that signals the dawning of a new day! His life, death, and resurrection secured deliverance from the depths of darkness.

Jesus calls us forward to new life in Him, and, by calling Himself “the Root and descendant of David,” He also points us back to God’s plan for restoring this broken world. As was predicted long before Jesus was born, “A star will come from Jacob, and a scepter will arise from Israel” (Numbers 24:17). 

Our unbelief and sin never take God by surprise. Nor is He wringing His hands in anxiety wondering how to handle the horror. From the beginning, God promised, planned, and provided rescue through Himself, through Jesus. But sometimes we are surprised and even overwhelmed by the dark. Sometimes I wring sweaty hands with a heart full of anxiety as I encounter pain, sin, and suffering. Sometimes the horror seems close and the hope seems distant. And yet, the morning star rises in our own hearts (2 Peter 1:19). In Christ, our hearts of darkness are illuminated. May every Christmas light remind us that even the deepest hurting and twisted parts of ourselves can be touched and restored by the light and life of Jesus.

This message is a gift to us still. Let’s receive it together as we walk through this Advent season reading about Jesus, our bright morning star who conquers the dark.

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95 thoughts on "The Bright and Morning Star"

  1. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord you are worthy

  2. Lindsey M says:


  3. Melanie Talbert says:

    It’s so encouraging to see the Lord’s hand over our time here and know that He is good.

  4. Tre'Shonda Sheffey says:


  5. Jamie says:

    I am a bit behind and trying to catch up on some readings. This part of today’s devotional really spoke to my heart:

    “And yet, the morning star rises in our own hearts (2 Peter 1:19). In Christ, our hearts of darkness are illuminated. May every Christmas light remind us that even the deepest hurting and twisted parts of ourselves can be touched and restored by the light and life of Jesus”

    My children’s grandfather, my ex-husband’s father, is not well and I expect that he will not be with us here on earth much longer. The anxiety I feel about the sadness and heartbreak that I now are to come, not for myself necessarily, but for my ex-husband and my children, who love their grandfather so very much, threatens to overwhelm me. It brings me to my knees with sorrow to imagine my children’s grandfather, who loves them so very much, having to say goodbye to them. He has fought so hard, just to stay with them.

    If you could please keep our family in your prayers I would so appreciate it. I am trying so hard to hold onto the light of Jesus through this darkness.

    Thanks for listening,


  6. Lydia Huth says:


  7. Steph C says:

    “Sometimes the horror seems close and the hope seems distant”. So thankful to be pointed back to the Light that shines in the darkness. There IS hope. Even when it seems faint or far away.

  8. Jordan Ogletree says:


  9. Alice Swearingen says:

    Reading the lineage of Christ blessed me today. Many imperfect people in that lineage…. God uses imperfect people to complete His Perfect Plan. The Bright Morning Star redeems, forgives, restores and loves.

  10. Grace Ward says:

    May every light we see be a reminder of the light Christ brings into our dark world. He saved me!

  11. Elicia Trello says:

    I am so fascinated by Jesus’ lineage because it shows that God had a perfect plan from the beginning. It shows how he tied everything together and how each person meant something in this plan.

  12. Melissa Mcronney says:

    Praise the Lord.

  13. Corey Zimmerman says:


  14. Jennifer Sugg says:

    Teresa, you are covered in prayer sister.

  15. Jamscow says:

    I just love the analogy of the very first star to start the day with – the Bright Morning Star. Another thread woven in to reflect God as being the Alpha and the Omega. I am also fascinated with the genealogy – 14 generations in each of the three sections of time. Even this is planned and has order.

  16. Jenna Taylor says:

    Amen ⭐️

  17. Sarah Greer says:

    I feel the same way at times, Gail. Thankful for the grace and mercy of Jesus.

  18. Kyla Huber says:

    So good! ❤️

  19. Catherine Woodberry says:

    Love the bright morning star ❤️

  20. Gail F says:

    I am often surprised by the darkness in my own soul. I am eternally grateful for the morning star that can and does rise in my heart through Jesus-and only through Him.

  21. K D says:

    Praying for you today.

  22. Ashley N says:


  23. Claire Zelasko says:

    I broke down in tears. My daughter and I stood outside tonight looking at the houses on our street covered in lights. She’s one and her awe and wonder was so beautiful. We said thank you Jesus while pointing at the lights. This advent correlated so beautifully he is the light he is the reason for the season!

  24. MARTHA HIX says:

    Praying for you Teresa. I too am having so much difficulty with this holiday season and decorating. Love to you all and your encouraging comments. I am praising God and thanking Him for his presence and holding us close.

  25. Michelle Hiebert says:

    Needed this today. Dealing with anxiety as news comes in (even when I avoid it) about new variants and government restrictions and I try not to borrow trouble about what that means about my wedding planned for 2022. God does have it… His love is faithful… and He knows and He cares. I can rest and trust in Him, even when it looks dark and murky.

  26. Victoria E says:

    Teresa Donley I am praying for you right now.

  27. Katie Jorgensen says:

    The Lord will restore our sin and bring us into the light for he is the way, the truth, and the life. Lord set me free today and relieve me from the darkness!

  28. Truth Seeker says:

    December 7, 2021 at 3:39 pm
    I’m currently in a dark depression. So dark that I really don’t want to do any Christmas decorations. This study is showing me that Jesus is the light. And your comments about the Christmas lights having more significance this year has me thinking that some Christmas lights in my home might just illuminate some of the dark depression. Thank you for this study. It is truly making a difference.

    Teresa – deep dark depression is definitely extremely difficult to pull oneself out of. Please take hold of and run with this devotion showing that JESUS IS the LIGHT! Yes, when you realize this it brings a spark of hope into the deep dark depression. You are resonating this idea and I fully encourage you to get out all the sparkly, twinkly bright and pretty Christmas things you may have and set them out where you can see them and know that God is with you – He holds you in His righteous right hand. Jesus Christ Himself IS the BRIGHT and MORNING star ! The way to make it through the deep darkness of depression is to know that morning is coming and JESUS is with you and will help you through the dark night so that you may see the Bright and Morning Star in Him. He loves you and knows you and cares for you. Praying for you my dear sister in Christ <3

  29. Kati Muha says:

    Praise to the bright morning star!

  30. Karen Ballinger says:

    Praying for you, Teresa.

  31. Changed Life says:

    This year, I am so thankful for Jesus coming into this broken world to save us. He is the way, the truth, and the light. I love the reference to life before electric lighting in Patti’s devotion. I am at the age where I need bright light and plenty of it. Plus reading glasses and a flashlight at times. I can never have enough light when the darkness and cold of winter are upon us. Seeing Jesus as the brightest light warms me to the very core of my being. I cannot wait until I get to see Jesus. Until then, I will continue with God’s work on this troubled Earth.

    God bless you SRT ladies for your consistent comments and prayers. You are truly a blessing to the community!

  32. Adrienne McPherson says:


  33. Alexis Rybny says:

    Teresa I am lifting you up in prayer. I’m praying you find light and hope ❤️

  34. Elizabeth Dunkerson says:

    Let Jesus shine the brightest during this season. With so many dark and depressing things going on in our world, it is such a gift to have Jesus light the true way!

  35. Sarah D. says:

    Also to add to my comment, I’ve been able to have some awesome conversations with some parents I’ve talked with on the calls we get. On one phone call, I got to pray for one mom whose husband had recently passed away. So cool that from one place I can speak with so many people with different stories! So my job hasn’t been all hard, that’s for sure :)

  36. Sarah D. says:

    Thank you all!! @Taylor And aw hi Taylor, I’ve missed your comments too!! I wish we could meet in person so I could give you a hug and talk over coffee/tea. :) The new job has been good! Definitely been overwhelming at times, and I feel like I’ve cried at least once every month since I started haha. I feel like I have been pretty anxious at work, but the more I learn and the more I get the hang of things, I’m hoping that will go down. But honestly, it is still a blessing to have a job and the Lord has definitely provided so much! Lots to be thankful for. It is a weird time in life to have just graduated college and now being an actual #adult haha. How have you been doing?

  37. Skylar Hilton says:

    Let it never be said that God doesn’t care!

    God LOVES and WILL always loves us! He will NEVER remove His mercy from us! Yes, He might chasten us.. but every great parent does!

    God will never break His promises.. so He definitely knows what He is doing! So.. don’t worry!

  38. Tricia Cavanaugh says:

    From what I am reading in my new living translation study Bible it says that Matthews genealogy goes back to Abraham and shows that Jesus was related to all Jews. Luke’s genealogy goes back to Adam, showing that Jesus is related to all human beings. This is consistent with Luke’s picture of Jesus as a savior of the whole world.

  39. Tricia Cavanaugh says:


  40. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Teresa, prayers for your depression. This can be such a hard time of year for many. I hope you are able to find help and healing!❤️

  41. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that God isn’t surprised by the darkness in us or in our world. I love that He has a plan that will one day completely conquer the darkness once and for all; I believe he gives us glimpses of this reality from time to time. ❤️

  42. Teresa Donley says:

    I’m currently in a dark depression. So dark that I really don’t want to do any Christmas decorations. This study is showing me that Jesus is the light. And your comments about the Christmas lights having more significance this year has me thinking that some Christmas lights in my home might just illuminate some of the dark depression. Thank you for this study. It is truly making a difference.

  43. Jessica McGroary says:

    I thought the same thing!

  44. Caitlyn R says:

    Today’s reading made me think of the song Wave Maker that my church has been singing this year: “You are: wave maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness. My God, that is who You are… You never stop, You never stop working.”

  45. PamC says:

    Good Morning. What a great devotional today. Thank you, Patti. Welcome back Sarah D. I have missed you. Taylor & Briita your comments echoed my own heart today. And Lori, praying your prayer for His Light in my darkness, as well as praying down the lists and requests. I’ve been avoiding a task for about 6 weeks now that really, really needs doing. It’s just fear. Perfect love drives out fear. I need to cling to that bit if “light” today. Your prayers in that direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
    May your day be filled with light.

  46. Dorothy says:

    Loved Patti’s devotional. I could never see God wringing His hands with worry.
    Have a blessed day and shine your light sisters.

  47. Bev says:

    I laughed at the image of “God, taken by surprise, wringing His hands in anxiety wondering how to handle the horror.” Ha ha! He’s got this.

  48. Lizzy Butterfield says:

    Here’s something for me to ponder – my heart was very distracted and I was having the hardest time concentrating. Then my toddler walked in so I put her on my lap and began ready aloud. Even despite her fidgeting I was less distracted…

  49. Victoria E says:

    Kat Getz I see one post from you.

  50. Victoria E says:

    I’m really loving this study so much. Decorating our home this year has so much more significance as I put up all the lights I’ve loved since childhood for their ability to chase away some of the winter gloom, now looking at them reminds me of how Christ does this for us and the world and I’m blown away by this. What a great devotional today too, sometimes I struggle with the darkness in the world and more often I struggle with the darkness within. Thank you so much for everyone who prayed, praise God my appointment went well ! Yesterday morning when I was praying I just saw this incredibly beautiful light, all colors and none, shining like a diamond but more perfect and felt so peaceful and also excited that I wanted others to come and bathe in this light and presence. I cannot wait to experience this all the time.

  51. Rachel says:

    @searching, @marybeththomas, @sharon,jerseygirl

    Thank you each so much for your prayer/encouragement. I realized my wording yesterday could’ve implied that I’m already in NYC, however I’m not there yet. Yearning to be someday soon. :)

    Today’s readings were so good. As I studied this morning, the first snow fell and it’s been consistently falling for a few hours. I can’t help but notice how BRIGHT it is out there, from the way light reflects and scatters in all directions on the color white. Beautiful how that works!

  52. CeeGee says:

    I am curious why so many of us were drawn to the verse about Moab because I, too, did extensive reading on Bible hub before I read any comments. I learned that Moab was Lot’s son, but my search didn’t satisfy my level of curiosity. The quote you shared, KELLY, was the one I thought noteworthy. It could have been any enemy listed in that verse and the outcome would be the same: God/Jesus is the VICTOR, here on earth and in the heavenly realms! No evil can stand against our God and Savior who reign forever! Thank you, PATTI SAULS, for this most beautiful devotional! I have never read the book mentioned, but had a disturbing vision of the horror the character experienced at the end of his life – possibly he had a vision of hell? I don’t know if I am brave enough to read it myself to find out! :)

  53. Jackie Moran says:

    What a fantastic focus on the Christmas lights as a reminder! I love all of the lights, but can get lost in the beauty and joy, not keeping in the forefront of my mind the breaking the darkness symbolism.
    That is my intent today, remember and be thankful for Jesus being the Light. And that the time I spend close to Him, more I will reflect His light.

  54. Cindy Hanna says:

    Oh Adrienne. You gave me my first laugh of the morning. The battle with the “enter key “ is real! Today’s devotional made me think of the hymn that starts out…. “Light of the world you reached out into darkness!” Here I am to worship. Here I am to bow down. Here I am to say…you are my King!

  55. Ruth Long says:

    “Is anyone worthy,
    Is anyone whole? Is anyone able to break the seal and open the scroll. The lion of Judah, who conquered the grave. He is David’s root and the lamb who died to ransom the slave. Is he worthy? Is he worthy? Of all blessing and honour and glory? Is he worthy of this…… He is.” -Is he Worthy, Andrew Peterson

  56. Ruth Long says:

    “Is anyone worthy,

  57. Katherine Rice says:

    So grateful for the light in the darkness. Loved the analogy of Christmas lights.

  58. Katherine Rice says:

    I also wondered the same thing as I was reading. Would love it if someone had more insight.

  59. Maura says:

    Good Morning All, Our Bright Morning Star, Jesus. So uplifting for my soul this study. Lori and Britta praying His light piercing, bright beautiful joy abundant for your souls. AG I am praying for your cousin and family. Amen on what you saw. I believe God speaks to our heartsin so many ways. The Holy Spirit directs our vision, hearing and acknowledges God’s voice and gifts He sends in our hearts. May you all feel His embrace in this time. Joining the prayers listed by Searching and Kelly. Jenn, I am going to look up Moab and the Shethites, curious as well. His love to you all dear friends. He is Able, Faithful, and Full of Love and Grace. Praise our King Jesus.

  60. MARTHA HIX says:

    @searching Thank you for your love and remembrance. It is difficult and I am thankful for all your prayers and encouraging comments. They are helpful and remind me I’m not alone. ❤️

  61. Mari V says:

    Good morning sweet SRT sisters! I went to bed earlier so I woke up earlier. Started my physical therapy exercises and therefore started my devotional earlier but then I got the phone call I need to go to work shortly. I just want to say hello and I love you all and I’m so glad that the Lord has blessed me to be part of this beautiful community of godly women.

  62. Heidi M says:

    Jesus brings light to even the darkest of nights. And not based on anything we’ve done for Him or haven’t done for Him but based ALL on His great love for us. What a God we serve!

  63. Kat Getz says:

    I’m really enjoying this reading it reminds me that family is important.
    Is anyone able to read what I wrote?

  64. MARTHA HIX says:

    @Makeaya and Rhonda…thank you for your loving encouragement and prayers. It means so much to me. Rhonda, I’m so very sorry about the unexpected loss of your mother and your pain and your father’s deep sadness. The sudden void and grief are difficult to processs. I have adult children and was married 46 years.
    As Tina would say… But God….❤️

  65. GramsieSue says:

    Kelly, thanks for the prayers. My lungs are getting better. Since Covid I have also had surgery to remove a massive blood clot from my arm. So taking slow walks daily to build lungs and body back up. I am loving this advent study! This morning was the most beautiful sunrise and then we read of our bright, morning star! ❤️ Hugs to all you she’s

  66. Donna Wolcott says:

    Britta, amen!!!

  67. Melanie Rastrelli says:

    The sun just rose at 7:16 am as I was reading about our Bright Morning Star. Also reading all of your comments and prayer requests SRT ladies. This Advent study is inspiring me to be a light to others through Jesus as I go through my day. I want to be a light for other people and reach out to someone every day. Thanks you KELLY for the reminder of Morning Has Broken which has been one of my faves forever. Prayers for all of you who need His bright light in you and your pain and heartaches today and every day.

  68. Adrienne says:

    Welcome back, SARAH D! I was gone for a while too. I so. Missed. This. Community. I always noticed the string of bad kings. (I just read 2 Chronicles last week.) I always saw how God was patient through these periods (and never wrung His hands over them, even though those kings were awful!!) But I never thought about how it fit into Jesus’ genealogy. What a bit of LIGHT shed! God never rung His hands becauseHe knew that Jesus would come from it! (I focused SO HARD on staying away from the enter key today, by the way!)

  69. Taylor Reymann says:

    I love noticing the God winks. I went to a women’s Christmas dinner at my Church last night. The speaker spoke about the story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel, focusing on Leah. She talked about Leah having Judah who would continue on the lineage down to Jesus. She spent some time talking about the genealogy in the beginning of Matthew and then this morning I open up the study to that!
    Thank you, Lord for continually showing us your presence and forgiving us our sins.

  70. Leah Randle says:

    Such a good reminder! Sinners needing a savior always!

  71. Kailee Tidball says:

    Yes! I was humming this tune as I was reading this morning. Love Andrew Peterson

  72. Taylor says:

    @Sarah D happy to see you back! I’ve been looking for your comments. How’s your new job? How’s life been over the last few months? :)

    I love this devotion so much! When I am feeling bogged down by the weight of my own sin and depravity, Jesus is the ONLY one who pierces through my dark, hardened heart and provides restoration with SO much love and grace! He is our Rescuer <3 praising Him that He never leaves us nor forsakes us!

  73. Chris S says:

    I love this today. If you have listened to Andrew Petersons “Matthew’s Begats:” it makes reading the genealogy of Christ more fun! Also loved the concept that if man can’t keep the sun from rising he also can’t keep “The Son” from rising again!! Have a blessed day —-

  74. Aimee D-R says:

    Oh Jesus, my bright morning star please shine through the dark in my life. Amen

  75. Kristi Abney says:

    The bright morning star in our hearts ♥️

  76. Heidi says:

    So from my understanding this isn’t referring to a political offense/enemy but rather of personal offense. They were a people known for being in direct offense to God and the idea of a Messiah.
    To help me I did a quick reference and also found this from BibleHub –
    “ Moab and Edom represented symbolically the enemies of Christ and of His Church, and as such will eventually be subdued by the King of kings.”
    So you’re correct- He didn’t come for political gain – He came to save the hearts of His people and demonstrate power over those who worked directly to offend His name and His purpose.
    Hope that sparks a little help… I’m sure you could find more in depth information on the exact actions/beliefs of them and better commentary :)

  77. Sarah D. says:

    SRT family!! I’m back! Joining back for Advent because I love this theme and I missed SRT! Been doing the Bible Recap this year and am hoping to finish by January most likely. So thankful for resources that help learn more of God’s Word and who God is. He is the light that pierces the darkness. Every Christmas light points to the Great Light! Every prophecy is a light that points to the great Morning Star. Thank you Lord for who you are!

  78. Lori says:

    All it takes is one light in a room of darkness to illuminate everything. Jesus, shine your light into my dark, heavy, tired soul this Advent season!

  79. SarahJoy says:

    “In Christ, our hearts of darkness are illuminated.”

    Sections from “Light of the World”
    By: Lauren Daigel

    The world waits for a miracle
    The heart longs for a little bit of hope
    Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel
    A child prays for peace on Earth
    And she’s calling out from a sea of hurt
    Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel

    And can you hear the angels singing
    Glory to the light of the world
    Glory the light of the world is here

    For all who wait
    For all who hunger
    For all who’ve prayed
    For all who wonder
    Behold your King
    Behold Messiah
    Emmanuel, Emmanuel

  80. Jenn says:

    If Christ is the fulfillment of the Numbers passage, how were Moab and the Shethites crushed brought down by Jesus, who specifically said he didn’t come to be a political deliverer?

  81. Elizabeth McGee says:


  82. AG says:

    After my cousins losing her baby, I asked God for a sign that he was with Him. On the way home from
    JJ’s celebration of life, a car passed me and I noticed that two letters beside one another on the license plate spelled “JJ”. I know this is small, but the fact that I noticed it and the time of when it happened it can’t just be a coincidence. I am taking this as a sign from God that he is with Him and in peace. I am thankful for the little glimpse of light from God during this time.

  83. Kelly says:

    CHARLIE – sounds like a fantastic way to start the day!

  84. Michelle Patire says:

    God, I believe, but help my unbelief.

  85. AG says:

    In the depths of darkness there is always hope in God’s light. Thank you for this reminder!

  86. Searching says:

    I find it difficult (boring) to read through some chapters of “begots” in the Old Testament but am always in awe of the unfolding of God’s plan over the centuries when I read the genealogy of Jesus. His plan for us is still unfolding, may He strengthen our faith and patience in the waiting.

    AG-heartbroken for your cousin and family over the loss of this precious child. Praying for strength of faith and comfort that only the Lord can give.

    Praying also for Claire (MICHELLE PATIRE), husband’s job search (MELISSA JAMES), career development (RACHEL), healing (DOROTHY), Grannie’s healing (KENZIE REVELL), healing for neighbor’s cancer (JAMIE CRAWFORD), comfort, strength and hugs as you miss your husband, especially during these holidays (MARTHA HIX)

    RUTH LONG – praying for strengthening of your love for the Lord

    VICTORIA E – praise for the good appointment

    BRITTANY GH – thank you for reminding me that we can be our own worst enemy. Lord, help me to focus on You and Your plans instead of getting in the way.

  87. Charlie says:

    I’m reading this in the dark, by the light of the Christmas tree and the fireplace, waiting with anticipation for the sun to rise. Light: renewal, rebirth, starting over, a new beginning. Hope. Thank you, Jesus, for making all things new.

  88. Blessed Beth says:

    OH Kelly, Morning Has Broken, is one of my childhood favorites, thank you for the reminder! Every day is new and He shows us the wonders of His world, if we seek them.

  89. Naomi Stiles says:

    “Sometimes I wring sweaty hands with a heart full of anxiety as I encounter pain, sin, and suffering.” That was me only a few hours ago before I finally fell back to sleep. Praise the Lord for timely messages that speak to right where we’re at in this moment. NOW I can start my day right.

  90. Kelly says:

    “Sometimes the horror seems close and the hope seems distant. And yet, the morning star rises in our own hearts (2 Peter 1:19). In Christ, our hearts of darkness are illuminated. May every Christmas light remind us that even the deepest hurting and twisted parts of ourselves can be touched and restored by the light and life of Jesus.”

    Oh soooo true – excellent devotional, Patti. Thank you.

    The song “Morning Has Broken” came to mind.
    Morning has broken like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
    Praise for them springing fresh from the world
    Sweet the rains new fall, sunlit from Heaven
    Like the first dewfall on the first grass
    Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
    Sprung in completeness where His feet pass
    Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
    Born of the one light, Eden saw play
    Praise with elation, praise every morning
    God’s recreation of the new day

    KENZIE REVELL – praying for your grandmother. May the doctors have wisdom and your family peace.

    GINA – how is your husband’s recovery from the fall earlier this year?

    ANGIE – how is your niece doing? The other girls in your Bible study?

    GRAMISUE – praying for your kungs to clear up

    TINA – are you COVID-free now?

    SUSAN REAGON – how did the meeting go for your friends? Will they be able to stay in their home?

  91. Vicki Loucks says:

    Same here i get stuck in anxiety and fear as my own worst enemy. Thank you Jesus for light in the dark places

  92. Arina says:

    He is the bright morning star. He reminds is that soon the morning will come. Only a little while longer and it will be day. Just as nothing can stop the sun from rising, so that day will come surely. That day when all darkness will be gone. Then we will forever be with God and Christ, our true Light.

  93. Mary Ann Graves says:


  94. Britta GH says:

    „I will give you rest from all your enemies.“ That really spoke to me. Most of the time, I am my own worst enemy. I don’t want to dwell on anger and unforgiveness today but rather step into the Light of Christ, repent and be set free. And then enjoy his glorious rest.