Priscilla & Aquila

Open Your Bible

Acts 18:1-4, Acts 18:18-28, Romans 12:3-8, Romans 16:3-4, 1 Corinthians 16:19, Proverbs 10:17

My friend and I were having one of those classic, two-hour conversations that happens in your car long after the coffee shop closes. Through a series of events, God chose to make us companions and accountability partners during this current stage of life, and because we’re so different, we can usually offer a good counterbalance to whatever headspace the other is in. It goes something like this:

“Don’t believe that narrative. That’s a lie straight from the enemy.”

Tonight, it was me who needed those words. Next week, it could be her. Often it’s both of us, and we end up serving words of truth back and forth like a round of tennis. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, these sorts of pep talks can be an hour-by-hour exchange, as we navigate the way of Jesus together with those around us.

Aquila and Priscilla are one of the Bible’s power couples. When they offer Apollos constructive feedback on how he can explain God “more accurately,” we see what it looks like for believers to hold each other accountable without taking offense (Acts 18:26). Instead of being reactionary and letting his ego get the better of him, Apollos receives their correction and continues arguing his case for the Messiah. Because Aquila and Priscilla were obedient in exercising their gifts, Apollos became even more effective for the kingdom.

It’s such a great story, right? Whether or not his pride was hurt, it doesn’t interfere with the ministry Apollos is leading. His response is a beautiful illustration of Proverbs 10, which says, “The one who follows instruction is on the path to life, but the one who rejects correction goes astray” (v.17).

In Romans, Paul warns us against seeing ourselves as more important than others, because every part of the Body of Christ has a unique role (Romans 12:3–8). Each gift we possess is equally valuable, yet these gifts are also strengthened and nourished by others. When we sharpen and correct, we help each other flourish.

It’s interesting how it wasn’t enough for Apollos simply to be “competent” with Scripture (Acts 18:24). Notice how the text doesn’t say he was teaching inaccurately. Apollos was already familiar with the way of the Lord and was bold in sharing it. But his knowledge was somewhat limited. According to Acts, he “knew only John’s baptism” (v.25), so Aquila and Priscilla believed it was their responsibility to take him aside and fill in the gaps.

Competency is never a stopping point in the kingdom of God because He is always calling us into a deeper relationship with Him and one another. Through the Body of Christ, He partners with us to encourage each other more, teach each other more, and hold each other more accountable. We can count this as an honor. When we are obedient in exercising our spiritual gifts—especially when they stretch us outside of our comfort zones—we are grown and blessed as both the gift-bearer and the recipient.

Where can you speak truth in love? Who can you receive truth from in humility? Whether in the workplace or a car parked outside a coffee shop, there is life waiting for you. There is more.

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30 thoughts on "Priscilla & Aquila"

  1. Maura says:

    So good to learn from one another. The Word has so much to teach us, how lovely when we are taught something we didn’t understand correctly and our knowledge grows because someone like Priscilla or Aquila decided to speak up and share what God has clearly shown them. Another wrinkle for our brains to grow. Angie, what rich memories you have and how good God has been in giving you the gift of teaching. I can feel how much you bless your students in your words and am praying for all teachers in this season to bring Jesus love multiplied to their students. Good words offer God what we have be it small and ask Jesus to multiply it for His glory. What a magnificent God we serve Thankful for you Angie, and all you give to others. Nanak, glad you are here and praying God sends you close by friends too to share and encourage each other in Jesus. Hugs Sisters, He loves you right where you are, rest in Him.

  2. Indiana Elaine says:

    Angie, I can so identify with your growing up experiences. Nearly every Sunday we had a different family for Sunday dinner. Saturday afternoon my mom and I would butcher chickens for the Sunday dinner.

    I am a retired high school teacher. I had the privilege of sponsoring Youth For Christ in the high school where I taught. What a special time that was!

    I also attended BSF. I learned so much during those years. That was a special time of digging in depth into God’s word. I have been reading along with SRT for about 3 years and find it very inspirational. I do not post often, but glean much from the posts here.

    By the way, my father’s name was Aquila; however, my mom’s name was not Priscilla.

    1. Traci Gendron says:

      I also did BSF. I look back on that time of study with love. I learned so much. I’m enjoying SRT as well! Great way to stay in the word everyday. And with so many wonderful women!

  3. CeeGee says:

    THANK YOU BAILEY GILLEDPIE for sharing your personal story to help us focus on this teaching! I agree with CHURCHMOUSE and NANAK in my ‘current season.’ I don’t go out much and see very few folks when I do, but I try to give a smile and a ‘God bless you’ to as many I can. I like ANGIE ‘S words – GRACE and FLEXIBILITY! Your insights and prayers bless me daily, ALL of you sweet SRT ladies! Have a blessed Wednesday!

  4. MARTHA HIX says:


  5. Angie says:

    Sorry, one final thought.

    The Body of Christ is made up of different parts, each one important and necessary. Right now, you might not be hands and feet, you may be the eyes, ears, or even heart. Things seem little or big to us sometimes, but in the kingdom of God…a mustard seed moves mountains. I pray you will not dwell on what you are unable to do but instead, bring your loaves and fishes to the Savior and allow Him to multiply them.

    If you read SRT posts and pray for others – thank you for moving mountains.
    If you read, pray, and post – thank you for moving mountains. Women may share here, in anonymity, what they might not otherwise.
    That is the grace and flexibility…we never know how God will us. We simply come and offer all – five loaves and fishes or a bottle of expensive perfume. He will use what we have, where we are. And just maybe that soldier marching next to you, headed Home, will turn out to be a lost son or daughter, neighbor, friend, sister or brother…or maybe even a fellow SRT reader! If that doesn’t make you want to shout, “Hallelujah!” (and I didn’t come out of a shouting background…) I don’t know what will! Blessings ladies.

  6. Mari V says:

    May I always be open for correction. Even when I don’t like it I know it’s for the best in order for me to grow in wisdom and the knowledge. I keep in mind it’s all done with God’s love and in my best interest so that I can continue growing. I guess in a sense no matter what age we are we never stop growing and learning.

  7. NanaK says:

    Oh my goodness Angie! I love the wrinkle comparison! :-) I feel so blessed to be able to glean insight and knowledge from all of you dear SRT Sisters. Unfortunately, I don’t have this with anyone in person, so I feel especially blessed to be a part of this group.
    Happy Wednesday All!

  8. Stephanie Nederhoff says:

    Lord, please help me to grow great relationships like these. ❤️