The Presence of God Week 4 with Dr. J. Scott Duvall

Episode 43 | The Presence of God | Released September 21, 2020 | Special guest: Dr. J. Scott Duvall

For the final week of the Presence of God series, Raechel and Amanda talk with Dr. J. Scott Duvall, author and New Testament professor at Ouachita Baptist University. Together they discuss the week’s Scripture readings, exploring the relationship between God’s presence and blessing, the beauty of corporate worship, and the difference between moralism and walking with Jesus. With the help of an unconventional circus metaphor, the three rejoice over the assurance of God’s presence and the peace He provides His people in the midair moments of life.

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Open Your Bibles: (passages referenced in this episode)

CSB translation unless otherwise noted 

John 1:51; Psalm 73:28; Genesis 28:10–15; Genesis 35

Joshua 1:17; Joshua 10:8; Romans 8:36–39

Matthew 4:19; Luke 8:1–3, 10:38–42; Mark 8:34–38

John 14:15–31; John 16:13–15

John 10:1–30

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