Prayers in Scripture Week 1 with Tyler Staton

Episode 153 | Prayers in Scripture | Released November 7, 2022 | Special guest: Tyler Staton

For the first week of our Prayers in Scripture reading plan, Raechel and Amanda welcome Tyler Staton to the podcast. Tyler is a pastor, author, and the National Director of 24-7 Prayer USA. How are we tempted to confuse the purpose of prayer? Does God always respond to prayers in the same way? And what do we do when prayer becomes frustrating? Join us this week as Raechel, Amanda, and Tyler answer these questions while reading prayers we find in the narrative of Scripture.

Read with Us: 

This episode corresponds to Week 1 of the She Reads Truth Prayers in Scripture reading plan found on the She Reads Truth app and

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Open Your Bibles: (passages referenced in this episode)
CSB translation unless otherwise noted 

Day 1: John 11:1–44; Proverbs 15:29; Matthew 7:7–11; 1 John 5:14–15
Day 2: Nehemiah 1–2:8; Isaiah 49:13; 1 Peter 5:6–7
Day 3: Acts 1:4–26; Deuteronomy 29:29; Ephesians 6:18
Day 4: 1 Samuel 1–2:11; Isaiah 49:14–16; Hebrews 6:10
Day 5: 2 Chronicles 6:12–7:22; Ephesians 1:20–23

Other Scriptures Mentioned: 

1 Thessalonians 5:16–18
Matthew 6:9
Mark 6:45–52
Matthew 26:39
Revelation 5; 8
Isaiah 6:8
Matthew 5:17
Genesis 3:7
Psalm 32
Psalm 51:8

Show Notes: 

Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools: An Invitation to the Wonder and Mystery of Prayer by Tyler Staton
The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis
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