Peter’s Confession of the Messiah

Open Your Bible

Mark 8:1-30, Matthew 16:13-20, Mark 8:31-38, Mark 9:1

I was very unhappy, stuck in the middle seat on a packed international flight. For several weeks my husband, John, and I had been speaking throughout Africa. It had been a wonderful time, but now my body was shutting down. Exhaustion leaked from every pore. 

Miserable, I began to think about one of my children. A sense of uneasiness overwhelmed me. In my imagination, I considered a problem this child might have. The more I thought about this, the more anxious I became. “What if” fears raced through my head. Finally, I cried out to the Lord, “Help!” What popped into my head was the phrase, “Remember Me.” 

At that moment, I realized my issue had become bigger in my head than my God. I had forgotten who He was, the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, who knows and loves my child even more than I do. 

How easy it is to forget who He is or to misunderstand who He is. 

In today’s reading, the early followers of Jesus were themselves unsure. One day Jesus posed two questions to His followers: “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” (Matthew 16:13). They responded with a variety of answers which they’d heard along the way. But it is the second question which is the most crucial: “But you?…who do you say that I am?” (v.15). I can almost hear a drumroll as we wait for their answer to this most important question. Simon Peter is quick to respond, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (v.16). 

Jesus responds first by telling him that His Father in heaven is the one who has revealed this to him. He goes on to call him Peter. He says that He will build His church upon the truth that Peter has perceived, which is the rock upon which we stand (vv.17–18).

Can you imagine how this affirmation and calling must have been for Peter, even though he did not know what it meant? Peter’s then quickly hits a low. When Jesus explains his coming death, Peter’s response is basically, “no way!” (Mark 8:31–33).

I see myself in Peter. Perhaps you do too. One minute I see Jesus for who He is, I want to follow Him wholeheartedly. I am full of confidence and of faith. But it’s not long before my issues and fears overwhelm my faith. It is easy to forget that He is the Messiah, the Son of the living God. He knows the concerns of my heart. 

The good news is that in Jesus’s handling of Peter, He is patient. He knows how weak Peter is, and He alone knows the future for Peter. Growth takes time. God is patient. As He was with Peter, He is very patient with us.

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76 thoughts on "Peter’s Confession of the Messiah"

  1. Hannah Markham says:


  2. Ashlan Porter says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for being patient with me. Amen.

  3. Claire B says:


  4. Brandi says:

    Victoria E – praying for your scan tomorrow and fir peace for your mind and spirit.

  5. Victoria E says:

    Adrienne- it is Tuesday but feels like Monday probably for many who had MLK day off yesterday. Taylor- im glad you recovered your account, im sorry that happened to you. I live in Delaware now too, recently moved here from SoCal. Ladies if I can please ask for prayer for my scan tomorrow. Thank you

  6. Kenya Rafferty says:

    Todays reading didn’t hit home for me, but I do relate to the disciples when they are worried about not having bread AFTER Jesus feeding thousands of people two times in a row. Right in front of them. Where do I miss Gods promises when I am worried or overwhelmed? In those situations can I turn to God and remember how Jesus was? Patient. Faithful. Selfless.

  7. Kimberly Z says:

    Thank you all for the sweet prayers! Still waiting for more updates but I know she is responsive on her right side. Praying for more healing! @Holly praying your siblings can find a comfortable solution for parents. @Sarah D. Don’t give up on your work situation! I know it will get better! I listen to the aspire daily YouTube videos in the morning while I’m getting ready and they really help with my anxiety. I love how patient Jesus is and I pray I will one day learn to be better about that. I have constant worry and I know at the end of the day Gods love for me is so much bigger than anything but it is truly hard to trust that.

  8. Cathy says:

    I think his reason for telling folks to be quiet about his miracles….is similar to when his mother asked him to take care of the wine at Cana…his time had not yet come. The more “evidence” the Pharisees gathered the sooner his arrest…..and He still had work to do with his disciples so they could take His message to the ends of the earth. They weren’t yet ready. So much more of the story to be told.