Day 12

Jesus Heals and Performs Miracles

from the The Life of Jesus reading plan

Luke 8:26-56, Matthew 9:27-38

BY Bailey T. Hurley

I’ve never witnessed a miracle like the ones described in these Scriptures. I have not seen someone lay hands on a blind person, and with a word, restore their sight. I have not witnessed someone on their deathbed rise as if they had just taken a nap. 

Yet, I have witnessed different kinds of miracles. I’ve witnessed the miracle of people turning from darkness to light. I’ve seen friends heal from wounded identities only through the power of Jesus’s love. Even my own experience of being saved by Jesus is a miracle. Jesus is in the business of healing people physically and spiritually. Just because I have never seen lame people walk again doesn’t mean I don’t believe Jesus can do it. I know He can. Yet, for many of us, we are waiting for our miracle, and that can cause us to doubt if Jesus is the true healer.

For much of my life, I have wrestled with anxiety. When I became a mom, the anxiety got worse. There was a season where I was afflicted with panic attacks regularly. At one point, I even called 911 to come and help me because I thought I was having heart failure. Since that time, Jesus has done a lot of healing in this area, but there is still this voice in the back of my head that reminds me it could rise up again unexpectedly. What will trigger the next attack?

Some of us have family and friends we have prayed for hoping they will receive the gift of Jesus into their lives. We are still praying for them… 

There are others of us who have wrestled with our love life, our health, our job status, or our fertility. We are still waiting for these unmet desires to be fulfilled…

The bleeding woman could not marry, could not take part in the community, and could not afford any more treatments to help her. She was desperate for relief! And with one touch of Jesus’s robe, she was cured. But was the actual touching of Jesus’s robe some sort of magic? No. “‘Daughter,’ [Jesus] said to her, ‘your faith has saved you. Go in peace’” (Luke 8:48).

A synagogue leader asked Jesus to heal his daughter and Jesus told him to do what? To “only believe” (v.50). 

Jesus saw two blind men and asked them, “Do you believe I can do this?” They answered, “Yes, Lord,” and Jesus healed them by their faith (Matthew 9:28–30). 

Today, it is by faith that we are saved. I don’t have a fluffy, cute answer for the miracles we are waiting on, but I have faith in Jesus as my rescuer. For He saved me from the gravest thing, my sin. And He restored my soul. This is a miracle. Some may see our condition as a curse, but may we see it as an opportunity to look to the cross, have faith, and “go in peace” (Luke 8:48). 

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  1. Tara B says:


  2. Kathy Sites says:

    @Victoria Redig…I am not a Bible scholar so this is just my thought. Jesus came to bridge the relationship gap between God and man. His first and foremost mission here was that he was the Lamb of God to take away the sin, to be the blood sacrifice. People needed to come to Him to be saved eternally not just healed in this world. He was/is more than just a side show miracle worker. People needed to follow Him into eternity not just show up once and a while for a healing or miracle. Like I said, not a Bible scholar but in my years of studies and devotions this is what I think may be the reason. People the show up for just the healing become like the seed on shallow ground. They grow fast but then there is no real foundation so the relationship doesn’t last.

  3. meg alba says:

    Praying!!!!! Delivered our third baby in March and had some scary moments.

  4. Chelsea Wilson says:

    Our faith can move mountains! Today was a great reminder to not give up on believing Jesus can heal anyone! Even my grandparents whom have been shown from the Bible how to be saved many times. Jesus can save them, I need to only have Faith that Jesus can do what He says, what more could I ask for?

  5. Victoria Redig says:

    Can anyone tell me why Jesus says to tell no one after He raises the girl from the dead and after He heals the blind men? Isn’t that the opposite of what He has asked of people to this point? Todays reading confused me.

  6. Sasha Cooper says:


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  8. Chandra Libby says:

    A great reminder from scripture that our faith is what gives us all that our Father has to offer.

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