Jesus Came to Serve

Open Your Bible

Matthew 19:1-30, Matthew 20:1-34, Psalm 40:8, Philippians 2:5-11

The first time I read through the passages we are looking at today, I felt overwhelmed. 

I knew I was supposed to feel overwhelmed with joy. I mean, what a gift, that Jesus, God made flesh, came to earth and dwelt with us and left us with all this instruction on how to live, how to serve, and how to be forgiven and accepted into the kingdom of God. He left a perfect example of sacrificial love in His actions, His ministry, and His death on the cross.

Instead, I felt overwhelmed by the difficulty of His instruction. I would read through Matthew and the other Gospels as a young Christian and think, “How?”

I was such a rule follower that Jesus’s teaching about how wrong the Jewish rule-followers were in their hearts and motives scared me. “Am I to sell and forsake all I have to prove to Jesus that I love him?” I’d think to my young adult self. I didn’t have much material value at that point, but I certainly didn’t want to give up the little I did have. 

I’d see psalms like 40:8—“I delight to do your will…”—and think, “Am I really delighting? Because I feel like I’m panicking to do His will…and also failing at it.”

If you’ve ever had those thoughts too, let today’s last passage in Philippians remind you of the kind of teacher giving the instructions found in Matthew 19 and 20. Jesus “emptied Himself” and “assum[ed] the form of a servant” and then God “highly exalted” Him (Philippians 2:7,9). Jesus was the perfect servant, and His goodness and His sacrifice secured our salvation.

It took me a long time to realize that embracing this truth—that Jesus is the hero, not me—is the key to Psalm 40:8. His surrender to the will of God is what makes us capable of delighting to do the will of God.

We can only delight in being servants when we remember that our service flows from Jesus’s service. It is a gift and is meant to be a joy. We will be exalted because Jesus served us. We can be free because Jesus sacrificed for us. We are able to serve and obey and even delight because our sin is gone. That is delightful. 

I’m praying today that we may read through the book of Matthew with the eyes of forgiven, free daughters and heirs of God, who have the privilege of serving with Him.

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37 thoughts on "Jesus Came to Serve"

  1. Mindy L says:

    MARI V—I don’t know if you will see this reply, but my heart broke at your story and the response your church leaders have given you. I work in the Marriage ministry at our church and we would NEVER counsel someone to stay in an abusive marriage – safety is always the first priority! It sounds like you are at least in a safe and separate location, but I truly don’t believe that our loving God would ever ask one of his children to live like that. I pray that you might seek and receive loving & Godly counsel that supports you in this situation. You are loved & I pray that you know your worth!

  2. Terri Baldwin says:

    Matthew 19 re-evaluates our understanding of commitment, wealth, and sacrifice.
    . Sacredness of marriage
    . Childlike faith
    . Spiritual danger of wealth
    . Cultivate a mindset of eternal perspective
    ~humility ~sacrificial love

  3. Karen Breaux says:

  4. Annie says:

    This devotional really hit home for me.
    Thank You Lord for Your sacrifice, for loving me, for walking alongside me.

  5. Mariam Kamel says:

    I LOVE today’s devotional. We are going to be first time parents at the end of April and I couldn’t help to think about serving our childrens when they enter into this world. It’s so nerve wrecking and terrifying but I love when it says

    “we can only delight in being servants when we remember that our service flows from Jesus service.”

    I think a lot of times when we fail is because we try to do it all on our own instead of relying on God. I can’t wait to serve our newborn while relying on Jesus through the good and bad days! ❤️

  6. Debby Blake says:

    The scriptures today are beautiful! I so enjoyed the devotional, too, as well as all of your comments. But God …

  7. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    It’s always sad to me when I read of the rich young man and how he went a way sad because he had great wealth that he was not ready to part with. Did he finally come around and surrender all to Christ. The bible doesn’t say – we will never know. But it does cause me to pause and ask, “Is there anything in my life that I’m not willing to surrender to God?” I hesitate to answer to quickly. I want to think I’d be willing to give Him everything, but can I say it and mean it? I hope I would be willing – what about you? Do you struggle with giving everything to God? If so, you are not alone.

    Father God please work in me, grow me. Lead me to the place where I hold nothing back from You. Put the desire in my heart to surrender all – everyday. That you might do Your perfect work in me and through me. I ask you to do the same for each of my dear sisters here on SRT. Give us the desires (your desires) of our hearts. In Jesus Name.

  8. Mercy says:

    A couple of things stood out to me today:
    1- Don’t begrudge God’s generosity to others. Count our blessings, not their blessings, don’t count others’ pockets, count our own pockets. I heard this on a podcast and thought it’s a great analogy. Give thanks for your blessings for they are many.

    2- God loves the humble. Who is the greatest among them/us/ the church congregation? There was a fight among the church leaders (disciples) back then, surely the same is happening now, the fight for power in church. Did the Lord say the greatest are the ones with mega churches? One with theology degrees? Ones that have many crusades and conferences? Ones that cast out demons and can do crazy healing miracles? He did not. Those things do matter, BUTTTT (big but)…. they should not be our identity of greatness. Jesus draws 2 conclusions on greatness:
    a/ Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving] is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:4 AMP)
    b/ the greatest among you will be your servant (Matthew 23:11).

    You know it’s so easy to compare ourselves to someone else’s great achievements in ministry, I don’t have the abilities that they do, I can’t make big sacrifices as they make, indeed there has to be a grace to go through each trial. But to serve, yes I can, where I am, with my hands, with my cooking, cleaning, encouraging, smiling..yes i can serve with these little talents, and as I am faithful with the little things, God will increase so I can be faithful with much more. To humble myself? yes I can, to give my best to give glory to Him who modelled his humbleness (while being King of all kings) but chose to be born in humble beginnings. And all of that means I have a chance to be considered great in God’s eyes. This is God’s standards, and not more. How beautiful this is. Men always raise the standards to unattainable points to keep us enslaved, once we get there, they move the mark again, and we strive for the new mark- what deception! BUT GOD, be humble and be a servant, and you’ll be great! :)

    @JAMIE TRICE: prayers for healing over lupus and seizures, change of heart for your husband to join you and the kids to church, healing over grief and loss of loved ones. So sorry.

    @LAURA DIANE: grace for counseling so you both can move past what is hindering the love, the forgiveness, and have an honest reflection and even a hard conversation. Fasting is amazing. I was reading the book that KRIS recommended (thank you KRIS!), “Fasting” by Jentezen Franklin. The author/pastor said they always do a 21-day corporate fast at the beginning of the year to set the course and break any potential attack coming, and testimonies were flying in within a few days of the fast, financial breakthroughs, physical body healing, new doors open, hearts changed…. I am greatly encouraged. Fasting brings major breakthroughs and I believe any evil chains can break (in God’s time) through the humbling of a fast that WE initiate. “Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted. And the LORD will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong. And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt (Isaiah 58). Isaiah 58 is my go-to chapter when I fast, and declare bondages to be broken, praise God… things happen as God say, His Word is the law, sometimes even to the extent I never expect. He always surprises me in a fast.

    @KRISTINE LOUGHMAN: grace for you and your teenage daughter.
    @MIA FAITH: any updates that we can know about? Prayers for God’s hand to save and to shift things around for your good.

    Be blessed dear sisters.

  9. Mari V says:

    Good Morning BEAUTIFUL She’s from the bright sunshine of a beautiful morning in Santa Cruz California!! Beach is 10 minutes away, and I’m running down to it in a few minutes. My adult children don’t like the idea, but I will be very careful, I promise! As most of you know, I am legally separated. And I was in a second marriage. The first marriage, that spouse divorced me. Now, in my second marriage, he did, and said all the right things. But then I was blind to the red flags, and finally for my safety and the safety of my children, you left in July 2017. My church’s stance on divorce did not allow me to get another divorce. I don’t have biblical grounds. I’m gonna be open and honest and transparent here. On this side of heaven, I’m don’t understand why verbal and emotional abuse is not a grounds for divorce. But I am choosing to obey God’s Word and what my pastors have advised, as I believe, they are the leaders for a reason. And maybe someday I will have those grounds. BUT GOD….. I am safe now! I’m doing things, I never thought I would! I am strong, because My Jesus is strong for me! Out of that ugly and scary marriage, came TWO beautiful children. My son and my daughter, and I would do it again, knowing that I would get Caleb and Alyssa. Jesus is my first love! And then it’s Caleb and Alyssa. GOD IS SO GOOD!!

  10. Catherine McVey says:

    Good morning She’s! What a great message this morning. I loved the devotional too! So many times I have felt not good enough or constantly feel like I am not measuring up. So thankful for Jesus and what he has done for us. So thankful for his grace and mercy that is new every day. Praying for all of you, ❤️❤️

  11. Allison Bentley says:

    I love how God pulls us in close- today I was struggling with an all too familiar family situation and was filled with anger, jealousy and just plain hurt BUT God reminds me today that it’s not always about me but Him! A few verses that stand for encouragement today @Laura Dianne “what God has joined together, let no one separate” Matthew 19:6 @me “Don’t I have the right to do what I want with what is mine? Are you jealous because I’m generous? Matthew 20:15 and @All SRT sisters “ Lord have mercy on us” Matthew 20:30 and 31
    Lord have mercy on us! Teach us to walk in Your ways, not our own selfish paths. Help us to put ourselves last and delight in Your will (love thy neighbor; love thy enemies). Place Your Word deep within my heart. Thank You Lord for your forgiveness! Amen ☮️❤️ to you She’s !!

  12. Cee Gee says:

    John MacArthur says this on Matthew 19:21- “… go, sell what you have and give to the poor. Again, Jesus was not setting forth terms for salvation, but rather exposing the young man’s true heart. His refusal to obey here revealed two things:
    1) he was not blameless as far as the law was concerned, because he was guilty of loving himself and his possessions more than his neighbors (cf. v. 19); and
    2) he lacked true faith, which involves a willingness to surrender all at Christ’s bidding (16:24).
    Jesus was not teaching salvation by philanthropy; but He was demanding that this young man give Him first place. The young man failed the test (v. 22). come, follow Me. This was the answer to the young man’s question in v. 16. It was a call to faith. It is likely that the young man never even heard or contemplated it, though, because his own love of his possessions was such a stumbling block that he had already rejected Jesus’ claim to lordship over his life. Thus he walked away in unbelief.”
    I always feel so sad for the rich, young ruler and then I realize I am he. God forgive my errant heart!


    TINA – I just love a shareable Godwink! Good for you! ❤

    INDIANA ELAINE – Steve remains in my prayers. ❤

    Love and prayers for all of you, sisters. ❤

  13. Cheryl Blow says:

    Reading the article today, I could really relate to the author’s struggle. I’m a rule follower and faced with Jesus’ perfection, I sometimes feel like a failure. But God in His good mercy knew we could never do this on our own. He sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to help us in our weaknesses. I think it is good to realize we are not going to be perfect but with God’s help, we can keep running the race keeping our eyes on Jesus.

    Praying for all of you. Thank you for all of your insight into God’s word!

  14. Gina says:


  15. Jamie Trice says:

    I have been praying daily since Monday’s podcast with Alexa, like the two blind mean, Lord, open my eyes to you, but also my heart, soul, and mind to your Word, your Holy Spirit in me. I haven’t felt this inexplicably(only the Holy Spirit) joyful since my husband got super crazy anxiety back in 2016 and we had to stop teaching our precious 1-3 grade Sunday school class, then slowly stopped going to church at all. I never gave up on God, we went through MANY trials, including my Grandmother passing away in July of 2020, then his Grandmother passed that October, then my precious Momma at the young age of 61 was finally healed when Jesus called her home a year and 12 days after the loss of her mom, July 22, 2021. Meanwhile I was dealing with health problems and I am still in my 30’s and had to quit multiple jobs, I now know I have Lupus and non-epileptic seizures, which were due to being on meds I shouldn’t have been on and if my body or brain gets stressed out. I have now found a church home, but my husband isn’t coming and I am still trying to get my children to go. Please pray over them.

  16. Rhonda J. says:

    GM My Beautiful She’s!

    I love reading the different comments of little snippets that stood out to you today in these scriptures! I think what stood out to me is the “divorce” part, since I have been divorced twice before this marriage. The first one, I thought I had found the perfect, right guy that my family would love and “fit.” Unfortunately I was all about MY happiness and what I expected. He was in fact a really great guy. We were not going to church or anything and I had been pulled into a worldly job that was no bueno. I cheated on him to make him angry so I could feel better about leaving him, yet I still broke his heart with not so much of a smidgeon of remorse. I was living proudly for myself.

    Well what you sow is what you reap. It didn’t feel so good when what was done to another was done to me. Ouch. My second husband said he wanted to leave me after a couple years of getting married. I was devastated. This time I had a toddler and a new house of my dreams, and I had moved away from the previous area I had lived (I didn’t want to feel the scorn that I deserved!).

    But God…that’s when He drew me to Him. I hit my knees and begged Him to help me in the journey through the valley. I knew it was because I had not been living for Him but my own self. It hadn’t gotten me very far. But thats often what it takes, to be emptied of yourself to want to be filled with Jesus, the living water that fills an empty vessel. Sure I made many mistakes in the following years..But God, He corrected me swiftly and surely, and my journals are so apparent of the changes that came. I needed a heart transplant, to give empathy to others, to share Christ with others, to LIVE for Christ completely! It may not have come without the failure and empty. “Only by imprisonment can you experience real freedom.” When we are in the dark, in sin, we can’t really experience the light, but when we get a glimpse, we are drawn to it. So if you are in the dark and empty places, hold fast, grab the light, and walk towards it.

    Jesus can bring you into the sunshine of his love and mercy and grace. It’s so beautiful! Your failures are your past to give you your testimonies, so don’t be hard on yourself. Make those mistakes your messages! Praise God!! He makes all things new! I am forgiven!

  17. Michelle Patire says:

    My last word to God’s children is this: what does it matter, after all, whether we are first or whether we are last? Do not let us dwell too much upon it, for we all share the honor given to each. When we are converted, we become members of Christ’s living body; and as we grow in grace, and get the true spirit that permeates that body, we shall say, when any member of it is honored, ‘This is honor for us’…If any brother shall be greatly honored of God, I feel honored in his honor. If God shall bless your brother, and make him ten times more useful than you are, then you see that he is blessing you — not only blessing him, but you. If my hand has something in it, my foot does not say, ‘Oh, I have not got it!’ No, for if my hand has it, my foot has it; it belongs to the whole of my body.” (Spurgeon)

    Helpful commentary. Continually learning God’s grace is not dependent on me, but it is a demonstration of who He is alone.


    God bless you, Shes!

  18. Kris says:

    There’s a little piece of gold nugget hiding in these scriptures today, something I’ve missed most of my life. Another example of the compassion Jesus has for us. It’s in Matt 20:20-25. It’s where James’s and John’s mother asks that they get to sit on the right/left side of Jesus in His kingdom. And the other disciples get really mad. But in verse 25 Jesus takes the two aside. I can picture Him wrapping His arms around their shoulders and leading them away from the group. He realizes their limited humanity, He knows they don’t know what they’re asking for, He knows how mad the rest of the crew is, He knows He doesn’t want yet another argument amongst them. He doesn’t chastise them, He doesn’t humiliate them in front the everyone, He doesn’t scold them in ear shot of the whole group. He pulls them aside. And with compassion and understanding, He teaches them. Jesus is so gentle, kind, loving, compassionate, understanding. He knows how weak and how ignorant we can be. He knows. But He puts His arms around our shoulders and leads us to a quiet place and teaches us the right way. Oh, how much He loves us. Oh, how much He understands our weaknesses.

  19. Laura M. says:

    Some of you probably also participate with the monthly Dwell Differently plan. Today’s podcast(free for all to listen to on their website) is about keeping score. We are memorizing Mark 10:45 which is same as verse in the Matthew reading today 20:28. I had listened to the podcast first not knowing we had the same verse in our reading today. So I read today’s reading with scorecard mentality in my head. It really made me see how destructive that mentality of comparison is for us. God’s kingdom is not a zero sum economy. He is generous beyond our imagination and need. He gives to each exactly what we need and can handle. I keep getting blown away how he knits all the bits and pieces of what I read and hear to teach me His way of doing life. So thankful for these studies.

  20. Laura Dianne says:

    The true humility of Jesus really struck me today. Being humble is not my best characteristic. I love to serve, but I also (if I’m honest), like to be recognized for my good deeds. It’s a sad reality of my heart, but full disclosure. When the mom asked about her two sons sitting at the right and left hand of Jesus, His response was patient and kind. I can only imagine what I would have said in that situation! “Are you kidding me? I am God. Why would you think your sons would be any where close to being able to sit on my right and my left!” I am so grateful that I worship a God who also came to serve, to teach, and to guide and who patiently allows us to question, rebel and grow.

    Thank you to everyone yesterday for your encouragement to me in my first day of fasting for my daughter. I was able to center my thoughts on her and her needs throughout the day. I like the suggestion to pray that the scales fall from her eyes. I look forward to sharing her story of return and redemption with all of you some day.

    Based on my true confession yesterday about my conflict with my husband, the verse that pinged my heart today was when Jesus was talking to the disciples about divorce. I have never been divorced, but I have contemplated it at times, when things get difficult and I just want out of this relationship. But Jesus said, “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that he who created them in the beginning made them male and female…” which made me think of the teachings I have read about how different men and women are and this is one of the reasons we have disagreements in marriage. It reminded me that God knew this about us. He created us different from each other. He’s not surprised that we rub each other the wrong way, that we react differently to situations, etc. But He hates divorce, so the ideal is to figure out how to make it work. And at least for my marriage (which is a difficult dance most days because my hubby and I are complete opposites), the only way to make this work is through God’s intervention, by clinging to Him and seeking His help and direction. And isn’t that the point of marriage after all.

  21. Adrienne says:

    Definitions of delight include words like joy, extreme satisfaction.and gratification of the mind.

    Help me and my sweet sisters always find delight in You. I know that needs to be my focus daily (and, sadly, it is not).

    I found a heart-shaped potato once too, TINA! It was so beautiful (and as you mentioned un-peelable!) It was at home, and so I didn’t have many others I could have witnessed to. (I hope I would have used it as a tool like you did, but sadly, I wouldn’t have thought about it quickly enough. I’m one of those people that think of things always AFTER the fact!!)

  22. Taylor says:

    Thank you Jesus that it’s not about me or what I do that earns my salvation – it’s about what Jesus already accomplished on the cross. I am FREE because HE sets me/us free. I echo Kristen Brady’s prayer that God would open our eyes to see Him in a new and unique way today.

    Lifting up the prayer requests especially for @Indiana’s student that he had a successful surgery.

  23. Kristen Brady says:

    May the cry of the blind beggars be the cry of my own heart today. “Lord, Open our (my) eyes” that I would see you today. And that I may see Jesus in a fresh new way as we get closer and closer to Resurrection Sunday.

  24. Erica Chiarelli says:

    Amen ! Thank You Jesus !!

  25. Aimee D-R says:

    Oh Father that I am Free and greatly loved by You. I pray that sinks deeply into my heart and I Live as Your joyful servant, free indeed. In Jesus name, Amen

  26. Kristine Loughman says:

    Reading through Matthew at this rate is giving me whiplash! Jesus packed so much into his three years of teaching, and we get a sentence or two at most about each event. When we hear these stories in church, it’s usually one vignette at a time. I imagine Matthew sitting down and going “okay I’ve only got room for the highlights – what do people need to remember about Jesus?” I always wonder what happened between the stories… Sorry my thoughts are scattered today. I’m struggling to be the mom of a 14 year old daughter these days. Prayers for my sanity!

  27. Tara B says:

    Lord, thank You that you freely give the gift of grace, salvation, love and eternal life to those that accept, believe and confess. Even on their dying bed. You are fair, faithful and just. The last will be first and the first will be last. Amen.

  28. Julia C says:

    MERCY ❤️

    MARI V – Praying for a safe trip and a peaceful, refreshing stay

    RHONDA J – Agreeing with KELLY (NEO)! We love you and your comments are they/you are!

    LAURA DIANNE – Prayers for you and your husband as you go to counseling next week.

    GS – Prayers for your family ❤️

    TAYLOR – Praying for soft hearts, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation for you and your friend

    TINA – Your heart-shaped potato made me smile :)

    Praying for soft hearts in all marriages, friendships, and (family) relationships.
    Praying for all sisters who long to have a husband and kids.
    Praying for all sisters who miss someone dear to them.
    May God fill your hearts with love today ❤️

  29. Tami C says:

    Tina that I beautiful! I loved the devo today because I struggle with a “I’m not good enough attitude”. It helps me to remember that “Jesus is the perfect servant and that our service flows from His service. He is the perfect hero, not me.” So I can surrender in my “not enough” because I am not meant to be perfect, but to take “delight in His will” to the best of my ability. I’m
    struggling with being patient with my 6th grade students daily! They can be so challenging, and sometimes a few can ruin the class. I want to keep my focus on the 90% that are amazing yet still love the 10% who make me pull my hair out. I want to reflect Jesus but I don’t always do that! Forgive me Father.

  30. Searching says:

    Keeping my eyes on Jesus and not on myself. Thank you, Lord, for your sacrifice!

    HELEN P – amen!

    TINA – cool! Even those that only grunted may continue think about what you told them – visuals are good for that ❤️

    MIA FAITH ❤️
    CEE GEE ❤️

  31. Julia C says:

    Doing something for you, bringing something to you— that’s not what you’re after.
    Being religious, acting pious—that’s not what you’re asking for.
    You’ve opened my ears so I can listen.
    So I answered, “I’m coming. I read in your letter what you wrote about me, And I’m coming to the party you’re throwing for me.”
    That’s when God’s Word entered my life, became part of my very being.

    – Psalm 40: 6-8 (The Message)

    Dear Father,

    “We can only delight in being servants when we remember that our service flows from Jesus’s service.” Thank You for this gift and this joy. Thank You for inviting us to Your party, the wedding feast of the Lamb, where we will celebrate who we are in Christ: Your church, Your bride, intimately known and forever loved.

    Thank You for Your grace, for dealing with us according to who You are, and not according to who we are.

    May we remember Jesus’ sacrifice. May we rest in Your grace. May Your Word enter our lives and become a part of our being so that we may actively prepare ourselves for spending eternity with You.


    1. Laurie Crary says:

      Amen indeed.

  32. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “Jesus was the perfect servant, and His goodness and His sacrifice secured [my] salvation.” Hallalujah and amen, Scarlett!

    Heb 12:2
    “[Look] to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

    INDIANA ELAINE – what a blessing that you got to minister peace to Scott before his surgery. Praying to hear a good report about it soon.

    TINA ❤️-shaped potatoes are great witnessing tools! It should be a thing :-)

    ERB ❤️

    RHONDA J – we don’t need you to be like one of us. We need you to be you.

  33. Mary Ann Graves says:


  34. Helen P says:

    I don’t usually comment, but this really resonates with me – after many years of striving and trying, finally understanding and receiving the Father’s unconditional acceptance, approval and love brings such freedom. It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus! Thank goodness! This Lent, I’m falling in love with him again more and more.

    1. Erin L. says:


  35. Tina says:

    And so, in honour of the name of Jesus all beings in heaven, on earth, and in the world below will fall on their knees, and all will openly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
    Philippians 2:10-11

    I love those verses so much! They say exactly what I imagine of Jesus, and they fill me with the Hope that I can one day without fear proclaim, not just to those I already know believe, but to those who need to hear the name of Jesus spoken over them, and to them.

    I serve with a church, cooking for the disadvantaged in our communities. It is a job I absolutely love, and though I pray that through my actions, I am being the person I am called to be, I would love to spontaneously speak of the One who gave, so I could be and do!
    Well that opportunity came on Monday. In preparing the food, I found in My sack of potatoes a heart shaped one❤! I couldn’t peel it so I left it out.
    When it came to serving the meal, I caught sight of the potato, you may laugh, but I found myself, with every plate of food I served, I literally told the guest receiving the food, that Jesus loved them, as I showed them the potato! There were a few grunts, but on the whole, my words were received with a handful of thank yous, smiles and wonderement!

    I am not one to shout from the rooftops, but I am one to tell if his wondrous goodness to me, for the joy Jesus brings to My life, even when..
    I know I would be a wreck, lost and confused without Him in My life.. Where would my life be..

    BUT GOD..


    Beautiful sisters, Happy today, wrapped in love and hugs always.❤

    Praying as requested and then some.

    Continued prayers for MIA FAITH and family. May the peace of God, cover you in the waiting for news, but also fill your hearts.. He is near, dear sister, He is near..❤