Day 5

Invited into Rest

from the I Will Give You Rest reading plan

Luke 14:1-24, John 6:35, Ezekiel 20:10-20

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the Scripture. During this reading plan, we’ll then use the summary provided here to guide our discussion around the daily reading.

In His teaching and ministry, Jesus reminded people about the heart of the Sabbath. More than a rule or a law, it was always intended to be a regular reminder of His true rest.

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  1. Annie says:

    The excuses of those at the wedding feast convict me. There will always be things to do or distractions away from Sabbath and my relationship with God.
    However, Jesus is the Bread of Life and Jesus is all I (we) need.

    Even today I struggled with distractions spending time with God, but I know He is what my soul truly needs. True rest is found in Him alone.

    Thank You Jesus for Your steadfast kindness and pursuit of me (and all of us).

  2. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that taking a sabbath can set us apart from the rest of the culture surrounding us. This was a way of sanctifying the Jewish people and is today. I know I need this test to fully walk the way God has intended me to walk.

  3. Jasmine Hall says:

    I so agree 100%.

  4. Claire B says:


  5. Kimberly Z says:

    @SEARCHING I too get sad at the thought of people rejecting Jesus. After my dads accident last year and the loss of our dear family friend the other week I truly cannot fathom not having faith. A dear friend of mine doesn’t believe in God and while I never want to push her into thinking she’s wrong I just try to gently give her tidbits here and there. She recently told me of a story about how her neighbor started crying to her wishing that she would let Jesus into her life because she knows it would be beneficial. She said to me “Isn’t that so strange? It made me so uncomfortable!” And I just responded well it’s because you’re such an example of a Christ like person. I find comfort in the fact that God still shows himself in people who don’t yet believe.

  6. Kimberly Z says:

    Good morning ladies! Currently getting ready to leave for London today! I am so excited for hopefully a fun and refreshing vacation. Ive never been before so I am excited. I love that our ideas of the sabbath are all different and that’s okay! My sabbath might look a little different than others. @TAYLOR I agree we definitely have a lack of trust when we don’t obey the sabbath. Trusting God can be a challenge in itself! @MOLLY ROHRER I too struggle to try and get everything done ahead of time so I can enjoy the sabbath but sometimes I wonder if that’s really what God is looking for because it tends to stress me out more haha. @SARAH D. Praying for the lady today who wasn’t very nice to you on the phone. I work with cancer patients and often get the brunt of the patient and their families pain. Just know that it probably wasn’t you and more something she is going through. I have a manager who is very difficult for me to work with and often makes me cry and I’ve tried to turn my feelings on just praying for her instead.

  7. Kaitlin Crum says:

    I relate to those people who made excuses not to come to the feast. I feel like I make excuses a lot for why I’m not reading God’s word more or why I’m not getting more involved in the church, etc. it’s so hard to truly rest when this society has taught us not to.

  8. Sarah Staples says:

    I try to find rhythm’s of rest. 15-30mins daily; one day every other month; and an overnight 2 days once a year. This helps me find rest and bandwidth for the life before me.

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