Day 29

I am the Light of the World

from the Lent 2016 reading plan

John 8:12, 9:1-7, John 1:1-18, Genesis 1:1-5

BY Vivian Mabuni

Text: John 8:12, 9:1-7, John 1:1-18, Genesis 1:1-5

This is part of a 10-day series on the person of Christ in the 2016 Lent study.

The older I get, the more I enjoy (that is, “require”) moderate temperatures, my feather pillow, and hot showers—creature comforts. Yet I’m still strangely drawn to watching survival reality shows on TV. That people would choose to endure extreme, potentially fatal, conditions greatly entertains me from the comfort of my couch and extra-large bowl of popcorn. Watching these shows from a safe distance on my cushy perch, I’m reminded of just how vulnerable we humans truly are.

The priorities for survival, regardless of setting, include: finding a clean water source, fashioning some form of shelter, locating food, and building a fire. How fitting then, that our Savior, Jesus Christ, proclaims that He is Life (Colossians 3:4), and He is everything essential for life. He is the Living Water (John 4:10) and the Bread of Life (John 6:35). He is our nourishment (John 15:5) and our shelter (Psalm 91). The One who created us also sustains us, giving us everything we need to survive and even thrive here on earth (2 Peter 1:3-4).

Today we read about another necessity: light. And once again, Jesus does more than provide light for us. Scripture tells us that He Himself is light:

“I am the light of world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
-John 8:12

Hours of watching survival TV shows have taught me that those first precious hours “on the island,” so to speak, are spent using whatever means necessary to start fire. Once burning steadily, the fire provides warmth and a means of cooking food, protection from dangerous enemies, and yes, light. But bringing physical sight into the darkness isn’t all that light gives us. Our need for illumination goes so much deeper.

Like the man born without sight in John chapter 9, we are spiritually blind, powerless to overcome the darkness. But when Jesus comes near and turns our hearts toward Him, we are given a new kind of sight (2 Corinthians 3:16). In Christ’s presence, we are able to see the world as it truly is. We also begin to see peopleall peopleas made in the image of God, full of dignity and worth. By His Spirit, the Savior opens our eyes to eternal things, teaching us to walk by faith, not by physical sight (2 Corinthians 4:18, 5:7).

You and I aren’t stranded on a desert island today (at least I hope not!), but we are desperate for light all the same. Only the light of Jesus can give us sight, revealing the depth of our sin and the vastness of His grace. Only the light of Jesus cannot be overcome by the darkness (John 1:5).

Father, You are good, and Your provision is perfect. Draw us near to Jesus, the Light of the world, for warmth, for healing, and for life. Amen.

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  1. Charlie says:

    ‘Father, you are good and your provision is perfect.’
    The simple truth of this statement rocked me!

  2. LizzieB85 says:

    My husband has a demanding job, he is treasurer of our church, & is currently working on his MBA. We have 14 month old twin boys. I spend most of my days & nights with the boys. I do have bible study & my own ministry work so I am not totally isolated, but parenting alone can be so hard! Sometimes I find myself throwing myself little pity parties that include unfairly labeling my husband. I pray that the Light of the World will illuminate my situation as it really is & my husband as who he really is. NOT what I make them out to be. I need this so much in this stage of our lives.

    1. Tiari says:

      Praying for the same thing today.. May we be content in our calls to our homes and allow the Lord to be our strength and our everything!! Amen!

    2. jessiechatchat says:

      Right there with you! Thank you for setting the example, calling “time” on the pity party. I’ll do the same!

  3. Kim says:

    “In Christ’s presence, we are able to see the world as it truly is.”

    This past summer my family were able to tour a cave. At the halfway point, they shut off the lights and you stand in the complete and utter dark. The guide then told a story of one of the early cave explorers who used a candle. He dropped the candle and of course, was without light. When his rescuers found him, he was leaning against a wall. However, he thought he had been lying on the ground. Apparently when we don’t have light we lose our orientation b/c we don’t have a reference point.
    During our tour, I found this tidbit very interesting but had not tied it to my walk with Christ until this morning. When I concentrate on the darkness or the trials going on around me, I not only get turned around but upside down too! But when I lift my eyes to the things of heaven, when I seek the face of Jesus, the light of the world, then I am righted and my spiritual orientation has it’s anchor point.
    My translation says “The light shines through the darkness and the darkness can NEVER extinguish it.” Rejoicing in this today! And praying that I may reflect this light into our dark world today!! Go with God today sisters!

    1. Katie says:

      Powerful visual! Thanks for sharing! :)

    2. AmyBB says:

      Love this. Truly, when we focus on Him… Everything changes. Praise be to God…

  4. Kristine says:

    I really appreciated the illustration of how God meets our “survival” needs as if on a desert island! it was a great way to explain the basic needs, with the verses to support it. and a need for light, as my eyes get a little older, is more necessary, and praise Him for being that spiritual light, brightening up the darkest spaces of my heart the same way the trio of lights by my couch provide brightness to my room. I often envision the light from heaven shining down on me as I pray, almost feeling the warmth on my face. it feels like such a blessing to be able to envision that. :)

  5. Cassidy says:

    Hi all!! So the first time I read Genesis 1:1-2 I honestly just kind of skimmed over it without much thought, but then as I read back through it with a friend she challenged me to stop and think about that picture that is painted for us. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” Just imagine a world that is dark and God is just hovering over all the waters…what a peace that gives me!! He calls us out upon those waters, but He is right there, hovering and ready to guide us through. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. So thankful for all of your comments, it just drives the scripture home even more to see how it has been applied/viewed in other sisters lives :)

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      Love this, Cassidy! Thanks for sharing today!


  6. K says:

    Super thankful today that my veil has been removed and for that verse. Thinking of so many who still have their veil on but the Father wants to remove it. May I be faithful because He is SO faithful, to be used by Him in the removal of veils!!

  7. Diane Huntsman says:

    Ps one of those four children of whom I spoke of is currently taking Bible college courses with 12 other students in Australia, on the other side of the world from her home in California.. She is very homesick and has 2 1/2 months left.. If you feel led to pray for her, I invite you to do so! It’s her first time away, she just turned 19. Thank you!

    1. Dawn says:

      Diane, I live in Sydney & go to Hillsong IChurch Church

      1. Diane Huntsman says:

        Oh wow!! She is in New Castle!! How far are you from there??

      2. Diane Huntsman says:

        Oh wow!! She is in New Castle! How far are you??

    2. Mimi Sterenberg says:

      Praying for my sweet friend in Australia!

  8. Diane Huntsman says:

    Jesus came to His own and His own rejected Him.. I’m so incredibly grateful that Jesus saved me and empowered me to say yes to His invitation.. I’ve raised 4 children under His power and influence.. Coming out of extreme dysfunction He enabled me to end that dysfunction and not repeat abusive cycles and point my children to Him.. They are all adults now living lives as followers of Christ.. It’s not always been that way, they’ve made wrong turns and gone down dark roads, but the foundation was laid, they returned to their first love.. I just want to encourage moms to keep the main things the main things.. Your kids souls matter more than their academics, their musical talents and their sports.. Teaching them truth, reading the Bible together and praying over them and with them is what is most vital in all your business.. We are all called to be “Johns” the ones who bear witness of the Light.. It starts with our own lives bearing witness and then teaching our kids the same purpose through our example and our words.. We need the next generation filled with truth in these dark and watered down days! The war isn’t going to cease from its rage, we must raise up soldiers to fight the good fight and light up this pitch black darkened globe! Go moms! You’ve been entrusted with lives, you are equipped with Jesus so you got this!

    1. Angela says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Diane! I have these same thoughts all the time. It’s so nice to hear someone else put them into words. Praying for your daughter in Australia.

    2. Kim says:

      SOOO thankful your encouraging and strengthening words!!! May you be blessed for and in your own life of example and faith.

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