The Doxology

Open Your Bible

Psalm 150, Matthew 6:9-13, Philippians 4:4, 1 Peter 1:3-5

There is such beauty in singing His praises—not just in church, but in our dirty kitchens, with breaking hearts, in the middle of our unmet longings, or at the end of our weary days. Praise turns our hearts from ourselves toward the One we were made to adore—toward the One who adores us, to the One who was broken for us, and to the One from whom all blessings flow.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”
– Psalm 150:6

Over and over in Scripture, there are commands and exhortations to give God praise. Praise rings out all over the Psalms. Paul tells us to “rejoice always” (Phil 4:4). God asks us to praise Him, even when our hearts are heavy. The Lord’s Prayer opens with praise: “Our Father, in heaven, hallowed be Thy name” (Matt 6:19).

There’s a lovely mystery to rejoicing always, to choosing to praise God in every moment. How on earth is that possible? Always?

We have walked through some seriously heartbreaking circumstances with dear friends and family over the past few months. Praising God feels like the opposite of what I want do most of the time, especially in the middle of such sadness. But as I direct my heart back to the Cross and the empty grave, I begin to remember that we do have this Living Hope, even in the middle of the most desperate circumstances.

I don’t know how to rejoice always, but I do know that every time I remember who He is—and how He gave Himself up for us so that we could know wholeness—something shifts in my heart, even when it’s breaking.

So let’s listen to the invitations and encouragement all throughout Scripture today, dear sisters. Let’s raise our voices as creatures here below and let them mingle with the saints that have gone before us and with the heavenly hosts, to give praise to the Author of every blessing and to the One who gives us a Living Hope, even on our darkest days.




by Thomas Ken, 1674

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.



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115 thoughts on "The Doxology"

  1. Paige Bennet says:

    Praise is such a powerful weapon that I think often gets left behind. We get so busy trying to fix the problem, when all that is needed is to just refocus our mind and attention to the one who holds everything in His hand.

  2. Debbie Tyler says:

    Needed this during this trying time. Praising Him shifts my focus from me to Him! Thank you!

  3. Carol McDaniel says:

    Nothing like singing this A Capella! 4 part harmony—and to think that isn’t even close to the harmony we will know in heaven!

  4. Crystel Garrett says:

    The doxology brings me back to my childhood when I would go to church with my grandparents. The doxology was sang after the collection of the offering. I like the idea of falling back on it especially during trying circumstances.

  5. Lizzy Butterfield says:

    I LOVE the doxology. I sing it a lot, when I don’t know what to pray, when I don’t want to be grateful, or when I’m just in a good mood. I learned this habit from my mama

  6. Judy L says:

    I’ve never heard that verse! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Lydia Poteat says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  8. Lili V says:

    Even in the hard times I have a hope. Jesus✨

  9. Sara Bida says:

    At my church we end every Sunday service singing two versus of the doxology. The second stanza we sing is as follows:
    Praise God for all that he is done,
    Praise Him for He has overcome
    The grave is beaten, love has won.
    Praise God our savior, Christ the Son.

  10. Desiree Hernandez says:

    In the midst of the pandemic of covid-19 I choose to stop the panic in my house and just praise. He choose this time to stop the world to listen to him and praise. His Will will be done!

  11. Maryam says:

    Praise our great Lord for only he is worthy of all our praises thank you God for your love in the most difficult situations. Maryam

  12. Lizzy says:

    praise God- it all comes down to that :)

  13. Deborah Thompson says:

    Just seeing if this works

  14. Trin says:

    Before chapel everyday we sing this song at my college. At first thought it sounds like a great thing, but then once you get used to it everyday it becomes nothing. A crowd of 5,000 and it sounds robotic. Definitely need to think about the words and actually praise Him!

  15. Rachel says:

    I will lift my eyes and voice to praise you Lord! All blessings are from you!

  16. Kayla says:

    Praise the lord in all aspects of your life and he will shower you with blessings. I went to cowboy church tonight and God was revealed to me when the preacher spoke but I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t feel the same way when I was the one who was alone with God and speaking to him. I was upset about it and on the way home I turned off my music and talked to God to reveal himself to me and I put on my too Christian tracks playlist on spotify and began to sing along and praise the Lord and Gods presence was revealed to me. I love my father so much and I’m so thankful for his unfailing love.

  17. Amy says:

    I loved this! The doxology was always something that we just sang at church and didn’t mean much to me. Thanks for putting it in perspective!

    1. Phylicia says:

      Agreed! I’ve felt the same way too and now it all makes sense with all the verses pulled together too.

  18. Iris Griffin says:

    What a wonderful and refreshing look at what the elders in my church taught us as children. Praises go up and blessings come down. Thank you for reminding me!

  19. Sarah York says:

    I am loving these “hymns” reading plans. I did the first, just finished this second one, and am about to start the third. Thanks SRT :)

  20. afeddes says:

    praising him always is super hard. I often feel hypocrticial when I try to praise God when im in a bad mood, when I don’t feel like it but its in those moments something shifts in my heart and its not hypocrticial its an act of faith to praise God even when we don’t feel ljke it. there’s a beautiful new song on Hillsong United’s new album Empires called even when it hurts (praise song). reminds me of this devotional and the discussion in this thread and I think it will bless you guys.

    1. Hayley says:

      Yes! That song makes so much sense to me and I thought about it while reading this too.

    2. Phylicia says:

      Just listened to that song for the first time and love it. Thank you for sharing!!

  21. Maggie Redekop says:

    ” I don’t know how to rejoice always, but I do know that every time I remember who He is—and how He gave Himself up for us so that we could know wholeness—something shifts in my heart, even when it’s breaking.” This definitely hit home for me. So amazing that He gave His one & only Son for you & me.

    1. Lyndsey says:

      I thought the exact same thing!!! Praising Him through the storms of life can be the hardest but where the most growth occurs.

    2. Mary Alison says:

      I came to comment the same thing! I’m glad other people were feeling this too! Love it!

  22. Arlynn says:

    This hymn has special meaning to me. When my extended family would gather together for a meal, this was the prayer we sang. Listening to generations singing praises to God brings me to tears even today. Praising Jesus is so Amazing!

  23. Morgan says:

    Broken praise is sometimes even more beautiful than joyful praise. It is hard and involves a lot of surrender, but there is something to be said of praise that comes from a broken heart or a desolate place. It is praise given to God purely for who He is. That’s so beautiful. That is the kind of worship that I imagine brings so much joy to the Father.

  24. Ana Lutz says:

    Does anyone else ever feel like crying tears of joy because God is so good? I was jamming this morning to worship music, one hand up, praising His name! It’s such a wonderful feeling. I’m starting to understand how to glorify Him through everything I do. I still fail, but He forgives. God is good!

    1. Nicole says:

      Love this! Me too…sometimes His amazing goodness just brings me to tears.

  25. Melissa says:

    Thankyou ladies for helping me to get back on track with my time with God. It has changed my heart.

  26. Melissa says:

    Praise God through whom all blessings flow . God you are perfect , you created all things and sustain all things . You give and you take away. You are the great I Am. Guide my heart and fill me again. Give me the strength to love my husband, and everyone around me with your unconditional love . Give me your eyes for the people on this earth . Show me how to praise you in everything I do . Let my praise be a witness to how great you are . Amen

  27. Elyse says:

    These comments are so uplifting. This past year has been my first year of college, and being in a new city and surrounded by unbelievers has been incredibly hard, and my work schedule often conflicts with my church services and small group times. It’s nice to have this online community to be a part of and to be able to praise Jesus with my sisters in Christ any time of the day!

  28. Sare says:


  29. Alexis says:

    Praise God!!!!!! I need to constantly be praising Him! Even when things are bad I need to praise Him because He gave me life and an opportunity to be with Him eternally in heaven and that is what my eyes need to be focused on. All these worries I have that are superficial do not matter, I need to realize that. I shouldn’t care about worldly ideals! Instead I need to focus on God because that is all that matters in the end!! WOW SO THANKFUL FOR HIM! GOD I PRAISE YOU!

  30. Beautiful scriptures. Praise God, my heart sings with joy

  31. Annelies says:

    Just today I hade a hard time but know I know to prase God anyway

  32. Laura says:

    This devotional was exactly what I needed today. I will definitely revisit it to remind myself that in all circumstances I have to praise God!

  33. jaydincampbell says:

    such a blessing & great reminder who is worthy of our praise!! ahh!! ❤️❤️

  34. Lori B says:

    I love that, Sami! Lovely family tradition!

  35. Sami says:

    For as long as I can remember we have spent thanksgiving with our family friends and are pretty much our family. Every year as the prayer before we eat we all gather in a circle and hold hands and sing this song! It holds a very special place in my heart! Even though it is such a short song it is packed with great truth and a reminder of how everything that has breath should praise The Lord! <3

  36. Amber says:

    Praying for you all – we are in San Antonio too! We moved here a few years ago and didn’t know anybody at all either. It was really hard especially as we were also adjusting to the climate, having moved from Colorado. Summer is tough in SA sometimes! We love our church Northwest Community Church –

  37. Danitza Avila says:

    Just relocated to San Antonio a month ago. It’s bern hard on me since we don’t know anobody here. I’ve been battling with depression and I hate it! I want joy! Yesterday my sister talked to me about being one with Messiah. I would not have to fight in alone or on my own strength of I could learn to be one with My Savior. What better way than to sing his praises in the dark, gloomy, or lonely places. With God, we will sing this thing away from me and it will be cast away forever!

    1. Dezshanae Grayson says:

      I come on and this is the first thing I see! I’m here in San Antonio. I know how it feels to move to a city with no friends or family. Maybe we do lunch one day :) praying for you sister!

    2. Crystal says:

      I pray that you find comfort where you are. If you have not found a church to connect in, I recommend 210 Church in San Antonio. The Senior Pastor John Valenzuela, known as Coach Val, is a blessing to hear. Visit for more info. Get connected in church and soon you can create more relationships in the SA area. God bless you! As always, pray to God for direction and His peace. You are greatly loved!

      In Christ,

    3. Wendi Curtis says:

      This is also the first thing I saw when I came to comments! My husband and a friend of our are planting a church in the stone oak area. Would love to have you join us! It’s called Stone Oak Bible. Also, know “coach Val” awesome guy he coaches at the private school my husband teaches at. Pray that you find a place to worship and feel connected!

      1. Danitza Avila says:

        That is so sweet and I feel so joyful right now. Thank you Wendi, Dezshanae, Crystal and Amber. We have been looking for a church for the past 2 weekends. We are visiting a new one this Saturday and praying the Lord establishes amazing, loving relationships for me and my little family. I thank y'all so much for all your words and encouragement! God is so good. Thank you! And Dezshanae that would be awesome! :)

      2. Alyssa says:

        I’m not in San Antonio, but this just touches my heart what a great community this is!

  38. Allison says:

    This reminds me of an old song Jesus just the mention of Your name. When we say His name, satan flees and peace abounds. Praise Him even when it hurts because He is preparing us for something amazing!!

  39. Hannah Loren says:

    Can we get a lock screen of the doxology? I love it so much.

    1. Antimony says:

      Just do a screenshot of the picture. Then edit it so all you have is the picture and set it as the lock screen.

      1. Hayrhea says:

        I tapped it and it prompted to save to pictures too

  40. I need to be reminded of this when my heart is broken–his was broken for me, when I seem to have no hope–He is my Living Hope, He is my Daily Bread, the Lover and Wooer of my heart and soul, and He loves me intimately and will do whatever it takes to draw me to Him. Even the trials are blessings from Him.

  41. loveHimso says:

    I don’t know how to rejoice always, but I do know that every time I remember who He is—and how He gave Himself up for us so that we could know wholeness—something shifts in my heart, even when it’s breaking…..truly wonderful statement….I can always rely on His peace even when I can’t seem to rejoice or even pray for myself. Every time my heart breaks it seems to prune my soul and always makes me look toward heaven.

  42. I’m just learning to praise God in all things. This was so encouraging to me.

  43. Jess says:

    Ah! I learnt this truth in a new way just last night. After a dreadfully difficult day, I was left hurting and tired. Before bed I lifted my voice to heaven and simply said, “God I trust you and I love you,” and then worshipped along to some music. Oh the grace and peace that flooded me in those moments! Praising in the midst of hardship is the most beautiful form of worship and it is so precious to our Heavenly Father!

    1. Candacejo says:

      That peace that passes all understanding ♥

  44. Hayley says:

    I will never forget about a year ago when I was in a deep season of anxiety and panic. I was staying with my in-laws for a period of time when my husband was out of the country. My father-in-law prayed with me one night before bed and afterwards he told me “if you wake in the night and you can’t sleep just start singing praises to God. He reminded me that the devil will never stay anywhere where Jesus is being praised. It worked! :)

    1. Candacejo says:

      I love that! The devil will never stay anywhere that Jesus is being praised. Amen!

  45. Zana says:

    I pray for the grace to consistently praise Him, especially in the dark days. May I stay faithful in worship, especially when my heart is heavy. I pray that I can focus less on my struggles, and fix my gaze to the one from whom all blessings flow.

  46. Antimony says:

    “I don’t know how to rejoice always, but I do know that every time I remember who He is—and how He gave Himself up for us so that we could know wholeness—something shifts in my heart, even when it’s breaking”. This ability to shift my attention from my own problems to the wisdom of God is essential. We can’t see the big picture. We just have to decide if we can trust the one who can.

  47. MommaD says:

    Remembering to praise the Lord in all things is to know Joy. Hard but so good! <3

  48. Bronwyn says:

    Beautifully written. Here is a song by The City Harmonic that expresses the same sentiment.
    I hope it blesses you.

  49. Kat says:

    “…and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
    to bestow on them a crown of beauty
    instead of ashes,
    the oil of joy
    instead of mourning,
    and a garment of praise
    instead of a spirit of despair
    They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
    for the display of his splendor.”
    Isaiah 61:3

    I have found that praise is also an act of obedience at times. This scripture from Isaiah so speaks to my heart in this way. Two years ago I stood in the ICU by my Mom’s bed in devastating grief, saying our goodbyes. Literally I stood watching one of my dearest friends curled up in bed with my mama thanking her for all she had done for her. One of my best friends stood with her arm around me lovingly, pushing me to put on the “garment of praise”. She said “Praise God for this life, Praise God for this changed life.” Honestly, I didn’t want to. But in obedience I did force the words to come out of my mouth. He truly inhabits our praises. I can’t begin to write here all God did and continues to do in our lives. He allowed me to be so present in that time. He allowed me to see & feel the outpouring of love and support from our friends and church family. He gave me scripture and amazing signs to let me know my tiny, little mommy was with Him, beholding our Saviour. I still miss her everyday, all of our birthdays especially. I cry as I share this. But our God is faithful and because of Him answering prayers I get to look forward to a wonderful reunion with my beautiful mama!

  50. Aubrey says:

    Whenever I read those scriptures – Rejoice in the Lord Always – I always think of Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts…she is so eloquent about the grace of God and giving thanks in not only the hard things, but the mundane: “When we lay the soil of our hard lives open to the rain of grace and let joy penetrate our cracked and dry places, let joy soak into our broken skin and deep crevices, life grows. How can this not be the best thing for the world? For us?”
    ― Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts

  51. Catherine_K_L says:

    Rejoice in The Lord always, and again I say rejoice! It's an interesting concept that we are to praise Him not only "because" but to praise Him also in the "when". Praising Him is a powerful action of both obedience and faith. I have learned this over the last few years of my life and find that it unlocks the floodgates of God's blessings on my life of abundant peace, love, joy, grace, mercy. Praise The Lord O my soul and all that is within me….whether my praise is because of who He is or when it is crucial to recognize He is good all the time regardless of my circumstances. My faith is deepened as I learn to trust Him more and more in the "when's" of life, and can genuinely praise Him through it.

    Actually, like the lesson spoke of yesterday, it is through this concept I believe that I have come to truly learn that He is my EVERYTHING….He is my ALL and to fully know how it is to be in love with my Savior!

  52. Ali Sims says:

    I have many blessings to be thankful for today. Great reminder who those blessings ALWAYS come from. Thank you Lord!

  53. Tammy says:

    I love the idea of our voices “mingling” with the heavenly host and the saints ❤️

    1. Molly J says:

      Me too! That was the part that jumped out to me today. What a beautiful picture!

  54. Charli says:

    Thank you all for this beautiful study and for Sandra and Ellie sharing their devotionals, as well. What a beautiful way to set our hearts on The Lord and praise Him this weekend.

  55. Katie K says:

    Praying for the grace to praise the Lord today in the midst of trying circumstances. Grateful for the hope and mercy and love I have in the Lord. I cannot imagine where I would be in this life without Him!

  56. KatSmith1026 says:

    Oh, how my heart soars & sings when I praise my Creator! What a beautiful way to end our week studying hymns. Thank you, SRT sisters, again for your beautiful insight & being so attuned to the Spirit’s whispers.

  57. Casey says:

    I walked down the isle on my wedding day to the doxology being played on violin. :)

  58. Laura says:

    A beautiful way to start my day! Thank you! Praise the Lord!

  59. Murphy says:

    Thank you, Ellie for laying out such truth in such a beautiful way. Something shifts in my heart when I choose to look at God instead of my circumstances.

  60. Ellie is amazingly talented and I like her even more now. This is exactly what I needed this morning.

  61. Janet Mony says:

    Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
    Praise Him, all creatures here below;
    Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

    The 'Amen' at the end sort of seals the deal… there's no room for "but" or "what if" or anything else after that "Amen." Such a great practical reminder for me. I've come to the point where I know that I need to praise God whether I'm on an emotional high or if praising God is the last thing I feel like doing. I love that reminder . . that "something shifts in my heart…" when I offer praise to the Almighty.

    What a great & timely reminder as I start this weekend!

  62. Katie says:

    Ellie ‘ s album has been the soundtrack of my heart over the last few months, after my husband left. May I continue to remember that I am called to praise God even now, in the darkest season.

    1. Lanikai prays says:

      I am new here but I have been truly blessed by all your comments and the devotional very remember. How many times I’ve sung that song but I feel it was just words. I will be praising the Lord in a new way today. I will praise him when I feel negative thoughts enter my head or insecurities flood my brain.

    2. Jan says:

      Hard times……I remember well when I went through a divorce. Jesus was my best friend… stability during hard times. Today I am blessed with a Godly husband and four adult children that are all serving Jesus.

  63. Onfaith says:

    Praise is such an interesting thing. I've been having conversation with my eldest daughter over it recently. The teenage years bring so much emotion and internal conflict. I had noticed she started to become very quick to judge or negate other girls she didn't know. I believe a defense mechanism we all tend to lean towards, so I challenged her to intentionally find something nice to say to these girls, a compliment of some sort. She was irritated at the suggestion, but I do this, so she knew I was completely expectant that she would as well. Just the other night she came home after dinner with friends and shared that she had done this. She specifically complimented a young woman she did not know and the response she got was genuine and pleasant, even fun. My Bella recognized that she had made another girl feel good and they had a connection. Praise can deflate so many situations, it brings walls down, immediately opens lines between strangers and provides a unique connection – in short, it makes us all feel good. It works this way with God as well. Praising God isn't just for Him, it's for us too. It turns our attention from a place of judgement and harshness, misery and heartbreak to a place of centered love and genuineness.

    There are seasons it is so hard to actively praise God. Ones where it is so much easier to yell and remain angry in our hurt, but it's like an argument with my husband, if instead of saying all the things I want to shout, all the things that I feel, I replace those words with truth – loving thoughts and encouragements, he softens and I so do I. Praise is a tool God designed *for* us to draw us closer to Him, to each other. A love based connection that encourages growth and keeps us on a God centered path. Our maker is so wise, I am prayerful that I remember in my hardships, my bad attitudes, my weariness that I always remember to praise. That I remain constant in my focus of Him and my love of Him. No other is so worthy of my praise! ~ B

    1. MNmomma (heather) says:

      so very true! <3

    2. Miranda says:

      “Praising God isn’t just for Him, it’s for us too. ”
      Yes! God is not an ego maniac who needs constant reminder of who He is. He has rocks and hills to cry out if no other will. Like so many other things we are told to do in Scripture, praise is for our benefit. It reminds us that there is no name higher than His. Everything we face has a name, but He is greater still!

    3. Saundra says:

      Oh Onfaith. How true and wise you are. Thank you for your post. It really spoke to my heart this morning.

    4. Candacejo says:

      Love what you said, "they soften and so do I"….Lord, help me choose my words wisely. And bless your daughter today!

    5. angieonmaui says:

      Beautifully written; your comment really strikes a chord with me!

  64. joanne says:

    We were made to praise Him. Did I ever need that reminder. It is one of our purposes. Thank you!

  65. Kelly_Smith says:

    An action or attitude….that is it, Tina! We can raise our voices and hands and our hearts still be lost in worry, despair, and unbelief. Praise comes from a deep knowing that, ultimately, our God reigns. If we falter in our faith, He is merciful to take us to that deep knowing through praise. So often I have gotten lost in my circumstances, only to be drawn out through a word of praise. "Every time I remember who He is, something shifts in my heart."

  66. Judy says:

    I’d just like to say how thankful I am to have found She Reads Truth. Everyday I visit here I learn something deep and heart provoking. And then I read the comments and shares and truly, I often have to step away to come back later to finish because my heart and mind cannot soak in all the lessons and all the beauty all at once. This is truly a beautiful community and Gods presence is powerfully present here. As “I read truth” in this space, I am filled with His Love. Im thankful for each one of you who shares from the heart. God is using this ministry and this community in powerful ways.

    1. Judy, it is such a joy to have you in our community! Blessings to you, sister!

      xoxo-Kaitlin for She Reads Truth

  67. Zuriel says:

    I love you guys! :-) The devotionals and the comments are such a blessing every day. I thank the Lord for each and everybone of you, dear sisters.

  68. Tiffany W says:

    Today will be a hard day. I needed the reminder to look for ways to praise even in the sadness.

    1. Candacejo says:

      Sorry I didn't see this yesterday Tiffany, praying all went well. God is near dear friend!

  69. LaurieEW says:

    Thanks Ellie, always nice to hear your words written on paper or in song.

  70. Simi says:

    As I am reading this my heart is broken from so many things and trying to rejoice always (or at any time) has been an uphill battle most days especially when most things around me are pushing towards despair – but as I began to read today’s devotion, God began to minister to my heart – your praise (especially when your circumstances are contrary) is a step of faith and a declaration that this too will pass and that which breaks my heart, even that which disappointed me will work out for my good and God will be glorified. So I am asking God to give the grace to rejoice…always !!!

    1. Beth Warner says:

      Yes dear, this is quite the learning experience, isn’t it. Keep strong we’ll get there.

      1. Yaneli says:

        Amen. Thank u for speaking the words I can’t.

        1. Yaneli says:

          This was in response to simi.. This app is not very post friendly

    2. Maderia says:

      Oh how I know this so well…rejoicing…praising…when my circumstances are contrary. A "step of faith and a declaration" indeed. But trust that His grace is ALREADY given to us…laid out before us…freely. I pray for you today that you will be able to step into it…wrap yourself up in it…and rejoice! Knowing, as you said " it will work out for my good and God will be glorified". The victory is ALREADY won! I pray for you today dear sister.

  71. Lindsay says:

    does anyone know of a good bible study app for men? my husband would like one for himself :)

    1. KatSmith1026 says:

      I’m in a similar situation! I’m not sure if there’s anything out there quite yet, but there is the YouVersion Bible app which has a ton of translations & devotionals. Also, SRT has said that they are developing He Reads Truth that may be released sometime this year!

      1. Caroline says:

        I use the esv study bible app and I also have a physical copy of it. It’s totally worth it to have a good study bible

        1. Lindsay says:

          thank you

      2. Lindsay says:

        thank you

  72. tina says:

    Praising God…in all, for all…the good,…the bad…the ugly…the 'not fair' …the 'shouldn't have happened s'….ALL today..

    Elle, I love the way you write…."I don’t know how to rejoice always, but I do know that every time I remember who He is—and how He gave Himself up for us so that we could know wholeness—something shifts in my heart, even when it’s breaking"…..this is so true
    Praise is not just about hands in the air, whilst singing an upbeat song, in happy times…Praise is an action or an attitude of the heart, deep in the soul, that through whatever the circumstance, we can still say thank you, to the One, who died for us, trust the One who believes in us, the One through whom our wholeness comes.. the One who continues to be faithful, to love, to care for us….Sometimes, it is not about words…sometimes we are too speechless to say anything….but with this action or attitude of the heart, PRAISE, spoken, unspoken, sung or unsung, is our connection to God…

    I wwaffled…

    God is…

    God is Worthy to be Praised…always…

    Happy Saturday…my loves…God bless you…xx

    1. Beth Warner says:

      Beautifully said Tina, thank you. Happy Saturday to you too dear.

    2. Maderia says:

      "Praise is not just about hands in the air, whilst singing an upbeat song, in happy times…Praise is an action or an attitude of the heart, deep in the soul, that through whatever the circumstance, we can still say thank you…Sometimes, it is not about words…sometimes we are too speechless to say anything….but with this action or attitude of the heart, PRAISE, spoken, unspoken, sung or unsung, is our connection to God… " so beautifully said Tina. Thank you!

    3. Libby says:

      I love this Tina! Beautifully written! Have a wonderful weekend!

    4. Onfaith says:

      An action or attitude of the heart! So true. Beautifully put T! ~ B

    5. MNmomma says:

      so true! Thanks Tina!

  73. Laney says:

    “I don’t know how to rejoice always, but I do know that every time I remember who He is—and how He gave Himself up for us so that we could know wholeness—something shifts in my heart, even when it’s breaking.”
    Such a sweet truth, I’ve experienced this firsthand while on a mission in Haiti. To combat a negative mood I literally had to start counting every blessing I could think of down to the hair tie that kept me a tad bit cooler and once I started the atmosphere shifted and I couldn’t stop praising! Thanks for this lovely reminder:)

    1. Chris says:

      This has been my theme this week also. I like you description Laney of the 'atmosphere shifting'. That is both powerful and life igving. Thank you for sharing. Thank you SRT so much for this precious series!

    2. MNmomma says:

      I love your description of the atmosphere shifting……so true. I find it is so easy to fall into a "negative ninny" state of mind, especially around my coworkers…..having a spirit of thankfulness and praise definitely changes the atmosphere – at least in my head space ;)