Holy Week in Real Time: Palm Sunday

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Luke 19:28-44, Zechariah 9:9, Psalm 118:25-29

Text: Luke 19:28-44, Zechariah 9:9, Psalm 118:25-29

Today begins the portion of the church calendar commonly known as Holy Week.

In the coming days, we will slow our pace, walking through the events that took place between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Rather than offer personal, written responses to each day’s Scripture reading, we’ve asked our friend, Pastor Russ Ramsey, to provide a real-time summary of the week’s events. Our prayer is that this more descriptive approach will usher you into the narrative and allow space for you to fully engage the beauty and ache of Holy Week.

Take this week slowly and reverently. It is a somber time, but let us never forget: Sunday is coming.


The ride Jesus took into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday was a moment vital to our salvation.

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, perched up on that colt on the Sunday before His crucifixion, it was the first time since raising Lazarus from the dead that He’d shown His face in the city. The story of Lazarus’ resurrection had circulated, so even those who only heard about it later regarded Jesus as something of a celebrity. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Him. John tells us that because they heard Jesus had raised Lazarus, they went out to meet Him and received Him like a King (John 12:12-18).

Jesus said Lazarus’ death would end in the faith of many and in the “glory of God—that the Son of God may be glorified through it” (John 11:4). But the glory He had in mind was even more magnificent than His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In fact, Jesus wasn’t referring to the glory the people gave Him at all. Lazarus’ resurrection would steel the resolve of the religious leaders to hand Jesus over to a death He would freely accept—a death He would ultimately conquer (John 11:45-53). That was the glory He meant.

This Sunday was the hour of Jerusalem’s visitation. Jesus loved this city. He wept over her because what the people wanted and what they needed were so far from one another (Luke 19:41-44). Jesus knew the full extent of the salvation these people required, and He also knew what it would cost. He knew salvation was unfolding before them in that very moment.

The punishment that would bring them peace was about to be laid upon Him (Isaiah 53:6).

Jesus knew the religious leaders would play a role in bringing this punishment to Him because they feared Rome more than they feared God. He knew they would be willing to kill one of their own if it meant preserving the privilege of worship that Caesar had granted (John 11:48-50).

And so it was that He rode on into the city and made His way to the temple while the people of Israel parted like a holy curtain torn, crying, “Hosanna!” which means, “Please, save us now” (Matthew 21:6-9).

As Jesus rode along, the people cried out to one another, “Your King is coming!” (Mark 11:10) and they praised His victory over Lazarus’ death (John 12:17-18). But the irony was that He wasn’t coming to claim His crown on account of Lazarus’ death and resurrection. He was coming to claim it on account of His own.

written by Russ Ramsey
adapted from Behold the King of Glory


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30 thoughts on "Holy Week in Real Time: Palm Sunday"

  1. Nikki Maddox says:

    Thank you God for loving us so much that you brought the King of glory to us!!!!

  2. Louise says:

    The next coming of King Jesus will be all triumphant. There will be no cross and suffering for him, instead he will be claiming eternal victory. When I look at Palm Sunday I look ahead to the future and the glorious return of our king.

    1. Denise says:

      Yes, come Lord Jesus come. Amen and Amen !

    2. Jenica says:

      Beautifully said!

  3. Cathy W says:

    Thank you…well said. I sit amazingly humbled at this moment. May God remind me of the price of His amazing love each day.

    1. Tiari says:


    2. Tiari says:


  4. KristiV says:

    Jesus weeping over Jerusalem hit me hard. He loves his people so much and knew what was going to occur next. I just see a picture of uncontrollable crying which shows the emotion sometimes I wish I had for all Gods children who are lost. I want my focus this week to be all about Gods people who have yet to know him personally so that I can be a light that shines through their darkness to the foot of the cross to the empty tomb and beyond.

    1. Shirlie says: