Day 47

Good Friday

from the Lent 2022: Come to Life reading plan

Mark 15:1-47, Isaiah 52:13-15, Isaiah 53:1-7

BY Jen Yokel

Lent and Holy Week end with an invitation to contemplate history’s darkest day. We know how the story ends, but let’s not rush past this. Let’s make space to remember.

Mark’s account of Jesus’s final hours is relentlessly brutal. As Jesus waits before Pilate’s questioning “like a lamb led to the slaughter,” He offers no defense for himself (Isaiah 53:7). He stands in vulnerability, letting humanity throw its worst at Him. 

Even as Pilate finds no fault and offers to spare His life according to Passover custom, the mob demands His death even louder. The chief priests fling accusations and stir up the crowd against Him (Mark 15:11–14). He is mocked by the empire’s soldiers, the passersby, and “even those who were crucified with him” (vv.16–32). His broken, tortured body becomes a spectacle for a jeering crowd that still watches for a miracle that never comes. Even the charge written against Him on the cross—“The King of the Jews”—reads like an insulting joke. 

This is no ordinary execution, and it’s certainly not the hero’s death of epic fables. Humiliation upon humiliation, pain upon pain (v.34).

Yet even in this darkest hour, He was not alone.

Women who loved Him, followed Him, and supported His ministry watched from a distance. If He did come down from the cross, they would be the first ones by His side. If not, they would care for Him still in death.

A Roman centurion was watching. When he saw how Jesus faced death, the moment when He “let out a loud cry and breathed his last,” (v.37) something moved this soldier to acknowledge the truth—this is no ordinary man, but truly the Son of God (vv.37–39).

Joseph of Arimathea, an esteemed member of the Sanhedrin, was there too at the end. He boldly asked for Jesus’s body so He could be laid to rest with some dignity before the Sabbath arrives. He likely had no idea he was part of setting the stage for the greatest miracle of all (v.43).

Sunday, we will celebrate. We will say “He is risen” with joy-filled hearts. We know this darkness will pass away, a pause before the final victory.

But for now, let us wait. Let us linger on the threshold a little while. Let us wait alongside the women and the centurion and Joseph and everyone who had hoped for a Messiah, who felt like their dreams had breathed their last with Him.

Because Sunday, the light breaks through.

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  1. Melina Corsiuk says:

    In Yesterday’s reading Mark 14:25 – (after giving the cup to the disciples) “truely I say to you, I will no longer drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God”. In todays reading, he was offered wine mixed with Myrrh on the cross before the vinegar. I looked it up and it was offered to help dull pain. It stuck out to me, did Jesus say what he did in chapter 14 to make the point that he was going to bear all the pain. Surely no one would have thought anything of him for drinking it, but he refused anything that would make it more bearable or tolerable. Something I’m sitting with tonight and tomorrow. Thankful for the coming light on Sunday.

  2. Kelly (NEO) says:

    CLAIRE B – ERB mentioned a while ago she was pulling back from comments but she pops up once and a while. Not sure about Maura. ❤

  3. Alayna P. says:


  4. K Walls says:

    My post is in response to churchmouse by the way!

  5. K Walls says:

    Your post meant so much to me. Currently experiencing a dark time. Such comfort to know how much can change in just 3 days ❤️

  6. Lacey White says:

    As my husband and I are dealing with worldly things I know the Lord Carrie’s our burdens. Reading this Good Friday messages has filled me with so much hope and a lot can happen in three days!

  7. Claire B says:

    BTW, Have I missed it or have ERB and Maura disappeared?

  8. Claire B says:

    Every Good Friday I feel like at some point during the day darkness should come and the earth give a little shake. It just seems like it would be fitting.

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