For He Will Fight for You

Open Your Bible

Nehemiah 2:1-6, Nehemiah 4:1-23, 1 Chronicles 28:20, Psalm 27:1-14, Matthew 10:26-30

“I think you’re just going to have to trust the Lord.” I sat quietly in a restaurant booth across from my high school small group leader, trying to figure out how to phrase the only question coming to mind.

“Okay…but how?”

We weren’t talking about large-scale trust; instead, the minute details of life. I can remember it like it was yesterday, the overwhelm and loneliness of sophomore year heavy on my young, in-process heart. I loved Jesus. I had grown up learning about Him. But I was tired of hearing phrases no one could actually explain.

We like to throw around Christian phrases (“Christianese,” if you will). Yet when someone asks what it means, we often answer “Um, well I think it means to…[insert more Christianese].” 

I felt a similar gut-level response as I looked at today’s title, another phrase many of us often say, yet can’t quite articulate—and I’m no exception. But as I began to read, my defenses dropped as the context of the verse caught me by surprise.

In today’s reading, we find Nehemiah’s assuring words: “Our God will fight for us!” (Nehemiah 4:20). How can we trust that God will fight for us? Let’s start with God’s fight for those rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls in Nehemiah. Here we witness Nehemiah living out more than an abstract truth—we see his faith on display as he joins the Lord in the fight, evident through a few simple yet striking transitions:

Amidst overwhelming fear: “So I prayed to the God of the heavens” (Nehemiah 2:4)

In response to mockery and scorn: “So we rebuilt the wall” (Nehemiah 4:6)

In the face of their enemy’s furious plots: “So we prayed to our God and stationed a guard because of them” (v.9)

Against death threats: “So I stationed people…at the vulnerable areas…by families with their swords, spears, and bows” (v.13)

From the outside looking in, we get to witness God’s strength in Nehemiah’s vulnerability before the King, His wisdom in Nehemiah’s defense strategy, and His protection in their progress despite mockery and death threats. 

Nehemiah didn’t wait to overcome his fear before he went to the king or built the wall. Nehemiah was acting in response to his own prayers. And while these words aren’t intended to be an exact formula for victory, when we look at the story as a whole, we can learn from his obedience. Notice Nehemiah’s response to victory in their building project. “We knew their scheme…God had frustrated it” (v.15). Nehemiah certainly remembered his own prayers to “the great and awe-inspiring Lord,” looking to God’s work instead of his own bravery, diligence, or strategy (v.14).

In our fear, we are still called to partner with God in the fight. I’ve often found comfort in knowing that I don’t have to wait until I’m not afraid to do the work God has put in front of me. Nehemiah prayed, strategized, and went to work. What has God been equipping you with to act on in faith?

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97 thoughts on "For He Will Fight for You"

  1. Jasmyn Preval says:

    Amen. we serve a gracious God.

  2. Amber Brackett says:

    Thank you Lord that you have sent us your helper, the Holy Spirit, to indwell in me always. I can find strength and courage knowing you are with me. I don’t have to overcome my fears on my own!

  3. Jennifer Murphy says:

    Oh great, God. Help me to remember that you will fight for me. Help me to be obedient as Nehemiah was and fight for you too.

  4. Elizabeth Sasser says:

    Help me lord. Im begging you

  5. Cindy Wilkinson says:

    It’s ok to let go bc God has a plan, it’s ok to be afraid and keep moving forward letting go.

  6. Heather MetzgerAblondi says:

    As I prepare to attend the SBC Annual Meeting the verse in Matthew about God bringing things done in the darkness into the light has renewed significance. Thank you, Jesus.

  7. Jen Beck says:

    A great reminder that I dont have to fear anything, the Lord is with me and will carry me through

  8. Monica Hughes says:

    We all need to pray and lift each other up as the battle ensues, let’s build our walls of defense!

  9. dabria mong says:


  10. Amber Sherman says:


  11. Abbie Merhoff says:

    i get so anxious about so many things in my life and i feel frozen and trapped. i need to step out of myself and read God’s Word and trust his promises so that I can live in his freedom!!!!!

  12. Diana Miranda says:

    I will not fear my finances. While my husband works, I will arm myself with the word of God. I trust in you Lord.

  13. Olivia Mills says:


  14. Kim Parsons says:


  15. Marilyn Jones says:

    Fear is something that my daughter has issues with. I just pray that one day she will be well again from anxiety and depression. She has started medication. I just pray each time for her to work thru everything she is going thru. God will stand with her thru it all, and so will I.

  16. Lydia Brown says:

    Looking forward to the playlist! Thank you!

  17. Jordan Ogletree says:


  18. Christa Yak says:

    I am always so thankful for your responses on here! It’s like a second devotional to the devotional :) I love how you said “He stood with them as they stacked the bricks” and it made me realize He is doing that with me too as I stack the bricks and do the work in my life. Thank you ❤️

  19. Terri Baldwin says:

    The lord is my strength, my strong hold why should I have fear?

  20. Elise O’Flinn says:

    I concur! Is it out there yet? Would love to find it! @SarahHansen

  21. Erica Romero says:

    I’m planning on helping our youth pastor shepherd middle school age girls as a small group leader. I pray that God would provide words to me to give these girls so they aren’t given platitudes but instead real wisdom and things to consider on their own.

  22. Kirsten Scheller says:


  23. Lexi B says:

    What stood out to me today was Neimiah’s short prayer to the Lord before he asked the king to return to Jeruselem to rebuild the wall. We’re not told what he asked specifically, but what stood out to me was that he decided to quickly pray to God before giving an answer. In my mind, I wouldn’t have enough time to do such a thing, but there is always time! God answered his prayer and Neimiah was able to go and do what God asked him to do. This is a great reminder for me, before any decision, I have time to include God.

    I love the idea of do not fear song lists! Here are a few of my go tos:
    Don’t Tread on Me: We The Kingdom
    Be Still: Hilsong Worship
    Echo- People and Songs
    Never Lost- Elevation Worship
    Rest In You- All Sons and Daughters
    Never See the End- Mission House (This one was playing in my head when I was facing my worst fear; camping outdoors in a major thunderstorm)

    There are many more but the list would be long.

  24. Kelly (NEO) says:

    I Will Not Fear – Adore
    Rest in Me – Derri Daughtery/Ellie Bannister

  25. Kathy says:

    Raise a Hallelijah and You are my Champion—I think they are both by Bethel

    What an awesome idea…thank you!

  26. Lizzy Butterfield says:

    Tonight I scribed Psalm 27:13-14 over and over. I read most of the scripture to my two year old in tears. She was afraid of the wind, I am afraid of weariness, human limitations, and messing up. I needed tonight’s scripture badly, but it was wonderful to feel so helpless again because I’m return God poured out His love on me. I’m just a mess of a human in need of my Savior.

  27. Victoria E says:

    Wonderful news Allison!

  28. Robin Kirby says:

    “Weary Traveler” by Jordan St Cyr. “Rest for your Soul” by Austin French “Warrior” by Hannah Kerr

  29. /Rhonda J. says:

    One of my favorite songs is “Peace Be Still”, the Lauren Dagle version! Also, “I’ll Be Okay” by Lydia Laird. “Cast My Cares” by ??

    I copied so many good thoughts from you all today in my journal! See you in the morning She’s!

  30. Alane Larison says:

    Warrior – Hannah Kerr.
    Eye of the Storm – Ryan Stevenson.
    Stand In Your Love – Josh Baldwin.
    Love Has a Name – Jesus Culture feat. …
    Reckless Love – Cory Asbury.
    Scars – I Am They.
    The Father’s House – Cory Asbury.
    Anchor of Peace – North Point Worship

  31. Allison Boyd says:

    One of my favorites to listen to when I’m anxious and overthinking things is “rise up (Lazarus)” by Cain.

  32. Tricia Marble says:

    Matthew West… I’m Fine. Also The God Who Stays.
    Not Today by Hillsong. Fear No More.

  33. Sarah Hansen says:

    Not specific to today’s reading – I started trying to put together a Do Not Fear playlist on Spotify. I came up with “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williams and “The Breakup Song” by Francesca Batistelli but got stuck. right. there. Any other ideas??

  34. Jennifer Urena says:

    I am so thankful that God left the Bible for us to have. Everything we need is in there. One of the things I have been thinking a lot about lately is marriage. But I am still single and can’t seem to figure out what God’s plan is. Today it was encouraging to read in Psalm 27 “Wait for the Lord”. Amen.

  35. Jennifer Urena says:

    I am so thankful that God left the Bible for us to have. Everything we need is in there. One of the things I have been thinking a lot about lately is marriage. But I am still single and can’t seem to figure out what God’s plan is. Today it was encouraging to read in Psalm 27 “Wait for

  36. Jennifer Urena says:

    I am so thankful that God left the Bible for us to have. Everything we need is in there. One of

  37. Jo says:

    Praise the Lord! So pleased for you, Allison x

  38. Allison Mitchell says:

    I am so happy and grateful! I got home from my orthopedic appointment and I don’t need to have surgery! Just some modifications for my knee tendons as I heal and physical therapy. I am so grateful that I can dance again and I am dancing in worship and praise for Jesus right now! Thank you all for praying for me. :)

  39. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that God cares about what we are going through. I love that the details of our lives matter to him. The battle I feel in am facing is an inner battle. I have a two year old, and she is definitely pushing boundaries. I feel like I need to battle against frustration and anger. I pray the Lord would give me peace, joy and love, instead of anger.

  40. Cindy Hanna says:

    @Angie. I know you must feel weary fighting the bullying tactics of your co- worker while keeping your heart conscious of God’s will and presence. I am praying alongside & for you.

  41. Cindy Hanna says:

    Late getting to my reading today but oh how I loved this verse: “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living! – Psalms 27:13 The Lord is doing good things every day even though we may not recognize and his goodness will continue to follow us into his presence when we see him face to face. Praise God!

  42. Cindy Hanna says:

    Late getting to my reading today but oh how I loved this verse: “I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living! – Psalms 27:13

  43. Jo says:

    Gwineth52, thank you so much for that poem “do the next thing”. Amen! Life can be so overwhelming but He just wants us to “do the next thing” and leave all the outcomes to Him.

  44. Donna Rowse says:

    Thank you Churchmouse – oh how I needed to hear that today. ❤️

  45. Gwineth52 says:

    Dear Shes … An excerpt from a poem, for messaging & managing our inner “Nehemiah” … quoted by Elisabeth Elliott from a Saxon legend titled: “Do the Next Thing”.

    Many a questioning, many a fear
    Many a doubt hath its quieting here.
    Moment by moment,
    Let down from heaven,
    Guidance are given.
    Fear not tomorrow,
    Child of the King,
    Trust with Jesus,
    Do the next thing.
    Do it immediately,
    Do it with prayer,
    Do it reliantly,
    Casting all care.
    Do it with reverence,
    Tracing His hand,
    Who placed it before thee
    With earnest command.
    Stayed on omnipotence,
    Safe ‘neath His wing,
    Leave all resulting,
    Do the next thing.

    Thanks be to God.

  46. Dorothy says:

    I read Matthew 10:31 because it finished the paragraph and thought. It also says “don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than whole flock of sparrows.” But I think my favorite verse is Matthew 10:28 “(Jesus is speaking) “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”” Knowing all I should fear is the Lord is hard but I’m glad to know He is with me “through thick and thin,” and He “has my back” no matter what type of situation I get into. I’ve learned in my 63 years friends come and go, jobs come and go, and after being a nurse for over 40 years I’ve seen that family can come and go — though I’ve never experienced it and I thank the Lord for that — but God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have always been there for me, all I have to do is call out to them.
    Be blessed this wonderful and glorious day that the Lord has made and shout it out, sisters.

  47. Victoria E says:

    Allison Mitchell, thank you for your prayers! I am praying for your appointment today

  48. Victoria E says:

    Brooke P! Praise God!!!!! Thank you for updating us!

  49. Victoria E says:

    Mercy, Brooke P, Searching, and everyone who prayed for me thank you so much. Brooke P praying for your appointment today. GramsieSue praying for Steve’s upcoming treatment and for you both. Mary Warren, thank you for sharing your story. I can relate, God saved me from an infertility diagnosis and a miscarriage and now we are at almost 35 weeks by His grace. He told me we would fight those issues for me and I didn’t have to frantically search for answers online or do some special ritual or diet or program. And I believed Him. And He has done it. And yet, I have felt attacked my a spirit of fear off and on throughout the pregnancy that I have prayed against, asked for prayer against, and been ashamed to even have after the incredible way God has come through on my behalf. PTSD is real, sometimes our brains can be changed by going through an experience like that. But God is still greater and He loves to take compassion on us. I will pray for you.

  50. SarahJoy says:

    As my brother went through intense military training a song called “King of My Heart” became my prayer for him. Then he went through a crisis of character, and I feared for his soul. That truth that God is our anchor in storm, the mountain where we run.. He is where I must go in the challenges no matter how insignificant because that’s where our faith muscles prepare for the battering storms.

  51. Lori Butler says:

    Mary, I appreciate your words and the living example you shared. God is with us and He fights for us, even in the midst if the ptsd. Praise be to God, He is still fighting and still healing, saving. Shout!! Shout of His faithfulness.

  52. Traci Gendron says:

    Praying for you all.
    MARY WARREN – I also forget at times. God has brought me through so much and I have to remind myself as well.

    Lately when I think of my son’s death, I feel sick to my stomach. I’m not sure what is going on there. It’s amazing what fear and loss can physically do to you. I need to grab onto Christ’s love. To remember I’m not alone. To “do it scared”

  53. Michelle Patire says:

    Take heart* LOL

  54. Michelle Patire says:

    As I read the comments, I see many women overcoming fear with the Lord and then having to face it, again. It is unfortunate that no matter how strong we grow in the Lord, the enemy still persists with fear or worry. But I am grateful that our God is bigger and able to help us overcome fear time and time again. “Take hwattr, I have overcome the world!” He says.

    I am praying you ladies continue to trust God to lead you and fight when you don’t have strength in you. It is amazing to read your stories. I pray they continue to bless people in their time of need.

    I am moved by how hard Nehemiah and his people worked… such labor, and yet, still they were willing to fight armies! I can’t say I would have the physical strength to fight a battle after manual labor all day. God is good. They didn’t have to fight.

  55. Mari V says:

    “Do it afraid”. I remember hearing those exact words from a Bible study leader many many years ago. Just like our devotional this morning sometimes we need to step out in faith and “do it afraid”. And oh boy… Throughout the years have I done things “afraid” but not once did I go alone. My Jesus came with me.

  56. Holly says:

    Mary Warren, thank you for sharing your experience. I had a similar medical emergency a few years ago when I woke up to discover I was on a ventilator which was totally unexpected. While on the ventilator, praying for God to let me go to Him because I was in so much pain, Jesus let me know it was not yet my time, that I needed to stick around so I told Him then He had to handle it because I couldn’t and He did. In the hospital, after I got off the ventilator I remember thinking “Hold on to this, remember that Jesus is always with you and you survived this so you no longer have anything to fear.” Of course, once I fully recovered that lesson has been hard to hold onto and I have tended to beat myself up for forgetting it. Hearing you describe a similar outcome helps me to know I am not alone and we do not need to beat ourselves up, we just need to hand it back to Jesus who loves us and helps us even when we forget to let the fear go. Thank you.

    Churchmouse, your comment touched me. It was exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks.

    Praying for everyone’s request as I read them. God is good, always.

  57. Mari V says:

    “Do it afraid”. I remember hearing those exact words from a Bible study leader many many years ago. Just like our devotional this morning sometimes we had to step out in faith and “do it afraid“

  58. Linnea Constant says:

    first PRAY
    finally WORK
    always TRUST

  59. Linnea Constant says:

    first PRAY
    finally WORK

  60. Linnea Constant says:

    first PRAY

  61. Beth Bruner says:


  62. Heidi V says:

    Praying for each and everyone of you this morning. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see all the intricacies God sees and orchestrates in our lives for even just a minute!

  63. Donna Wolcott says:

    From Jesus Calling today: “When anxiety attempts to wedge its way into your thoughts, remind yourself that I am your Shepherd. The bottom line is that I am taking care of you; therefore, you needn’t be afraid of anything. Rather than trying to maintain control over you life, abandon yourself to My will. Though this may feel frightening – even dangerous – the safest place to be is in My will.”

    Prayers for all requested and those kept in hearts.

  64. Churchmouse says:

    As I read of Nehemiah this morning, I made note of the strong personal relationship he had with God. Because of this relationship he was able to trust God and stay the course even under great opposition. Nehemiah knew he was in God’s will. The rebuilding of the wall was God’s task more than it was his. Nehemiah reminded his countrymen to focus on “the great and awe – inspiring Lord.” They would draw strength and courage because of Him, not because of themselves. For the builders, the battle was to press on, trusting in God. The battle wasn’t so much the opposition they encountered. Sure they were frightened. The wall wouldn’t yet provide much protection. But they had God. He would fight for them. He would deliver them. He stood with them as they stacked the bricks. So He is with each one of us. It starts with a personal relationship grounded in prayer and study, bouyed by trust in the character of God. The Truth of who God is gives us an advantage in every battle. When our hearts start to race, when our knees start to shake, when our breathing starts to increase, when our minds start to play out all the “what ifs,” remember Who is our Commander in Chief. His banner over us is love. He will always fight for those He loves. He fights to the death. Look to the cross. And then look to the empty tomb. See the victory. Remember the greatness of the Lord.

  65. Patricia Stewart says:

    Amen sister. You witness the power of Jesus in purity.

  66. Lori Lackey says:

    Prayers for you Wendy. We are kind of in the same place. My mother in law and my dad are both not doing well. Do you enjoy your job?

  67. Lori Lackey says:

    Prayers for you Wendy.

  68. Morgan Latham says:

    “My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, Lord, I will seek.” – Psalms 27:8

    Seeking the Lord is what I want to do, but so many times I turn away from Him. I’m so glad He is fighting for me even when I’ve gone astray.

  69. Adrienne says:

    Have I missed something? Haven’t “seen” ERB here recently?

  70. CeeGee says:

    ALLISON MITCHELL – Praying in agreement with you in your appointment today. Thanks for your encouragement; I love dancing to praise music and ‘dancing’ with my grandkids, too!

    ANGIE- continued prayers that the bully will see you so unaffected by her tactics that she will grow weary of attacking you and that the Holy Spirit can reach her heart. I suffered under the attacks of someone just like her for several years so I empathize. At least ‘your year’ is almost over :)

    BROOKE P – Praying for your appointment today and that you will feel God’s peace.

    MARY WARREN – That statement jumped out at me today too. I have read it many times, but today had the image of Jesus teaching in the dark because of the dangers/forces that threatened His ministry. He did what He was sent to do.

  71. K B says:

    Starting again in a new place has been hard for me. My husband is in a job search and the worry and fear can be crushing at times. This is a perfectly timed study. So thankful for this.

  72. GramsieSue . says:

    Steve and I will be traveling to Mayo in Rochester, MN tomorrow. They will do preliminary tests on Thursday and begin radiation and chemo on Tuesday…for six weeks. God is with us, fighting for us. When I am afraid, I will trust in Him. Praying fervently. This is the perfect study and God is in control. Hugs to my sister she’s. ❤️

  73. Linda J says:

    What a wonderful, strong testimony. Thank you for sharing. Take care and give yourself all the time and grace needed for recovery.

  74. Maria Baer says:

    I appreciate that today’s devotion points me to how, the doer in me, need to take a step back and find refuge and pray on it before acting. The phrase “let go and let God” comes to mind, but I sure tend to forget about when confronted with situations, especially problematic ones.

  75. Taylor says:

    The Lord has put this phrase on my heart lately and then for it to be today’s devotion title is a nice reminder that God IS fighting for me! I just need to trust and obey, “do it scared” as someone mentioned. We sang the song “Champion” by Bethel Music in church on Sunday and it really spoke to my heart that God has already won the battle, I just need to walk into that victory. Thank you all for your prayers and I am lifting up each prayer request as it is mentioned!

  76. Brooke P says:

    I’m so thankful for this reading day. Wow. Praise God. So many rich things in almost every line of scripture today. She’s, I am praying for you all. May the Lord be with each and everyone of you, he knows what you need. I pray you all feel his presence & strength filling you and fighting on your behalf. Thank you for your continued prayers for us, I am 12.6 weeks pregnant today and have my 2nd ultrasound, praying that everything goes smoothly today, I’ve never made it this far into a pregnancy and I am just so thankful. Victoria E. I’m praying for you & your decisions you have on the horizon! GramsieSue, Lynne from Alabama, Paulette, Tina, Taylor, Searching, Adrienne, and all those I have left off naming, my prayers are with you. ❤️

  77. Emily Burk says:

    My biggest take away today is to pray FIRST. I like to act first, ask a friend, google, plan & strategize, find a book or podcast on the subject, etc etc when i have a question or a problem and then go to God to ask for help if none of those work out and I’m still desperate. But why would I not go to the “God of the heavens” first?! Thank you for this reminder.

  78. Aimee D-R says:

    Lord Jesus, Father God, I can’t do this without you. Please direct my steps and fight my battles for me. I will walk in faith; Holy Spirit make Your presence strongly known. In Jesus name, Amen

  79. Emily Burk says:

    We can see your whole comment Mary, we just have to click “tap to see more” underneath it

  80. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Nehemiah felt a burden for his people who were living in disgrace. He didn’t act right away. No knee-jerk reaction. He prayed and fasted for a long period, holding God in His rightful place. He prayed in the pattern that Jesus taught. (I never made that connection before!) This is where we should always begin. This is where we learn to understand the ways of God, and the quick fix sayings Christians seem to offer as wisdom like “God will fight for you”, become real in our lives. God’s power is experienced best when we are prepared to notice. Prayer and time in God’s Word every morning is where peace and wisdom have grown in my life. And this is where Nehemiah drew strength to come before a king who had the power to kill just for having a sad countenance in his presence. He prayed God would give the king compassion when he came before him with his request. Nehemiah stepped forth in faith that was grown out of delight and reverence for God. He led others and kept the fire going through the difficult task of finishing a wall that would protect and seal their community in the face of enemies. Nehemiah’s shield of faith held true. Father God, I delight in You. I revere Your name above every other name. Help me humbly point others to this way of living. Before all other authors, ministries, churches, may we seek Your wisdom first and always. No others and nothing before You. Let Your word interpret Your word. May we come before You with our whole hearts. We need you now, in the face of so many enemies in this world. All of me before You Lord. Let Your Kingdom come and reign in my life so that I can lead others the way Nehemiah did.

  81. Mary Warren says:

    I am so sorry I don’t seem to use these posts well. I made a rather long comment and it took just the first sentence. I will try again later though. I apologize! This was a very good message today

  82. Mary Warren says:

    What I tell you in the dark say in the light, and what you hear whispered proclaim on the housetops.

    That hit me straight. I’ve been proclaiming from the rooftops since my visit with Jesus in September. I was near death and Jesus visited me and told me not to worry he was going to save me. I remember telling every nurse and doctor that entered my room and on my way down the corridor to be ventilated I remember telling people passing by that Jesus told me he would save me. I haven’t stopped sharing that message with people from the moment I was coherent enough to tell the story of how Jesus saved my life. My faith had never been as strong as the moment the doctor told me he was my only hope and my survival rate was 40% even with the ventilator. But that death would follow if I didn’t give permission to ventilate. I remember looking in his eyes and telling him not to worry. That Jesus was going to save me. I didn’t know I had that strength within myself to trust so deeply. When I feel fearful my mom tells me God brought you through all of that how can you be afraid. I feel horrible to say but the ptsd has been debilitating but I praise God daily. Over and over again. I don’t know why I’m rambling on so much. I am not a wordsmith by any means. I just wanted to write to say I connected with this. I have been working everyday to live for Jesus and to serve God better. I know I could do better many days. This was a wonderful reading today and gave me a lot to think about

  83. Sarah Nunneley says:

    I am exactly like this!! I always can think up a worst case scenarios for everything, and then have to plan how I will respond and what I will do IF if happens. Fearful living at its finest. Living in the “what if.” I appreciate you sharing because it speaks to my heart as well.

  84. Leigh Gorham says:

    This is so lovely and useful. Today’s particularly, stays with me as I meditate upon it. ❤️

  85. Wendy Sanden says:

    I needed to hear that. I need to leave my job after 18 years. It’s just taking too much from me and my parents are needing me now. I just can’t seem to get those words out. Fear. That’s what it is

  86. Mary Warren says:

    What I tell you in the dark say in the light, and what you hear whispered proclaim on the housetops.

  87. Allison Mitchell says:

    Thank you all so much for your prayers. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor today about my knee and I am praying that I can surrender to God’s will, whatever it is. I trust that He can make all things good and as ways to display His awesome glory, but it’s hard sometimes! Please if you would, pray for me that I might be able to fully trust God and if it is His will, that He would please bring healing to me soon. If not, I pray that I will remain joyful that all will be made new someday!

    ANGIE: Praying that you are able to rise above this person’s resentment and trust in God’s strength. I hope that this person can also see the way that the Holy Spirit works in you, and maybe it will help her to turn from her sin.
    PAULETTE: Praying for you to trust in God’s safe and loving embrace.
    MERCY: Praying for you and your new baby girl; may she know from her earliest days of God’s love for her and the wonderful joys of His peace and presence.
    SHARON, JERSEY GIRL: May you and your husband continue to be salt and light in the world, trusting in God and sharing His message with the world through your ministry.
    VICTORIA: Thank you for your prayers! How wonderful to meet a fellow dancer. :) I’m praying that both you and I, since I totally struggle with this too, would humbly surrender our modern “Baals.” Please dear Lord, realign our hearts with You and strengthen us so that we might worship You alone, the one true King. Amen.
    CEEGEE: Thank you for your prayers! Keep dancing, even if it is just for fun at home. I think that putting on Christian music and dancing in joy for the Lord is wonderful worship!
    ADRIENNE: Praying for you to trust in the Lord’s healing.
    RACHEL BLESSUM: Praying that your friend and her family take comfort in God’s promises of peace, His ability to heal everything, and the promise of heaven and new life.
    SUSIE: Thank you for your prayers! <3
    BEATRICE LAURIEN- HONORIUS: Praying for you to be able to surrender your anxieties and that God will fill you and your husband with faith and love that drives out all fear.
    SARAH D.: Praying for you!
    MELANIE: My heart goes out to you. I pray that you would seek the Lord will all your heart and know that He will be there for you. I pray, dear God, that you would please keep Melanie close today and assure her of Your wonderful love, strength, and presence. Amen.
    LYNNE FROM ALABAMA: Praying for healing and peace for you and your husband and family.
    ARINA: Praying for peace and healing!

  88. Kenya Rafferty says:

    What beautiful imagery here of humble, devout humans doing the Lords work in the midst of great fear. Every time they feel they will be defeated there is a SO statement. God never leaves us without a response or a desire to fight if we are constantly remembering and relying on all he has to give us. I’ve been fearful of small parts of this next chapter of my life with having another kid, but I can feel God calling me to step out in faith and believe, regardless of the small details that may not yet make sense to me.

  89. Allison Bentley says:

    What has God been equipping you with to act on faith? Wow- this question makes my brain fire on so many different levels and unfortunately stirs fear inside me. Am I doing enough for The Kingdom? Then I’m reminded He is with me everywhere and I need to trust His plan and prayerfully wait!!!

  90. Ann says:

    Angie, I am praying for you by name today. My heart breaks for this person. May the Lord give you peace today.

  91. Angie says:

    So much good in my life, thank you Lord. So much laughter, thankfulness, and joy.
    Yet at school, there is an enemy-the bully. She has “taught” as long as I have. She sets her sites on different people every year until she gets them to quit. I am her target at present. Her gossip, her strikes, are slid into conversations that I am not a part of. God knows though, and no one can defend like God. This scripture was good for me this morning, to remember to continue building into the lives of my students and other co-workers, while armored up, holding my sword. It is amazing to me the rubble that can be caused by one. Yet perseverance in the battle, empowered by God, and obedient to His Word and His Will, will bring restoration. The battle is the Lords, in His armor, and by His strength, there will be victory. Perhaps even the victory of the enemies soul. I pray it would be so, Lord Jesus.

  92. Kristine Loughman says:

    I’m a planner. I like good back-up plan, contingency plan, I can walk out the “but what ifs” to the fifth degree and have plans for all of them. And of course, I’m a worrier. That’s why I need so many plans! Sometimes I worry that having so many plans and preparations means my faith is weak. Shouldn’t I trust that it’s in God’s hands? Doesn’t true faith equal “let go and let God”? I’m supposed to feel free like the birds of the air or the lilies in the field. Instead I’m looking around for the nearest emergency exit and planning strategies in case the wolves show up. But this passage showed me something. Nehemiah both had great faith to build the wall, and some solid earthly contingency plans – sword in hand. He didn’t just assume God would smite anyone coming against him, he grabbed his sword and stationed guards to sound the alarm. It’s possible to trust God AND be on guard against the practical enemies of today. But just like Nehemiah never stopped doing God’s work of rebuilding, I can’t let my anxiety get in the way of His plans for me.

  93. SEARCHING says:

    V 2:4 – Nehemiah prayed before answering the king.
    I need to remember that! Not only before speaking but also before doing.

    praying through the requests –
    JULIE DODSON – is your husband ok?
    AMBER CHOPP – for wisdom and a smooth transition
    VICTORIA E – continuing to pray for you and your little one
    ADRIENNE – healing, did you see someone about the arm pain?
    RACHEL BLESSUM – healing for your friend’s sister
    BEATRICE LAUREN-HONORIUS – for your husband
    PAULETTE MONTELONE – praying for you through this difficult journey, and also your husband
    RHONDA J, KARRIE, MELANIE – praying for husbands and marriages
    TINA – strength and renewal in your weariness ❤️

    LISA Z – thank you for your inspiring testimony!

  94. Ellen says:

    Good morning sisters! Two things jumped out at me this morning as I read; the prayers of Nehemiah and the phrase “do the work”. Nehemiah prayed before responding to the king. Oh if I would only stop and pray before responding!! He also prayed throughout his task. He continued to work and God asks us to continue to “do the work”. God will fight for us, along side of us, as we “do the work”.
    Words for me to ponder today. Have a blessed day.

  95. Kelly (NEO) says:

    From HRT, Aaron writes, “When fear looms large, it’s helpful to have others around us remind us who our God is. When we remember God in His grandeur, our fear is put into perspective.”

    RACHEL BLESSUM – praying your friend’s sister and family will rest in the peace of God

    MELANIE – don’t believe the lies. Your God is bigger.❤

    LYNNE FROM AL – thanks for the update. Praying for you and Jack.

    PAULETTE MONTELONE – praying for you and your family. May your husband seek and find help.

  96. Kristen Dill says:

    Today’s devotional builds upon the phrase “do it scared.” We pray, the Lord responds. Just because the Lord is present and working on our behalf doesn’t mean all our fear will be gone when the time comes to act. I need to step out on faith, follow His peace, and do it even if I am scared!

  97. Stephanie Hibbert says:

    I quit my (very) well paying job in financially extremely uncertain times for a far less paying job that would not only glorify God but heal my soul after a couple of years with a lot of loved ones dying.

    Every time fear and worry came knocking God sent my His word either through you guys or the from weirdest possible sources!

    Our God is indeed GREAT and AWE-INSPIRING!!!