Day 12

For He Can Be Trusted

from the Do Not Fear reading plan

Acts 27:1-25, Psalm 37:16-19, Jeremiah 17:7-8, 2 Corinthians 4:7-10

BY Bailey T. Hurley

I had never known what it was like to really trust God, until the moment I had nothing left to grasp on to except God’s enduring promise to provide “redemption in abundance” (Psalm 130:7).

Since I was a teenager, I had been faithful: reading my Bible, attending church, and serving in various ministries. Throughout the years I wondered if Scripture memory and prayer really mattered in my life. Would it be okay if I just opted out of these spiritual disciplines for a while? Would it really impact my life if I didn’t read my Bible every day? I was like the men in charge of sailing Paul’s ship (Acts 27:9–11): Could I ignore God’s warning and keep sailing on without obeying Him? 

But then the storm hit.

My marriage was not as healthy as I had believed it was. And one fateful night, I had the choice to either give up or trust God to restore my marriage. In a moment of crisis, God’s Word flowed from my mouth. Scriptures I didn’t even know I had retained were brought to memory. Instead of shutting down, the Spirit empowered me to pray, pray, and pray. I was now witnessing the work God had been doing all those years of faithful discipleship. He equipped me with the armor of God when I needed it most.

Though the enemy tried to knock us down, I had never felt more like the tree planted by water described in Jeremiah 17:8:

“…it sends its roots out toward a stream,
it doesn’t fear when heat comes,
and its foliage remains green.
It will not worry in a year of drought
or cease producing fruit.”

The fruit produced in our marriage from this moment on was only by the grace of God. We both knew the goodness of Jesus’s death and resurrection—to reconcile all wrongs—and it gave us the confidence to continue our marriage under the guiding hand of God. The storm was rocky, but it did not destroy us. 

When life’s storms come, we can encourage those around us like Paul did to the sailors: “So take courage, men, because I believe God that it will be just the way it was told to me” (Acts 27:25). God has told us that despite the storms, He will work all things for our good and His purposes (Romans 8:28). Even when a situation is not so easily redeemable, God has told us He will still use it for good. “Indeed, everything is for your benefit so that, as grace extends through more and more people, it may cause thanksgiving to increase to the glory of God” (2Corinthians 4:15). 

God can be trusted. He never leaves our side. We’ve read about God’s faithfulness in Scripture. We may have witnessed God’s faithfulness in the lives of those around us. But we experience God’s faithfulness every day through the life He has given us through His Son, Jesus. When life feels like it’s the worst, we know Jesus is still at work making all things new. 

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  1. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love this devotional series so much! I love that God is faithful even when we are not. Today is my five year wedding anniversary, so I am remembering the day I met my husband. We met at a prayer hours at our church. I almost didn’t go because I mad at God that I hadn’t found my husband yet. I didn’t know how much longer I could wait and was starting to doubt that I would ever find him. I decided to go to the prayer light more out of duty than desire. I am so glad God had great plans for me that night, even though I didn’t deserve it❤️

  2. Sky Hilton says:

    Acts 27: 1-25 reminds me so much of how we (sometimes) go through our own plans. When we get prideful, when we close our hearts God, when we don’t trust him… we fail. But when we trust God, and give HIM the victory… there’s nothing to fear! Sure, sometimes we might not always succeed, and we might not always get what we need or want… but in everything, we need to trust God. I hope that we can do that.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Bailey’s last two sentences, “But we experience God’s faithfulness every day through the life He has given us through His Son, Jesus. When life feels like it’s the worst, we know Jesus is still at work making all things new.”, “ring home” to me in my lifetime. In my 63 years, I’ve buried two loved ones I feel I shouldn’t have buried — a son and a niece — both due to tragic accidents. BUT GOD, BUT JESUS, BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!! I knew where to turn each time. I knew my faith would carry me through — yes family and friends were there to help but the Lord is the ONE who got me through the really tough and hard times afterwards.
    I have a prayer request, my friend, Susie (whom I’ve mentioned before), may have pneumonia now. And her husband Paul is due to go to Mayo for treatment on Tuesday and Wednesday and she can’t get in to see her doctor until next Wednesday. (They live about a 6 or 7 hour drive from Mayo Clinic.)
    Sisters, be blessed and know you can always turn to and trust the LORD. Have a great weekend.

  4. Allison Mitchell says:

    I’m so happy for you and Steve, GRAMSIESUE! Praise the Lord!

  5. GramsieSue . says:

    This is such a great study. I love all the comments and I am so blessed by you gals. Steve and I had some good news here in the midst of our storm. The MRI yesterday shows no new growth of his tumor since his surgery 3.5 weeks ago. This gives us a good place to begin radiation and chemo starting next Tuesday. We are on top of this…ahead of it. Well, not us but God. So thankful for his hand in our storm. Keep praying ladies. We can feel the prayers of so many. Hugs and blessings. ❤️

  6. Victoria E says:

    Karrie, Austin Olivia, and GramsieSue, praying for you and your husbands. God is faithful.

  7. Alwendyjohnson says:

    Thankful for all of the SRT sisters for sharing their stories today. Lifting up those in prayer who are hurting or facing trials.

  8. Erica Van says:


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