Day 213

The Bible In A Year 213

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Song of Songs 4:1-16, Song of Songs 5:1-16, Acts 3

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  1. Mary BethBenson says:

    I think the Acts reading is very striking to me. Peter is speaking to Jews, people that think they were acting righteously and were right with God by the mere fact of their heritage. Yet, Peter addresses them and the truth of their nature: they are NOT right before God for they rejected the Messiah—the One that God had foretold long ago. Peter urges them to repent and believe in Jesus, for that is true righteousness. We are only made right by receiving Jesus and HIS righteousness. He is the only Holy and Anointed One! Jesus, thank you that we don’t have to be good enough and that we’re free to come to you as we are. You are the only holy and righteous one that makes a way for us to come through the good and perfect work of the Cross. Help us to stand before you without fear or concern to prove ourselves, because Jesus finished the work for us.

  2. Chrystal Johnson says:

  3. Sarah Johnson says:

    Song of Songs is so beautiful! Sometimes it’s nice to read such beautiful language that isn’t used a whole lot anymore

  4. Hannah Little says:

    Times of refreshing- I’m going to make that my prayer today!

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