Day 20

The Bible In A Year 20

from the The Bible In A Year reading plan

Genesis 41-42, John 17

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  1. Lainie Long says:

    So many details on Joseph’s story I never knew

  2. Lindsey Bradley says:

    I love how Pharaoh described Joseph as “discerning and wise.” I pray to have the discernment and wisdom of the Lord.

    I love how the theme of authority is present in both OT and NT readings today.

    Jesus prayer is so honest and raw and real. His prayer reminds me of verses in Jude about God keeping us. He tells us He keeps us so the evil one can’t have us. I pray we abide in Him so He abides in us and we remain safely in His hands.

  3. Amber Hays says:

    I don’t think I ever knew about the money bags being in their travel bags in the story of Joseph. I think that part has always been skipped over.

  4. Jaycie Edwards says:


  5. Heather Burtis says:


  6. Brooklyn Godwin says:

    Jesus’s prayer… I’m so thankful to be doing this Bible in a year. There is so much I have never read. What a daily blessing.

  7. Jenette McEntire says:

    The passage in John was a great encouragement to me.

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