Day 17

A Wife for Isaac

from the Genesis reading plan

Genesis 24:1-67, Genesis 25:1-18, Psalm 37:23-24, Lamentations 3:22-23

BY Claire Gibson

In 2009, I moved to Nashville to take a job at a middle school that had no central heat or air. That summer was hot, and I spent day after day in my new classroom, cleaning out closets stuffed with books, mice feces, and dust. By the end of my first week in a new city, I was exhausted, friendless and scared that I’d made a huge mistake in taking this job.

That weekend, a friend reached out and invited me to a concert with a group of friends. “This guy Patrick is planning it,” my friend told me. “Here’s his number.” Maybe I was desperate for new friends. Maybe all that time in an airless classroom made me bold. But I called, and a man with a deep, soothing voice answered the phone. Patrick and I talked for a long time. When we met later that night, I saw in his eyes something familiar and kind. Much to everyone’s surprise, we were engaged five months later. People thought we were crazy, and for the record, let me say this: we were.

Isaac and Rebekah have an even crazier origin story. Camels, water troughs, long distances across foreign lands, prayers to God—all accumulated to create an arranged marriage between two people whose lives God would use to change the course of history. Their story is full of the kind of inexplicable coincidences that help us see God’s hand at work. I mean, what are the chances that Abraham’s servant would arrive at this well, at this hour? He asks her for water, and waits to see if this young woman will offer to quench the thirst of his camels as well. He’s searching for kindness, for goodness, for industrious character. And he finds it in Rebekah, the very first woman he meets.

What are the chances?

As a Christian, I believe that God is constantly at work, guiding His people in the way they should go. Scripture tells us that “a person’s steps are established by the LORD,” and that “all [our] days were written in [His] book” (Psalm 37:23; 139:16). “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). These are comforting truths when things seem to be going our way, but not so much when our circumstances seem to go awry, veering off into an unexpected direction. But even then, God is our protector, who never sleeps or slumbers (Psalm 121:4). He is always engaged with our lives, whether we realize it or not.

And so it was with Isaac and Rebekah. Their story reminds me that God builds unlikely families, restores broken relationships, and heals us from what seems irreparable apart from Him. He promised to build a family through Abraham and his descendants, a family line that would eventually lead to the Messiah, our Savior Jesus, who was born into this world to redeem His own Bride, the Church.

After pursuing and finding a bride for Isaac, his servant “knelt low [and] worshiped the LORD, and blessed the LORD,” the God of Abraham (Genesis 24:48). Jesus Christ pursued His own Bride, even to the point of death on a cross. May our response be to turn to Him in worship, thanking Him for His faithful love and mercies that never end (Lamentations 3:22–23).

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55 thoughts on "A Wife for Isaac"

  1. Christine B says:

    Morgan, I completely relate! So thankful He continues to pursue us even when we go astray. He IS a GOOD Father!

  2. Audrey Flores says:

    I am so encouraged by how bold Rebekah was in leaving home. I just moved from the US to Northern Europe and it’s been a challenge. To learn a new a whole life over again with a big language barrier. Lately I have been telling Him how much I miss the US and my control over my daily life. Today’s reading was such a powerful reminder for me that’s not God’s purpose for me. Jesus needs to be King of my whole life. He knows more and controls everything and I need to just trust His plans are better than any of mine. Thank you Lord for this reminder!!

  3. Hannah Thompson says:

    God can do the improbable, the impossible. That gives me hope in a hopeless world.

  4. Rachel Peabody says:

    I loved this story. My goal for 2020 is to be brave, to be more faithful and to just trust that God is guiding my steps. SRT is always such a great start to my morning.

  5. Josie says:

    Ugh this was so good today. God is so good. On those days when I’m frustrated and feel so alone, spending time to focus on the Lord recenters me in a way. In a way I’m still a bit lost, but I know that I know that my Father is here with me, listening to my aching heart, watching me. This assurance is beautiful; he speaks to me through this ancient scripture, still so alive and full of light. And yet. Even knowing that he hears, that he is actively listening, I don’t know how to respond. I know he has directed my steps up to this point, and he will continue to lead me along the path. And I feel so sure of this. So why do I have to keep waiting? I know he hears me. I know he’s sitting here with me. And while I know deep down it will all be okay, it’s so difficult to keep trusting for the next step. I don’t know when to move.

  6. Morgan Pless says:

    God called me back from living a life of destruction, and for that I’m forever thankful. His love is so incredible, He is a GOOD Father!!!

  7. Amber E says:

    I was talking to my husband about this yesterday. During the difficult times, it’s so hard to remember that God brought us there for a reason. Looking back, I can clearly see how God’s hand has been on every good and bad thing in our lives. These situations are amazing reminders to turn to Jesus when things are hard. It’s all in His hands!

  8. Maura says:

    Praising our God with you all. He is faithful. Even in this day and age where there are so many voices trying to speak to us, so many choices the world tempts us to make, so much confusion for so many. He is our Rock and our Redeemer. He does not fail us though we fall, He does not forsake us. He has Everlasting Arms that hold us. We can know that He is who He says He is and His love never fails. Lean in sisters, His arms are wide open and waiting. Joy to the day.

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