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John 13:34-35, Acts 2:42-47, Acts 4:32-35, James 1:27, James 2:14-19, James 2:26, Romans 12:13, 1 John 3:11-18, Hebrews 10:24-25, Galatians 5:13-24

Since 2012, She Reads Truth has maintained a singular mission: to be women in the Word of God every day. Ten years later, our community includes “Shes” from across the globe, but our mission hasn’t changed.

Reading Scripture together is the centerpiece of what we do at She Reads Truth. As we spend time as a community reading This Is The Church, we encourage you to start by reading the daily Scripture on your  own. Then join us here to engage and encourage one another as we respond to what we’ve read. Each day for this series, we’ll include a brief summary of the reading along with a prompt for conversation.

As a community of people shaped by the gospel, the Church is called to love and serve one another, meeting each other’s needs and encouraging one another in godliness.

Discussion Question: How have you experienced God’s goodness through other believers? 

Take time to reflect on your Scripture reading and today’s question. Share what you are learning with others in the community in the comments. 

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115 thoughts on "A Gospel Community"

  1. Emma Mosley says:

    I just recently had a baby, and my church family and fellow believers have come out of the woodwork to provide meals, diapers, formula, baby clothes and all sorts of items to help us. Both of us receive encouraging words from our pastors and pastors wives. It genuinely is an uplift to receive.

  2. Annarose Qualls says:

    My husband and I moved to Colombia (South America) for a two-year Fulbright grant two weeks after our wedding. We quickly found an unfurnished apartment, but had only what fit in our suitcases with us. A neighbor and fellow believer lent us a mattress, bedding, towels, pots, pans, and dishes over the weekend and then her family took us to buy all of those things when the shops opened. Knowing where to purchase different items in a different country + being charged a “foreigner price” can be very stressful, so this meant so much to us! We gave back most of the things that we borrowed, but she insisted that we keep the dishes and a desk as long as we needed so we wouldn’t have to buy new ones. This generosity marked us and we hope to one day pass it forward.

  3. Linda Moldrem says:

    Over the years I have experienced God’s love through fellow believers through their bringing meals, care packages when I was sick, prayers for healing, visits in the hospital, being my prayer partner for 25 years, encouraging me to read the Bible and loving on me before I knew Jesus, the list goes on and on. I have been so blessed by my brothers and sisters in Christ. It has encouraged me to do likewise to my fellow believers as well as those who are yet on the way to becoming believers.

  4. Michele says:

    Being a widow I experienced the love that brothers and sisters in Christ showed during the loss of my husband. I try my best to always show my love for others as much as can. I am always willing to help others with a helping hand if I can.

  5. Pat Cramer says:

    Specifically, keeping our children for a weekend so that we could go to a weekend marriage retreat. Giving our kids Toys R Us gift cards the Christmas after we returned from serving for a year with a mission organization, after using up all our savings for support when the organization was unable to support us as they planned.

  6. Pat Cramer says:

    Many have blessed me and shown me God’s goodness by their care for my kids

  7. Anna Pearce says:

    I can think of one lady in particular who has guided me, prayed for me, and held me accountable when I was a teenager and that has stayed with me through my life. Her example she sets as a Christian is a light for others and I strive to be more like that.

  8. Rachel Austin says:

    I have experienced God’s goodness to me through the encouragement of others, others calling me out, pointing me to scripture, and others doing kind things for me.

  9. Meredith Jones says:

    I am constantly encouraged by others in my church. I have watched God work in their lives and continue to work in their lives.

  10. Emma Simmons says:

    i have experience and seen what kind of christian i want to be vs what i don’t want to be. I think we are exposed to ppl we want to be more like and others we do not want to be like so i strive to make myself a better christian and to love fully and wholly.

  11. Janie Diffly says:

    Trust, kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy, prayers, fellowship, and mostly truth.

  12. Abigail B. says:

    I have experienced God’s goodness through other believers in the form of being challenged to grow. I draw nearer to God and get to know Him and love Him better through deep discussions with other believers.

  13. Alyssa Raine says:

    I’ve experienced God’s goodness through other believers by seeing how they walk in faith by the Spirit and not through the desires of their flesh.

  14. Meagan Warlick says:

    I have experienced God’s goodness by the people he placed in my life that have supported, encouraged, and lived me along the way. They have given me the hard truths I’ve needed to hear and extended patience as I’ve navigated obstacles. I prayed for those people at the beginning of college and he far exceeded all of those prayers!

  15. Munchkin says:

    I have felt much love from my fellow Christians by being able to be honest and be myself. I often stay quite and hold my cards close to my chest. Yet, these women made me feel loved and as if I could share with them without being judged.

  16. Jodina Hicks says:

    Rather than preaching to me.

  17. Jodina Hicks says:

    I’ve experienced God’s love through others throughout my entire life, what comes to mind most is my brother and sister in law. Even during the period where I drifted from my faith, they chose to keep loving me and treating me with open hearts and with kindness. Showing am example rather than le to me.

  18. Kylie Belshe says:

    We moved a little over a year ago. I just remember though it was difficult that the church we were coming to just showed us the goodness of God. From helping us move everything down, to helping us find housing, and at that point loving on our newborn.

  19. Amy EB says:

    My husband and I joined a small group at our church last year. Our church really encourages participation in small groups and I know it’s a good way to foster relationships with other believers, but I’m an introvert and really do not like meeting new people. But one day in church they played a video of one of the couples in a group and I told my husband that I recognized the hat the man was wearing. The logo was the same as one we saw on a van around the corner when we walked our dog (it turned out to be an organization he runs). For some reason that was the final nudge I needed to reach out and ask about joining a group. Our group is all couples, most of whom have small children. I was pregnant with our daughter when we joined, and several other couples have also had babies in the last year. They are amazing resources for parenting and life lessons as well as discussing scripture and Biblical topics. Our meal train game is also on point now after serving each other by providing dinners after people had a baby. We also feel more rooted in church with the friendships we’ve made. If your church organizes small groups and you haven’t joined one, pray about whether it is something to look into. It’s been a great experience for us.

  20. Rebekah Picarelli says:

    Do onto others as you would onto yourself.. we get so caught up in our little world but when we step out of it our view becomes so much bigger

  21. Stephanie Berling says:

    The most recent and tangible way fellow believers have showed me the goodness of God was through carpool. My oldest is in middle school and getting him to youth and home from youth group was becoming such a burden that I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep taking him. That Sunday God had me bump into a family at church I hadn’t met before. They live in our same neighborhood and have a daughter in middle school so they offered to serve me by driving my son home from youth group. Since I couldn’t help get their daughter to youth group I told them I would come to their house to pick my son up but they insisted on driving him all the way home. It was such a huge blessing in a situation I didn’t have a lot of control in and really helped our son be in youth group and our family to be well. They didn’t just help to receive help. They helped even though it caused inconvenience to them. It was a true gift of godliness.

  22. AZ Walker says:

    My daughter’s Christian daycare was such a blessing. So many there showered us with love, one of the pastors counseled me and I attended a Bible study led by a few of the preschool teachers. I saw answered prayers during that time for me and others and am just so grateful for how they truly cared for us. Praying that the Church will step up and really help single / divorced moms as the need is great. Our church helps at a local home for unwed expecting mothers. So nice to read many of the sweet stories here.

  23. Claire B says:


  24. Amanda Browning says:

    I see the goodness of God as a nurse and watching my co-workers come together as a team to help one another. I saw the goodness of God today with parents who had an angel born into heaven today, they asked for the chaplain to have their beautiful baby baptized. I’m sure they were questioning why He needed their baby more than they did but still held strong in their faith.

  25. Saile Guzman says:

    I have experienced goodness through my fellow believers by prayer, support, and encouragement. Love your neighbor as yourself ♥️

  26. Faith Magras says:

    God called us to love each other and I have experience his love through the prayer and support of my church

  27. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I have received encouragement, correction, and support through the years I have been a Christian. I do miss the way I really used to do life with the church body when I was younger. I think my priority has shifted to my own young, family. I have been praying for another family with young children, that my husband and I can really do life with.

  28. Grayson Chatfield says:

    I have been so blessed to have an amazing family and close friends who also love the Lord and we get to pray for one another and do life together. God is good and faithful.

  29. Hali Y. says:

    I’ve experienced the goodness of God through believers in the way they love. there is a specific, supernatural kindness given by those who strive to honor/please Christ through their daily lives! when i’ve needed prayer, a warm bowl of soup, or a few extra dollars someone has been there to give to me. not only give, but serve with palpable gladness. in turn, it made me want to do the same! their hearts softened mine and I am so thankful.

  30. Adrianne says:

    Seeing the goodness of believers who choose to not only make changes in themselves but to offer help to those who are also making changes but are struggling. Also to see those believers do so without judgment of another persons situation.

  31. Dorothy says:

    I experienced God’s goodness several times but the time that really stands out to me is when my son died. The old saying of “you know your true friends in times of trouble and need” came true then. One of my good girl friends stay with me the whole time they were looking for my son’s body in the creek when he drown. From the minute I called her and told her what had happened she was on her way. She made sure I ate and got sleep during the 20 hour ordeal. There were others there also during the whole time that never left either for my younger son’s sake or my sake. People from church, people my son knew or people I knew. And the out pouring of food and other items. A couple of my friends “thought outside the box” and brought kleenex and toilet paper and paper towels. The other moment of the whole thing I remember is that within five minutes of finding out my older son was dead, my aunt and uncle, who had lost a son at the same age as my son, walked in to the house. You see I was living with my parents, I was a single mom, and my parents were in Chicago visiting my eldest brother and his family. I had other family in town to help me through it. I lived in the Kansas City area. The church held a prayer vigil for my son and from what I understand many youth came to know Christ that evening. All of this from the death of an 18 year old devote Christian young man. I praise God and Christ that I know one day I will meet up with George again one day in Heaven!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

  32. Penny Renfro says:

    Love & prayers for me and my family.

  33. Denise RICHIE says:

    I have been a part of a ladies small group for the past year. Together we study, read, pray for and encourage one another. It has been amazing to see God working in our group. There is so much love and friendship between us. We’ve been there to encourage and support one another through many different seasons of life. I feel very grateful that God led me to this group of ladies. I am experiencing community in a way that I dont believe I ever had.

  34. MaryBeth Thomas says:

    My Bible Study Group showed me such patience as a new believer who asked so many questions. That caring encouraged my faith.

  35. Mercy says:

    Things I noticed from today’s Scriptures:
    1. Set free to be servant in love (Galatians 6:13) (action oriented: serve).
    2. Only by works, faith was made perfected (James 2:22) (if we lack work, watch out, our faith may be stunted or long dead). Can that faith save us? (James 2:14). This is a rhetorical question, implying no, sadly no, it cannot save us. How can anything dead save anyone? Including dead faith. What can save us then? FAITH + GOOD WORKS. Let’s look at another verse, which sounds contradictory at first to me, so I like to include in case you ponder the same, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:8-9). Faith alone, and not by works? This means not by our works, “vanity works” to gain access. Once we believe in our Lord Jesus, we have the entrance ticket. Once we’re in, NOW, good works are commendable, encouraged to keep faith alive. Good works were even prepared IN ADVANCE with our names on it to complete and fulfil. Scriptures don’t contradict, just shed broader light. IN CONCLUSION, in God’s Kingdom, good works are to be done by God’s children (us), good works are expected, even encouraged/ stirred up/ spread out like a ripple effect. Once you have been touched by someone’s good works, go and do the same for others, create waves to ripple across the pond, to the large oceans/ faraway lands. May the spirit of laziness/complacency be exposed and removed by the reading of these verses. Faith must be accompanied by good works, simply to stay alive.

    On the flip side, I used to feel so much condemnation when talking about Kingdom works (deadly trap of Satan!). But the Spirit of God encouraged me greatly (thank you Lord), He showed me good works include the things I didn’t even count, such as prayers for others, encouraging words, a smile, a hello, or simply just being quiet and listening to someone’s stories. Don’t write yourself off. Don’t fall into comparison trap. We are vessels of God with different capacities at different seasons. May we find peace and joy while doing good works. God calls us to good works in areas that spark joy, areas of our interests (for me it’s cooking and baking, decorating cupcakes and cute desserts to give away, these don’t stress me out, more like therapeutic and lots of joy, for my husband it’s bbqing pork chops, steaks to help with meals, baking stresses him out unless it’s pancakes lol). That’s how God gives us strength through joy in diverse interests ( for the joy of the Lord is our strength, beware, without joy is without strength). Remember to do a joy check. May you find your day full of joy regardless of the work you do. Thank you dear she’s for reading my long post (as per usual lol) I appreciate it if you make it this far. Be blessed dear she’s wherever you are.

  36. Leslie Orozco says:

    A little less than 2 months ago, I moved from California after an unexpected divorce. I bought to house jointly with my son, and am now living in a mother-in-law suite. This has resulted in a HUGE amount of changes in my life. The church I now attend has a large amount of table groups, which can be selected according to your needs or interests. It’s been amazing to see the new friends and Godly women I’ve met and connected with. In addition, God has brought exactly the right women into my life at this time, through which many of my needs the Lord knows about are being met. He’s SO incredibly faithful!

  37. Leslie Orozco says:

    A little less than 2 months ago, I moved from California after an unexpected divorce. I bought to house jointly with my son, and am now living in a mother-in-law suite. This has resulted in a

  38. Audren Bruszer says:

    I’ve experienced God’s goodness through other believers by favors being done without any expectations of getting anything back, gifts, a listening ear, shoulders to cry on, words of encouragement, and more than I will ever remember or know. I’ve grown up in ministry as a pastor’s daughter my whole life, and am about to become a worship leader myself. I have seen and been through a LOT of hurt in the church. It is nice to look back and remember all of the good that believers have done, my family and I have a tendency to look back on the hurt we’ve faced rather than the positives that have come out of the goodness God has through people.

  39. Audren Bruszer says:

    I’ve experienced God’s goodness through other believers by favors being done without any expectations of getting anything back, gifts, a listening ear, shoulders to cry on, words of encouragement, and more than I will ever remember or know. I’ve grown up in ministry as a pastor’s daughter my whole life, and am about to become a worship leader myself. I have seen and been through a LOT of hurt in the church. It is nice to look back and remember all of the good that believers have done, my family and I have a tendency

  40. Donna Wolcott says:

    Like many who have commented, I can look back and see how many in my church family have impacted and supported me and my family. Our closest friends have come from our church community. I have two children and wherever they move they find a church community to belong as soon as possible. When my daughter was 5 months pregnant and moved to Guam, this mom was so anxious and living 25hrs by plane away. She found a church that not only welcomed her and her husband but gave her a baby shower and supported her through delivery and 6 weeks of meals. When I arrived two weeks after the birth, I explained I could cook, their response was, “this is your time to spend and bond, we’ll handle the cooking”. When I had to leave I knew she was in good hands in a loving church family.

  41. Audren Bruszer says:

    I’ve experienced God’s goodness through other believers by favors being done without any expectations of getting anything back, gifts, a listening ear, shoulders to cry on, words of encouragement, and more than I will ever remember or know. I’ve grown up in minus

  42. Lehua K. says:

    Discussion Question: How have you experienced God’s goodness through other believers?

    I recently started attending a women’s Bible study group, and it was quite random. My former coworker invited me after catching up through text, and then she couldn’t make it (still hasn’t lol), but God still nudged on my heart to go. Even though I could have easily not gone because it was out of my comfort zone, the Holy Spirit said I would not regret it. And I’m so glad I listened – the group of strangers I met that day turned into dear sisters in Christ. They have been so welcoming. We read together, laugh and cry together, and pray earnestly for one another. And I feel so much love. I’m not currently attending a local church, just doing devotionals and now going to this small group, but I am considering going to the church that this group is based out of, and inviting my husband as well. I have mentioned him before in prayer requests, he is not a believer yet but has come a long way from not wanting anything to do with God or religion, to going to church with me and watching the Chosen, Bible Project videos, etc. This week’s theme in our group was about sharing the gospel with others, and I put his name down in my journal as someone I want to formally share the gospel with. We’ve had some discussions, just never the basics of the gospel. Well I got to share the Good News with him yesterday, as he was opening up to me about current events and how grieved he was. I’m so thankful God opened up a way for me to share! I’m still praying that my husband opens up his heart to let God in and to truly know Him. I long for a marriage rooted in faith and I know it’s coming, I just need to be patient.

  43. Amanda says:

    Growing up, I saw the love of Christ through the people at my church. They took care of me and my family, and even bought me clothes, towels etc to make sure I had things for college.

  44. Bridgette says:

    ASHLEIGH H I know how you feel. When my husband was dying, no one from my church came to visit him, pray over him in the hospital and when he passed no one from my church came to visit me at my house just 7 minutes away from the church. But I believe that God moves people out of the way so that others can step up and bless others. He puts people in our path. We are all of the body of Christ with different functions. My sister traveled from out of state to be with me during my husband’s passing. She stayed with me long enough to make all of the funeral arrangements and help me take the first steps to putting my life back together. After she left, she called me every day. We have become very close and we, along with one of my other sisters and my mother, hold a virtual bible study every week. There were also some ladies from my job who came to my house to visit me, mourn with me. They were such a blessing to me. I know that there are countless others, those praying, interceding. I’m so grateful to God for each and every one of them.

  45. Terri Baldwin says:

    Having a relationship with my church is such a blessing, everyone praying for each other and helping each other. Serving our community in need is a wonderful feeling. If everyone would help those in need what a better place this world would be. Thank you Jesus for saving a sinner like me!

  46. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    I just recently turned 65. I have been in church literally my whole life. I received Christ when I was 13, so that makes me a believer for 52 years! I can not possibly name all of the times I have seen the goodness of God through other believers, but will highlight a few where God’s love shown through in the presence of His church — when 2 of my sisters were in a horrific car accident, when my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me for someone else, when my son spent 4 weeks in NICU at 7 months old with infantile botulism, when my mom – a devoted follower of Christ passed away just weeks after being diagnosed, when we’ve experienced sickness in our family. They have also showed God’s goodness in the good times when celebrating – births, anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. Time and time again, believers have stepped up to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

    I love my church family. I wouldn’t want to do life without them, as we were never meant to live out our faith alone. We are created for relationships – with God and each other. I am so thankful for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ that I have known and will know all these years and in the years to come – should God tarry. To God be the glory! Psalm 107:8-9

    Have a blessed Tuesday my SRT sisters in Christ!

  47. Lexi B says:

    I have been blessed in so many ways through my church family. My mother passed away over 10 years ago and my church family stepped in to make sure I never spent a holiday alone. I was always invited to family events, and never really felt like an outsider. When I was diagnoised with cancer a second time and had to go through surgery, a friend insisted I stay with her family and they took care of me through my three week recovery (I actually had to sneak out of their home, they were not ready for me to leave when I was well, LOL). During cancer treatment, people brought me meals, prayed for me, went to my appointments. None of these were family- most of my family lives on the East Coast and I am in California- but they insisted that they be apart of my cancer journey so I wouldn’t go it alone. Same thing happened when my uncle passed last year. I’m single and having a family of my own is something I long to have but God has given me such a wonderful family through my church. I am so blessed to have them.

  48. Tasha Adams says:

    The church I am attending now the people have been so welcoming and so kind to me. Ms. Tammy is the one who brought me into this church and she has been the one that I have discussions with and ask questions too.

  49. Emily Daudelin says:

    Personal- Relationships within the body of Christ. People show up for me, welcome me, include me, pray for me.
    I see it in a community level where people are willing to glorify God through service and meeting people where they are. In today’s world it’s beautiful to see others striving to do kingdom work on Earth to the glory of God

  50. Emily Daudelin says:

    Personal- Relationships within the body of Christ. People show up for me, welcome me, include me, pray for me.

  51. Diane Huntsman says:

    The scripture about the world knowing we are his disciples because of our love for one another is always a heart piercer for me because I feel like we all succumb to the enemies tricks to get us battling one another in the church, the big C church… the division is so real even in the church and I see it as the enemy getting the victory because the unbeliever is repelled by our lack of love… so I’m challenged once again in todays reading to love not only in word but in deed… If love is the tell sign to all that we belong to Jesus, then love needs to be my diligent pursuit… and it starts by sitting in and believing how much Jesus first loved us… we can then give out when we know it and believe it for ourselves.

  52. Nicole Zeinert says:

    My grandfather leads the missions team at his church and goes to Cuba every year (minus Covid years) since 1999. The people in the home churches he helped create and visits give all of their best food to their guests. They have so little because of their government, but they make sure to care for others first. They’re a true testament to how to act in lean times and I am so grateful for their Christ-like example.

  53. Molly R says:

    Out of all the discussion questions over this week, this seems like the most introspective, for me, anyway. I immediately started cataloguing literally countless examples after a life spent in “church” and a Christian family. The 2 that seem to be sticking out more than others are:
    -When I was 23 I went on a 2 week mission trip to Argentina on a team helping to build a church in a town outside Bueno Aires. The months leading up to it, and the time we were there were all focused on the church, it members, and helping them into their own building. It was a great experience!!! But it was the day that we were packing up to leave that struck the deepest chord in my heart. We had rented out an entire small hotel nearby. 6 of the housekeeping staff came up to us as we gathered our luggage in the lobby to load and told us that it was our impact on them, the way were with each other, how we treated them and left the hotel cleaner than when we got there, the joy we had at all times…basically how we were Christ to them led them all to “want what we had!” They spoke spanish, we spoke english. But right in the lobby we had a translator communicate the way of Salvation and they all accepted!!!! We parted as instant family members, though we will never see each other again this side of heaven. They were young women and specifically mentioned me and a handful of other young people on the trip that especially touched them and drew them in. I have thought of that moment so often over the past 17 years. How I long to embrace each one again in heaven!
    Well that was long-winded so I won’t bore you with the other, but suffice it to say it is such a blessing to remember the countless moments of knowing I am really a part of an amazing FAMILY who really does love each other with Christ’s example! I am soaking up all the other comments in a special way this morning, and feeling like it is very timely in my week of being exhausted in the trenches of motherhood and being renewed and refreshed to take a deep breath and remember the goodness of God in my life so I can continue to pass it on to my husband and children. You all are so appreciated and I am thankful for each of you!!

  54. Mari V says:

    Good morning SRT sisters! I have experienced God‘s goodness through other believers in so many ways. I know I’ve mentioned this before. I may not be a widow, but I have been provided for and looked after as if I was one. I may not have everything but I have what I need. And I’m grateful that my two beautiful children, who are older, have witnessed this. PRAYERS, are appreciated as I’m going to approach the head person in my department regarding some changes I’m wanting to make. I just found out yesterday that I am three units short of what’s being required. Please pray what I present would be accepted or that I do what I can to earned those three units. This would mean a step up from where I am now. And many other things that’s too long to talk about here.

  55. Kristen says:

    So many time! After my baby passed, a stranger came up to me at this new church I was invited to. She told me that she normally didn’t do this, but God said to run to Him and not away! Best advice ever! She also mentored me after. She gave me music, wrote me a letter, and we spent time together! Another woman offered me a job at her Christian daycare. She also let me sub at another district and was fine with me leaving for doctor’s appointments. Her daughter had also lost a child, and we were both pregnant again. They bought me a maternity outfit. ( We didn’t have a lot of money, so this was appreciated.) People prayed. I was able to work and bring my baby there after delivery for only $10. Thank God she felt led to ask me to work there. This was a blessing. I still think of my times there.
    When I found out my husband had an affair, God used many to help me. I had woman offer to meet with me. One gave me CD music. Others would text or call just when needed. Most of all, they prayed. Thank God for helping me and their willingness and obedience to pray!
    Praise God for His goodness and kindness at all times!

  56. Traci Gendron says:

    I have been blessed by the women in this group. Knowing you were praying for my son and I during the time of his death brought peace. Just knowing I wasn’t alone in my prayers.

    I went to BSF for 8 years. I never felt that closeness from the women. That was years ago. It made me think of how we can miss out on being like Christ for others in need. I’m sure I looked like I a person in need. I was so underweight and grieving going through my son’s illness. No one reached out. And I was so sad that I didn’t have the energy.

  57. Michelle Patire says:

    It is the words of others that has changed my life. People who speak life over me. I hope to do the same for others, day by day. Thank you to those here who have done that for me :) May God continue to stir us up towards love and good works.

  58. Jennifer Adams says:

    There are countless ways I have experienced God’s goodness through other believers. From my mother-in-law sending me a daily scripture verse even before I was interested in reading them, to prayers from friends through hardships. The family who invited ours to their church the same week we moved to a new state and then another family from that church inviting us for Easter brunch even though they had just met us. Another move to a new state for a new job turning out to be the most amazing thing for our daughters, because of other believers, even though the job didn’t work out after less than 2 years. I am so thankful for the believers God has placed in my life, each one chosen by Him for a specific purpose.

  59. Sinead B says:

    Just this weekend, our church organized a day for a small group of widows. It was beautiful to see how our church came together with what they had to serve these women. One couple offered their beautiful home for the event, one woman came to give them manicures and pedicures, another to style their hair, another to give professional massages, another to cater a beautiful dinner. And our women’s pastor and lead pastor’s wife spent the day praying for them and just loving on them. It felt like how church should be- everyone bringing what they could offer to serve each other in love. What joy it brought to all involved.

  60. C.J. Carter says:

    *Members of my small group who I haven’t known for long and are going through much bigger trials reaching out to ask how they can pray for me.

    *The patience my aunt provides to me but also to all those around her.

    *The love and understanding that radiates off of my pastor who truly loves the members of his church.

  61. Ashleigh H says:

    I often lament that my Christian community feels like it has left me behind in isolation. But God… He reminds me of who I do have in my life. I have an amazing husband, a group of believing family members, the She’s around the world, and a few friends as well. I am in a country where I can attend a church without fear of persecution. May God continue to remind me that I am rich in what I do have and nurture me to deepens roots with the friends I do have and within the church.

  62. Tierney Farry Gonnello says:


  63. Annie says:

    My church community showed support and care as we welcomed our first child into the world last year. He is now 8 months and I am so grateful to have a church family for him to grow in.

    Thanks be to God!

  64. Katelyn says:

    I have experienced the Lord’s goodness through other believers through conversation. Fruitful conversations really fill my heart with joy and remind me that the Lord is steadfast and hears us! I personally am a fan of vulnerability and i do not shy away from it, so I really enjoy deep and meaningful talks, especially about our Savior.

  65. Angie Mills says:

    I am the children’s minister at our church. Each week, I see the love that adults have for children as they volunteer their time to teach them God’s truths in Sunday school and discipleship classes. I also see youth and women who sacrifice their Sunday school and worship service time to love, care for, and play with babies and toddlers so that their mothers can come to church and worship God. This week is our Vacation Bible School week. I am seeing the love that our church has for God, His truth, and children as our church comes together to show God’s love to children in our church and our community. On a typical Sunday, we have maybe 30 children show up for Sunday school and other children activities. Last night was our second night at VBS and we had 99 children! What an impact! I am also seeing the love that children have for preborn children. Our VBS this year has an emphasis on the sanctity of life in all stages. I chose to give our missions offering to our local pregnancy center. The children are bringing in money that we will use to purchase diapers to give to the pregnancy center. Our goal is $600. Last night was the first night that the children brought in money and they brought over $200. God is working through His church. I pray that He continues to move our hearts and hands to glorify Him and to share His love to everyone.

  66. Kyler C. says:

    I have experienced God’s goodness through the generosity of His people. I have been able to go on several long-term mission trips and grow my relationship because people have provided me the resources to do so.

  67. Riley McDiffitt says:

    I feel like your point is so important. Social media really seems to be a mirror of ugliness when no one feels compelled to be Christ-like. It’s so refreshing for me when I re-root myself in my church family. It makes my world smaller and more manageable and it’s more real too.

  68. Kenya Rafferty says:

    I have most recently experienced Gods goodness by my 18 year old daughter and her new faith. It comes in the most unexpected ways like the way she curls up her little sister in her lap and sings the song “sanctuary” to her and they both look so peaceful. Also in her lack of fear to share and talk about her faith. But I also see it in my husband, even though it may be quieter, in the incredible love he lives out – creating a gospel community in our home.

  69. Rhonda J says:

    I love this question and hearing all your answers of how others have influenced you, loved on you and prayed with you! The song you mentioned Taylor is so good! “We see your goodness all around us”! We just have to tune in and notice! Wnen people say they don’t need to go to church to be a Christian, that is true. But I always respond of how the church can be, and should be the core group that is holding your hands on each side like the lineup of red rover. It makes us strong when something comes our way to know through and divide us or take us down. They are our encouragement, our mentors, our providers and help, and we are that to them. It is such a beautiful picture. The stories you all share are just such powerful proof of that.
    Through my divorce that I mentioned yesterday, I had my friends at the gym, that attended a church together, swoop in and slowly pick me up and invited me to their church and even into their small group (which were all married couples). When I had a major spinal surgery a year later, the church laid hands on me (which was a first and impactful) and my small group was imperative to my recovery in prayer and helping with meals and many other ways.
    I also think of all the people in my church growing up who volunteer to be leaders in the church or to help, but those people are the ones that shape the young people and other members. I thank them for their service.

    I like to reach out to people that were an integral part of my faith journey and share that with them! Sometimes they need that feedback to let them know their impact. Maybe they feel they aren’t doing anything useful for the kindom of God and your words can refresh them!

    I can’t wait to come back later to read all your testaments to the fruits of the gospel! Praise God! And thank you SRT because your team makes this place so special!

    Oh! And I have to say my parents took us to church faithfully growing up and my mom read her bible every day which led me to read my bible every day after she passed 8 years ago. What a difference being in the word daily has grown my relationship with God! (yes, that seems so obvious, but many Christians like myself only go to church but never pick up a bible throughout the week!) I could probably go on and on about all the goodness of the faith that impacted me, and this journey will never end until that day I am called home!

  70. Riley McDiffitt says:

    I’ve experienced the goodness of God in my young women’s weekly Bible study when I used to live in NC. I had never experienced community and devotion to each other like that before ❤️

  71. Riley McDiffitt says:

    I’ve experienced the goodness of God through my young women’s Bible study group.

  72. Lauren says:

    When my sons father died we were shown so much live by his Christian school with food, gift cards, counseling, tuition assistance and care. When it first happened they hugged me and let me just cry it out. They made sure I was ok to get home and always checked on me. It was such a blessing during such a hard time.

  73. Heidi says:

    When I was still single and in a new place looking for a new church home, I visited many new places. It was so sad to me how many churches -most of them pretty large- were clearly “churches for Christians”, not open doors for all of the people. I would go and sit in their versions of Sunday school and even though surrounded by anywhere from 20-50 people in my same season of life, I’d feel so awkwardly alone. Even during the “greeting” time, at most the teacher/leader might say “Hi, thanks for visiting!” and then walk away! I gratefully found a welcoming, loving, “open door” church home but it really opened my eyes to not only the plethora of churches NOT being “The Church” to outsiders (even Christian ones!!), but made me stop and question how I HAD RESPONDED when I was the local and a visitor came in. Sad to say, I don’t think I was TOO much better. But I’m grateful the lesson was learned in my heart and I have a different reaction to the opportunity of demonstrating hospitality to visitors and new comers into our church doors.
    Today was a great reminder to not just repeat what unfortunate hurts may have been placed on us by The Church, but rather to see the wrong and change it for ourselves and anyone who comes across our path.

  74. Jessica Costeniuc says:

    I’ve experienced the Goodness of God through our Pastor. He knows more about my sins than most of my friends/family. But even so, he will always come up to us and say Hello. Even when he doesn’t have to. He makes us feel invited and wanted. Which is what Jesus does. I’m so thankful to have a Pastor like that.

  75. Erica Wilson says:

    I am unendingly grateful for the love of Christ faithfully displayed through His people. When my son was in the NICU for six weeks and we basically lived at the hospital, we never once had to buy a meal for ourselves. Our church family provided us with food and gift cards every day for six weeks. They visited us and served us and held us up during a time when we needed it most.

  76. Debbie -Pursued by Him says:

    We had COVID this past January and our church helped us in any way we needed. The same for many others. This is the perfect example of what the church should be doing.

    Also, I came to know Christ through my church! I was one of those who went to church every Sunday and volunteered for lots of things, but it turned out that I really didn’t know Christ. One day, during the sermon, the pastor started asking everyone if they knew where they were going when they died…for sure. I couldn’t answer for sure. I started searching and at the same time my Bible class was teaching about predestination. Within a month, everything finally clicked and I have been walking the Lord since with the full assurance that He is waiting in heaven for me to come when I am called! But God! He is always pursuing us!

  77. Charlie says:

    Most recently, just last night was a reminder of God’s goodness through fellow believers. We’ve been working through Rachel Held Evans’ book _Wholehearted Faith_. (This was the book she was working on when she passed away, and Jeff Chu completed it for her.) The book itself was such a tremendous relief to me, a reminder and affirmation of what this faith journey is all about. But the wonderful discussions with this group of 5 women was so inspiring to me. We are all in a wilderness place right now, and being able to share that without being reprimanded is so refreshing. I’ve mentioned here before how I am struggling with being part of a local congregation. To me at this season of my life, I seem to need more depth and less performance. Here’s a quote from Rachel Held Evans that just really tugged at my heart: “Maybe the call of the wilderness is to ask us to think more deeply, more broadly, more adventurously, more boldly, about the maybes.” I am so blessed to have people who are in this wilderness place with me.

  78. Holly Cozart says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the amazing people in my life that I can come to when I am in need of prayer. It is such a blessing to have people to share my burdens with! Galatians 6:2 says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” The Bible also says Iron sharpens iron. I’m grateful for the members of my church and godly people placed in my life that keeps me on the path Christ wants for me and those that show the love of Christ to others!

  79. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    The goodness of God is worth waiting for. Coming out of a season of intense suffering, God has used some of the worst things to accomplish some of the best. Right now I see the goodness of God through the love of my husband. I see the power of the Holy Spirit ruling and reigning over the darkness He is exposed to in law enforcement. Our police officers see such horrific things. They are called to the battlefield on the daily that most of us rarely see or experience. Many get pulled under by the current of darkness. My police officer grabs the right hand of God, Jesus, now more than ever. He doesn’t allow the darkness to overwhelm him, and the strength comes from our Lord. When he looks at me and calls me “beautiful” I know the darkness he fights off of his soul and heart to see me in the light. I pray that our lives and marriage story will testify to the power of the goodness of God. Lord Jesus, help me be the one to show the Goodness of God to those who need it today. Help me to recognize the goodness of You in others. Help me love in action and truth today. Remind me to be gentle and self-controlled. Holy Spirit, produce out of me the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and mark me with faithfulness so others may see You in me. Selah. Maranatha. Amen.

  80. Donna (from Florida) says:

    When I was 19 years old, a fairly new Christian, and not connected to the church community, I had been going to this church for a little while, and after the service a lady sought me out and told me she was looking for me and wanted to get my number so we could get together. It ended up that she and her husband and another couple friend of theirs became my friends – they were 10 years older than me, I was single, they were married, but our differences didn’t matter because we had Christ in common, and we went to Christian concerts, dinners, Bible studies, and parties at each other’s houses together, etc. They welcomed me into their lives, and I cannot tell you what an impact it made on me! Fast forward to a few years ago when I started going to the church I attend now. I went to a small group and didn’t realize it was a college-age group! I felt awkward at first because I was much older than college-age, but they all made me feel so welcome, and invited me to their functions and parties and were such blessings to me! One young lady asked if we could get coffee so she could hear my story and get to know me better! They were my first introduction to my current church community, and they truly welcomed me with open arms and hearts, and I know Jesus was smiling at the way they showed (and continue to show) His love so beautifully!

  81. Taylor says:

    These responses remind me of the song “I see the evidence of your goodness all over my life.” The Lord has been good to me. One thing that stuck out to me today is that the world will know us by our love. How can we love others in our daily lives to show God’s love? I know the times that stand out to the most to me of experiencing God’s goodness through other believers is when someone loved me, extended grace to me, showed me mercy, and accepted me when I did not deserve it. That is how I want to live my life as a testament to the love, mercy, grace, and acceptance God has extended to me!

  82. Stephanie Scott says:

    Todays responses is my favorite. The church body is a beautiful thing. And the love you experience in the local church is so different than the ugliness you see between Christians on social media, especially Twitter. I’m so thankful for the local church. We need it more than ever. Great responses everyone. So encouraging.

  83. Caroline Bridges says:

    I’ve had prayers made by mediocre people. One of them was written right before I graduated high school (still hangs in my room for no reason) I currently don’t need prayers right now. The rest of them went into the trash. It was a good thought though my parents didn’t care about them ether.

  84. Caroline Bridges says:

    I’ve had prayers made by mediocre people. One of them was written right before I graduated high school (still hangs in my room for no reason).

  85. Krystyn Carey says:

    God has given me amazing covenant relationships- I have sisters and parents and friends in the faith. After both of my parents passed on to heaven, my spiritual family has taken care of me.

  86. P Blundell says:

    I have been blessed with God’s amazing goodness throughout my life. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. We only knew that we should pray to God when something was wrong and that everyone went up to heaven.
    I best friends family was the ones that showed my the love of Christ and patience with me, my entire life, they still have a very special place in my heart.
    My husband is the one who bought my first bible and really walked me to Christ. His love, kindness, leadership, confidence in the Word and his praising to our Lord was something I was never around. I’m incredibly grateful for these people and their families to have guided me to where I am today. I also always felt let by God on my own and for that I could never say thank you enough. God always stirred me in a better direction then where I could have gone.

  87. P Blundell says:

    I have been blessed with God’s amazing goodness throughout my life. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. We only knew that we should pray to God when something was wrong and that everyone went up to heaven.
    I best friends family was the ones that showed my the love of Christ and patience with me, my entire life, they still have a very special place in my heart.

  88. P Blundell says:

    I have been blessed with God’s amazing goodness throughout my life. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. We only knew that we should pray to God when something was wrong and that everyone went up to heaven.

  89. Danielle B says:

    There have been many blessings over the years. The faithful Sunday school teachers, the youth leaders, the friends, and the friends of my parents. When my mom had her first and then second unexpected surgery, there were meals, gift cards for restaurants and many prayers that were such a blessing. Now to continue to give back what’s been received.

  90. Linda Burke says:

    I am so thankful for friends God has used across these many years to love on us and support us in ministry! There were friends God used through a Bible study to bring us back into a close relationship with Him. Many friends supported us with prayers, love gifts, encouragement in times of despair and in joy. So many anonymous gifts such as fees for seminary, tires for our car, camp for our children. I could go on and on! Suffice it to say God is so, so good to us through our family of believers!

  91. Aimee D-R says:

    People that prayed and were there for me when I battled breast cancer as a very young woman and again when my husband battled aggressive cancer and our children were toddlers. So many unexpected people along our journey that have prayed for us.

  92. Carol Crossman says:

    I have experienced God’s goodness through other believers by their kindness, hospitality, encouragement and prayers on many occasions. It is so wonderful to be part of loving and caring community. It is what calls me back when I stray.

  93. Lizzie says:

    Yay! Terri, that is awesome! Praying for the souls your church is reaching!
    I’m so thankful for my husband, he reminds me of God’s love when I am worried that I’m not enough. He gently shows me scripture that explains that I can’t be enough without Jesus but I am saved by grace! Praise the Lord that iron sharpens iron and “if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.” (Eph 3) We are forgiven!

  94. Andrea Gainous says:

    I’ve experienced Gods goodness through others when they taught me at VBS, counseled me at youth camps, hosted Bible studies and invited me, brought meals to my home after my babies were born, sent texts to encourage me, led me in worship, were a friend to me…

  95. Nancy Singleton says:

    I’ve been blessed by the examples of faith in women who’ve been close to me & shared the truth of the gospel in every day life. SRT continues that, & has been especially significant throughout this crazy & isolating time of the pandemic.

  96. Diana Davis says:

    When my Dad was battling cancer (he’s home with the Lord now) a friend put together a benefit and had found a sponsor that matched the donations. This was a huge help for my mom. So many people are so giving and helpful.

  97. Candace says:

    When my daughter had surgery, someone from the church came and prayed with us. That encouragement was very meaningful. When going through challenges, having Christian friends that will support you is so helpful.

  98. Terri Lynch says:

    I don’t normally share but I wanted to share this today. I attend a small country church. Like many other churches, we have struggled through these last years of the pandemic but we have tried to persevere. This week, we are in vacation Bible school. Last night, a Gideon speaker spoke to our classes and a young man who will be a senior in high school this year, knelt down and accepted Christ as His Savior! Praise be to God! This young man was invited to church by his friends. What an invitation! Please pray that we will see other young souls saved this week.

  99. AG says:

    I have been encouraged by my family members to continue and strengthen my relationship with God. I have been encouraged by prayers and support from others. Thankful for all my communities of people who lead me to God.

  100. Judy says:

    I have experienced God’s goodness through a friend who I met at church – we really bonded! We shared stories, sat on her porch and talked for hours, did yoga together. We were both involved in the prayer shawl ministry, did Bible study together, and are prayer warriors together. She shared SRT with me as well. We shared God’s love to each other.

  101. Elaine Morgan says:

    I have been blessed by other believers all my life. Mom took us to church when we were small and I have spent my life around them. The love and kindness I have been shown is endless. I have learned so much about the Lord and his word from these wonderful people. But most of all I have been taught how to love on others and live life together for the kingdom. I don’t know how people who don’t have this get through life in such a dark world. My heart hurts for them. I cherish my family of believers. It shows me how much my father in heaven loves me.

  102. Holly M. says:

    What a great prompt today! What are we without each other? I would certainly not have the same faith today if it were not for the love, encouragement, and mentorship of other believers. My mother of course sowed the seeds of faith in me from the time I was born and continues to live as an example for me, my best friends have provided comfort and prayer for me, especially in dark and challenging times, kids I have taught over the years have been such a source of kindness and joy and have really even been an inspiration to me as young believers who are growing and learning and who have passion for the Lord even at a young age.

  103. Stormi Messmer says:


  104. Kelly (NEO) says:

    The greatest experience was the friend who invited me to her church’s youth group lock in. That began my journey with Jesus which led to salvation.

    Now looking back on that journey thus far many encouraging words, prayers, and even correction have come from faithful Christian brothers and sisters.

    And now the community of SRT is an expression of God’s goodness to me.

  105. Kristen Brady says:

    It’s how friends have come around me on my hardest days and celebrated with me on my best. It’s the conversations that go deep and wide as we share where and how we’ve seen God show up and what we’re learning about Him.

  106. Searching says:

    I’ve been blessed by other believers’ kind words, prayers, friendship and have seen God’s goodness through His children in the wake of several family tragedies – especially in meals provided long after most people had moved on with their lives (and sometimes accompanied by small gifts (crayons, coloring book, $5 gift card to fast food) for the children) to show their love and continued prayers for the family.

    My main takeaway from today’s readings is the importance of obedience in my generosity.

    I was also reminded of how nothing has changed since the days of Christ (or Adam). The behaviors listed as works of the flesh are front and center in the news headlines every single day.

  107. Bronwen Rogers says:

    I have been blessed by so many of God’s people that it’s hard to fathom a time it’s not happening. Little comments of encouragement. Helping me by repairing something at my house with no charge. Keeping my pets for me. The list goes on and on. Thank you dear Lord for your loving kindness.

  108. Churchmouse says:

    I’ve been blessed by my core group of believing friends. Every single one is a prayer warrior. A phone call or text about a concern drops them right to their knees. Priceless.

  109. Cheyenne Williams says:

    I’ve been blessed by others by their encouragement and reminding me to get back into the Word or to go back to church when I need to ❤️

  110. Carol Rimmer says:

    Good passages today, that hopefully are convicting! It really is about living out our faith that we profess….seeing our faith in action, and our love in action too.
    May God help us to serve and encourage each other, to share our lives with each other and to love each other. May He help us to live by the Spirit every day. Amen.

  111. Jenn Plumb says:

    I had a client once bring a book in with her to her massage. In my mind, I thought it was odd and then after her massage, I forgot about it. A couple of hours later I noticed a book on my shelf. It was “To Know Him” by Gloria Copeland. It brought me back into the importance of having a relationship with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I know it was God who urged her to leave that book for me that day, but it is something I’ll never forget.

  112. Erica Chiarelli says:

    Difficult times, and I have just seen God’s faithfulness over and over through the love of many!

  113. Erica Chiarelli says:

    I have been blessed by others in so many ways, the list feels endless really. It begins with my mom who prayed me through a dark and hard time. I have had random people give my family money through

  114. Brianna Jarboe says:

    I am far from perfect. I try my best to be a good person, but only after a good friend of mine, Sarah, reintroduced me to the Lord did I have a reason behind my “why”. She has been so patient and loving, has loved me through all the darkness, has prayed over me and for me, and I really have her to thank for me finding my way back to the Lord. The world is a scary, Godless, place, and with her guidance, I’m figuring this all out.

  115. Katie says:

    I have been blessed by other believers through prayers, cards, gifts, and other forms of outward love. In their compassion they reflect the love of God.