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From your front porch, from your bed, from your couch, from the carpool line, or from the breakroom at work. Wherever you can, whenever you can – #SheReadsTruth is about taking as much time as you can to seek His face and be in His word.
From wherever you are, we’ll be here! Listening and being encouraged by your obedience and sharing the insight of other women around the world who are getting into God’s Word as well.
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  • therealmummy

    Hopefully I can keep up!

  • cfritz819

    I do not have a blog and it's not allowing me to link. It's saying that a URL is required, what can I do if anything?

  • Meredith Napier

    Thank you!

  • Christina

    Hi – Is there a way to edit the link attached to my picture?

    • Christina

      Sorry for the multiple posts my computer auto-filled with the same message and I thought it didn't post.

  • Christina

    Hi – Is there a way to edit the link attached to my picture?

  • Taylor Tippett

  • Thanks for this community! This has really helped me establish daily devotional time. Kindof like exercising, it is much easier when you study with a buddy

  • Im new to the site. Greatful i found it but how do I catch up or get to a currently started plan

  • I am SOOO Happy I found this site. I am looking forward to connecting with others!

  • Maria Hess

    Ok..I'm here…not sure how this works.

  • I am so excited to join this group of Christ loving women on this journey!

  • So glad to be here – love the reading plan, I need that to help me stay on track! Cant wait to see what God does this year :0)

  • Michelle

    So excited to start #SheReadsTruth!!!! Can’t wait to get to know some of you ladies!

  • Autumn Dawn Leader

    So happy God led me here to this community. I am believing that this will be a year of growth and fruitfulness, and joining She Reads Truth is a step in the right direction – a step on the right path! Amen.

  • I'm in! Thank you for this opportunity to study the Bible with others.

  • Philicia

    This is awesome!!! Im glad I found this website

  • Jeanna64

    having trouble uploading my picture from my computer

  • I can't log in without a URL address. I thought this was not necessary. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Just found this site-gonna give it a try.

  • remadewithlove

    THIS IS EXCITING! So glad I found you sisters haha x)

  • Christine

    So thankful to have found this bible study!

  • wow! this is amazing!

  • LOVE!

  • I tried to link up but it errored and now it wont allow me to try again. It says my website and user info is already being used. : ( Help!

  • brittany

    So happy to have found this

  • BeYOUatBeME

    This is great. Can I start now?

  • Love this site!

  • I linked up but I see my pic. oh well, just happy to have found this!!

  • wowwowoww it's so amazing to see so many women who are in love (or want to be in love) with Jesus! Hallelujah for that, hehe.

  • so excited to have been led to this site. have been hungry for a study with other women that is "safe". rough time with adult children and today's verse was just what i needed!

  • Can we still link up?!

  • blessmyheart

    This is just what this girl needed. Thanks for the work!

  • I really want to link up but it won't let me leave the URL field blank… help?

  • Devon Carpenter

    Hi Ladies! I am trying to get "in" and though it says you can leave the url line blank, when i get to that point the big red ! shows up on that line.

  • Laura Fabian

    Happy to find this site!!!!

  • Is there anyway to change the URL we listed? I just started a blog (YAY ME!) and I wanted to include it.

  • Lauren B.

    This is just what I need! What can I do to catch up since you're so far into it now?

  • Mallory Carr

    I don't know if my photo uploaded or not

    • Amy

      Mallory, I didn't see mine at first because they're not in order. Check each row and see if you see yours and if not, maybe try to do it again? Just a thought. Hope it works for you.

  • Stephanie

    My picture didn't upload. Could you delete me and let me relink? Thanks!

  • Denise Lopatka

    Excited to be part of this!!

  • SO EXCITED to be a part of this! <3

  • Yep, that's just fine!

  • Hi Jamie,

    I'm wondering the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?

  • Hey, this is wonderful! I'm trying to join but getting several error messages…finally, it said that the URL I provided had already been entered and it may need to be moderated prior to appearing on the sit. I hope I got through! Blessings!

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hey Eden – were you able to link up? Let us know if you're still having problems!

  • Never mind its on there :) the pics arent in order so I didnt see it. Yay!

  • Hey! This is so exciting :) I filled out the form and uploaded my picture but it didnt confirm anything. It just directed back to the She Reads Truth homepage. Im not sure it went through bc I dont see my picture at the end. Does this sound right? I didnt get a error message or anything.

  • Katie C.

    Oh, I love this so much!

  • Love seeing all these beautiful faces!! God is going to do amazing things in the lives of this community!!

  • Will I get a "welcome" email?

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Lily! Nope – just scan the sea of faces for your photo! :o]

  • How glorious, grace-filled, and amazing is this?! Out of the faithfulness of two, the Lord brings so many together to know Him more. It's a blessing to take part.

  • Samantha

    This is amazing! It'd be really awesome if we could map out where everyone is situated at some point too. I'd be so interested to see if there are any other ladies in Britain reading Truth.

  • I don't have a blog up and running as of yet. Is it okay that for right now I linked to my Twitter profile?

  • Look at all these beautiful hearts! So excited to add all these blogs to my Reader!

  • Hooray! I'm all linked up, but the only picture I have isn't much of my face. I'm in there though! Haha (That big Purdue drum? That's me. :))

  • eliz@ourcrazysweetli

    I got an error several times but somehow my pic still made it!

  • She Reads Truth

    Laura – maybe try in a new browser? I know some people got an error – and it went through anyways!! keep trying! We want to see your pretty face!

  • I want to link up, but I keep getting a server error. :( "Could not find file 'C:inetpublinkythumbnailsthumbnails_temp_web_ec2a3413-7d74-4488-8d4b-9ba8c5c2ca4b_thumb_BR_13.jpg'."

    • She Reads Truth

      hmmmm maybe try in another web browser? I know a few people got an error – but it worked anyways!

  • So, is there a way I can change the image that uploaded…I should have cropped my own :)