Day 8

Lord of Armies

from the Names of God reading plan

1 Samuel 1:1-11, 2 Samuel 7:22-29, Psalm 80:4-7, Amos 5:14-15, Haggai 2:6-9, Malachi 1:11-14, Luke 2:13-14

BY She Reads Truth

In this Names of God reading plan, we are learning more about God by studying the names given to Him in Scripture. Rather than having our writers share their own reflections on these passages, we’ve instead provided research-rich content to aid in your study of each day’s featured name of God, including the background of the name(s), a brief explanation of the character of God emphasized by the name(s), and a reflection question to help you dig deeper into the text.


Lord of Armies

Yahweh Tsebaoth, Yahweh Elohim Tsebaoth, Elohim Tsebaoth (Hebrew)

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-11, 2 Samuel 7:22-29, Psalm 80:4-7, Amos 5:14-15, Haggai 2:6-9, Malachi 1:11-14, Luke 2:13-14


The Hebrew root word tsaba, or “a gathering of people,” is frequently used in the Bible to describe armies preparing for war. When paired with the name of God in Yahweh Tsebaoth, it reveres Him as being over hosts of angelic armies who gather in His name and serve at His command. All creation is subject to the LORD of Armies. “LORD of Hosts,” “God of Armies,” and “LORD God of Armies” are versions of this name.

“LORD of Armies” most frequently appears in the Minor Prophets, especially in Malachi, where almost half of the verses in the book contain this name in some form. During the time of the prophets, the people of God were living in exile in Babylon. They faced daily reminders of the presence and power of the enemy armies keeping them in captivity. They called out to God as the LORD of Armies, whose vast angelic armies could deliver them from trouble. LORD of Armies is a name that assures us of the power of our mighty God.


The security, power, and strength of God in the face of His enemies


What does this name teach me about God?


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  1. Peter Keppa says:

    (Revelation 7) Prayer and share to all the 7000 remnants of the elect to pray asap for our country.

    I call you Yahuah Tsevaoth, the LORD OF THE ARMIES of ISRAEL to come down now and reign over every city in USA and the whole world. I am the chosen one who has the living seal of YAH. i call your four angels standing in the four corners of the earth who holds the winds to blow to the earth, seas and trees. I am the one ascending from the west, USA and with a loud shout to seize and bind now all the unclean spirit prince of the air hoovering in our city and the whole world. Seize and bind now all these unclean spirit prince of the air. This is PEter on this rock, i will build my church. i have the keys of heaven and the gates of hell shall not prevail in USA. What i bind on earth be bound in heaven. this is what I bind now all these unclean spirit prince of the air. let this be recorded in heaven at this date, at this hour and year of the LORD. PRaise the LORD Jesuis Christ of Nazareth. Amen. ( wave your palm branches as you say this prayer and you will rock heaven adn earth.) Please share this prayer to all the elect and to warn everyone to shutoff their cellsphone as the enemy is tracking every mind, heart and soul in your cellphone., Satan knows what you desire 24/7 in this sinful world. Satan becomes all knowing and to be everywhere in our cellsphone. WARN ALL the SHEEP. GOD SPEED. AMEN.

  2. Eryn Murray says:

    Spiritual warfare

  3. Bridgette Alvarez says:

    Christina Currano, I praying for you always. When my husband died in November I was empty and I felt so alone but after a while I remembered and believed that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. ❤️ He does not leave us or forsake us. You have been emptied out because of your past experiences and you are now in a good position to hear from God. To be filled up by God. Now is the time to really press in. Read God’s word often, meditate on His word, cry out to God, pray without ceasing. Fill your heart and your soul with God filled worship music and movies. The Lord of Hosts is with you. He goes before you. He makes your path straight. Be encouraged ❤️

  4. Bridgette Alvarez says:

    Kathleen I’m not sure why the NIV reads, “Lord Almighty” instead of “Lord of Hosts” or “Lord of Armies, but I get the same feeling from the Lord Almighty as from the the Lord of Armies and the Lord of Hosts. God has the victory!! He is over all!! He is awesome and mighty!! I’m seeing Amos 5:14–15
    (14 Pursue good and not evil
    so that you may live,
    and the Lord, the God of Armies,
    will be with you
    as you have claimed.
    15 Hate evil and love good;
    establish justice in the city gate.
    Perhaps the Lord, the God of Armies, will be gracious.), as a roadmap for us to follow today so that we can have hope for a better tomorrow.

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