A Plea to Repent

Open Your Bible

Hosea 14:1-9, 2 Chronicles 16:9, Psalm 52:1-9, Ephesians 2:1-10

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. It was a painstaking process for our youngest daughter to navigate stairs. Her sensory issues muddled her balance, and she often stumbled and fell as she missed steps. I would stoop behind her, with my hands lightly cupping the back of her heels, helping to plant each foot firmly, step by step, as she climbed.

The book of Hosea also reveals a painstaking walk of faith. Gomer fell hard, time and time again, as she strayed from her husband and chased other lovers. Yet the prophet graciously pursued, forgave, and redeemed his adulterous wife. These marriage dynamics reflect Israel’s own rocky relationship with God. Instead of trusting the God who saved them, they sought security in foreign allegiances. Instead of worshipping the God who loved them, they fawned over false gods. Like Gomer, they lost their footing and fell hard.

How solid is our footing in our walk of faith? Hosea’s plea to Israel, “Take words of repentance with you and return to the LORD” (Hosea 14:2), speaks to me and startles me. Return to God? I didn’t even know I’d left. But, deep down I do know. Just like Gomer and Israel, I betray God again and again. I stumble and fall. Even though I believe in God and want to trust Him, I reject Him whenever I chase lesser things to satisfy my deepest desires for security, status, and stuff. 

Hosea’s call to return and repent is personal. Just this week, I’ve allowed a hidden bitterness in my heart to fester and grow. I’ve overlooked my grumbling thoughts, avoided conflict, and faked nice. Instead of admitting my sin, I’ve settled for self-pity. I’ve missed a step and stumbled into resentment as I’ve rejected God’s way of reconciliation. What’s my next step? Repentance. I can take words with me and return to the Lord. Instead of ignoring my vague sense of being off-balance, I can specifically confess my sin to Him.

We all stumble and fall in the real walk of faith. But, like my daughter on the stairs, we don’t walk alone. Left foot, right foot. We take a step forward in faith with the Lord—left foot. Yet we step into unbelief and sin, too. So, we return to God in repentance—right foot. He graciously forgives and never stops leading and loving us. This is the gift of walking by faith. “For you are saved by grace through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift—not from works, so that no one can boast (Ephesians 2:8–9). God is always with us, helping us plant each foot firmly, step by step as we go.

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52 thoughts on "A Plea to Repent"

  1. Victoria E says:

    Melissa I often turn to shopping as a respite from my anxiety and worrying ! Thank you for praying for us. Foster Mama how wonderful you get to have this day of relaxing with your family! I will pray for you all.

  2. Dorothy says:

    Patti’s words are what I needed to hear today. I’ve been struggling on whether to ask my sister how my nephew’s court date went or not. I reach out to her but not like I should. I’m concerned if I say too much she will stop talking to me. I did find out she is still talking to my eldest brother, I thank God every day for that.
    I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be. I ask the Lord to help with my struggles and to help my family to become whole again.
    Sisters, be blessed, rejoice in the Lord and have wonderful weekend.

  3. Victoria E says:

    Thank God Briana that your daughter is safe !

  4. Maura says:

    Sweet Sweet Sisters, what joy all your comments of praising with me and prayer for me settling in. I won’t move in until the later part of the month. But God is also gifting me with many things. The people leaving were renting for a short time and because they had come from a big house and are downsizing are leaving an entire bedroom set, a dryer and a lawnmower. I am overwhelmed with the way He is gifting me and so, so thankful. He is so able and so faithful. Brenda, praising God for His protection of your baby girl. Hug her tight. Praise Jesus.
    Linda K, praising God for your vision and for all He helps us to see.
    Traci G – I am in Northern Colorado to, we should pick a coffee shop and meet, might have to be early morning before work, or a Saturday. Would be awesome, to meet you and talk in person. SRT Sisters, how fun it would be to sip tea with all of you, someday in Glory, we will sing praises together to our Mighty Savior. Mari V I was picturing you with your pink cast and knee scooter and asking God to bless you in this time, with strength for your other leg and healing and joy for your sweet heart. Taylor, praying for you too, I feel your faith in your comments. I have been making an effort, for a few days now to go to the things I have that point to Jesus in my down time, instead of relaxing with a tv show, and it is helping me to stay my mind on the Lord, pray I can keep doing so, for that is where our rest is found. Reading all the comments here in the evening really blesses me. Foster Mama, praying for your time to be His joy, peace and love for each of you. Victoria E – praying for you and your little. He is able to do more than I ask. This He has proved time and again, I am reminding myself when I feel any worry come, I must remember this, our God is GOOD Have to go to work, but thank you SRT for the message today. He draws us to Himself, loves us that much, even when we fall, there is always much to learn in humility in the arms of Jesus. Thank you Sisters.

  5. Mari V says:

    Ironically this is exactly how I’ve been living the past three weeks. Left foot. Right foot as I maneuvered in a very heavy splint and now a much lighter cast (pink w/sparkles). Taking those steps of doing life one-step-at-a-time trusting that my God knows what’s best, and sees ahead of me protecting me and keeping me safe. Happy Friday my sweet SRT sisters!

  6. Mari V says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I just want to say this morning. Churchmouse, we miss you! I pray for you all the time. I hope you are doing well.

  7. Gloria says:

    It affirmed to me in the study this morning how gracious is the love of God. Yesterday God said he would tear up like a lion because of their sin. But the moment they turn to God, promising their devotion to Him, He pours promises and blessings on them. Yesterday, as many days go, i got a rush of disturbing condemning thoughts that hit me like a semi truck. I was outside when it happened. My head turned upwards as if on its own. “Look at the beautiful blue sky”, i heard coming from the secret voice inside of me i know to be God. I was touched and in awe, that God would care more about my mental state at present then the mistakes I’ve made. I continued to walk in awe of my God. Words can not express my gratitude for His goodness.

  8. Jessica Chipepo says:

    As a mother that is the worst feeling. So glad your baby was protect and kept safe! Praise God!