Who We Are

The most important players in SheReadsTruth are God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they speak truth to our hearts through the reading of God’s word. Beyond that, there is you – a vast and beautiful community of women committed to growing closer to Jesus by seeking His face.

As for us, we are a handful of women who manage the site and write the plans. We are just like you, dependent on the grace of Jesus and needy of the Holy Spirit moving in our lives. We are a part of this community and we are committed to reading God’s Word along with you.


raechel srt headshotCEO and Co-founder RAECHEL MYERS is a Southern girl who has learned in terrible and wonderful ways how sweet it is to trust in Jesus. In the valleys she has lived and breathed and depended on God’s word for sustenance from one moment to the next, and on the mountaintops she has shouted His name in praise! But now, Raechel is learning what a daily diet of the Bread of Life looks like in the “in between” – on laundry day, grocery day and Tuesday. Connect with Raechel: blog | twitter | facebook

Amanda smallEditorial Director AMANDA BIBLE WILLIAMS met Jesus in a church pew in East Tennessee as a little girl. Now she finds Him in the daily chaos of an old farmhouse east of Nashville, while scouring the pages of God’s Word and guzzling grace as the still-learning wife to David and working mama to three children. Amanda is a writer in love with words and an editor enamored by the way God uses stories to speak truth to our hearts, no matter where we are.   Connect with Amanda:  twitter | facebook

DianaStoneDIANA STONE is a writer, Army wife, and child of God whose life and faith were rocked to the core with the loss of her twin boys at 20 weeks and again with the loss of her newborn son just one year later. With a sweet daughter in tow, Diana clings to God’s Word daily through the struggles and beauty of being a woman who loves her Lord. You can find her in the mornings with a cup of coffee and her Bible flung open, preparing for the day ahead.

Hayley MorganHAYLEY MORGAN  is a woman out for more passion and less fuss in her life. She knows that the wellspring of passion, life, beauty, and truth is God’s Word and she wants to start there daily. Hayley loves life with her 4 small boys and handsome husband. They love the idea of teaming with the Lord to live a life of great adventure.

Rebecca smallREBECCA FAIRES regularly finds herself regretting what she says at parties. She’s better at modulating her enthusiasm while sitting behind a computer screen or hiding under blankets. Even so, she bravely crawls out every day to shepherd her five clever and beautiful children. Most nights she dreams of flying and most days she teaches German and theatre to genius high schoolers. When she’s not lovingly smelling leather goods or searching for the perfect pun, she tries to write researched, loving devotionals for SRT. She lives in Tennessee with her mountain man, the aforementioned children, and a Great Dane who loves her just a little less than Jesus.

Debbie_smallDEBBIE EATON is a Southern CA girl who is passionate about the impact of daily, influential God-moments we have with one another. She deeply values being a follower of Christ, a wife of 27 years, mother of a teenage son, the beauty of friendship, writing, speaking, leadership and a good cup of coffee.


By God’s sovereign grace, #SheReadsTruth was conceived in May 2012 by Kacia Hosmer, Maggie Whitley, Raechel Myers, and Jessi Connolly. In 2014, She Reads Truth became a little more “official” and is now stewarded by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. What a joy this journey as a community has been!


She Reads Truth makes no representations or warranties in relation to this website or the information and materials provided therein, and will not be liable to you in relation to the contents of or use of this website for any indirect, special or consequential loss. Nothing on this website constitutes or is meant to constitute advice of any kind. If you require advice in relation to any legal, financial, medical or psychological matter, you should consult an appropriate professional.

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  • Margaret Cameron

    Hello SR Truthers,

    I just team a little facebook photo with your name on it. So I downloaded your app to see that alot of your reads you charge for. It is a lovely site. But it says not to share because of copywrite. Does this mean one should not share anything from your SRT site on facebook?
    Just wondering exactly what it means,
    Peggy Cameron

    • SheReadsTruth

      Hi Margaret,
      You are welcome to share us on Facebook! In fact, there is a button at the end of each post to help you do that! As long as you aren\’t changing content, reproducing it, or claiming it as your own, you should be good :) Grateful for hearts who want to share Truth!


  • Do you follow up on the comments women are posting? As I read throught the comments each day, I'm seeing that ladies are asking some very serious questions! But I'm concerned because I'm not seeing responses from you. The devotions are great, & are causing us to really think on your words and God's word. Please give some guidance to the ladies reading your posts, and don't leave their questions hanging.

  • shayna lavin

    This is the first time im writing. It is also the first time that ive read she reads the truth. I love it, and especially the way the reason that was gin for woman being formed from adams rib, so that they would be equals, and she would be beloved and protected by him.

  • freckles236

    Thank you soooooo much for the amendment you made on my behalf! That is so awesome! I love you guys! So much. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • I absolutely LOVE 'She Reads Truth' and read everyday – sometime twice. I have referred this site to all of my female (and some male) friends. Ladies we need some diversity in the writers. Just for another perspective. Thank you for the Word and starting my day and sometimes closing my evening. Keep the Word coming – we need it!

  • freckles236

    I'd like to ask a favor. I have a new acquaintance that I sent to this site and she instantly became wary of the site because the "who" section only speaks of God, our father. Our truth, and not of Jesus. I've been explaining to her that by saying that, it doesn't mean you're saying that Christ isn't the truth and that she needs to further investigate this site, however, I can also kind of see how she got distracted. I was wondering if there was anyway, not for me I guess, but for future visitors, if you guys could maybe clarify your "who" a bit more. I know what you all believe, and I've done some of your studies and believe you're spot on thus far, but I think a bit more explanation in the who would help a lot of people, harm no one, and ultimately, hopefully, isn't too much to ask? Thanks you guys. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

  • gracefulrdn

    I’ve awarded you the Liebster Award (for a great blog with under 200 followers)! Pass it along, or just enjoy being awarded. :)

  • Their stories are really inspiring and encouraging. I am a dentist and I have this patient of mine who is a young lady and she became a close friend. She is living alone and her parents are out of the country. She feels that she does not have any worth. I'll let her read this and may you able to inspire her.

  • I would like to have my e-mail address deleted from your mail out please. Please.

  • Elizabeth

    I am so happy to have found this site. The reading plans have been great to get me into a daily habit of spending time in God's word…. and now that it is more something I look forward to, and not something I do "because I should", I think I can finally feel God speaking to me. This is awesome.

  • AndreaSanders

    I am glad I was able to get hold to this now I can sit and listen to god and opening my heart more to god… AMEN

  • I. Have been trying to join the community but it keeps telling me page not found, what do I do?

  • Frances Holland

    I have completed and enjoyed this one, what is next?

  • tonyagarrick

    Glad I found you today! LOVE!

  • It is day 2 for me of reading this devotional. My desire is to return God to His rightful place in my life, Frist place. My hope is that this is the right place to start.

  • Reading for the new year! I am looking for a bible study where I can really reflect on Gods word. I hope this is it

  • Bree Beal

    I just discovered this website. So cool. I'm doing the reading plan in the You Version app for iPhone.

  • You are all an incredible blessing. Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to work though your lives. The Word is powerful and the way you put it together is inspiring. God is using you all in amazing ways. Thank you so much for following His leadership and saying yes to His challenge to put this together. Praise God may He always receive the glory. Praying for you daily.

  • CMcBreairty

    trying to find Proverbs 1 & 2 posts…it appears that the Proverbs post start with chapter 3?

  • BeYOUatBeME

    Thank you for putting this together.