a willing sacrifice

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Nehemiah 11:1-12:26, Philippians 2:21, Romans 12:1

Text: Nehemiah 11:1-12:26, Philippians 2:21, Romans 12:1

At first glance, the exhaustive list of names in chapters 11 and 12 makes for a rather dry read. But pull up a chair, dig in a bit more, and see that in between these listings is the story of great importance to Jerusalem.

You would think as Jerusalem was being finished that people fought over who would live within the walls of the great city they’d built. It would seem obvious that living there would be a privilege. Instead we see that lots were cast over who had to go, and that the people who did volunteer were commended (Nehemiah 11:1-2).

Why is this? First, Israelites were a hated people. Anyone living within the walls could probably expect to be attacked and live on edge. Also, because it was a holy city and contained the temple, the inhabitants would need to follow God’s commandments closely and be examples.

Simply put, living within Jerusalem was more of a bother than a gift to most.

“For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.”
(Philippians 2:21, ESV)

As I read through these chapters, my heart is struck by how often in my life I am the Israelite unwilling to live in God’s city. I’d rather be outside the walls, no burdens of how to act or expectations to sacrifice comfort. Yet, what God wants from us isn’t a begrudging acceptance of “lot casting.” He wants our hearts, our ability to look at the unknown (and often terrifying) and still say, “Yes Lord. Not my will, but yours.”

Our Lord wants us to accept making our lives a living sacrifice for His kingdom because He knows that what lies ahead for us in eternity is better than anything here on earth.

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”
(Romans 12:1, ESV)

We can be lot casters. We can enter into His holy city kicking and screaming, pouting for years and wondering, “Why me?” But we can also choose to go willingly, to be the volunteers that love the Lord so much we’d sacrifice the earthly “good” life for the glory of God.

Lord, make our lives a (willing) living sacrifice for your greater purpose. Amen.

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67 thoughts on "a willing sacrifice"

  1. Nikki Falvey says:

    Hineini, Lord! Help me to be a volunteer and not a lot caster. Thank you for my belief, Father; help me with my unbelief.

  2. Heather says:

    I struggle all the time to sacrifice whole heartedly my life to Gods purpose. It’s so hard to let go and offer it ALL to Him. It’s a daily struggle.

  3. deleted9879052 says:

    Hello Again…

    I am way behind on my "SheReadsTruth" reading and my own daily devotional. The truth is that I have been living outside the walls of God's City. I have been letting my flesh rule me and guide me. I stopped reading God's words and praying. I am ashamed.

    But God is forgiving.

    He has called me back into his arms and reminded me that without him I am nothing.

    That is why this devotional struck such a cord within me. I could hear my lord Abba calling me and saying,
    "Come back to me".

    Why did I ever leave? I don't know but I know it was wrong, sinful, and evil.

    So, here I am repenting and turning back to my King. Here I am moving back into
    the city of God.

    Thank you!

    1. Kylee says:

      We’ve all been there in some way or another, Rebekah! And He mercifully & graciously always welcomes us home❤️

  4. Beckey says:

    Seems like "being the volunteer" should be a lot easier choice than it is. Doesn't it? Thanks for this. really gave me something to think about!
    Beckey http://www.etsy.com/shop/queenbsbusywork

  5. Jess says:

    Sorry Mukasha I did not mean to give your comment a thumbs down. My finger touched my iPad wrong. Blessings as you seek His face in all things.

  6. Mukasha says:

    I am blown away! Who knew such a lesson can be learnt from what looked at first a mere list of names. I never saw coming the fact that it can even be applied to my recent experience when we had to move from our beautiful house in the country to a city from one day to another. I remember thinking to myself, God, usually people go the other way around, why is this happening? We were so happy in our house…I've looked at silver lining, God provided us with everything there in the new place, we could not complain, there was abundance. We were sore from the fast move and resentful for being forced to face daily city life inconveniences like traffic, lost time in commute, rude people, broken routines…etc. Then my husband gets assaulted, then he gets fired, then we are forced to leave the city and live on a farm in the middle of nowhere…then we are back to our beautiful house. I may never know what was the purpose to all these happenings, I just remember slowly starting to trust God more and letting go of my trying to control our lives, which was failing anyway. It happened fast, it was intense and it had its purpose. I believe it did. One thing for sure, it brought me closer to God, it was the reason I am here now. Lord, please give me the wisdom to follow the path you have laid for me voluntarily. Amen.

  7. LaurenC_ says:

    Ugh. Today's word really knocks me right between the eyes. So much to learn from today – the Scripture, Diana's devotion, so many wonderful and insightful comments from you all. Each and every one of us matters and plays an important role in God's purposes here on earth… even when He does not clearly define that role. Sometimes He shines a beaming light on our circumstances and we see our role clearly, other times our acts of faithfulness and trust are our role. I like to think I respond in those bright light "a ha" moments when I see clearly what God needs me to do. The problem is, those moments are rare. I struggle so often and so greatly to keep my faith and trust in Him during those long stretches of wondering, waiting, and asking, asking, asking Him what I should do – without clearly defined answers.

    I especially appreciate that Diana wrote today's devotion, knowing just a little about her life story and how God has called her and her husband to remain faithful through what has to be some of the most painful life circumstances one could ever experience. So much to think on tonight and so much to learn. I see my sin clearly before me, digging in its heels, grumbling about the lot that is cast for me at this time. Please Lord, help me to desire to be a willing, living sacrifice for your greater purpose. Forgive me when I turn my back on your call to me. Remind me that my faithfulness in you will never be in vain. Remind me that my faithfulness, trust, and patience bring you great pleasure and serve a valuable purpose in your kingdom. Mold my character and desire in accordance with your will. Make me teachable, Lord. Amen.

  8. AnnaLee says:

    Wow. Hearing all of this was a bit of a reality check in my life. The Lord has been speaking to me about cities and staying in them, while letting Him go out to the war (using 2 Sam 18). Not only should I be staying in this city, I should be CHOOSING to stay in this city, and volunteering to live in it as I work for the entire kingdom. Father, keep me within your precepts and laws. This life is yours; let it be for your glory and your glory alone. Father, show me how to use EVERYTHING you've given me– from gifts to money to talents and opportunities! Let me live within your city and delight myself in your rules. Strengthen my hands for the work you have ahead of me. Praise you, father God.
    Be so blessed, girls. May the Lord use you all within the places you're at, even if it means discomfort or sadness on our parts sometimes. Father, show me how you want me to work in this season & location, and give me the right mindset– that it is all for your glory. May you be praised, Lord God. I love you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    1. LaurenC_ says:


    2. Love that prayer, AnnaLee!!!

  9. talesofbeautyforashes says:

    Taking this a different direction. Does God want my time with Him to be volunteer or lot casting? Many times, I spend time in His word because I should not because I want to. Oh God, change my heart to desire your truths more than gold or silver. Increase my desire and passion for you and Your Word.

    1. talesofbeautyforashes, Very true! And then on days I do end up skipping out on spending time with Him, I feel like my whole day is a mess. I will be praying with you to have complete devotion towards Him and His word.

  10. megan w says:

    This couldn't have come on a more perfect day! I found out today that my brother- and sister-in-law are pregnant, and while I am very very happy for them, I cried at hearing the news because I want so badly for that to be me and my husband. I work at a job that requires a lot of travel and have a few more years before my contract is up, so we're waiting a few years to start our family. But I struggle so much with being patient. I know that I should take comfort in the fact that God has a plan for us, and that we are here for a reason, but instead I get upset that MY will is not being done… Thank you for the wonderful reminder that it is HIS will that is to be done, not my own. <3

    1. Bethany says:

      Yes, Megan! You are not alone! We are also in a season of waiting to start our family due to graduate school, and my desire for it is kicking in full force, while I feel like so many women around me are having babies or getting pregnant. While I also have a condition that affects my fertility, so we have no idea what will happen when we start trying, I am comforted in knowing that this is one area in my life where I have absolutely NO control whatsoever… so I have no choice BUT to leave it up to God's will! I am typically a very impatient person, but that thought gives me hope, that God has a better plan than I can even imagine right now! :) Praying for you and all the women like us who are in wait for God's perfect timing.

  11. Miranda says:

    God simply wants me + a willing heart. So simple but so much easier said than done. And how we're supposed to sacrifice our bodies to be holy and acceptable to God — wow. God made me so of course I should be treating my body well, but so often I forget! He loves me still through all my iniquities and sins… He can use me still! Praise God!

  12. Tilly Jane says:

    Just like Christians are now a commonly hated people. Anyone living "inside the walls" of God – Being a Christ Follower can expect to be attacked, either by other people or Satan and live on edge – ready and waiting (building/working with one hand and bracing for the attack with the other). Also because when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we become "a holy city" and a temple of God. Gods' children (the inhabitants of the Kingdom of God) need to follow God's commandments closely and be an example and a shining light to those who live on the outside of the wall.

    Simply put, living as a Christian – a Christ Follower – is more of a bother than a gift and blessed privilege to most.

    1. Miranda says:


    2. Estela says:

      Thanks Tilly that helps understand this passage and people.

    3. AnnaLee says:

      Amen, sister. This insight is well appreciated! Praise the Lord for you.

      1. Absolutely! It is tough… big time!!! I agree that we need to be that shining light in this dark world.

  13. Gema Muniz says:

    Such a great teaching this morning, this area is one that I struggle with greatly, many times I find myself not wanting to live inside the gates of Jerusalem. I look outside the gates and see how so many people seem to live a carefree life without any rules, without having to question their every move. Many times I want to throw in the towel and say I can make decisions on my own, why must I always consult with God or try to think about how my decisions affect others.

    But then God provides me with clarity, he reminds me of the many times in which he has protected me from making bad decisions, and how has guided me to greener pastors. Is easy to get caught up in the worldly things, in wanting to please ourselves and not wanting to deal with the consequences afterwards.

    But sisters let's remember that God always wants the best for us, even when at the moment we pout and complain about living inside the gates. God reminds us and shows us how great it is to live inside the gates, to live under his protection. I pray for God to never allow me to forget his greatness and to never allow me to walk away from him, since I so easily forget everything he has done for me. I pray for my SRT sisters as well any of you that may be dealing with my same struggle. God bless all of you.

    1. EssieJean says:

      Gema, all of your comments have been so encouraging to me today. Thank you so much for being here :)

    2. AnnaLee says:

      I agree with EssieJean. Praise God for you, Gema! "But sisters, let's remember that God always wants the best for us…" As I went to sleep last night in a makeshift bed (family friends were in town, and they got my bed to sleep in), I watched my cat and dog fall asleep lazily against each other. We've just gotten my cat, and we prayed that the Lord would bring peace between the two animals as they both acclimated to living in the house– dogs and cats usually don't get along very well, and we thought at best they'd tolerate each other. They are now the sweetest, silliest pets together, and both of them sleeping so close without problems just completely spoke about God's great faithfulness to me, to my family, to all of us. In that moment last night, I said to myself, "The Lord will give me every good thing. He feeds all of his creatures at the proper time, and those who love the Lord lack no good thing." (Psalm 37:4, Psalm 136:25, Psalm 34:10). It was so sweet to actually live that out… trusting in the Lord looks hard at times, but He truly does want to give us the very, very best. Father, help us to see your consistent faithfulness in all things; help us to dance for joy at all the beauty you've given us. Praise you, God. I pray this little witness story encourages whoever reads it! Be blessed, sisters. Follow His lead; He will lead you to greener pastures. Praise Him. :)

      1. Thank you, Gema! I love that reminder that God always wants the best for us. I am guilty of forgetting all of the things He has blessed me with so far when I complain about wanting more or not knowing what lies ahead. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Just last night, I was questioning if our recent move to CA was a good one considering all that has happened since we've been here. There have been good things that have happened (birth of our twins) along with bad things that have happened (my husband's work issues, closer to family issues). As I read today's lesson, I was reminded how maybe I've been more of a lot castor instead of a willing volunteer. My mindset since we've been here is, "Do we really need to be here in this place?" All along, I should be saying, "Let's do this!" We are getting ready to make yet another move fairly soon at some point. My husband is changing careers and it's both exciting and scary as we don't know where God is leading us. Having six children, we've often felt worry about whether God will provide for us with this next move. But God is laying it on our hearts to make this move. Instead of worrying about the future, I need to trust that God will take care of us and go where He sends us.

    1. Gema Muniz says:

      Amen, I'm praying for you this morning Carrie. I understand it can be scary, but we need to stop focusing on what we want and seek God more. Pray and he will guide you, don't be afraid to do what you feel God is telling you to do, because no matter what he will provide. We never like to live in the struggle, but these are the moments in which we see God's grace the clearest. Take this opportunity to pray as a family and allow everyone to see how God will glorifies himself. Rember we live through faith not through sight. God bless!

      1. Thank you Gema! I needed to hear your wisdom!

    2. AnnaLee says:

      Praying for you now, Carrie! May the Lord give you peace and bless you throughout this big, chaotic transitional time. He will provide every good thing for you! Don't be troubled; He is very faithful to give you what you need as you press into Him. You are loved, Carrie. Remember that and be at peace, at rest. Love you.

      1. AnnaLee, You've been a great encouragement to me! You are so right! He will provide. Thank you for your words!!!

  15. Ioneem says:

    Will you pray for my husband and I. He had a knee replaced and it is doing fine, but he had a horrible reaction to the drugs. He comes home today and I need super strength and wisdom to care for him . May God bless each of you and thank you, Diane for your study today.

    1. Gema Muniz says:

      Praying for you.

    2. AnnaLee says:

      I will definitely be praying, Ioneem. May the Lord give you wisdom, insight and strength to help your husband heal and recover. I pray it'd bring you closer in your marriage and in your family (if you have one). May you use this time to be not only a caring wife, but a loving servant for the kingdom of God. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…" (Col 3:23). Be blessed, friend!

  16. Diane says:

    Many times I have said similar complaints to The Lord."I didn't sign up for this!" Is one I remember saying recently. Yet, it is in this confession that I find HIM, Jesus, waiting to hear me, to help me.I don't think the trials of this life will ever be finished until we see Jesus face to face. For it is in the crying out to him that I find the courage to stay in my Jerusalem. it is here that I receive mercy to be able to rejoice in the midst of the battle.Today, once again I pray, Dear Lord have mercy on me so I may stand before you and not fail your calling on me.

    1. Gema Muniz says:

      Amen! I join you in your prayer because too often I feel the same way. May God provide us with the strenght to continue doing his work on earth until we see him face to face.

    2. AnnaLee says:

      "For it is in the crying out to him that I find the courage to stay in my Jerusalem." The Lord has been speaking to me a lot about "staying in my city" or at least cities in general, while armies go off to war… father, give me wisdom to know what exactly this "city" is and how you would want me to work within it. Amen.

  17. Valanne says:

    Let's just stop at "but we can choose to go willing". I need to repent from my digging my heals in, slow acceptance of assighments, and reflect on how abundantly the Lord has blessed me in the work He has called me to do.

    Next time my hand should fly up in the air, "choose me". Change my heart Lord to be a front runner for your Kingdom work.

    1. AnnaLee says:

      Amen Valanne. Father, forgive me also for digging my heals in– whether it'd be because of fear, laziness, or doubt– when it comes to living in Your city and doing Your kingdom work. I pray Valanne's prayer as well, father: Change my heart and mind, Lord, and make me a front runner for your kingdom work as well.
      It can be so easy to talk about wanting to do the work, but like this study has so clearly said, there comes a time when you need to hunker down and DO the work. Father, give me boldness for the planning and for the follow-through.

      1. Valanne says:

        AnnaLee you are so faithful to try and read our post and respond. Thank you. I pray that you and I, all our SRT sisters grow greatly from this study. It's such a good one!

  18. Morgan says:

    I about fell asleep while trying to read the passage. No lie. :) I struggled to apply it, so I moved onto the devotion and was floored. Go figure. I love what Diana did with this passage, to pull out how we can begrudge our place in the Holy City or we can embrace it. If that wasn't me even a year ago, still longing to get out of the suburbs and into the country, to own more property, raise my kids differently, etc. And by the grace of God he's worked my heart over to where I'm embracing where I am and thrilled to start a Bible study in my neighborhood. He has us in places for a reason, though it may take us YEARS to see why. And I wonder if sometimes we won't even know the "why" on this side of heaven. I don't know why I've been given a child with Down syndrome, but I understand the "what" behind it: to glorify God in the way we love Bear and point him to the Lord. I liked that as the priests and Levites were brought back, some of their roles were described and others weren't…a reminder that sometimes our faithfulness is the act that matters, whether or not our role is clearly defined for us.

    1. Candacejo says:

      Your last sentence is out of the park! Amen!

    2. AnnaLee says:

      Thank you for this, Morgan!! As Candace said, your last sentence is really eye-opening… whether we understand it or not, are we being faithful to the Lord in all things? Definitely something to check my heart about. Praise Jesus for your insight. Have a great rest of your day, sister.

    3. LaurenC_ says:

      So well said. Thank you for sharing your insight!

  19. Candacejo says:

    I've also been reading in Zechariah of late where the Lord measures Jerusalem, (no measurement is given, however, for "Jerusalem" is an innumerable host! Jerusalem is THE CHURCH!) A remnant is returning, and the angel of the Lord commands Zechariah to tell the people: “‘For I,’ says the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’” Zechariah 2:5.

    Nehemiah was to rebuild the walls, not Zechariah, so it is believed here that it is talking about all of US, the Church of the living God! If we do take that step forward, as Diana is speaking of, we will be rewarded with a wall of fire around us and the Glory of the Lord in our midst! It speaks of a city "without walls"…but a wall of FIRE cannot be penetrated! The enemy cannot get through a wall of fire, he cannot harm The Church!

    Even better than that, once we are in "the city", we are rewarded with the glory of His presence in our lives!!

    John Piper said it best, "God is never content to just give us the protection of His fire, He will give us the pleasure of His presence!"

    1. stinav96 says:

      I love this! Thank you for sharing! Makes me want to go read Zechariah, too! Oh, and I already was beginning to want to read Ezra. It's a beautiful thing when God's Word and the sharing of His Word begets more desire for His Word! Thank you again!

      1. I also need to go back and read Zechariah! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  20. Kimone says:

    Yet, what God wants from us isn’t a begrudging acceptance of “lot casting.” He wants our hearts, our ability to look at the unknown (and often terrifying) and still say, “Yes Lord. Not my will, but yours.”

    Our Lord wants us to accept making our lives a living sacrifice for His kingdom because He knows that what lies ahead for us in eternity is better than anything here on earth.

    The sufferings of this present life is nothing compared to what we will gain in Gods glory. Sisters we just have to make up our minds, live according to His will. We study the bible here as a group and thats where it all lies. Let us follow the instructions daily into living a life free from sin. A life in which we are made living sacrifices, holy and acceptable before God. Examples to the world that they may see our light and come to worship the Father in heaven. It is possible for we serve a God of impossibles. Dont fear, live right, do it right and let not our will but His will be done in and through our lives.

    Have a wonderful day ladies. God bless you all.

  21. joanne sher says:

    God loves a cheerful giver. We are to serve without grumbling or complaining. It’s all in His Word. Yet for me anyway, this is where it sinks in – where the rubber meets the road. Let me live in God’s way willingly – not forcibly.

  22. stinav96 says:

    What a difficult passage to "teach" or "learn" from! I have often wondered why God gave lists and lists of names in Scripture. How does that teach us who He is? How does that teach us how to live? But what if the lists and lists of names are God's encouragement to each of us individually? He knows your name and mine. Where we may be just one in a list of names to the world around us and after us, He knows His plan and purpose for each of us. He knows how you and I fit into His redemptive plan. He knows the sacrifice (living in Jerusalem). He knows the responsibilities (going back to other towns). He knows us and has called us individually. To perform the sacrifices. To work on the outside maintenance of His house. To stand at the gate and watch for attackers. Praise God, I am not just another name to Him! His purpose and plan for each name, each position, is His glory and the furtherance of His kingdom. Your name matters. My name matters. HIS name matters above all, no matter whose name is in the list. Thank you, Father, for choosing me! In Jesus' Name.

    1. Brandi says:


    2. Allie says:

      Well said

    3. LaurenC_ says:

      I've always groaned (usually out loud) when I come to these passages that are seemingly endless lists of names and have also wondered what the point is. You're spot on in your comment and I've never thought of it that way. Thank you for sharing your insight. Now I'll try to look at those long lists with greater appreciation and try to see my own name there. Feeling so grateful that my name really does matter to God.

  23. Dori McCormick says:

    Ooh, I like that” … seek it, even when I do not want it …” It does make me reflective, though …looking back on my life there is nothing that I could not write a page of things to be thankful for. I may NEVER want to go through them again, but the gain is immeasurable. Age DOES have its rewards!

  24. drasch says:

    We just finished a series at church on loving our neighbors, and one of the points was that we are where we live because God has a purpose and wants us here. Not what I want to hear, because I hate the city and would sacrifice a lot to live in a rural area, away from traffic and neighbors and noise. We've been searching for property for years now, but have seen nothing that meets our needs.

    I want God's will for my life, but so many times I find myself asking for caveats; "but only if I can have…" Or "as long as I don't have to do…"

    Your will, not mine, Lord. Help me to seek it, even when I don't want to. Help me to choose your path when I am content to cast lots and take my chances.

    1. megan w says:

      I was just think that same thing! That God has put me here because he wants me here. My struggle is with starting a family, because of my job I need to wait a bit before we start, but I am very impatient for that day to arrive. Today I just had to remind myself, Your will Lord, not mine.

    2. AnnaLee says:

      Amen, drasch… how hard this is for all of us. To focus on the Lord's will, and not our own. Forgive me for my own caveats, Lord! Make us fearless to let you lead us where we are to go– and help us to know that being with you is ALL that will EVER matter in this life.

  25. Bethany says:

    What an interesting perspective Diana took on today's passage. Are we volunteers or lot casters? I try to be a volunteer, but it is a daily struggle. I struggle with things that seem like they should be such easy choices.

    The passage from Romans is convicting. My pastor often talks about being living sacrifices – climbing onto the altar each day. But how many times a day do I crawl down off the altar? I constantly pray for God to help me climb back on the altar. I truly do awning to follow and live for Christ, and I want God to use me for His kingdom. So what holds me back? Fear (of what others might things, what else I might be missing out on). Selfishness. Pride. Laziness. But when I think about what I could gain: Confidence! Fulfillment! Humility! Acceptance! Joy! Why would I ever want to go it alone again?

    1. Kimone says:

      Gid has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind.
      What lies ahead of us in eternity, is wayyyy better than anything here on this earth.

    2. EssieJean says:

      So true, Bethany! I m constantly crawling down off the altar to peek outside the door of the Holy of Holies and check on what's going on out in the streets – what else I might be missing out on, as you would have it.
      It is so hard to remember that I have all the best things when I am as close to Him as I can get. Then, and only then.

    3. AnnaLee says:

      Amen, Bethany. I'm praying we'd all have the courage to seek what GOD wants for us, not what we want for us… and to give up those things in us that go against His will for us. Lord, make us holy, pleasing sacrifices to you. We can only do it with your strength, intimacy with you, your presence. Work in us, Lord Jesus. I praise you for that. Amen.

  26. tina says:

    ….But we can also choose to go willingly, to be the volunteers that love the Lord so much we’d sacrifice the earthly “good” life for the glory of God…….Please May I say ….forgive me, those who disagree…..but this 'call' is easier said than done….. we probably all have the young man who approached Jesus' attitude in us,(Luke 18:18-23) ……this is a big ask…..in this world and culture…and interestingly enough even back then, as the Israelites cast lots…….what we have worked for, what we have accomplished, what we have gained….seems so very hard to part from/with….these status' are what define us….(to us) or what we have been brought up to believe, you go to school, you learn and work hard, your reward will be a good job and all you need and want in life……“For they all seek their own interests,…….. not those of Jesus Christ.” this call has to be a mind set…a whole hearted, soul giving, I trust you Lord, I believe in you with all I have, kinda mind set….and how many of us have that…..I'm not making excuses, this is truth, for us al,l there is something that we would hold on to ……if like the man, who approached Jesus…we were called to give all ……
    We follow Jesus. ……We love, adore, respect and worship Him….We know deep in our hearts what He has done for us….Thank you Jesus….We believe in the Almighty God…. We do our good, better, best……but we will always fall short…But God….Our Amazing, forgiving, trusting, loving God sees us, in our falling short, and still calls us to be willing sacrifices, ….He gives us the choice….for His purposes…..

    Lord, make our lives a (willing) living sacrifice for your greater purpose. Amen….

    Thank you Diane for this….definitely called to account today in my choices in life….

    I've rambled on as usual…..sorry sister's…..God bless you all, And I pray He guides you in love, whatever your day is looking like…..Love Tina.x xxx

    1. Kimone says:

      Tina you are on point for it is reality. Let us however not forget that we are never alone and the Holy Spirit the comforter resides in us for we are the Temple of God. How we live is a choice. We can possess these earthly things and still serve God whole heartedly. We can love and serve Him so much that if these things are lost our praises are not affected. It is how much value we place on these compare to the God who gave them to us. As you say, it has to be a mindset and it can be developed by everyone of us, through our willingness. Let us develop that mind set and watch the Lord bring us through and present us without spot and blameless before His throne. God bless you.

      1. tina says:

        God bless you too Kimone…..and thank you…..x x

    2. EssieJean says:

      I had a similar thought as I read, Tina – most of these people who volunteered must have left family land, family expectations, and some even family relationships to do what they were called to do. It's harder than it seems, for sure!

      1. tina says:

        Blessings Essiejean…Thank you for your encouragement….x x

    3. AnnaLee says:

      Wow. This is a huge call, to place the Lord before all of ourselves… the verse "For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ" (Philippians 2:21) definitely convicts me, as today I had an opportunity to further and work for the kingdom of God but slunk away from it out of fear and disbelief, choosing to only build my own kingdom instead. Lord, forgive me for neglecting your house, your temple… forgive me for refusing to be in your wonderful city. Lord, change my heart and mind to live more fully for you in all things– EVERYTHING is dust, I am dust, we are dust, and it's all yours. Show me what YOU want, no matter what it means for me. Praise you, God. Amen.

      1. tina says:

        AnnaLee, I like that….show me what you want, no matter what it might mean to me…..yes indeed Praise you Lord God…AMEN…..x x x