Weekly Truth

Open Your Bible

Psalm 77:11–12

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the good news of Jesus with us wherever we go. 

Throughout this plan, one of the ways we will practice remembrance is by committing our key passage to memory. We will use different Scripture memorization tools to fill our hearts and minds with the truth of God’s Word. 

Read the passage out loud several times. Circle or highlighting the words that stand out to you. Then read the passage again, emphasizing each word you noted 

I will remember the LORD’s works; yes, I will remember your ancient wonders. I will reflect on all you have done and meditate on your actions.
—Psalm 77:11–12

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21 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

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  3. Missy Csonka says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast for this week. It’s so good! About God inviting us to remember us to ask him to remember us! I love that. The call and response of a relationship with Him. So many good nuggets to chew on. Been really down for months now but I am trying to remain positive in my home situation and the worsening problems between me and my spouse. Never on the same page with anything especially topics of growth as a Christian. He does not want to ever talk about God. It makes me very sad and anxious. Could I ask for prayers? Also my mother moved in with us 7 years ago and things are strained between us. I get very annoyed with her and very short-tempered.

    Much Love and Hugs SHES!❣️