Day 7

Weekly Truth

from the 1, 2 & 3 John reading plan

1 John 1:9

BY She Reads Truth

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the gospel with us wherever we go.

This week we will memorize the key verse for 1 John, a declaration of God’s love and sacrifice.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
—1 John 1:9

Save the image below as a lock screen for your phone so you can read these words throughout the day.

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25 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Rea Queen says:

    We pray this scripture every time our @momsinprayer group gets together.
    Moments of confession are good…necessary…for the soul. They keep our relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit wide open. No hidden places, no darkness. They are not moments for shame, but for hope and freedom and mercy and forgiveness and total cleansing.
    So very grateful!

    1. Erin Morioka says:

      Thank you for sharing! I need to reimagine the way I view and approach confession.

  2. K D says:

    Living in the peace and hope that is found in this scripture today!

  3. Sue says:

    “Though sin is always present,
    so is it’s remedy –
    so sin never need be a hinderance
    to our relationship with God.”
    Enduring Word Commentary

    What reassuring words.
    So grateful for the work of Jesus.

  4. Blessed Beth says:

    Absolutely churchmouse! His teenage daughters have faithfully attended church with their grandparents and prayed for him and his wife. I can’t wait for our return to church I know God will bring the entire family we have been seeing a change in the family over these weeks of pain and fear change to prayer and peace. Thank you for your prayers.

  5. Churchmouse says:

    Blessed Beth, adding my prayers to your own and this of all of your church for the healing of that young man. May he continue to make steady progress and may his faith grow stronger for what he has endured. How hard this must be on his wife and extended family so my prayers go out for them as well. I’m sure the entire church is rejoicing over this good news and are eager to see him released to go home.

  6. Jen Brewer says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for Your great love and forgiveness and for giving us your Spirit to live within us. I absolutely agree that this season has been a time for self-reflection. Caring for my toddler full time doesn’t always allow me as much time to reflect or be in the Word as I would like, but I’m thankful for the Lord showing me that He is with me even in those challenging moments of setting boundaries and loving a little person and realizing how much I need Him in order to be the gracious mama my little boy needs (since He Himself is such a gracious Father with me as I fall short so often!). Thank you, Jesus, for the promise of eternal life that starts even now: knowing you. <3 (shout out to our dear SRT podcast hosts for linking these Scriptures. Just finished the podcast for the week yesterday so these were fresh in my mind)

    1 John 2:25–And this is the promise that he made to us — eternal life.
    John 17:3–And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

  7. Blessed Beth says:

    Churchmouse I so agree with you, I feel my mind is constantly focused on Him, during this time and all I want to do is what will bring
    honour to Him. Last night I was so excited as the son in law of one of our church members, who happen to live her, who has been suffering so badly from the virus that 2 days ago they scraped his lungs. Last night he was taken off the ventilator was is breathing on his own. He works in the medical field, oh how they/we are celebrating.! Now I can’t wait to see what God has planned him and his family. He does have a long way to go, and we will continue to pray!
    His love is so great and everyday I feel closer to Him during this time of isolation that really isn’t isolation it is time with our loving Savior!

  8. Churchmouse says:

    This pandemic season is a humbling one. I have much time to read Scripture and I have much time for self reflection. I have an acute awareness of how I fall short before my holy God. How grateful I am that when I confess my sin, He forgives me. He goes even farther: He cleanses me from all my unrighteousness. My sin is no more. I am cleansed from its filth. He remembers it no more. How great is His love!

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