Day 1

The Source of Rest

from the I Will Give You Rest reading plan

Exodus 33:1-17, Psalm 23:1-6, John 15:1-11

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the Scripture. During this reading plan, we’ll then use the summary provided here to guide our discussion around the daily reading.

In God’s presence, we find rest. He is the source of all that we need—physically, spiritually, and eternally. 

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  1. Bailey Pape says:

    In order to live in peace we must abide in the Lord and his love for us because it is consistent constant and true.

  2. Samantha Maloney says:

    To simply abide in the Lord is to find rest and joy! How sweet!

  3. Lene Wessels says:

    I remain in you Lord

  4. Rachel Christian says:

    This first day has given me the insight I’ve needed for some time. This past year has shaken me to my core. A diagnosis I never even thought of. The hard season is in me and I’ve been so anxious, angry, depressed and impatient with God.

    But then, I found this website and plan. I began to read the scriptures and I was reminded that God hasn’t walked away but I became tied to the world view.

    I am beyond grateful to have Jesus Christ as my friend. I just need to lean onto Him more and trust in Him daily. When the seas and storm rise, with Christ, I know I will be safe in His arms.

    Thankful for this website to reminds us of our Creator and His friendship. I cannot wait to read the next plan.

  5. Rebekah Davis says:

    I struggle to understand what truly it looks like to remain in the Lord and HIM do the work. And that my job is just to rest in Him, not in my own efforts. He is faithful and good and He won’t give up on me and that’s what I’m trying to learn by His Spirit. I want to be who He created me to be and serve Him well because He is so worthy of it

  6. Laura Amadeo says:

    I often forget His presence is with me and that’s where I find my rest. Not in the pleasures the world offers

  7. Leah Boles says:

    struggling to adjust to college and John 15 was exactly what i needed today! trying to remember to lean into Christ through all the change.

  8. Sarah Furgason says:

    I recently was given a life changing diagnosis. I have been so angry. I have been in a very fruitful season at work and have been leaning into that with little balance for the rest of my life. I know God is asking me to rest right now. I’ve been ignoring God. I need to respect this body I’ve been given and allow space for rest and healing.

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