Day 1

The Source of Rest

from the I Will Give You Rest reading plan

Exodus 33:1-17, Psalm 23:1-6, John 15:1-11

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the Scripture. During this reading plan, we’ll then use the summary provided here to guide our discussion around the daily reading.

In God’s presence, we find rest. He is the source of all that we need—physically, spiritually, and eternally. 

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348 thoughts on "The Source of Rest"

  1. Haley Binford says:

    What a blessing to read—that the Lord was both an awe inspiring pillar of cloud and the intimate God who spoke to Moses “as a man speaks to a friend”

  2. Mariah Garcia says:

    Requesting prayers for strength to pick myself back up from heartbreak.

  3. nat kobus says:

    resting in the promises of God is a gift!

  4. Lillian Hornes says:

    I recently left a church I’d been a part of for nearly 20 years. I feel it was the right decision but still feel a lack of rest.

  5. Sammy Kirn says:

    My mind is most clear when rested. I see the Lord more clearly with a rested soul.

  6. Jeralyn Belote says:

    God is speaking to me today. . . “Abide in my love.”

  7. Gabrielle Vanderwolf says:

    Jesus is so amazing indeed! He is our rest, just as He is our peace! we will find true peace and rest in the arms of our LORD God and Savior Jesus Christ ( Matthew 11:28-30)

  8. Maddi Feldman says:

    He refreshes my soul. I haven’t had that verse hit me like that before. I love the way it sounds

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