The Second Sunday of Advent

Open Your Bible

Luke 2:30-31

We are using the first two Sundays of Advent to anticipate the hope of Jesus’s arrival as we memorize our key passage together. This week we will add the second part of Luke 2:30–31, a reminder that Jesus was born to bring salvation to everyone.

For my eyes have seen your salvation.
You have prepared it
in the presence of all peoples. 
—Luke 2:30–31

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37 thoughts on "The Second Sunday of Advent"

  1. Mandi says:

    Looking forward to the Advent Sunday with my church body. We have our annual Christmas concert which we have been attending since been going to as a family before we started attending this church- probably approaching 20 years. It’s always fabulous in terms of quality and a clear focus on the significance of Jesus’s birth. This year I invited our whole neighborhood to go to the concert and then to come to our house for a neighborhood party. I don’t know if very many people are going to take me up on the offer of the concert before. We do know that our elderly, recently widowed neighbor wants to come if we take him which, of course we will. Prayers appreciated for both the concert at the time of our home afterward. I’m really trying to reach out to the people near me. This type of thing is definitely out of my comfort zone though!

  2. Susan Lindblad says:

    One man for all people – his love and power are beyond my comprehension

  3. Savannah Cayanan says:


  4. Adrienne says:

    As TARA B and CEE GEE said… thank You that MY eyes have seen His salvation, and help me to share that with others who don’t know Him, so that they can see too!

    I hope you have an opportunity to share His salvation with others today, sweet sisters!

  5. Searching says:

    CEE GEE ❤️ “prepared for all people” – thank you for sharing this translation. All people – that’s all of us! Hallelujah!

    KELLY (NEO) ❤️ Perfect title!

    SUSAN BONNER – ❤️ will continue to pray for your family, wisdom and guidance in your daughter-in-law’s relationship, and for the grace, understanding and adjustments needed for others as/if the relationship moves forward. I see the struggle of this adjustment with family members.

    TARA B – praying for your family in this separation

    LESLIE MAY – welcome

    DONNA WOLCOTT – praying for family and friends of those lost this weekend

    MERCY ❤️

    JESSICA THOMAS – praying for your Gran and your family as the days grow shorter

    SARAH D – good to see you

    LEANNA THOMPSON – praying for the families and your community in the midst of these tragedies

  6. Cheryl Blow says:

    Thank you Lord that we have this free gift of salvation! You extending your mercy and grace. May we never take it for granted and help us willingly extend these to those we encounter today. May I never forget that I am a sinner saved by grace.

  7. .Cee Gee says:

    I have seen your salvation,
    which you have prepared for all people.
    — Luke 2:30–31 (NLT)

    Luke 2:11 (NASB) “…for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”
    MAX LUCADO used this version to highlight that Jesus was born FOR US to save us from our sins.

    Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the greatest Gift of all- Your Precious Son! Help us to be obedient and excited to share Him with those who don’t know Him. Please hear and guide in all the prayers on the hearts of these precious sisters. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

    DONNA WOLCOTT – Prayers of comfort in your sorrow and for the families of your friends.❤

    1. Lyndi Goodman says:

      Thank you for sharing that in the NLT!

  8. Keli Miles says:

    Thank you Lord for your salvation! ❤️