The LORD of Armies Is With Us

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Psalm 46:1-11

When I was a kid, I used to be terrified that our house was going to burn down. I would lie awake in my bed, certain that at any moment I would see smoke coming from under my door, a raging fire just down the hallway ready to engulf my entire family, destroying everything in its wake. Before bed, I would ask my parents to close all the doors (to keep the fire from getting into our rooms) and make sure the oven was off, and every so often, I’d ask them to check our smoke detectors—just in case one was malfunctioning. My parents would do all of these things, lovingly reminding me that I was safe, that nothing was going to happen to me. And they would pray with me, inviting me to bring my fears and uncertainties to God, the One who protects me and strengthens me.

This psalm refers to God as the “LORD of Armies.” This name for God appears most often in the Minor Prophets, both before and after Judah’s exile into Babylon. The lives of God’s people were full of fear and uncertainty, and they were constantly reminded of the power their enemies held over them. Referring to God as the LORD of Armies reminded them of His ability to keep them from harm.

This whole psalm is a reminder of God’s unmatched power. The psalmist writes of God’s ability to provide calm and order in the midst of total chaos. The first stanza speaks of God’s protection from the natural elements, the second of God’s protection from other nations, and the third of God’s protection from fighting and wars. In every stanza, the psalmist reminds us that God is with us—that He is our refuge, that the LORD of Armies is our stronghold. How can we not bow down in praise of such a powerful God? With a God like this on our side, fighting for us, watching over us, our fears don’t stand a chance.

These days, I’m not as scared of my house burning down as I used to be. My fears are more concerned with uncertainty about the future and my need to control things. So although I am not a nation at war, I can still find rest in the fact that the LORD of Armies is with me. He is a refuge for my weary soul, a place of comfort in the midst of chaos. His power is stronger than even the most terrifying of armies, His love deeper than any raging sea. He is strong, He is good, and He will not let me go, even in the fiercest battle.

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360 thoughts on "The LORD of Armies Is With Us"

  1. Kimberly Z says:

    @Theresa love you comment about being a chronic striver. I am the same way I believe if I worry enough about something it will eventually just go away. When in reality I am bad about giving things up to God. @SARAH D. praying for your wisdom and strength during this time! I pray the shadowing goes really well. I find it to be very cool that if get this job you’ll be in a Christian based school. How cool would that be as you’ve been praying for hard for this. Obviously any new job would be great! Happy Tuesday ladies! I am coming on SO late today as I have been running around non stop all day then I had my first night of belong league tonight. I am not a bowler and my only goal for the season was to bowl above a 100 and I made exactly a 100 my first round. I guess I can quit now. Praying for you all tonight!

  2. Mercy says:

    Lifting our sisters in prayers PAMC (God’s comfort and nurturing for you and family), MICHELLE (your mom and her peace, for order, healing, respect of boundaries and spiritual leadership within the home), LEHUA (God’s directing your dad with wisdom and right estate planning decisions), HEIDI (rejoicing with you, and for God’s grace for ministry work expansion), SHARIE (you’re a super woman, loved the glimpse of your day in a life, hats off to you),RHONDA (no back pain and blessing on prison ministry), KATIE (may God lift your burdens and fight your battles, you shall not be moved by God’s hand), SARAH (peace on job prospect, patience and surrender during the process knowing that GOD has a good plan at the right timing), and praising God for all other she’s that are too many to name, I pray over you and your families, I thank God that you are always so faithful in showing up in the comment section every day, rain or shine, snow or hail, may God bless you greatly for your faithfulness and your leading by example. Hugs and love to you all sweet she’s.

  3. Mercy says:

    Happy Tuesday she’s.
    Today’s scripture had me excited, I cannot help but proclaiming His word “God is in the midst of my city/nation (put your city/nation’s name), and I declare my city and my nation will not be moved, any demonic agenda that were released to bring down my city/nation will not come to pass, for God shall help Canada, and that right early, The Lord of host is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge” (Psalm 46:5 &7). Behold the works of the Lord, may He cause wars to cease in my city, wars to cease within families, wars to cease within the churches and congregations, wars to cease within workplaces, wars to cease within politicians and various parties, school districts, etc. The Lord of host is with us, and the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah. Be blessed dear sisters.

  4. Lehua K. says:

    Thank you ladies for the prayers for my health and the conversation with my dad. I’m feeling mostly better and we had the conversation about estate planning yesterday – it was a little awkward and it’s not the only conversation we will have about it, but I’m hopeful that God will walk me through it with both of my parents. ❤️

    I don’t have too much time to comment this morning but I will come back later as time permits ❤️❤️ have a blessed day!

  5. Cee Gee says:

    The contrast of the chaos mentioned in v. 2-3 and the order, peace, and calm alluded to in v. 4-5 is so powerful. The study notes say that the word for BE STILL (raphah) means to release or let go. That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Let go and let God!!!

    Continuing in prayer for God’s comfort, peace, confidence, wisdom, whatever favor is needed in each of your lives and hearts.

    Per HEIDI’S comment last week I will share that my praise focus this week is OMNIPRESENCE. What a blessing to see that represented in the readings so far!

  6. Heidi says:

    HELLO FRIENDS! who else is so happy to be in Psalms of rest?!?! :) I have been reading the last couple of days but haven’t posted. Thank you for your support, your love, your thoughts, your prayers – your community. I will never forget how difficult the end of this semester was and I will never forget this group who rallied around me in the love of God. It’s unbelievable. How sad for people who don’t know the community of God…

    SEARCHING I was with my 3 year old at the playground yesterday (bc I kept saying when i’m not so bogged down, I will take you to play!) and I read your comment “so glad this semester is behind US…” and I laughed hard, deep and out loud! :) :) :) That was the best thing ever! :) :) **buckle down friends, summer semester started yesterday…!!** HOPING and praying this one will be better spaced out in terms of projects/tests/etc vs everyone wanting everything within the same two weeks…

    Praying for you all – Hope this is a lovely day for you… Now that the crazy is behind me, we are working hard with the Global Partners that are connecting us with our partner-churches in Ireland, UK, Spain…. so we can start getting an itinerary figured out for where we will go and how we will get to serve the local church on a global level this June… So excited! CanNOT wait to see what new facets of our God we get to experience in all of this!

  7. Heidi says:

    I think it is so valuable to focus on the wording of the text – it doesn’t mention fearing “in case..” but “when”. It’s a promise- this world is not dependable and it was never meant to be (in our lifetime). It’s cursed, it’s broken, it’s dying. But we have a hope so great that we can stand upon ground that is falling out from under us and STILL. NOT. FEAR. because we know He is faithful even in that moment. He may not reach down and rescue my human life, but in that case – I’m now free of the broken world and safe, eternally with Him! I mean, it’s Paul’s mantra, isn’t it? To live is Christ – “keep me here and I will continue further His great name!” – and to die is GAIN – “i’m going to die eventually, so if it is today? then I am forever home with my Creator!” – it’s a Win-Win! :) The FEELING of fear does more to stop us than the actual thing we are fearing because, statistically, the things we fear rarely ever even happen! The degree to which we can let go of fear and recognize how trustworthy and in-control our God is, is the degree to which we can fully live out our calling and purpose here. We have these breaths, we have these minutes, let’s USE them!! :)

  8. Sarah D. says:

    Good morning ladies! Thank you so so much for all your prayers, I appreciate them so much.
    I felt the interview went really well!! The elementary principal was very nice and I felt better about this interview than the last one I had. She invited for me to come and observe the elementary classrooms this week before school ends, so I’m planning to go on Thursday and Friday!! This would be so helpful in general just to finally see teachers in action in a live classroom. I’ve been looking at YouTube videos of teachers vlogging online, which has been helpful too. Praying the Lord’s will be done. A downside to my current work is that they are cross training us for a different department next week. I haven’t heard the best things about the types of calls they get in that department, so I really am not looking forward to it. Praying that the Lord would guide me, because it’s definitely a big step to go to another job, especially if it will be full time teaching (since I haven’t had classroom teaching experience yet). I would love to get another job before the end of the month. Praying the Lord would show me what to do and make a way if it is his will.