Day 17

The Levitical Gatekeepers

1 Chronicles 26:1-32, 1 Chronicles 27:1-34, John 10:7-10

BY Bailey T. Hurley

Earlier this year, someone broke into one of the basement windows of our church and vandalized it. The person grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed white foam all over the sanctuary sometime between Saturday night and early Sunday morning. (Who knew those extinguishers held so much white foam in those tiny containers?)

The staff and volunteers arrived to prepare for service and found everything covered in “snow.” they quickly cleaned it all up before the first service began. At the time, the church even lightheartedly joked about it all. “Great trick, mysterious masked person. You really got us.”

But there was also a feeling of unease. Who is protecting our space? Who makes sure the place of worship stays clean, not just from ridiculous messes, but from influences which could destroy the sanctity of our worship? 

In today’s reading, we encounter the Levitical gatekeepers—the security guards of the temple. “These divisions of the gatekeepers, under their leading men, had duties for ministering in the LORD’s temple, just as their relatives did” (1Chronicles 26:12). They “were capable men with strength for the work” (v.8). Their primary responsibility was to secure the perimeter of the sanctuary from trespassers. 

The Levitical gatekeepers weren’t just keeping out thieves. They were also responsible for keeping the sanctuary safe, clean, and holy. They watched out for idolatrous practices and would remove people who were disrespecting the sanctity of the space. 

We can hire security guards and put-up cameras, but we need something more to guard us against evil. 

Jesus is the perfect gatekeeper who welcomes people into salvation, a community of believers, and eternal life in His pasture. Jesus said, “I am the gate. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will come in and go out and find pasture” (John 10:9). I imagine Jesus as a gatekeeper without a lock. Anyone who is curious is welcomed to hear and receive the truth. He directs His sheep through the gate with a generous hand, and He protects them fiercely by slamming the gate shut in the face of the enemy. 

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  1. Rebecca W says:

    Jesus is the gate, he is our good shepherd, he is the voice calling each of us by name. He lay down his life for us! Help me Jesus to always listen for your voice and follow you!

    @Mari V prayers that you may feel strong and courageous as you await your court date. ❤️
    @ Molly- praying for strength in your exhaustion as your family prepares to move your parents. And praise that you and your siblings are sharing the burden.
    @Rhonda- praying that your back pain would ease and that you can continue on serving as you love. Also, have you ever taken Tumeric? It is a natural way of easing joint pain. It has truly helped me.
    @ Michelle Patire- praying for strength to continue on where God has you, in spite of the feelings of discouragement. He has something wonderful planned for you. You are such a sweet child of God, who in my opinion is wise beyond her years.
    @ Carly Lewis- loved your gate story especially, “if God doesn’t open the gate, I don’t need what’s on the other side!”
    @Taylor- prayers for full healing for your body to better handle the stress of a new job. I also pray that God will supply the help you need to learn the ropes. Learning a new job is always a challenge so continue to give your frustrations and fears to Jesus!
    @Jessica Lowe- loved the thought of being a good friend as a spiritual gift! ❤️
    A wonderful Wednesday to all my Shes. ❤️

  2. Jessica Lowe says:

    I love the pictures of the gatekeepers standing guard and Jesus being the ultimate gate keeper. Something that struck me and has for this week are all the job titles and responsibilities. They probably felt mundane to the people at the time, in charge of wine press, in charge of camels, ect. A lot like us today in charge of the house, in charge of book keeping, ect. But they were all important. So much that God lists them. And today the one that stuck me was in verse 27:32. He was the Kings friend. ❤️ I often feel like that is my spiritual gift being a good true friend. Maybe it’s not a typical gift but I know I’m an encourager and I always feel God prompting me to reach out to my friends, new friends, friends struggling, ect. It was just so sweet to see the kings friend listed and acknowledged.

  3. Brenda Kephart says:

    Bailey’s devotional provided such good insight into the gatekeepers in today’s reading. Also found meaning in today’s comments. Jesus said “I am the gate.” Thank you Jesus!

  4. Cheryl Blow says:

    Thankful for Jesus snd His protection and the abundant life that He gives!

  5. Cee Gee says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for being my divine Protector! Great devo, BAILEY!

    TINA – love how you prayerfully personalized the 23rd Psalm! Thank you for sharing that!

    CARLY LEWIS and MOLLY R – love the detail on the gates and how Dottie peacefully and confidently goes about doing the job she was meant to do. What testimony!!!

    ALLY M – great to see you again!

    RHONDA J – praying for your class and ministry today.

    Continued prayers for all. TAYLOR – praying for better health, a clear mind, and for someone to become aware of your need and supply the support you required for you to move forward with confidence.

  6. Mari V says:

    I work at a school in before, and after school care. Sometimes one of my duties is to be the “gatekeeper” I know who comes by and who goes out. My job is to ensure that our children are safe. I love this image of the GATEKEEPER Who will always protect you and I from the enemy. I believe it! I feel secure! I feel protected! I have court coming up again on March 16 to renew the restraining order. My human weakness is feeling scared as I have to face the man I was called husband. An advocate for women’s Haven will accompany me. As the day gets closer. I will mention it again so you all can be praying for me.

  7. Pepper Wyatt says:

    I love this explanation so much! So perfect for the place I’m at in life! Thank you!

  8. Mari V says:

    WE are protected! Such great comfort for me this morning.

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