Day 17

The Levitical Gatekeepers

1 Chronicles 26:1-32, 1 Chronicles 27:1-34, John 10:7-10

BY Bailey T. Hurley

Earlier this year, someone broke into one of the basement windows of our church and vandalized it. The person grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed white foam all over the sanctuary sometime between Saturday night and early Sunday morning. (Who knew those extinguishers held so much white foam in those tiny containers?)

The staff and volunteers arrived to prepare for service and found everything covered in “snow.” they quickly cleaned it all up before the first service began. At the time, the church even lightheartedly joked about it all. “Great trick, mysterious masked person. You really got us.”

But there was also a feeling of unease. Who is protecting our space? Who makes sure the place of worship stays clean, not just from ridiculous messes, but from influences which could destroy the sanctity of our worship? 

In today’s reading, we encounter the Levitical gatekeepers—the security guards of the temple. “These divisions of the gatekeepers, under their leading men, had duties for ministering in the LORD’s temple, just as their relatives did” (1Chronicles 26:12). They “were capable men with strength for the work” (v.8). Their primary responsibility was to secure the perimeter of the sanctuary from trespassers. 

The Levitical gatekeepers weren’t just keeping out thieves. They were also responsible for keeping the sanctuary safe, clean, and holy. They watched out for idolatrous practices and would remove people who were disrespecting the sanctity of the space. 

We can hire security guards and put-up cameras, but we need something more to guard us against evil. 

Jesus is the perfect gatekeeper who welcomes people into salvation, a community of believers, and eternal life in His pasture. Jesus said, “I am the gate. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will come in and go out and find pasture” (John 10:9). I imagine Jesus as a gatekeeper without a lock. Anyone who is curious is welcomed to hear and receive the truth. He directs His sheep through the gate with a generous hand, and He protects them fiercely by slamming the gate shut in the face of the enemy. 

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  1. Susan says:

    Praying for the requests today. Sharon, Jersey Girl, I will be praying for Jim and Beth with the loss of their son. It has been the prayers of others that have helped so much. If you have opportunity to share this, I highly recommend Tim Challies book Seasons of Sorrow. It is his journey through the loss of his son.

  2. Kimberly Vohs says:

    @ Carly Lewis love your illustration! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Abby H says:

    Beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing

  4. Jade Gaines says:

    Jesus protects my space, cleanses and removes all wasteful and toxic substances from my body mind and spirit, he protects my peace, hope, and joy

  5. Sharon, Jersey Girl says:

    So comforting and reassuring to know that Jesus is the “gate-keeper” of our souls! Thankful for today’s reading. What stood out to me was the importance of the gate-keeper and that they had to be trustworthy men to be put in such positions, and always alert for any signs of trouble – it was quite a responsibility!

    Thank you @Searching and @Kelly Neo for your prayers – @Kelly, I haven’t heard any more on the Saiu family. They stopped giving updates on social media because some were abusing the information that was given.
    @Taylor – praying for you today – hoping you will feel completely better soon, and may God give you the strength to face your new job and to learn to do it well.

    Have a lovely Wednesday ladies!

  6. Molly R says:

    We have a livestock guardian dog, Dottie, who lives with and protects our flock of chickens. Day and night she is tuned in to their routine, their grazing, their retiring for the day. Sometimes the chickens will lay on her as she naps in the sunshine. She seems so wise and gentle with them, but watching her click into protection mode is always thrilling. You can watch, with every scenario in the day-to-day, that she was made for this. It’s a continual reminder to me to make others be in awe simply by consistently be what God created me for, with wisdom, gentleness, and contentment – a wife, homeschooling mom, and a new steward of land He has given us (that is way out of my wheel house!). There is a contentment in Dottie, and the Holy Spirit reminds me it’s because she knows her job and is content to live in her field with her chickens, day in and day out. I pray that as the gatekeeper of my kids, and my home, that I will daily, hourly, rely on my Guide. Oh how priceless it is to do this life with the very Spirit of God in me! I am so thankful today for that constant presence, especially when I feel lonely in staying home, day in and day out. God given work is a joy!

    For those who have kept up with my dad’s health and situation: my parents finally chose an assisted living facility where they can be together and my dad can receive the best care possible for whatever time he has left. He is stable, but clearly declining due to Parkinson’s. It’s been a rough couple months as the reality of his health and the need for them to sell their house and move has been processed. My siblings and I have worked so hard, and so well together, a it’s been a huge blessing in all this. My middle brother, especially, has worked tirelessly and humbly for them – he deserves so much blessing for his service to my parents. The next stage of moving my dad and mom into this new place and going through a house that has been in the family for 3 generations will be a heavy time of emotion and processing for all of us. Please continue to pray for us – we are all exhausted, but know God has been in our midst every day.

  7. Rhonda J. says:

    @Carly Lewis, thanks for that great analogy!

    @Ally M, glad you are back and will look forward to your comments!

    @Michelle Patire, love the idea of a weekly prayer call group! So good! And you are an inspiration to us all here, I have always loved your wisdom and dedication to the Lord, and as a young person it is such a wonderful, inspiring thing to see!

  8. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning She’s!

    Thankful for the gatekeeper! Praise God. We have access to him through Jesus Christ! I feel like many people have no problem when speaking of God, but when you say Jesus Christ is the only way, that’s when people tense up a little more, and back off from conversation. So as Christians, we have to keep saying it loud and proud, Jesus is our Salvation! He is the ONLY way to God! He is the gatekeeper!

    I am struggling to get moving this morning, my back feels like a brick of massive weight. It’s not acute pain, just that ongoing throbbing, aching that never ends, but it is making me want to “skip” class today, knowing that I need to go to jail later (hahaha). Mornings are so hard to get moving. Dear Lord, give me strength this morning to do your will, to go to my pain group to be support for the others. The devil wants to keep me down, But God- let me be joyous even when I don’t feel it, because I am healed through Jesus. And I want to be an encouragement for the others, that He is our strength. Amen and Amen.

    @Mercy- missing you, hope you are feeling okay! I am not used to closing out the evening without reading some wisdom from you!

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